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3 Acres And A Tau

What's with the name? I just had to ask before the wargaming stuff.

OK, it's a double reference. "3 acres and a cow" was an old slogan for distributism, a non-Corporate, "gentle, little capitalism" sort of economic system popular with 20th century Christian thinkers like G.K Chesterton. If you're here, I'll assume you know what a tau is. The thing about tau is that they're bovines (related to cows). So it's a goofy pun for double nerds.

Now, For the Real Wargaming Stuff

My Armies

I have 1500-2000 ish points of Templars, the other armies are all wip. And they mostly feature heavily armored dudes, sorta a theme with me. No tau, ever, because anime was a mistake. I also play historical war games, the American Revolution and the Hundred Years War are my periods.

For some reason most of my armies are very up close and personal. As someone with some actual background, I know that fire and movement is what real warfare is all about, and the idea of suppressing and destroying the enemy appeals more to me than just having strong dudes, although synergy and buffing is also fun. The thing is wargaming is just that, a game, so I’m gonna send my space crusaders to smack you upside the head with a chain sword or have my evil warlord hurl demonic lightning bolts at you, because it’s fun. I don’t to think about things like casevac plans or planned fires, I want to play a comic book. Because war’s a bore.

What Games do I play?

I play 40k and Sigmar because they’re cool and it’s easy to get a game. As I mentioned though, I enjoy AWI and HYW historics as well, stuff like Blackpowder and Swamp Fox, Lion Rampant and DBA. I also have armies for Warmaster and Netepic, although getting a game for those is a separate issue.

Why do I Wargame?

1) I like playing with toy soldiers, especially really cool looking ones

2) I like painting cool toy soldiers too

3) I like complex games

4) I like sci-fi, fantasy, and history

5) I dig storytelling

What do I Avoid?

Ugly minis, superheavies, and people who take the games too seriously.


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