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Terrain: Urban Gardens

by Panic...

Urban Gardens

Ok so this follows the same idea as the basic forest. the additional parts that i used were left over balcony bits from my GW Imperial City box set.

you need:

  • a base material I'm using foam board, but any good base material can be used, like wood or cardboard
  • Trees Duh! I use the old style GW trees (they block LOS better)
  • Acrylic paint
  • PVA glue
  • Flock / static grass
  • Board / newspaper / box lid (to catch the static grass)

I cut two rectangles from foam board.

I stuck the Imperial City parts to the board with No More Nails Glue, I think this is a UK product, It's a thick pasty glue, almost filler like and it dries fast... the adverts say you can put up shelves with this stuff So it's ideal for holding gaming materials to foam board!

I raided my bits box for some rubble, bits of chopped up sprue, GW rubble(the little brown stones), and stones from my fish tank. this was all pushed up into the no more nails.

I mixed PVA glue with black and white paint, the glue is to help the loose rubble stay stuck down... (about a third of the loose rubble fell off while painting it grey...)

I added white paint to the grey PVA Mix, and stippled this onto the base edges.

You need to leave this to dry or flock from the next stages will stick to the wet grey paint too.

Paint a PVA GReen mix onto the areas you want your Flock to stick

Cover in Flock, and leave for a minute.

Tip the flock off (into a Box lid, Newspaper, or) like here into two A3 boards taped together to catch the flock.

unused Flock back into tub to be reused

Wait 90mins... and paint stage two

cover in second Flock/ Static Grass

this is my Urban gardens in my Imperial City!


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