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Tyranid Warrior Tactica

Ok the Tyranid Warrior. A Tricky customer when it comes to loadouts. But your standard loadout with look like either of the following:

Shooty Warriors

Scything Talons - Deathspitters - (Barbed Stangler or Venom Cannon on 1)

This loadout is 35 points per model, certain variants are as follows

Rending Claws - Deathspitters - Toxin Sacs - (Barbed Stangler or Vencom Cannon on 1)

This loadout is 45 points per model, but is more suited to a variety of roles, can lay down covering fire for other units, and provide a vicious counter assault.

The other type of loadouts are combat dependant, and will look like one of the following:

Combat Warriors

Scything Talon - Rending Claws - Toxin Sacs

35 points per model. This loadout is very effective combat unit, is shocking in close combat and has a higher survivability in combat than a unit of genestealers.

Pair of Boneswords - Scything Talons

This loadout weighs in at 40 points minimum, and with other biomorphs can come in at alot higher points cost. This can be a bit of an overkill and expensive for most normal game situations

Deployment, the main thing with Warriors is how you deploy them. If your Warriors are footslogging across the board and do not have a gaunt screen, i can guarantee they will get gunned down in T1/T2, due to them being vunerable to ID. You want to position them in such a way that they will get a cover save, can reach the units that they need to reach and that they cannot be shot down straight away. The best bet is to outflank them and try to run to a piece of cover or out of LoS.

Shooty Warriors always want to be in reach of the units they want to harrass and lay fire into, while remaining out of range of the units that can ID, i know this can be difficult, but if in doubt, run to cover.

Combat Warriors want to be choosing who they charge, so keeping them in cover and then running them out into your unit of choice is always a good idea. They also work great when they charge into a unit, tied up by a unit of Hormgaunts, they really tip the combats in favour of the tyranids. Due to the rending rule can always work great against light transport and A11/A12 vehicles.

Synapse for Warriors is also key, but never try and get a unit that is out of synapse, back into synapse by running out of cover, or into LoS of something that will ID them, that is a way to waste their points. Warriors are good at plugging gaps in synapse, but only do so, if its safe to do so, wasting a 100 point unit of gaunts is better than wasting a 150 point unit of Warriors.


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