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nkelsch's Ork Army: Waaagh 'Az-ard

Full Army Photo

Warlord 'Az-ard is a Deffskull warboss from the Armageddon system who's primary clan colors are <font style='Color:

blue'>Blue and Yellow. His clan is known for turning almost any imperial

technology into a dangerous weapon.

Unit Photos

Special Characters

Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka

This is a 'Stock' Ghazghkull model which I have had since the Second War for Armageddon. I painted him for the store and he was our campaign character model. Since then he has been one of my most used models over the past 10-15 years.

Mad Dok Grotsnik

Because I had gotten about 15 Mad Dok models from the great GW Bitz Shelf collapse, I have a whole unit of 3rd edition Cyborks based off Mad Dok. (now Dredbash Cybork Slashers or Nob Cyborks) I wanted my Mad Dok to be larger and stand out. I used an AoBR boss with a Ghaz head and Warboss arm to make him look like a large cyborky monster. The little head on his ope is the official Dok head.

Old Zogwort

This old Zogwort is based off a Metal GorkaMorka Nob. I tried to make him as close to the official art as possible, which included, the chains, the backspikes and his Waaaaghbanner. His squig is a Space Marine IC turned squig. It is intended to match the majority of my Deffskull army.

Wazdakka Gutsmek

This is a Bike made out of a converted Deffkopta. I decided to use the smaller Body instead of making him WARBOSS sized as he really is a Big Mek. He has his top-knot, sawblade PK and 3 flaming skulls. I gave him an evil sunz scheme to make sure he stands out to opponents opposed to being another warboss. The base is the same size as the FW warboss base.

Boss Snikrot

This is the GW official Boss Snikrot model. Nothing too fancy. I used him a few times to "Ambush" Mad Dok behind enemy lines. The model is 'OK' and I got the FW kit Kommandos to go with him. In 6th there isn't much reason to use him but he gets to sneak around my shelf.


I have only one model in my army I did not paint myself. On The-Waaagh.com, we do a 'Sekrit Santaz' Gift exchange amongst ork players where we make something orky for someone. One year I received this amazing model fully painted. It was painted by Stuart@the-waaagh.com. He is awesome and a great addition to the army! Since my Special Characters all have unique official paint schemes, it is ok he doesn't fully match my BLOO waaagh.


Kaptin Badrukk

Here is a Stock Kaptin Badrukk with a pretty official paint-scheme. Also with him are the GW special edition Ammo Grots. (which were designed to match him) I decided to put the Grots on a 40mm and give them magnetic crates which are removed as 'counters' because Baddruk can use HIS 3 runts or the 3 with the Flash Gitz unit, while Flash Gits may only use the ones for the unit. So it helps distinguish Badrukks personal ammo runts. I really love this model, but Flash Gitz suck so they don't see much game-time.

HQ Units


Warlord 'Az-ard (Megaboss)
When the Ghazghkull model was released, it was our first official Mega Armored Warboss model. Before then, We had two Metal Warbosses, Gorka Morka Nobz and 2nd edition stuff. While I already had a Ghazghkull, I also was able to get 3 more for dirt cheap when they were released. (bitz by weight! Lol!) This has been my core Warboss for over a decade now. Not too complicated, just a simple model. I often imagine him sitting on his thrown, in his mega armor in his gargant watching the battle. Also: Gobbla Attack Squig!

Megaboss Grimdakka
This is the megaboss for my TERMIMANZ. He leads my 500pt space battle army. It is a neat model, not too much larger than the regular megaboss. The chestplate is removable to see the guy inside. Also: Armored space squig!

Big Meks

Big Meks with KFF
GW hit a home run with their KFF mek model. I love it. In 3rd edition, we were at a loss of what a KFF looked like, and boy-sized meks could carry them on everything. The new rules invalidated my old models and the new model was too cool! Basically you need a NOB with a backpack so I actually have 4 of them. 2 are the Metal Big Meks, and two Plastic Nobz converted. These guys all got a lot of play in 5th. My ChoppaKFF meks were big when I was using a Dreadbash, and the PK/BurnaKFF meks were often leading boyz in BWs. With the NOB plastics being everywhere and bitz being cheap, I decided to just 'make more' than try to magnetize them.


I had a project to turn a Armorcast Battlewagon into a Weirdboy Tower which was designed to have a Weirdboy hanging out in the top. I had gotten a sad little Metal Warboss who had been converted (looks like a Minotaur arm!!!) so I decided to try to clean him up. I never cared for the look of the official model, so I had decided to use ball and chain instead of Grot handlers. I gave him a lightning bolt theme and covered his face which was damaged. (and I have a lot of mask- wearing Orks in my feral lists) Not my favorite model, but he mainly sits in the tower of a tank and goes "pew- pew".

This was a fantasy 'Orc Raider' model which just really looked cool. It fit in well with my feral orks and would make a good weirdboy. I decided he would be a 'fire' theme since he had a torch. All I really did was try to 'future up' his torch and spear and added some chains to him. I don't use Weirdboy's much but he is a fun model.


