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Waaagh! Biglug - An Ork army by insaniak

Full Army Photo

Why I Started This Army

This army was started way back in the year 2000 or so, initially as a way of making use of a bunch of 2nd and 3rd ed models that I had scored in a collection of 2nd hand miniatures that I had picked up. The painting is mostly fairly simple (spray black, quick drybrush of grey, drybrushed metal and add some rusty brown, skin with Snot Green and a drybrush of Goblin Green (slightly darker shading on Nobs and the Warboss, starting with Dark Angels Green), as my original idea was to just do a quick and dirty job to get them on the table as quickly as possible... and then I started converting things, and it all took on a life of its own.

I added a few bits and pieces during 5th edition when I decided to re-enter the tournament scene, but very quickly decided that Orks were just too difficult to finish games on time (particularly with the mixed Nobz mob and the time-consuming 5th edition wound allocation rules) and so they wound up relegated once more to casual games.

Unit Photos

Warboss Biglug

A conversion based on Ghazghkull Thraka, with a bit of reposing. Depending on the specific army list I'm using, he runs onto the field either as Ghaz, or as a generic Mega-armoured Warboss.

Mad Dok

Converted from a Warboss model back when Mad Doks were a HQ option. To go with the HQ role for him, I wanted something a bit more imposing than the normal Painboy model.

Big Mek with Kustom Force Field

Thrown together at the last minute for a tournament. This is a conversion of the plastic Warboss model from the Assault on Black Reach starter set. I wanted something a little different for the KFF, and had a vision of a glowing staff with whirly bits spinning around it. It didn't turn out quite as good as it had been in my head, but it certainly stands out on the table...

Big Mek with Shokk Attack Gun

A classic model that I picked up for the nostalgias. I had one of these in my original Ork army back in second edition, and I always regretted selling it off. It's a bit dated compared to the newer version, but I love it for its old-school charm.


An Avatars of War model, originally painted just because I liked it, but conscripted into the Waaagh! when Weirdboyz became vaguely interesting again.

One day I need to update his base to match the rest of the army...

Nobz Mob

I felt that a super-sized Warboss really deserved a suitably imposing bodyguard, so I made him a Nobz mob comprised of conversions of various Warboss models from 40K and WHFB (and a Nork Deddog model with an Ork head, just for good measure). These guys were originally also accompanied by a Mekboy and a Painboy, but they're currently on the repaint table waiting for new bases - The army was originally on snow bases, but I changed to the brown desert theme when I updated them for 5th edition.

The Waaagh! Banner is the one thing I kept from my original 2nd edition army - it was originally held by a plastic starter set Goff boy.


As with the Nobz, I wanted a suitably imposing ride for the Warboss, so banged this up from a Land Raider and a Chimera.

The Deffrolla was particularly fun to make...


A quick throw-together of 2nd ed starter set models, with a 3rd ed (and I think Gorkamorka) Runtherd and a WHFB Squig for the squighound. I also started to add updated Grots made from Night Goblins, but then got distracted by bikes and suchlike...

Boyz Mob

What it says on the tin. Boyz, big shoota, Nob.

'Ard Boyz Mob

Boyz with a little more armour. I'll run them either as 'Ard Boyz, or as regular Boyz, depending on the list at the time.


Converted from a bunch of different bikes and Ork parts.


The original Gorkamorka/3rd Edition Trukk always seemed a bit small to me, so it wound up filling a slot in my buggy mob instead.

These guys originally had a range of weapons, but I updated them all to big shootas in 5th ed.


3rd Edition-era hybrid models (plastic legs, arms and heads, metal torsos and jump packs)... I hate these models with a passion.


One of my 5th edition additions, cobbled together from whatever parts I could find lying around.


2nd edition Mega Armour is a bit weedy by today's standards, so these guys wound up as Cybork bodyguards for the Mad Dok.

Trukk/Looted Wagon

Converted from a Chimera, this thing has served double duty as either a trukk or a looted wagon, depending on the codex and list in use at the time.

Dreadnought - "Da Crusha"

Converted from a Titan Legions Mega Gargant. He has telescoping legs (just because!), although with wear and tear he doesn't like to stay in the raised position anymore...

Killer Kans - C3P-Ork and Waaagh2D2

Converted from various bits and pieces, including parts from a Demonblade 'Org Attrocitor', which was a late '90s-era model that bore a rather strong resemblance to a 2nd ed Ork Dreadnought (Most of the Demonblade range was rather heavily inspired by the 40K range).

Big Guns

Scratch-built cannons, crew converted from WHFB Night Goblins, and a kit-bashed Runtherd with a 'squighound' lifted from the WHFB Ogre Kingdoms range.

Objective Markers

Hidden Bunker, Abandoned Grot Tank, Bus Stop

What's Next?

The eagle-eyed may have noticed the gigantic WALL-E sitting on the shelf in the full army photo. This will eventually become a Stompa, just because I can. I also have a few straggler models waiting to be rebased, and some leftover burna models from back when boyz could have a lot more heavy weapons in their mobz which will have a couple of extras added to become a Burna Mob.

No timeframe on any of that right now... but one day.


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