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Greetings and an overveiw of 'the Commonwealth Sector' 40k

Greetings all. I've been modelling since I can remember starting with an Airfix 76th scale Crusader tank. Since then I've kept an interest in the hobby, and military vehicles(Only recently expanding this to modern vehicles) and since then I have developed an interest for writing fiction. I've only lately gotten back into the hobby.(as of the last year or so gotten back into the hobby but this time with 40k/sci-fi)

My soldiers are made to be in the 40k universe(although not set up for tabletop), from a far flung Commonwealth of loyalist systems.

The Commonwealth and its Legions

An Overview of the Commonwealth.

The Commonwealth itself was founded a hundred years prior to the Horus Heresy era and only established contact with the Imperium just twelve years before the Heresy. The region of space that it occupies is between two large empires that worship the dark powers, these powers have traditionally been rivals, but both are an active threat to Commonwealth worlds and the region at large. To the Imperium the Commonwealth was seen as a temporary bastion of strength in the region before it could be annexed into the Imperium at large. To this end the Commonwealth was required to send twelve legions consisting of several large fleets and billions of personnel each to serve elsewhere in the Imperium. When the Heresy broke out the Imperium's strength in the region was greatly diminished, beyond capability to annex the Commonwealth for the foreseeable future. So instead of annexing the Commonwealth a special envoy was set up headed by Inquisitor Haric which would monitor the Commonwealth and manage Imperial relations with it.

In the following millennia the Commonwealth has proven indispensable as a bulwark in the region, bolstering the nearby Imperial worlds with weapons, ordinance and equipment manufactured in its forges and assisting with holding any world that came under assault. The Imperium has continued to employ Commonwealth legions throughout its campaigns alongside other forces of the Astra-Militarium and they have seen combat in many major and ongoing conflicts throughout the length and breadth of the Imperium.

Many of the worlds in the sector were originally thriving planets covered with unique alien life, when humanity first arrived some time in the distant past to each planet they slaughtered every living thing by turning the planets into a storm of acid and fire. The primordial stock and ash was then harvested, purified and cloned with genetic stock, the planets terra-formed. Finally birthing in the image of old Earth itself. The planets were seen as purified for human settlement in an almost dogmatic light, which epitomizes the Commonwealth's disdain of any alien life. There this sentiment is also extended to most types of ab-humans.

The people of the Commonwealth rightly view the emperor as the greatest human alive, and humanity as the rightful custodians of the galaxy. A galaxy which should be given the kiss of Terra. Unfortunately as a result of this strong sentiment many Commonwealth Legion troops serving on other worlds find themselves rubbing up with other parts of the Imperium through unprofessional behavior such as taking pot-shots at what they would consider xeno livestock, mutant workers or bulldozing/burning fields or orchards of that they consider xeno trees. To this end while the Commonwealth Legions are generally considered of a capable grade of soldiery and commandery they can sometimes be damaging particularly if higher command is forced to temporarily ally with Xenos.

The Legions of the Commonwealth

Each legion consists of approximately four billion ground personnel and another two hundred million naval personnel. Unlike other Imperial forces the Commonwealth is charged with supplying all of its own troops and equipment as part of the conditions first negotiated by the Imperium, through this line of supply the Legions are generally kept at combat strength by constant reinforcement. Despite the Commonwealth's strange position on the very edge edge of the Imperium both politically and spacially the Legions do very much consider themselves to be in 'the guard'.

Within the Legion there is two types of regiment.

'World' or 'System' regiments, which are sent as part of their responsibility to the Imperium and Commonwealth. These are generally named for their homeworld/capital world, which are sometimes more specialised to a type of warfare or environment.

Or Commonwealth Combined regiments which are are an embodiment of the Commonwealth itself, they are made up of volunteers from all planets.


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