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Galvanius' Black Legion Warband
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Galvanius' Black Legion Warband


I wanted to really give my Warhammer 40K army some real flavor as I want to play 40K in a very narrative style. So I decided to create a whole backstory all the units within my collection. I am still fairly new to Warhammer, but I have tried to keep within the lore as I understand even if I am going for a slightly less bloodthirsty and crazed Chaos Space Marine warband.

Galvanius the Profane, Lord of Chaos

Galvanius was one of the last Space Marines inducted into the Sons of Horus before the Hersey. Like his brothers, Galvanius believed in Horus and his rebellion against the Imperium. Even in defeat he continued to believe in this cause to the point disgust at his fellow brothers worshiping the corpse of Horus at Lupercalios on the graveyard world of Maeleum. Upon Abbadon's return Galvanius was pleased to turn on his defeated battle brothers who did not join the new Warmaster. Every Son of Horus that his blade cut down further warped the power sword until is was naught but a ghostly specter of the wailing space marine's souls trapped within. Galvanius has been a loyal servant of Abbadon ever since serving most of the Black Crusades. Despite his vast battle experience, Galvanius is something of a fading star as he refuses the gifts of the Chaos gods. He believes that Abbadon will eventually remove the yoke of Chaos when he takes Terra as the true Emperor. On that day, Abbadon will need Space Marines who have also resisted the temptation of Chaos’s power to aid in the reconstruction. Space Marines like Galvanius.

Galvanius is armed with his ghostly power sword, "Ruination" and his Hellfire neon-plasma pistol. He often makes use of his old iron halo even if it has decayed in the 10,000 years since he first received it.

Saturmorn Carvilli, Exalted Champion

Saturmorn serves as Galvanius' second-in-command and leader of his Chosen. Saturmorn is the among the most ancient of Galvanius' warband. While Satrurmorn is a highly capable warrior with nearly every weapon a marine can wield, he is not one to dash into combat unless the numbers significantly serve him or if he has no other choice. He wishes to live for quite sometime yet. Saturmorn seeks to take the place of Galvanius as lord of the warband. However, he knows that in single combat Galvanius is superior. So Saturmorn bides his time looking for chances to place his lord in danger so that he might lead the warband himself. He also hopes that one day the gods favor him with dark apotheosis which he would take as his favor to lead the warband.

Saturmorn is armed with a variety of weapons from his Combi-bolter and bolt pistol to a phantasmic power axe and monofilament dagger.

Ashneed Shan and Dregs

A relative new addition to the warband. He is a sorcerer in terminator armor who does not speak of his past and his ambitions. Galvanius does not believe that Ashneed does not want to take control of the warband despite his claims. Yet, Galvanius does not turn away this powerful psker as he both unsure if he could defeat him in single combat and the sorcerer's powers. Besides which Ashneed's knowledge has proved quite useful to his warband already. Ashneed is often followed by Dregs his blue skinned spell familiar which often hides behind his cape once combat starts.

Demon Prince

It is not known why this demon prince fights with the warband. Galvanius suspects it has been sent by one of the dark gods to spy upon him as he does not give much more than lip service to any god or even Chaos itself. For Galvanius only serves Abbadon and no other. Ashneed has mused that perhaps it is a long fallen member of Galvanius warband that the dark gods blessed and now seeks to fight along side its brothers once more with its greater strength. The demon has said nothing concerning its motives. Even its name has not been revealed to any in the warband.

Drachlek the Firebrand, Dark Apostle

Drachlek is a boisterous marine shouting 'sermons' of hellfire and brimstone that often whip the otherwise regimental warband into a fury. He gives praise to each and all of the dark gods as well as to Chaos Undivided. Galvanius treats Drachlek as a necessary evil for the continued cohesion of the warband.

Ahruban the Daemonblooded, Sorcerer


He is the apprentice of Ashneed Shan. He still serves as an aspiring sorcerer though he only allows Ashneed and Galvanius the indignity of being called that title in his presence. He believes that he in fact transcended such a low position and is a true sorcerer.

Tripticius the Hellbrute

Tripticius is the oldest member of Galvanius' warband. He was once Galvanius' Sergeant before the Horus Hersey before he was defeated and placed in Dreadnought armor. Since then, he has been a superb bodyguard to Galvanius and a more loyal soldier than any chaos Dreadnoughts. Only recently, has Tripticius been subject to severe mutations of the warp radically altering his body into the Hellbrute he is today. Saturmorn believes this mutation is due to Galvanius lack of faith in the Chaos gods and believes the warband should make use of the power they offer. He also whispers this to Tripticius poisoning the already anguished mind of the hellbrute.

The Chosen


Galvanius' Chosen are among the first Space Marines that served him when Abbadon made him a Sergaent after destroying the clone of Horus. Most of these Space Marines are haven't seen but half of the Black Crusades, but are extremely experienced in the ways of battle.

Halford is armed with a Power Maul and serves as the squad's Sergeant when not personally lead by either Galvanius or Saturmorn. He is a brutally direct warrior that doesn't speak much and may have the gift of precognition. A capable and deadly efficient leader, he rarely is used as such as he follows the order of either Galvanius or Saturmorn more often than not where he serves as an effect follower as well.

Ulrich is armed with a pair of gleaming lighting claws that crackle with dark electric energy. He sees the world in a sort slow motion never moving fast enough. To this effect, he can rarely stay still and very hyperactive.

Vedder is armed with a Power Fist and is perhaps the most savage of the Chosen once he gets into combat. Strangely, he also is among the most passive outside of combat.

