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Well, hi and welcome to my user profile page. I've only just started 40k and chose Necrons because I liked the picture on the battle force box. I guess there are worse reasons! :question:

I'm not a particularly competitive player - work and family prevents me from getting to tournaments. But I really like having different units and seeing what they can do. So my armies tend to be high on :cheese:

I can't paint and up till now haven't had to do any kit bashing - guess who had to learn fast!! Being in Australia the pricing from GW (even the discount stores) is way expensive and some of the cheaper international stores won't ship to Aus!! :'(.

Anyway, I've attached some photos of my slowly building army for those who are interested. Being a non painter I went for the easy route - black spray paint with only some highlights!!

I've also put some photos of my kit bashed crypteks - my first kit bashing attempts!

To start, my scarabs (apparently I can't take photos either!)

Immortals (I kitbashed these with warrior legs and chests on immortal backs because I used the legs and chests that came with the immortals for the deathmarks)

Lychguard (I tried to paint these fully - I figured I wanted something different for these guys. In the end, a full coat of green with some highlights worked much better!)

Deathmarks ( the squad on the right was kit bashed with praetorian heads because I used the deathmark heads for my crypteks)

Now the crypteks. After I bought 1 Finecast and then realised it was going to be really expensive getting the amount I needed - kit bash here I come! I used deathmark heads, warrior legs and chests on praetorian backs, but I cut different bits off the backs to make each cryptek different. Because the lychguard had swords and boards I had all the staffs left over!! So, but cutting various bits and pieces off staffs, leftover warrior guns - basically anything I could find. I gave each one a crown, and a "beard". Lets hear it for superglue! By the way, the Finecast model is the one in the middle.

I also have warriors (all black with silver shoulder pads) as well as a couple of CCB and a ghost ark - I'll put some pictures up of those (if the painting works at all!) later.


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