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Category:PaniCs Terrain Tutorials

Panics Terrain Tutorials

Yeah, This is my terrain tutorials index...
The Aim of these tutorials is to Help/Show my fellow gamers how I made my games table and terrain.
All the articles will have step by step instructions/descriptions with some photos. These are not advanced articles, but contain advice explaining how to make a Basic terrain Setup, in a reasonable amount of time.
I hope you like these Tutorials, comments and criticism are always welcome.
If you do make some terrain following these Tutorials, please share your experiences in the Articles comments thread, especially if you had any difficulties with the article...
I'll see you guys on the forums, until then may your dice be blessed!

6' x 4' Urban Base Board

This is my main Game surface. It's basically a large flat surface with a frame around the edge 1/2" deep to hold game tiles. It can also be used as a Urban Game Board.

Click here for more...

GW battle board

Games Workshop's Realm of Battle Board. In this article I'll show you how I Flocked and Painted it.

Click here for more...


Forests for you battle board, making oxygen for guardsmen and cover saves for daemons. They are probibly the easiest terrain items you can make!

Click here for more...

GW Craters

This is a quick way to Paint GW's Craters. The black border works so that the craters look good both in urban and grass battlefield situations...

Click here for more...

Urban Hills

Most Cities are uneven!!! These Easy to make hills will provide a bit more variety in your games and a little bit more cover to retreat behind. Click here for more...

Urban Garden

These are urban gardens. Little pieces of calm and quiet in the middle of your Cities of Death! They look even better with a small tree or two!

Click here for more...

[Terrain: City Wall]

Coming Soon...

[Terrain: GW Hills]

Coming Soon...

[Terrain: Eldar Terrain]

Coming Soon...

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