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Waaagh Dakka: 'Alfndrate and Catyrpelius, the Kannon Mob

'Alfndrate and Catyrpelius, his Kannon Mob

Full Army Photo

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Alfndrate, da Runtherder

Alfndrate's callous disregard for his charges (more than the average Ork) meant that he frequently had to replace his guns (which kept getting "lost") and his grots ("they kept getting "killed") on a regular basis. Alfndrate the Grotherder was so lazy that he had all his remaining Gretchin help write down the help wanted ad (read: conscription order) by locking them all up in a room with a quill, a piece of paper, and Alfndrate's favorite pet squiggly beast. While the Gretchin could eventually be certain to write the works of Solar Macharius eventually, the squiggly beast on the other hand, devoured the entire lot of grot in under an hour; thus proving that might is right (or that hungry squiggly beasts are hungry) within the eons-old Ork culture.

Catyrpelius Will be added later

Army List

Mob Description Waaagh Dakka is about da dakka. What makes more dakka dan Catyrpelius, Alfndrate's kannon? Alfndrate loves to fire the kannon at anything and everything, even his grots. Alfndrate believes Catyrpelius makes da most dakka, and his grots gotta love dakka as much, even if dey might be da dakka

On Da Lookout Fer Because of his penchant for 'losing' grots, Alfndrate is looking for grots to man Catyrpelius

Model Requirements Alfndrate has poor eyesight, and low enthusiasm for any moment where Catyrpelius is not firing, so he often can't tell the difference between his grots and da dakka fer the kannon. While he forces his grots to wear the black, gold, and yellow scheme of Waaagh Dakka, he prefers to keep the grey closer to da stone and metal of da ammo, that way he can always fire kannon without too much effort determining the models.


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