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The Beginning

Candroth Nezer is rather secretive, and doesn't give out her real name. The savvy will note, later on when the fluff has been formally written, that 'Candroth Nezer' is actually a male name. This is intentional. She has recently moved, and is the personal human of a very spastic cat who has found a genestealer and a hormagaunt in Candroth's room despite Candroth knowing there were no Tyranids in said room when she moved away years ago.

Candroth has fallen in love with the lore of both Space Marines and the Inquisition. She has a very bad case of hero worship for Gregor Eisenhorn, to a lesser extent Gideon Ravenor, and by extension Dan Abnett. She was finally sucked into collecting/playing Warhammer 40k due to some World of Warcraft friends, and as a cheap excuse to paint things and have people think they look nice. She now spends more time painting Space Marines in a week than she does logged into WoW, which is slightly frightening and quite possibly neurotic.

Currently forming is the Space Marine Chapter Nezerian Templars. The name suffix may change over time. Lore is slowly being established, as are the major characters in the Chapter. A unit list has been created in the 40k Army List forum which is updated immediately upon receiving a new model, and a painting blog in the Dakka P&M Blog forum where Candroth spends most of her time agonizing about shades of paint.

Future plans for 40k include a Traitor Marine offshoot of the Nezerians probably affiliated with Khorne; lore for that story is already being formed. A Tyranid force is also being considered, if nothing else because Candroth thinks they're fun to paint and there's a new Codex coming out soon.


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