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Valhallan42nd's Sisters of Sigmar

Army List

Starting Warband

Mother Superior Brunhilde 125 GP
Sigmarite Warhammer, Light Armor, Shield, Holy Relic

Sister Superior Elsbeth 63 GP
Light Armor, Warhammer x 2, Sling

Sister Superior Greta 72 GP
Steel Whip, Shield, Light Armor, Sling

Sister Superior Olga 72 GP
Steel Whip, Shield, Light Armor, Sling

Augur Silke 47 GP
2 Steel Whips, Sling

Sisters of the Hammer 60 GP
2 Sisters with Hammer and Sling

Novices of the Vow 60 GP
3 Novices, Hammer and Sling

Unit Photos

Mother Superior Brunhilde

Sister Elsbeth

Augur Silke

Sisters Greta and Olga

Sisters of the Hammer

Novices of the Vow

Why I Started This Army

I've always liked Human forces, and Sisters were very evocative, and worked much differently than any of the other Human Factions. I've always been fond of doomed forces (Blood Angels, Celestial Lions...) and knowing that the Sisters would not survive the times made me want to play them even more.

HTH is crucial with this force, and the steel whip rule makes hammers the ONLY choice for your henchmen. Hammers stun more often then they kill, and leave the stunned foe as easy pickings for Sister Superiors with steel whips with their 4" reach. So your henchman does the work, and the heroines get the skill points. I usually run them as a wedge for that reason, henchmen forming the V, with characters behind supporting with their reach.

The Ogre is a great hireling for this band, I've found. He draws fire ordinarily reserved for Sister Superiors and the Matriarch. If there's any weakness of this list it's shooting, and the fact that the Matriarch cannot be replaced if she gets killed. Speed Skills are your primary choice initially, as getting to combat/sling range should be your primary focus.


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