Kilmister is armed with a Power Axe and is the oldest and most mutated of the chosen. He was fairly soft spoken, yet frightening, for many of his mutations. Now, he rarely speaks and heavily indulges in warp dust and other Slanneshi drugs in the warp.

Per and Gers are twin brothers that often lead the charge into battle as they are the youngest by far of the Chosen and still have something to prove. It is believed that the warp has mutated them into a sort of two person hive mind as they share the same opinions and thoughts on everything.

Chaos Space Marines Unum Impetu

Led by Durus Blackhorn the Champion and Sergeant, this squad earns more accolades and spoils than the ranged squad. They also suffer the most casualties as well. Blackthorn and his squad have earned the right of a Rhino. An honor only the Galvanius’ Chosen have earned. The flamer operator is known as Arkelan Frostbreaker. The Melta operator is Carnaechia Piel. The remaining squad names are: Thrathios Manurion, Jumos Kyragistus, Corioros Avivius, Shaihr Rerec, Nasargiel, Driler Fez and Barattiel.

Chaos Space Marines Unum Procul

Considered the B team of the warband they serve as a support squad often laying covering fire to get the assault assets into position. The squad in general has something of an inferiority complex as they receive less glories of battle than much of the rest of the warband. The squad is led by Xeveron Fury. The squad’s plasma gun operator is Caldilixus Sicavius. The squad’s heavy bolter operator is Maklis Battletooth. The remaining squad members are: Rhetollenus Manunos, Orettius Momeon, Henghann Deaddust, Trajis Steelborn Navachar Ran, Jevydae Tatica and Lycaoshan Engera.

Chaos Raptors

Unlike most Chaos Raptors, Galvanius’ Raptors still act more as the Assault Marines they once were than the warp-crazed monsters found in other warbands. They have more in common with the Night Lords own raptors than those typical of the other legions. Indeed, many of the members have defected over to the Black Legion where they now serve in this warband. They hate the other jump troops, the monstrous Warp Talons of the warband. The Primary squad is led by the brawler Jogann Deathscream and his powerfist. The melta operator is Koratos Cordacles. The newest member of the squad is Khastion Domef.

The second squad of Raptors is led by Armeyr Thunderrage with his power sword and plasma pistol taking charge of the fast attack plasma weaponry. The other Raptor with a plasma pistol is Marqocole Karruebus.

Warp Talons

While most of the warband is far less bloodthirsty and insane than most Chaos Space Marines the warband’s Warp Talons make up for that. Gadiel, Afriel, Remliel, Quabriel and Zahariel no longer have any humanity both in mind and body. The all speak with metal screeches that cause even the hardened of men to flee in terror. The squad, or murder more accurately, have a growing contempt toward Galvanius fed by the traitorous musing of Saturmorn.

Chaos Terminators

This squad joined the warband along with Ashneed Shan and ultimately still defer to him rather than Galvanius. They find Galvanius a curious sort of lord of Chaos in how he leads his warband. Perhaps it is the nostalgia of such leadership style from before their fall to Chaos or the fact it allows for more organized and effective combat, but this squad serves enforcers of Galvanius’ edicts of conduct within the warband as well as one the battlefield. At least for now. The squad is led by Aegoth Dragonhowl. The remaining members are: Rhamine Calgar, Ruibius Viricus and Seraltus Cassiurion.

The second squad of terminators have been serving the warband for sometime longer. Few of them ever wore terminator armor before joining the Black Legion. The gained the honor through the number of foes they have slain and via the dead man boots of the previous owner. The squad champion goes only be the name Chainz. The reaper autocannon operator is Vai'lsa Albexus.

Initiates (Cultists)

Galvanius believes in maintaining the military discipline, mostly, of his Sons of Horus days. To that effect, the initiates of his warband are treated far better than 99% of others. To be sure, it is a rough life being an initiate as you are expected to perform all the grunt work in maintaining the warband and often perform the work of two or three members from other warbands. However, all initiates are to be treated with some level of respect by the Space Marines above them less they wish to join in performing the menial labors. Galvanius uses this pool of initiates to replace any loses he suffers with his marines removing their gene-seed to be placed in the most deserving of the initiates. Previously, this was a long and intensive process, but with the addition of Ashneed to the warband the introduction of the gene-seed has greatly been increases. Though, still well behind that of any loyal space marine chapter.

Squad Hector

This is the warband's close combat specialists. They are chosen far more often than any other squad to become chaos space marines. At the same time, they also suffer the highest number of losses in combat. However, those that do survive and prove themselves can become the beneficiary of any gene seed and power armor the warband have claimed. Should they survive, the initate is welcomed into the Chaos Space Marine ranks of the warband.

Squad Juarez

This is the warband's ranged initiate squad. They are often a stepping stone to entering Squad Hector for initiates. However, their Sergeant has served with the squad for sometime now. Becuase this squad often served my guarding the rear area for the warband, its numbers are often greater than that of Squad Hector in addition to being the first step for any new member to the warband.

The Motorpool

The warband has acquired a few transports to aid in their conquests of the galaxy. This includes two rhinos and a land raider. The land raider serves as Galvanius' mobile command center outside of combat. In combat, it serves less as a transport and more as the warband's heavy tank.

Lagos, the Demon Engine

This demon engine is maintained by Ashneed Shan who has demostrated the power to metamorph it into either a forge fiend or mauler fiend depending on Galvanius' needs. No matter its form or weaponry, the beast is fury and rage incarnate.

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