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Darkinnit's DakkaDakka Minecraft Server FAQ

So how do I get on the Minecraft server?

Pop on over to the sticky thread here. Post your Minecraft username and if everything's in order you will be added to the whitelist when I can. I try to check the thread at least once a day.

If you've already done this and have been whitelisted, then go to Multiplayer in Minecraft and type in:
and click Connect.

What about the FTB server?

Make sure you're running the FTB launcher (rather than the normal Minecraft launcher), follow the instructions in the first post of the FTB thread.

I'm on! What are the rules?
  • No flying or speed mods on the vanilla server, (mods already on the FTB server are obviously ok on the FTB server) and no transparent/x-ray or other item finding texture packs. These are not in the spirit of the game. You will get banned from the DakkaDakka Minecraft server.
  • No stealing, griefing and/or destroying existing structures without the original owner's consent. You will get banned from the server and in severe cases, you may also get banned from Dakka.
  • No racist, sexist or anti-semitic imagery and similarly no racist, sexist or anti-semitic comments in the in-game chat. You will get banned from the server.
  • If you moan, whinge, whine or complain about having to gather resources and/or create or build things in this game called Minecraft, perhaps this particular game is not for you and I reserve the right to ban you without any other reason.

There are then several unwritten rules, so I'll write them here:

  • Try not to build too close to other people's structures without their permission. This is especially true when the nether can be used to travel large distances in a short time.
  • Don't just build a giant cobble tower just to prove you can build something huge. Use at least a couple of different materials or shape the structure to make it aesthetically pleasing.
  • Do not make large mines anywhere near anyone's property, without their permission. You will almost certainly end up in an existing mine. Again you can travel vast distances much quicker via the nether and there is plenty of space in the world.
  • Don't take items from chests unless the chest has a sign stating you can do so, or the owner has given you permission.

If you break any of these now written unwritten rules rather severely it could quite quickly be considered griefing and you may get banned.

Ok, I'll play nice. So what shall I do first?

Press t to open the chat prompt and say hello to everyone.
Punch some trees, make a sword etc.
Also head over to the Minecraft thread (and FTB thread too). I recommend you subscribe to this thread and check the most recent posts, as people use this thread to discuss general goings on in the Dakka Minecraft server.

I want to build/mine something but I'm worried about accidentally building/mining too near to someone.

If you're just starting out, it may be best to ask someone else on the server if they need help with a community project or one of their own projects. As you work with them, you can get to know the people on the server, the world layout and get some ideas for free areas where you can start a project of your own.

If you'd rather just get to building something, find a place that looks relatively empty for the size of the structure you want to build. So if you're just building a small hut to sleep in, you can probably build it quite close to someone, but be prepared to move or remove it if asked. If you're building a larger structure, make sure there's a nice large gap between the walls of your structure and any neighbouring structures. Look for signs that may mark out any land that someone has already claimed. If you also want to mine quite a bit, you should probably make sure you are at least 200-300 blocks away from anything else, as underground mines can twist and wind in wierd and unexpected directions.

For anything you build, put a sign up with at least your name on it, so if anyone needs to ask or tell you anything (e.g. "can I build near you?", "how did you make your place look so awesome?" or even "sorry I accidentally got hit by a creeper in your place" etc), they know who to contact.

A creeper blew up on me and damaged someone else's stuff!

If it's just in a field, don't worry about it, but if a structure is damaged then that's a bit different. If you have the equipment to repair it, please try to repair the damage, or go get the equipment to repair it. If you can't, then at least make a sign or PM them on Dakka to say it was an accident etc. People are a lot less annoyed if there is a signed sign of apology next to a creeper crater than if they just find a hole in their wall with spiders and skeletons coming in.

Is there a map? How do I know who's online? Who is that?

Here is the link to the occasionally updated map of our Dakka world. http://www.darkinnit.com/newdakkamap Note that the map is limited in size to a radius of 4000 blocks but the world is much larger than the area shown by the map. There is also the FTB map.

In the game itself you can press the Tab key to see who is online, or you can see who is online (refreshes every 60 seconds) here: http://www.darkinnit.com/players.html

A lot of people have different usernames for Minecraft than they do for Dakka. If you want to know who someone is in the game, or need to contact them outside the game, a list of players, their Dakka names and links to their profiles is here:

Someone told me to go to some coordinates or asked me what my coordinates are, how do I find out?

