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User:Golden Eyed Scout

Been meaning to update this eventually, but I am a lazy lazy young man. Guess I should get started?

I 'd always been a nerd. When kids played tag on the playground, my friends and I would try and read comic books (we were like five or six) and tried to act out our favorite scenes. Eventually, they would lose interest, but I would always have a comic nearby, which would eventually become a novel I always carry around.

One day, at my towns St. Patty's Day Parade, I saw a group of young men outside a store playing with action figures. Albeit very tiny ones. I watched them for half an hour, before the invited me to join in. And thus began my journey to the GRIMDARK side.

My first armies were Space Marines and Dark Eldar, from the box set of so long ago. For the most part, I didn't actually do much modelling or gaming. I was content to sit in a corner and read the fluff over and over again.

My dad eventually got me thinking of buying a Guard army, and I've been modelling and trying to get games toghether ever since. I also write a lot of fluff, but most of it I delte cause I don't like it in the end.

Outside the hobby, I have a wide range of interests. I write, do standup and improv, participate in competetive shooting and biathalon.

I hope to join the Navy as a SeaBee or the Air Force as an Engineer. To this end, I have since rededicated my life to achieving these dreams. I have sworn of anything that can jeopardize my future, including alcohol, drugs, and tobbacco, and work out and engage in alot of cardio. I hope to be able to run my first marathoon by the end of next year. (2011).

If those don't pan out, I have given thought to competeing in MMA or pursue a career in acting/comedy.


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