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Ulthwe-ish Eldar

Hello! I've been on and off Warhammer for a long time now, and so i decided my army needed updating so i repainted all the eldar models i had and brought in some more to the collection.

I had done an article not long ago but never got round to finishing it and with the repainted/updated miniatures i decided to start again!

Full Army Photo

The Army i think it's about 1,750 points at a push, i don't really game! But i shall post a photograph up soon

Fire Dragons

The unit that i started my army update on began on the fire dragons, i was encouraged by an online article i found on my old computer and saw fire dragons that had been painted with blue instead of yellow, i thought it looked great and tried it on one of my models... which soon lead to the main colour scheme of the entire army.

The Inspiration: http://warhammer.org.uk/phpBB/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=63669

My Camera really doesn't do the miniatures justice in most of the pictures but, oh well!

I tend to hold the Fire dragons in a Falcon and send it to the back of the field, the dragons will pop out and destroy the tanks whilst the Falcon should help out and also bee used to shield the dragons and be a distraction to my opponent! Although it doesn't always go to plan, but that's why i play eldar ;)

Dire Avengers

Much of my army is based on an image i saw in white dwarf back in 2006, i saw a similar design to that of on the heads of my dire avengers and loved it! and so decided to incorporate it into my army.

The Flag was taken from one of the Autarch models, and the bases i will be creating an article and video soon, i'll give a link! :D

I usually send the avengers along side the wraithlord and avatar as they charge into the front of enemy lines i use the avengers to help reduce the opposition and then sneak around the sides with the banshees to provide them with a helping hand, and often to hold objectives in central places.

Howling Banshees

I decided not to repaint the banshees as the idea of having to spend hours layering up the bleached bone armour was daunting and so just changed the main colour, not the best looking models i have to admit,

Th executioner was given the blade of one of the mirror swords

Th Banshees ride in a wave serpent around the flanks picking off targets with the bright lance or start cannon and then being dropped off with the avengers at the right time


The Guardians weren't given much attention too as they usually die and never really get into the action!

I usually just hold the guardians at the back of the field snipping tanks and the like with the bright lance, they're not very good at much else so that's where they will be most games!

Wave Serpent & Falcon

These were great models to painted! i also magnetized their weapons for gaming advantage ;), but sticking to the main colour scheme again.

I defiantly want to buy a Fire prism next! Have a go at painting the huge crystal, although the new design i don't think looks very good, anyway hear they are:

The Falcon

The Waveserpent

Base on the Falcon. i use kebab sticks for the prongs on my flying bases

The weapon options:


The Autarch was another great model to paint, the wings were a pain to stick on but the end result didn't look to bad, however i do rarely use the Autarch in games, so it was not my priority to paint

I also magnetized the arms so i could equip him with various weapon choices.

Front, very poor image sorry!


First ever attempt of painting a power weapon, looked okay i guess!

Farseer & Warlocks

No Eldar army is complete without a farseer, and so i had to get one next! These truly are great models to paint and also fun to game with :)

Anyway here is the Farseer

With his or her, warlock retinue

Army List

Coming soon... ;)


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