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The Sig

There once was a Chinese philosopher named Gongsun Long, he wrote some essays a long time ago and one of those essays concerns a statement which means, roughly, "White Horse is not Horse". While it's impossible to know what Mr. Gongsun's intention was, the dialog can be used as one of the examples demonstrating that common language is neither precise nor unambiguous. Then again, Mr. Gongsun's work has also been taken to be an example of sophistry (that is to say, pre-historic trolling).

Rules Laywering and Army Selection

Attempting to argue Games Workshop rules by the rules as they are written is as pure an exercise in sophistry as I can imagine, and it is completely misguided if one is trying to determine what rules should be used to play a game with another person. I enjoy the exercise of closely scrutinizing rules texts for their intricate interactions while searching for unexpected interactions and strategies, too, but time and time again Games Workshop has come out to say that the rules are guidelines for game play. In other words, what Games Workshop should have put on page two is a simple statement "Don't try to be jerk to the other player! If there's a rule combination or collection of units which seems like it might be unfair to the other player, don't try to be a jerk!"


We love these rules very much, but they have gone missing. If you see them, please let us know, we want them to come home and be safe.

Deployment Rules

  • The paragraph in the rules which allows Independent Characters to join units before the combined unit is deployed.
  • The paragraph in the rules which allows units to embark into transports when deploying on the table.

If you find any of these rules, or have information which might lead to their safe return, please contact Karandras or Shrike at 1-841547-791-3 or 1-841545-260.

Partial List of things which are broken as written


  • Regular templates must be placed touching the firing model yet not placed touching any friendly models. Explanation: The sentence should say "any other friendly models".
  • Templates from either turrets or fire points have to be placed in contact with the barrel of the weapon or the access point, but cannot be placed to cover any friendly models. Explanation: The sentence should say "any other friendly models" or something similar.

IC's and Vehicles

  • The first paragraph of the IC rules page says that IC's cannot join vehicle squadrons or single unit models like vehicles.
  • The first bullet point of the IC rules page says that an IC which cannot join a unit must end the movement phase more than 2" away from that unit.
  • The interaction of these rules is that an IC cannot end the movement phase within 2" of a vehicle. This impacts IC's like techmarines, and also impacts IC's embarking and disembarking from vehicles.


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