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*A pleasant female voice sensually greets your inner ear as you stare at the data feed that is beyond the clearance of even the High Lords of Terra. You stand staring over the shoulder of your Lord Inquisitor Somenali as he dials in a seemingly unfamiliar key code into the port.*

Welcome to vault K2

you have been granted access by Lord Inquisitor Somenali. Retrieving files of my brother.

Your eyes strain as you spy a new line of text float up from the datastream of charred red on a faded maroon backing.

It reads:

+ Begin Vox Log 832-LODV-K2Z1 +

My name is Demetri Dominov, son of Nikolai Dominov, prince of Anterio and heir to my people's sovereign nation among the Holy Imperium.

You are here Inquisitor, because you wish to greet me. You believe me weak and my people, the Korzacks, misguided.

Tell me Inquisitor, has the destruction of your fleets, the annihilation of your armies, and the desolation of your homes left any doubt of our weakness? Of our lack of commitment as we stand tall before the threat of our own extinction? We a proud nation before the Emperor, and like his own spirit our indomitable will is unbreakable. I can see the vengeance growing in your eyes, even as you abhor the light of my own. Little do you know the secret that will shake you to your core, we fight for the same cause and it is you who has been misguided. Not of blind faith. Not of unjust cause, but a simple truth left untold to you. A wisp of knowledge long lost to antiquity, revealed only between you and I.

Take this vessel, drink heartily of it.

Now tell me Inquisitor what you see. Am I not Legion? Of Linage? Of Legacy?

- Inquisitorial log 581-901 Alpharious, Subject record Demetri Dominov m35.728

Testimony record upheld by Inquisitorial Acolyte Lu'Sharrion of the same date.

*There came a sudden distortion of text as the disembodied voice narrated in her sweet tone.*

Access Port: Location dissemination denied. Unknown code error.

*The streaming lines of code flashed by, clearly evolving before the starstruck Techpriest's eyes until it abruptly ceased and flashed to a single disapointing, but all too familiar phrase.*

Access terminated.

Lord Inquisitor Somenali's clenched fist cracked the screen as he rose, turned, and stormed past the busy Techpriest without so much as a sideways glance. Somenali paused to glare at you as he attempted to brush past and thundered to the crowd that recoiled from the pent up rage beneath, "Damnit Acolytes, this is the fifth flething time, find me a secure log or I make sure you will share Lu'Sharrion's fate!"

Somenali stood still as he noticed that you had not moved and drew close so he could whisper, "My patience is wearing thin," His eyes narrowed as you continued to meet his smoldering glare, brown and uneventful, "It seems that this mysterious Demetri Dominov is just as unpredictable as yourself, and as quiet" He added as you continued to meet his trusting gaze, "we should tread carefully in the coming days."

Seeing sense in this, you nod solemnly before moving respectfully to the side, your pale amber eyes never leaving the Inqusitor's and are honored with a gesture to join with the ruthless teacher's strict gait. There are as many questions as the stars in the clear sky above as you stride with your mentor to the transport.

Little does anyone within an entire sector of space know, the very satellites your planetary governor uses to peer into his subject's lives to subdue his rampant paranoia are trained upon you as you keep the stride of your master among the spires of the Hive. Their ceaseless, all seeing eyes peering along with my own onto your weak frame. I sit with hands crossed in a thinking pose at my lips, thumbs extended under my chin, my nose rests upon my bare knuckles. I see the light within your eyes stirring as the ancient spirit is awakened from your core. My lips curl into a grin as I murmur, "He's coming home."

From somewhere in the back of your mind, you hear hear my feint whisper, no louder than the stillness of the void you question if it were ever there. The cold chill runs down your neck and spine to your very toes, you know, most assuredly you had not imagined it as you peer up at the unseen eyes staring back at you from orbit and feel their gaze for the first time. As the dawning sense of awareness comes across you, you feel with a strike of panic, that you are not alone and will never be again.


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