Press F3 to bring up the brief debug overlay. In the top left hand corner are your x, y and z coordinates. Most of the time, people will only be interested in the x and z coordinates. You will only need to check the Y coordinate if you are at an unusual height (such as deep underground, or somewhere within a tall multilevel structure).

The server just said "Restarting, login again in a minute or so...". What's all that about?

The server has scheduled restarts every twelve hours at 38 minutes past the hour, to keep the server running smoothly. This clean restart does not affect your inventory or location. In addition to this, every six hours a backup is taken, in case of very bad griefing or accidents.

The server just had its scheduled restart, then crashed! I don't want to wait 2 hours for my fix!

I have a script running to monitor the server for any crashes and auto-restart it. If it's a crash, it will restart within a minute, if it's a hang, it will wait 15 minutes before forcing a restart. The script is not bulletproof though, so if it does go down and stays down you may have to let me know. I don't want to flood the Dakka forums with "server's up" "server's down" posts, so this twitter account shows my current awareness of any server downtime. You don't have to sign up to Twitter to follow that feed, you can just visit the page or you can also use the RSS feed (as long as Twitter continues to support RSS). If I haven't spotted the downtime, Send me a message to that Twitter account and if I'm awake, near a computer and can confirm it's down, I'll restart the server. If you don't like Twitter (perfectly understandable), you can also PM me here on Dakka, but please check the account above first to see if I'm aware of the downtime (I don't want to get flooded with PMs).

Ok, I have my spot, but I want a portal to get to and from it quicker.

See this link for full details on Portals. The general idea is you build a portal out of at least 10 Obsidian blocks. You can build it out of Obsidian harvested using a diamond pick, or by crafting one in a mold using buckets of lava and water (see this video for how to do that). Once you've lit your portal using flint and steel do not go in just yet. Stand near the portal and press shift+F3 to bring up the brief debug view where you can see the coordinates. Note down the x and z coords (y coords are not needed) and then you can head into the nether. You will almost certainly find you arrive in a portal that is linked to someone else's portal instead of your own. To fix this you need to take the x and z coords you noted down, divide them by 8 and make your way to those coordinates in the nether (at any height). Build a portal at those coordinates in the nether and that portal will link to your portal back in the original world.

You're an OP can you give me items?

Yes I can, but no I won't. It's not fair on the other players who've painstakingly mined their resources. If you want endless items, you can play creative mode either on single player or on another server. The Dakka servers are survival servers.

I had 99 diamond on me and walked into a dark forest/fell in a cave and died, can I have my stuff back?

The S in SMP stands for Survival. If that stuff was precious, you should be careful about where you take it. As above, unless there are highly unusual circumstances involved, I will not give back items due to death, accident or other mishaps. So don't go venturing near lava in a full diamond suit of armor etc etc.

But it was server lag/glitch that killed me!

Once you've been playing the server long enough to get precious items, you should have encountered more than enough lag and glitches to be wary and to keep your items safe. However, in some cases I may return some items.

You're quite the miser when it comes to giving out stuff!

I currently have no way to tell the difference between someone who really lost their stuff and someone who thought "gee I could do with some iron, I know, I'll say I lost it!". I apply all the above rules to myself too, I never /give myself items.

I died and dropped all my stuff and before I could go collect it, the server restarted! Have I lost my stuff?

Usually you can just wait till the server comes back up and then go to where you died. As long as there was a minute or two between your death and the server restart, there is a good chance your items may still be there.

There was a griefer who stole my stuff/destroyed stuff or you rolled the server back to a previous backup and I've lost my stuff.

These incidents will be investigated on a case by case basis. I will often give back stuff in these instances if validated.

What mods (modifications) are on the server?

The Dakka server is raw Minecraft 1.16.5 with no mods, but has the armor stand posing datapack.
The FTB server is currently FTB Revelation 3.3.0 (Minecraft 1.12.2).

Can we have a mod on the server?

No. The Dakka server is intended to be plain Minecraft. The FTB server is sticking to the Direwolf20 modpack to keep it easy for others to connect with having to mess around installing extra things.

Oh but please, this mod is AWESOME and everyone in the world is playing it!



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