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Category:Orks Army Profile
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Akwatic Desert Raidas

First observed over seven years ago in attacks on isolated settlements, the Waagh - Akwatic Desert Raidas (ADR) is believed to have gotten its start almost ten years earlier, after a young mek from the Deff Skull clan (who had only recently looted a set of mech tools) made an important discovery of classified and historical documents in a remote mineral mining camp on Verindi 4.


Porkuslime's Waagh Magshak

This army owes it's existence to the VERY killer new Ork models and codex. I saw them, and HAD to make it. Once again, this is more a Listing of "all the Orks I have in the Waagh" as opposed to something more specific. Warboss + Body Guard unit of Nobz. (Thanks to Warboss they count as Troops) Warboss with TL Shoota, and PK, Nobz a mix of Sluggas, Choppas, Big Choppas, and Combi-Scorchas, Painboy.


Redbeard's Horde Orks

In designing a horde army, my initial thought was to have a mix of the 'good' units from the new ork codex. A couple units of stormboyz, a couple units of lootas, Snikrot's kommandos, and fill in the extra points with shoota boyz. But playtesting led me down another path. Stormboyz proved to be a risky, expensive alternative to regular boyz. At twice the cost, per boy, I'd expect them to do twice the lifting. But, they typically just drew enemy fire faster than the normal boyz.


Solorg's Green Vanguard

Been playing Orks since yr 2000. Got into it thanks to my Uncle who trained me in the ways of WAAGGHH and also thanks to friends in NJ who supplied me with my 1st Orks (40 Boyz and 80 Grotz - WOW) plus a Battleforce (3rd Ed). Eventually built my own Gaming Table for Medusa V and now host games for my friends - half who have played longer than me, half who were encouraged to begin playing by me. Looking forward to the next chance for a campaign - until then, the WAAAGGHH will grow!


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