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2012 - Hobby Resolutions

Privateer Press Themed

  • Ensure all threads are posted on time for A Tale of Warmahordes 2012, and make sure I finish the challenge with 2 "Get Out of Painting Free" cards left.
  • Improve my ETC record from last year's result (shouldn't be hard, I went 0-5)
  • Complete a 50pt eNemo T4 army for the ETC in July (3 points currently complete)
  • Buy less points of WM/H models over the year than I manage to paint


  • Having painted 99 models this year, reach the elusive 2 models/week average (104 or more models completed during 2012)
  • Run our fourth IMP show
  • Ensure four issues of Irregular Magazine are published
  • Complete at least one unit of Dwarves for WHFB
  • Finish another unit of Legionnaires for WAB
  • Purchase & paint some Forgefathers for Warpath


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