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About Me

So I guess this is my personal space at Dakka Dakka?

This page, like my current army, is of course a work in progress. So here is a little bit of rambling about how I got in to 40K and myself (i apologize for the poor formatting. I know some basic HTML but don't know much about the WIKI code):

I started 40K in the Spring of 2008 after a brief foray in to GW's LotR SBG which I fooled around with about two years earlier. I thought the LotR SBG rulest was fairly weak with regard to how combat was resolved, but it did have some things I enjoyed. After coming to 40K I can say that I very much like the bigger figures. For me, they are much easier to paint. Anyway, I'm really liking 5th edition. The emphasis on troops is great. I favor tactical games in which you field multiple generic troops as opposed to small numbers of super powerful unique characters.

Aside from that I play a lot of boardgames in addition to videogames. I love all sorts of boardgames, my current favorite being: Railroad Tycoon. Other notable titles: Conflcit of Heroes, Combat Commander: Europe, Descent: Journeys in the Dark (plus all the expansions!), Federation Commander, Titan.


Right now, i'm working on my first army which is Orkz.

The name of my Army is Lagduf's Ladz. Lagduf, a Blood Axe warboss has brought together several Ork clans in his sector to wage a Waaagh! against da humies and whoever else gets in his way. Lagduf's Ladz consist (so far) of the Blood Axe, Evil Sunz, and Death Skull clans.

Army List

  • HQ - Warboss - w/ PK, 'eavy armor, Cybork Body, + bosspole [finished]
  • HQ - Big Mek - w/ KFF [finished]
  • Troops - Shoota Mob (20) - w/ PK Nob, Rokkit Boy + Big Shoota Boy [finished]
  • Troops - Shoota Mob (20) - w/ PK Nob, Rokkit Boy + Big Shoota Boy [finished]
  • Troops - Slugga Mob (12) - w/ PK, Bosspole Nob + Rokkit Boy [finished]
  • Troops - Slugga Mob (12) - w/ PK, Bosspole Nob + Rokkit Boy [finished]

  • Dedicated Transport - Trukk + red paint job [finished]
  • Dedicated Transport - Trukk + red paint job [In Progress]
  • Fast Attack - Warbikerz (6) - w/ PK Nob + Bosspole [finished]
  • Elites - Nobz Mob (8) w/ 1 Powerklaw, Waagh! Banner, Painboy + Grot Orderly [finished]
  • Elites - Lootas (8) [finished]
  • Heavy Support - Deff Dread w/ Kustom Mega Blasta + Big Shoota [finished]

1494 Points

Army Thoughts

Anyway, It's not perfect yet, some selections are there simply because I have the models and am trying to fill points. I wanted the core of the Army to revolve around the four boyz mobz. I figured I'd use the bikerz since I had the models, maybe have them tag along with the Trukks or strike vulnerable spots. I just wanted some mobility + firepower. Not sure If I should do one mob of 6 or two mobz of 3. I like the mad shooty dakka the Lootas bring to the table (plus they're awesome models), hopefully they should do well as some heavy support of sorts. The Deff Dread is there because I like the model.

I sort of went at building this army haphazrdly. Now that I know what i'm doing I would have taken a somewhat different approach, but hey, we were all brand new to the hobby once.

I added the Nobz because I wanted something that could hit hard, and I didn't want to paint another Boyz mob just yet. It can get tedious, and I figured I could spend some extra time on the Nobz to make them look good (well good for me that is).

Anyway, Eventually i'd like to remove the dread from the list and replace it with something else (More Boyz!). Until I get another Dread at least, and some Kans. I like the idea of the Dread/Kan list. But thats further down the road. The Nobz definitely need a transport.

Now that the new Battlewagon kit is out i'll definitely be tweaking this list as I intend to pick one up. I think i'll do a close topped wagon with a kill kannon and have it transport my Nobz.

I also plan to get the Stompa kit once it arrives so I can partake in a little Apocalypse action!

Space Marines

I'm starting a Salamanders Space Marine army with the marines from the Assault on Black Reach starter set. I really liked the Salamanders backstory, particularly how Vulcan came to be the primarch of the Salamanders. I liked that the Salamanders actually lived on Nocturne and I thought their actions during the Battle for Armageddon (rear guard, helping refugees) was also great. Just seemed like a friendly bunch of Space Marines who actually gave a damn about the people of the Imperium. Plus I really liked their iconography - hammers and flame. I'm totally getting a John Henry feel from all that. Probably have to name someone after him.

So far I have:

  • 1 Space Marine Captain [finished]
  • Space Marine Command Squad [assembled]
  • AoBR ten man tactical squad w/ bolt pistol/ccw sergeant, 1 flamer marine, 1 missile launcher marine [finished]
  • Full Sprue ten man tactical squad w/ bolt pistol/ccw sergeant, 1 flamer marine, 1 missile launcher marine [assembled]
  • AoBR five man Terminator squad w/ powerfists/storm bolters + storm bolter/power sword sergeant. [primed/test model finished]
  • Five man Terminator Assault squad w/ Thunder Hammers + Storm Shields [assembled]
  • 1 Dreadnought with CCW/Storm Bolter and Multi Melta [assembled]

Not sure what i'll add next.

Maybe another Dreadnought as I have an obsessive habit of running things in multiples.

Definitely want to get some Scouts (two squads) and fill out those Terminator Squads to 10 (the shooty termies needs some toys like an assault cannon)

Blood Bowl

In the Summer of 2008 I picked up the Blood Bowl boxed set. It's a pretty good deal for what you get but unfortunately it has an older edition of the ruleset. You can still use it to play the game of course, as no core rules change really. There are differences in league play rules, lots of new abilities, and tweaked point costs for creating teams. If you just use the teams that come in the box you don't have to worry about that stuff though. Definitely reccomend printing out the new rules though because there are so many more teams and you can add new player types to most existing teams!

So far I have two fully painted teams (Human and Orc) made up of the players you get in the Blood Bowl Box Set. I'd like to expand my teams now according to the latest edition of the ruleset and plan to pick up the following:

  • 2 Black Orc Blockers
  • 4 Goblins
  • 1 Troll
  • 2 Human Blitzers
  • 1 Ogre

And of course I'd like to get all those other really neat figures: Cheerleaders, a referee figures, apothecaries, a wizard, assistant managers, etc. All that will come in time. Eventually I'd like to get another team or two. I'm leaning towards a dwarf team and some form of an undead team (not vampires though) but thats a project for another day.


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