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User:Tyranic Marta

As a devoted chaos space marine player I have frequently found myself wondering what the game of Warhammer 40k would be like if chaos players could use the "terror" of their models fluff as a literal Wargear piece or special rule. I’m not sure how this would work but like any player of chaos it would be nice for our models to be somewhat more separate from the loyalist dogs that our armies profess to loath. This brings me to another wonderment of my own, why isn’t there a dedicated chaos TANK, not a vehicle like the defiler, but an actual tank, that symbolises the separation from the empire that we chaos players have come to know and enjoy. Many times i have asked myself, should chaos players petition to GW to let us have a dedicated tank? or should we begin to make suggestions of our own, and as a group work it into a feasible game piece, something that fills one of the major holes in the chaos codex, FEAR. Our codex tells us how utterly terrifying the chaos marines are and yet we are no more terrifying than a gaunt when it comes to actual rulings for leadership, Personally i think this needs to change.

As you have probably realized by now i am a chaos player, one who has decided that as good as our codex is, it needs change, so many of our units are next to useless because they are either to expensive or cant do the tasks they are required to preform. The greater daemon is a prime example of this, the chaos greater daemon, sacrifice a heavy points model (minimum 30) to summon a daemon that is a massive bullet magnet and is likely to die before it can charge, wasting another 100 points. This is just one of the many "fails" in our codex.


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