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Blood Axe Blood Gitz

Army List

Ork 1750 army list HQ

  1. Ghazghkull Thraka ammo runt-228
  2. Big Mek shokk attack gun, ‘eavy armour, a power klaw, bosspole, ammo runt, and a grot oiler-138


  1. 5 lootas-75


  1. Deff Dread with big shoota, rokkit launcha, armour plates, and grot riggers-105
  2. 5 nobs 2 twin linked shootas, 1 power klaw, 1 waaagh banner, 4 big choppas, 5 bosspoles, 5 ‘eavy armour, a painboy with a #grot orderly, 5 ammo runts, and 5 cybork bodies-300
  3. 12 orcs sluggas and choppas 1 rokkit launcha, nob with power klaw, ‘eavy armour and a bosspole-127

Dedicated Transport:Trukk red paint job, grot riggers, wrekin’ ball, and a reinforced ram-60

  1. 12 orcs shootas 1 big shoota, nob with power klaw, ‘eavy armour, and a bosspole-122
  2. 30 ‘ard boyz sluggas and choppas, rokkit launcha and a nob with a power klaw and a bosspole-350

Fast Attack

  1. Wartrakk grot riggers and a red paint job-50

Heavy Support

  1. 1 kannon with 3 ammo runts-29
  2. Dedicated transport:Battlewagon with a red paint job, grot riggers, stikkbomb chukka, armour plates, boarding plank,wreckin’ ball, reinforced ram, 2 rokkit launchas and 2 big shootas-165

Full Army Photo

entire mob

these i painted

these i didnt yet

Unit Photos

ghazkull thraka

shokk attack gun big mek

all have camo like 2nd guy

30 orks, camo varies from squad to squad

battlewagon made from humvee with wreckin' ball.... er cube

extra shooty added to gun barrel

wip nob squad

deff dread with big shoota and spike foot not painted by me

Why I Started This Army

I got 500 points of orks at a yard sale;). All single models and troops i painted I have everything not everything painted yet It is my 1st 40k army. all unit photos except for deff dread, lootas, or nobs i painted.


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