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The Toolbox!
Pic by Nodri from the Dakka Gallery

Welcome to The Toolbox!!

The Toolbox! is a comprehensive itinerary of everything you need in your hobby kit! If you have your own suggestions for this article the post them here please.


  • *Item* - Editor's Choice
  • Y. - Basic
  • O. - Intermediate
  • R. - Hardcore

The Buildbox:

The Toolbox:

The Heavybox:

The Modbox:

The Miscbox:

The Paintbox:

My thanks to everyone who provides input! Awards for most notable helpers(so far):

  • Dark_Gear - Award for 'Most Original Stroke Of Genius'
  • Eilif - Awarded the title 'The Toolbox Oracle!'
  • Ouze - Award for 'Outstanding Contribution!'
  • Chowderhead - Award for 'Most Insane Toolbox!'
  • notprop - Award for 'Safety Consciousness!'


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