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Necron List


Necron Lord with Veil of Darkness, Resurection Orb, and Warscythe

Necron Lord with Resurection Orb, Phase Shifter, Phylactery, Cronometron Nightbringer


20 Necron Warriors

20 Necron Warriors

Fast Attack

3 Destroyers

10 Scarabs with Disruption Fields

Heavy Support

2 Monoliths

Full Army Photo

coming soon

Unit Photos

coming soon

Why I Started This Army

These Necron were my first army. I want to play a less common army, and I loved the Necron fluff.


I deepstrike with the monoliths, while my Warriors move up with the second Lord, while the first lord, the Destroyers, and the Scarabs strike at the flanks. I only use the Nightbringer in special circumstance

Ork Army

coming eventually


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