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About me? Started in 40k at 3rd ed. SM because I loved the models. Build up my first chapter to company level, including any option of the dex.

Made scoutbikers ,razorbackvariants and dreadweapons myself when not officially available.

Was happy with it,until looked at upcoming Armageddon dex.

Decided to have Black Templars and Salamanders.BT was easy,could rely on dex and other sources.

Salamanders more difficult,had to ask for main-colour,but managed to get a detachment ready.

Pure shiny color (white,yellow,red) I've avoided, I know my border when painting.

I loved the ragnar-books but never got caught with SW list. To much "errata" / need for faq to me.

DA also missed, seen the points charged for them (totally overpricing), real sad, dark green and black could fit into my collection.

Found new interest at WD and the astartes books.Got Raven Guard and Iron Hands from there.

Did some catachans and IG between marines. Even GK,DW and LotD found me.

Tested eldar,but were not good enough to paint em right. Next try was Tau, more workable,nice minis and a decent armylist. Background in 2nd tau-dex pissed me,use them now only as targets.

Realized where i can get the "looks" and the "fluff", regretted to have ever left him on terra.

Followed the Inquisition (Malleus,Hereticus) with Inq,GK,SoB and some attached IG.

Again wandered forbidden paths and build some necrons.

4th ed SM looked like much work to change existing lists, took the easy route and made a new chapter.

Then my BT had the same action, decide to work on them or build new on dex got them another crusade.

Last DA dex was way better than the old one,started a successor army when the new sprues were available.

My IG enactment lead to a tank-company,based on the "vehicle-construction-ruleset" and was parked on shelf until Apocalypse came to me like a granted wish.Buyed tracked vehicles to add 2 tank and 1 mech infantry company plus a super-heavy company to his service,praised be his name!

Counted what i got pointwise and spotted only 29k. Fixed a SW 1k army to the gap and gathered control over 30k marines.Added new bike-army from codex SM. Focus now at IG to be redone.

The Space marines:

Pic of the imperial troopers and their Tanks:

Forces imperialis:

Space Marines
48 HQ marines ( Cpt, chapl. libbies ) 233 veterans, 116 terminators, 46 Devastors, 138 assaultmarines, 297 tacmarines, 59 scouts, 24 dreads, 22 landspeeder, 33 rhino/razorback, 21 predator Annihilator/Destructor, 2 Baal Preds, 13 landraider, 3 StormRavens, 98 biker/trike, 2 whirlwind, 2 vindicator, 8 Techmarines / 10 servitors, 1 thunderfire, 2 droppods, 1 Nephilim fighter, 1 DarkTalon.

Salamanders and Iron Hands updated to 5th ED. Blood Angels added in 5th Ed. Anything else 3rd or 4th ed. Dark Angels updated to 6th Ed. Nothing moved into 7th... At 22th of June 2011, modelcount at 1128. At 5th of May 2013 , model count at 1180.

Sisters of battle
2 IC, 10 commandsquad, 17 elite, 36 troop, 9 assault, 6 support, 2 immolator, 1 exorcist.

Imperial Guard
4 IC, 20 command, 40 vets/storm, 115 guardsmen, 15 weaponteam, 3 sentinel, 1 basilisk, 5 chimera, 3 hellhound, 1 Banewolf, 28 leman russ variants, 2 manticore, 1 deathstrike, 1 Hydra,
2 baneblade, 1 hellhammer, 1 stormblade,1 stormsword, 1 stormhammer,1 Shadowhammer, 1 Lightblade, 1 Firesword, 1 Stormlord, 1 Shadowsword, 1 Bane/Doom-hammer, 1 destroyer tank hunter , 1 heavy tank (macharius like design). 1 praetor armored assault launcher.
5 Valkyrie/Vendetta. extra: selfconstructed 2 heavy tanks, 1 missile halftrack, 1 titan. Working on: ARV.

Imperial Knights
9 Knights , ( 8 from a household and 1 mech ),

8 IC, 28 retinue, 1 rhino, 1 land raider, some specialists.

Adeptus Mechanicus
2 techpriest dominus, 10 fulgurite electropriests, 3 kataphron destroyers, 6 kataphron breachers, 6 kastellan robots; 20 skitarii ranger, 20 skitarii vanguard, 1 ironstrider ballistarius, 5 sicaran infiltrators, 5 sicaran ruststalkers, 2 sydonian dragoons, 1 onager dunecrawler;

No photo, yet of all minis. Will try to get them piecemeal up. Perhaps some of them will make it to dakkadakka.


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