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Welcome to my wiki page!

I am a long-time on-again, off-again wargamer living in St. Mary's, Maryland. I run the blog "Chain link and Concrete".

For wargames, I am currently focused on This is Not a Test and Warhammer 40,000. I also was (or am) a GURPS Game Master. I am not currently actively running a campaign, though I am slowly worldbuilding one set in the Tiberian Dawn video game setting.


This is Not a Test

In TnT, I currently have set up two Warbands - a Neo-Feudal Japanese themed Tribal Faction and an unthemed Raider Faction.

Neo-Feudal Tribals

My Tribals represent the O-Otaku Bakufu. The Bakufu is actually something of a "blanket" faction that encompasses its own Tribal house-troops plus associated warbands that operate under the same general "Neo-Samurai" theme. Most of these associated groups are other Tribal warbands, but a few Merchant and Peacekeeper types exist as well. Some of these groups operate a single Warband, while others have upwards of a dozen under their leadership.


These are a general-purpose Radier faction without much theme, organized around "The Bad Bitch".

Warhammer 40,000

I started playing Warhammer 40k sometime in around 2002 with 3rd Edition. I did Marines and Guard. I stuck around for most of 4th edition but ended up quitting around 2009 to focus on other wargames for a while. I briefly picked it back up collecting around 2010 but did not resume play. In 2017, I started playing Guard again.

Astra Militarum Mechanized Army

My Mechanized forces represent the Soyuzski, inhabitants of the Krenkova system. You can find a style guide here.


Space Marines

Ages ago I tried to do a Space Marine faction with an Egyptian theme to it. This is long defunct, and unlikely to be revived by me. You can check out all this old stuff, though!

My Marine Chapter Fluff Threadl

My Marine Chapter Painting Blog

Roleplay Games

GURPS is, essentially, the only RPG system I have devoted much time to in the last several years. While there exist other systems that I do consider favorably, I find GURPS the easiest to sustain long-term gameless discussion on, owing to the way it presents its mechanics and its intentionally modular and design.


Tiberian Dawn Campaign

I am working on a campaign setting inspired by the TIberian Dawn RTS game by Westwood. You can find a general concepts article here. While my blog is not dedicated entirely to that specific campaign, a majority of the material I publish there in some way, shape, or form supports that campaign setting.


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