Burna Boyz

I have quite a few random Mekboys, though they don't really get used much. This is my mekboy named 'Barry' which is used to stand next to models in photographs and provide scale in CMs. Lots of Ork people have a barrymek. Mine was an attempt at Space Marine armor on an ork.




Soon after Assault on Black Reach came out, Ork players were getting multiple boxes. There were loads of terrible Terminator to MANZ conversions out there simply because there were so many cheap plastic Terminators out there. When we were having a campaign which would have 500pt 'space battles' I decided I wanted to make some Zero Atmosphere Orks in space suits, so I studied the greats of the ork conversion world and came up with these guys. I wanted them to look like a real ork was inside them and not just an Ork head on a terminator suit. They have been the centerpiece of my army for many an event!

Armageddon Krumpa Korps
When the new Ghazghkull came out, I also painted a unit of MANZ for him which had paint schemes from every clan represented on Armageddon. Bad moonz, Snakebites, Blood Axe, Deffskull, Evil Sunz, Goff, Black Slayers and Stompa Tribe. These guys are some of my oldest and most used models, and they still make a showing in games.


Kommisar Nob
I had found a great tutorial for Greenstuff Greatcoats so I thought I would give it a try. This guy was originally made to be a Kommando nob (and still may be) but his unit of Greatcoat Kommandos ended up finding a new home in a Gift Exchange. He actually has a Twin brother which I made for a friend. When modeling something, it is easy enough to make two! Currently, this guy has been my first NOB for any of my troop units.

These are some of the Painboys and Grot assistants I have. All my painboys have some sort of Cybork arm. Not much to see here.



'Ard Boyz

Ultra Marine Orks
One of the three units I made for my Zero Atmosphere orks project. Nothing too crazy, just a drawing I did which ended up becoming a unit of 'ard boyz. They all have space suits and air tanks and rebreathers. They have been a very popular unit when people see them.

Shoota Boyz

Flashy Shoota Boyz
One of my last armies I built in 3rd edition was an army using a lot of the units you never used. Flash Gitz were regular 'BOY' models and could take 4 Big Shootas + 1 for the Nob. So I had gotten a ton of Nob Metal TL shoota gunz which made great Snazguns and BAM! Flash gitz. When 4th edition rolled over, and invalidated a lot of the old units (skarboyz, Tankbustaz, Flassgitz) these guys basically became regular old shoota boyz. Because there are 10 of them, they usually end up in a Trukk with a BS and nob. I really love these guys.

Gorkamorka Shoota Boyz
In 3rd edition, we used to get 16 boyz in a box with sets of choppa/slugga and Shootas. Shootas were terrible in 3rd so everyone had 90% slugga boyz which meant little baggies of extra shootas were everywhere. I had loads of GorkaMorka orks from collecting and I decided to try to modify them to have the spare shoota arms. I have to say it wasn't too hard and the result is pretty decent. Helmeted heads hide the neck join, Shoulderpads hide some of the odd shoulder issues. When painted and in a unit, they don't stand out at all. I have close to 40 of these and I still use them regularly today.

Slugga Boyz

Mad Boyz
In 3rd edition, We had an amazing Feral Ork Codex. I had literally 100 of the metal savage ork models which I had turned into a full Feral Ork army. MADBOYZ were like Slugga boyz who could be doped up by a Pigdok to have STR5. I have two units of 20 which have now since become regular slugga boyz, and sometimes Kommandos when needed. There is a Woodtusk unit and a Stonetusk unit (with wood and stone masks)


Fast Attack

Ork Jets




Da Helmet Boyz
I have been building a full biker force for over a year by collecting random broken bikes and 3rd party orks, and this is a squad of all shirtless orks with biker helmets and goggles. They are a squad of 1 with a Nob.


Rokkit Buggies
When the 4th edition codex appeared in 2007, It was time to update some of my old models. I had developed a 'turret' system which uses 1" pipe fittings to attach to my trukks, wagons and buggies to make them easy to remove and swap. Nothing too crazy, just the stock model with a turret on the back. I had made 6 of these, and 3 of them were for a Sekrit Santa Gift Exchange and were painted in a Bad Moonz yellow. Rokkits Bitz courtesy of the great GW Shelf collapse!

Skorcha Wartrakks
I had a bunch of the old Wartrakks from 3rd edition, and they were simply bad. I disliked the draggy-behindy oil tank, and they broke all the time. So when the 4th edition codex came out and we got some new plastics in 5th like the burna/Loota, I decided to throw those skorchas in the stripper and re-do them. I used my 1" pipe fitting system and tried to make them look a little more updated. They turned out so well, I have been trying to get 3 more to make another unit.

Heavy Support


Big Gunz

Deff Dreads

Flash Gitz

Pirate Flash Gitz
I had found a great tutorial for Greenstuff Greatcoats so I thought I would give it a try. I had gotten some of the Maxmini pirate heads and decided to make Pirate orks and a Kommisar. When I made these I actually made a total of 10, with the other 5 being almost exactly the same in 'DESIGN'. They have peg legs and hook hands to represent cyborking. I have been really happy with how they turned out, and the other set became a gift in our Orky Sekrit Santa Gift exchange.

