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The Angels Revenant Chapter

Author Information

Ubrik Ragan (not the author's real name), is a trigger-happy ork and spacemarine player of warhammer 40,000, and is currently creating a fan-made new codex for the Angels Revenant chapter of spacemarines.

The Angels Revenant

These space marines are a 2nd founding chapter, led by Chapter Master Ubrik Ragan. Their armour is typically silver, although members of the first company, who are dedicated to wiping out the forces of chaos, often wear black to remember their chapter's darkness. They have no chapter symbol in Imperial records, since they were declared excommunicate Traitoris.

The Background

Created during the 2nd founding, shortly after the Horus Heresy, the Angels Revenant chapter were created as an experiment. The Imperium needed to make sure that it's defenders were incorruptible by chaos forces, so that the traitor marines would never again be able to threaten humanity on such a scale. This was the first chapter where the recruits were subjected to "Daemonic Possession Therapy", in the hopes of producing a spiritually pure space marine. This was done by allowing each new marine to be temporarily possessed by a daemon, in controlled conditions, for twenty-four hours, whereupon the marine was freed from the daemon by a trained exorcist. Initially, it worked, and the vast majority of the marines were purified by the experience; even though some were irrevocably changed by it. These changes usually manifested in strange abilities, such as gaining the vision of an eagle, or a sense of smell akin to that of the Space Wolves. Occasionally, it was a personality trait that changed, making a perfect sniper (silent, patient), into a crazed berserker (exactly what it says on the tin). And in rare cases, actually changed a marine's physical attributes - such as giving him two left hands (as with their current chapter master). But these changes were considered a worthy sacrifice for the purity the experience granted.

However, by the time of Abaddon the Despoiler's first black crusade, in 781.M31 , these "changes" took an altogether different form, as the daemons of the warp became exponentially more powerful, even managing to possess a marine with two or more daemons at a time. Imperial records of these new "changes" were utterly destroyed, but it was clear that most of the chapter became allies with the Traitor Marines, even aiding the black crusade. The chapter was swiftly declared Excommunicate Traitoris. But even though the the chapter was declared excommunicate, they were not destroyed, as happened to nearly all new traitor chapters. Instead, the Inquisition contacted the loyal half of the chapter, and offered it a chance to redeem itself.

The remains of the Angels Revenant chapter became a space-faring crusade, intent on eradicating all the heretical remnants of itself, and proving their loyalty by launching suicidal attacks on alien worlds.

In 581.M41 , the Angels Revenant chapter recieved it's first communication from the Imperium in over 8,000 years. The mesasage was so heavily incrypted, it took over a year to translate, even with the resources of the entire chapter and it's colony of humans from it's original homeworld (from which it's recruits are derived). The communication was an ultimatum from the Inquisition that left them with no choice but to accept.

It was in 607.M41 , when the thousand Angels Revenant, and over 5,000,000 guardsmen reinforcements, descended upon the Ikvaar system, where a whole system of Necron Tombworlds had been awoken by the recent arrival of Chaos Space Marines. The war lasted until 750.M41 , when the Angels Revenant emerged - reduced to only two-hundred marines, and a colony of five thousand, yes - but victorious. And the planet Ikvaar III was to be their new homeworld.

Still technically Excommunicate Traitoris, the chapter is regaining it's strength, and working hard as ever to prove their loyalty to humanity

Current Chapter Heroes

The Angels Revenant currently only have two captains, a chapter master, three librarians and one chaplain as the result of their Ikvaar campaign.

[u]Chapter Master Ubrik Ragan[/u] Ubrik Ragan took command of the chapter in 687.M41, when the previous chapter master was killed as a result of the current chaplain's extremely violent daemonic possession therapy . A warrior of honour, Ubrik Ragan fights to regain favour from the Imperium for his chapter, and have them finally recognised as loyal to humanity. Ragan never backs down from a fight - no matter the cost. This resulted in him having a one-on-one duel with a bloodthirster of khorne, which resulted in over 300 human casualties, and the loss of 7 battle brothers.


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