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The Golden Sickles Space Marine Chapter



Chapter Name: The Golden Sickles

Warcry: We Empower the People of Man!

Founding: 26th Founding

Successors of: The Imperial Fists

Successor Chapters: N/A

Primarch: Rogal Dorn

Chapter Master: Josef Stalin

Homeworld: Sovussia

Fortress-Monastery: Moscow

Allegiance: The Imperium of Man

Colours: Red with Yellow trim

Chapter Badge: A yellow hammer and a yellow sickle crossed on a red background


Sovussia is covered by a single continent, Aissur. The north coast is covered in freezing tundra, where very few civilised humans reside, the area populated only by feral tribes. Across the centre of the continent, taiga stretches, scattered with logging camps and towns. The southern coast is coated by a vast steppe inhabited by a variant of the Fenrisian Wolf, horned Grox and horses with clawed feet and razor teeth. The feral horse-Riders here are often conscripted as Rough Riders. In small pockets sit deserts, desolate but for the odd Promethium plants pumping fuels from beneath the sand. Freezing mountain ranges cut the country apart, inhabited by savage cave-dwelling humans.

Roughly 80% of the population is packed into Hive Cities on the western Steppe, where resources are rich. Situated here is Wocsom, Fortress-Monastery of the Golden Sickles.


Sovussia is officially ruled by Chapter Master Josef Stalin, yet to allow himself to devote his entire attention to military affairs, he imposed the People's Commissiarat of Sovussia. The PCS, as it is known, controls the PDF, and also houses a Schola Progenium facility where military Commissars and Shock Troopers are trained. The PCS also employs 'Local Commissars', who resemble both judges and priests. Accompanied by a retinue of armed militia, the Local Commissars will preach to the citizens of their assigned town, district or region, and publicly execute those they deem Heretics.

The rule of the PCS is incredibly totalitarian, perhaps more so than elsewhere in the Imperium. The head of the PCS is the Tsar, who rules with an iron fist, and never discloses his real identity to anyone other than his highest officers and the Space Marines.



The PDF of Sovussia, known as the People's Army, are ill-equipped and often armed with cheap Autoguns. However, they number in the billions, and are extremely expendable. As such, they make a decent defence force.

The Astra Militarum

With its massive pool of manpower, Sovussia can churn out Imperial Guard Regiments, known as the Sovussian Red Armies.



The Golden Sickles follow the Codex Astartes in terms of organisation.


Many Golden Sickles are veterans from the Sovussian Red Armies, who have then survived an exposure trial.

Combat Doctrine

First the enemy will be softened by masses of Imperial Guard Conscripts. The Space Marines will break through their lines and attack supply columns. Vast numbers of Conscripts will charge after them, splitting the enemy in two. This will be followed by waves of Leman Russ Battle Tanks and Chimeras who mop up any remaining resistance.


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