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Chomo-Uri's Plunge into Wargaming. From the Top, with Feeling...

What this Blog Attempts to Encompass:

I played a fair few games of 2nd edition when it came out. We did a bit of 3rd edition but then school work piled up and friends drifted apart. Fast forward over a decade later and here I am. Hundreds of models in various containers, nothing painted (or alternatively: I am not showing what is painted), no scenery, no table, No Idea of Rules...

For the past few years I've been collecting bits and pieces, good deals on second hand goods and ever useful multi-purpose tools. Now that I've finally got a bit of extra time, I'm at the point where I can actively, and where I am determined to, get all this sorted out. Because it is a fantastic hobby. You've got maths (!), and perseverance, and creativity, and research/reading comprehension, and social skills. If we combined some physical endurance like Chess-Boxing then we'd have it all (any suggestions on combining something like boxing with wargaming and I am all ears).

And with boxing we might be brain-damaged. And with wargaming we might be poor. So instead, we'll scavenge materials and drag the kilos of wood and metal home to work on the cheap.


This blog is a journey into Wargaming as a whole. From a (relatively) frugal and miserly perspective. Let's say (completely unrelated to those previous two adjectives); from a kiwi MacGuyver viewpoint. Not that I am an actual kiwi, or MacGuyver for that matter, but I have lived here for most of my life and I have watched a lot of MacGuyver, I'd like to consider myself reasonably apt with No. 8 wire and Swiss Army knives.


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