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WAR: Where we are playing

The D6 Generation oin WAR

Hiya all Warhammer Online Fans.

If you looking for the D6G to come along and say hi or to apply to our guild than we are finally home at the "Gorfang" Server on the side of Order.

Raef (stonedogs here on Dakka) is "Stoni" and Russ Wakelin is "Dartanian"

See you there, and feel free to add your character to the list of all other Dakka users playing WAR below!

All Dakka Players by name

Dakka Name/Server/Side/Warhammer Online Screen Name/Guild/etc

  1. malfred/Red Eye Mountain/Destruction/Chiefmalfred/Taraielle/Chiefs/The Courts of Chaos
  2. stonedogs/Gorfang/Order/Stoni
  3. Russ Wakelin/Gorfang/Order/Dartanian
  4. Strimen/Red Eye Mountain/Destruction/Spitzup
  5. Strimen/Tower of Doom/Destruction/Spitzup/Strimen/Zeratain

Dakka Players by Server

To include your name, find your server and side, then include the following information

Pound sign (to create a new list item)Dakka Name/Character Name/Character Name/Character Name/etc.



  1. stonedogs/Stoni
  2. Russ Wakelin/Dartanian

Red Eye Mountain


  1. malfred/Chiefmalfred/Taraielle/Chiefs/The Courts of Chaos
  2. Strimen/Spitzup

Tower of Doom


  1. Strimen/Spitzup/Strimen/Zeratain


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