Killer Kanz

Looted Wagons

Looted Leman Russ (Boomwagon)
This was a broken down old tank I got from a friend. I had extra Turrets from the BW kit and ordered some Grot Sponsons from FW so I decided to Loot this tank to be a 'Boomwagon'. Like most of my tanks, all the weapons are removable. This guy made a showing in my NOVA 2011 Army which had 3 Boomwagons.

Looted Salamander (Lootwagon with Skorcha)
I had a monster 3rd edition battlewagon. It was right after the Land Raider kit came out, I combined a Land raider with an Imperial tank and made a massive Deffrolla and it was absurdly large. BWs were not very useful in 3rd edition, so it kinda sat around as a poorly constructed/painted model. I decided it was time to retire the messy behemoth. I broke it apart, stripped it, reclaimed all the bitz and was left with a wrecked up Land Raider and a 'hull' of an imperial tank. So I made this as a lootwagon for the Burnaboyz out of space parts.

Looted Basilisk (Boomwagon)
There used to be a magical time when Orks had a STR9 indirect fire pieplate which just destroyed everything it couldn't see. Back when we could actually loot imperial tanks with their statline. Every ork player has one. The dreaded looted Basilisk. I *LOVE* this model. He is old, been around forever, and still rules. The only thing I did was remove the crew to add some sandbags a few years ago. Now I can drop two 25mm models in the back to load the gun. I keep promising to give the model a proppa crew. :)

Epicast Gobsmasha (Boomwagon)
One of my favorite old-school models!!! I collect old epicast/armorcast stuff whenever I can find it. This little brick of a model is tons of fun and I use him currently as a 'Boomwagon'. This guy made a showing in my NOVA 2011 Army which had 3 Boomwagons.

Dedicated Transports


When the new Trukk model came out, it was time to retire the Gorkamorka skateboards from active play. It was just to gamebreaking for me to take advantage of. I ordered the two FW kits as well as just going through my bitz buckets. I ended up trading a whole box of metal "Legion of the Damned" for a bunch of kits. When the dust settled, with my bitz box poorer for the experience, 8 Trukks were born! I have to say I really like these models and want to do a trukk horde list one year for a GT. These all have a magnetic mount on the back for planks, wreckers, and grabbas.


Apocalypse & Super Heavies

Other Orky Stuff!!!

Objective Markers

These are some orky objective markers which I did for a modeling contest a while back. The WAAAGH banner is designed to look like the building from the videogame 'Dawn of War'. Then there is the generic ammo dump and then the Feral ork totem with a little grot guardian. These are just for fun!

Epicast Drop Podz

I got these a long time ago just because they were cool. Made out of a weird foam, and I still have the original boxes. There isn't much to do with them, but they sometimes get used in Apocalypse games. A cool piece of Ork history.

Weirdboy Tower

I had gotten an Armorcast resin Battlewagon in a trade, and I didn't want to mutilate it the way I have seen a lot of other old BWs get turned into truks and such. One of my Favorite Epic models is the Weirdboy tower which basically looks like the old BW with a tower. It gave me a way to keep the look and one-piece model intact but convert it up a little for fun. It has the two turrets like the old epic BW and a tower which fits a 40mm weirdboy. I have played it sometimes as a BOOMWAGON and treat the tower as a BOOMGUN. I have gotten a lot of awesome feedback on this model and it is one of my favorites.

Mini-bomma Ork Attak Fightas

I looted this design for a Mini ork Bomma to be Ork Fightas from the old IA. I think they actually could become Dakkajets in the new ruleset if I mount them on flying stands and add another set of guns. Maybe they will get updated to dakkajets eventually, but right now they are just fun display pieces.

Army List

Here is a full list of everything displayed above and a point total:

1 x Ghazghkull
225 1 x Mad Dok Grotsnik
160 1 x Old Zogwort
145 1 x Wazdakka
180 2 x Mega Armored Warboss
260 4 x Big Mek with KFF
465 1 x Warphead
85 1 x Weirdboy
12 x 'ard boyz
150 50 x Shoota boyz
300 20 x Slugga boyz
1 x Boss Snikrot
85 14 x Mega Armor Nobz
580 1 x Nobz
55 2 x Painboys
110 1 x Mekboy
Fast Attack:
1 x Boss Zagstruk
85 10 x Warbikers
290 3 x Warbuggies with Rokkits
120 3 x Skorcha Wartrakks
Heavy Support:
1 x Kaptin Badrukk
135 5 x Flash Gitz
175 4 x Looted Wagons with Boomgun
540 1 x Looted Wagon
Dedicated Transports:
8 x Trukks
2 x Attak Fightas
Total: 5420

Why I Started This Army

I have been collecting 40k orks for almost 20 years now. I really like the Ork army and fluff in the 40k universe. I

made this article to begin sharing photos of my models online.


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