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Well here it is... my first blog like thing!

have a look at http://www.dakkadakka.com/wiki/en/Sons_of_Orar_army. It's basically the same but have a look anyway.

I’ve done quite a few projects over the years but this is my first one from start to finish (I’ve never really documented the building of an army, only the finished thing)

Sons Of Orar Army


Over the last couple of months I have been thinking about starting a Sons of Orar army Painted and converted to a similar standard to my Golden Demon entry for 2009...

This is no small task as you probably have guessed.

I decided to start with the land raider battle tank. I have always wanted to do some serious converting with plasticard on this kit and here was my excuse. I first filled in all the wholes and dips in the areas I wanted to convert with milliput (a fast setting 2 part putty like green stuff) after this had set I set about sanding down the sides in preparation for the new armour plates. Once I had finished the sanding I cut out the plates mainly by eye then trimmed them down to the exact size with a craft knife once they were on the model. I then used some thin strips around the edges to add a bit of decoration.

Unfortunately I got so carried away when I was modelling I forgot to take any pics... but anyway here are a few from when I started the painting.

This is after the basecoat spray of blood red and the first highlight of orangey red (all spraying is done with an air brush) note the highlights run down under and around the rivets and weld join to simulate water and sun bleaching. This is also where the rust streaks will eventually go.

after the second highlight and low lights had been applied

These pics show the initial grey tones on the white areas, then the final very light grey tone. Note the very light orange highlight along near the road wheels where the paint would get bleached and scratched by the mud and dirt. Also have a look at some of the battle damage.

I had the idea to do some Latin script on the side of the tank but unfortunately it didn’t turn out quite the way I planned so after 3 hours work (the 2nd picture) I decided to spray over the text in white. This was a hard choice but it was for the better. I think if I do text on a tank again then I will have to laser etch the parts to get it exactly right

Work finished for the day. The sons of Orar emblem stencilled on though not as neatly as I would have hoped, though that can be easily cleared up with a bit of brushwork.

after tidying up the iconography and carefully painting on the text.

Another shot of some of the heraldry... not bad :)

After sponging on the brown and black mix on the battle damage, and then a light sponging of boltgun metal to represent more recent paint chips.

some rust streaks were added with thinned down artists oils

2 more shots of the wear and tear on the vehicle

The gold highlights are done. Tomorrow I plan to move on to some more detailed and refined weathering and details. I may even start on the weapons.

The results at the end of Saturday. Definitely taking shape. The bearings were painted with thinned down inks to replicate oil and grease.

Some detailed shot of today’s improvements. Note the soot on the engine vents.

A view of the rear of the tank. I discoloured the exhausts with yellows, greens and purples to replicate the heat from the engine but unfortunately I over did the soot so I will re-do it tomorrow.

After the lascannons had been painted and assembled. The area around the right sponson had to be filled with milliput because of the gap between the components. The heat residue was built up with layers of washed: gryphon sepia, then green, the blue, then purple. They were built up in stepped layers.


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