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Ouze's Waaagh! of Warboss Grimgutz

You're probably going to want to open this in a new window.

Same here.

Many of my vehicles have LED's in them. Unnecessary, but cool looking.

My army as of June 23rd, 2014. I only have a few units left in the dock to be built/painted.

Why I Started This Army

I started out with Assault on Black Reach, which means my second faction was of course Orks. I found Orks to be fascinating, and wound up building them up some. I still consider myself a Necron player, though.

Unit Photos


Ork Warboss: Warboss Grimgutz

Warboss Grimgutz, the man himself. One of the last models I built in this army, as I was waiting for divine inspiration. It never came, so I just did your bog-standard AOBR warboss. At least until 2 years later, when I did...

Ork Biker Warboss: Warboss Grimgutz

Warboss Grimgutz, mounted on a warbike. This is a Forge World resin model.

Wazdakka Gutsmek

There is, at this time, no Wazdakka Gutsmek model. I converted a Maxmini.eu Badass Orc Biker to do the job. I am pretty happy with how he came out, but I need to add some trophy racks to him. I am especially pleased with the Mek's tools - a little screwdriver, wrench, and socket driver.

Big Mek Gorecrank

Big Mek Gorecrank. This was the first metal model I ever built. I really enjoy using the Shokk Attack gun vs Space Marines. I usually attach some Shoota Boyz to him, and he never leaves home without Nugbit, his loyal Ammo Runt.

Boss Snikrot

I decided that I needed to give Boss Snikrot poison, even though he doesn't have it in-game. He just seems like the kind of sneaky git would would cheat that way. I used clear resin with a green tint, and waited very patiently until it was tacky enough to drip, without the drops falling all the way. I also decided not to match the bases the other Kommados had; I felt he needed something special to represent how he can insinuate himself right into human territory like a whisper in the night.

Grukk Face-Rippa

This is probably the last Warboss I'll ever do - a huge improvement on my first dismounted Warboss. I love his attack squig.


Ork Boyz (Choppas & Sluggas)

Most of these call came from the Assault on Black Reach box set. There are a few I either got on ebay or did from the later Battleforce.

Ork Boyz (Shootas)

These came from my Ork battleforce. I rather like these guys, and if I build more footsloggers, these will be the ones. My nephew is delighted by the ork giving the finger.


I've got 30 grots and 3 Runtherds. Useful for hanging onto out of the way objectives.


Burna Boyz

My Burna Boyz. 8 of them are Goffs, and 5 are Evil Sunz. My feeling is that Orks tend to hang out with other Orks of the same profession, regardless of what clan the belong to.


My Ork Tankbustas. 2 are just stock boyz with rokkit launchas. One has a converted rokkit launcha using extra rokkits from the Killa Kans box. The other 2 have scratchbuilt rokkit launchas made from a styrene tube and some extra bits.


I think My Kommandos might be the longest project I've ever worked on. I bought them sometime in 2010 - these are the old metal ones. I finally decided to get a Boss Snikrot a few days ago, and then realized that I couldn't use the Nob and Snikrot at the same time, so I needed some more Kommandos. I got some plastic Boyz and the Forge World Kommando konversion bits, and next thing I knew, it had ballooned to 2 full squads, 30 minis. I am pretty happy with how they came out, if not the timeline it took. The Nob for this group is one of my favorite models in all of 40k.


Here are both of my Mekboyz, who I can use with either the Burna Boyz or the Lootas. Since the Kustom Mega Blaster is a pretty iffy weapon for an Ork, I went with a Rokkit Launcha instead for one, and a Big Shoota for the other. For the Big Shoota mekboy, I did a little mask on him out of styrene sheet, so he didn't look like a Ork boy with a Big Shoota. Not sure how that worked out. The mask is inspired by Friday the 13th, of course.


In August 2011, I finally finished the last 3 Lootas to make a complete unit of 15. I decided to go with Deff Skulls for the Lootas, since it makes sense my Orks with the best possible dakka are also the best thieves scavengers. I painted the bodies as I do Goffs, and then just added some blue details and some face paint.

Mega Armored Nobz

Mega Armored Nobz. I have one of the metal ones, and I scratchbuilt another 5 from Ork Nob bases and a lot of bitz and plasticard. The metal one was done years before the scratchbuild ones, so the paintjob is a lot better on them.


Nobz. This is a mixture of AOBR Nobz (some of which have Power Klaws added on) and a Nobz box. I enjoyed these even more then the Shoota Boyz, truth me told, and wish I could take more of them.

Here are my 3 favorite Nobz. That guy in the middle just kills me. Great sculpt.

Nob with Waaagh! banner

One of my favorite models. I picked up one of the other metal ones because I think this guy is probably going to be removed from the Ork codex soon.

Nob Bikerz

The images are huge, if you look at them in the gallery - 2600px wide. At that resolution, you're sure to notice they technically are not Nobz, per se. I can't afford to get Forge World Nob Bikerz when I already had these and they are so easy to covert. So if you want to be pedantic, these are actually Ork Warbikerz with Power Klaws. I'm thinking the rule of cool will save me here. I already have 9, and will do 3 Goffs, 3 Deff Skullz, and 3 Evil Sunz. At that point I'm going to need to scramble to come up with a single bike to make a Painboy out of...

Update 9/30/11 - added the 3 Evil Sunz bikers. I'm really liking finally getting these done.

Update 5/22/14 - man, did I ever procrastinate on these or what? I finally finished the last 3 Death Skullz Nob Bikers and the Painboy.

Here is my, at long last! finished Biker Mob.

Fast Attack

Grot Tanks

I so far have 4 of the Forge World Grot Tanks done, as well as one kitbash that was for a contest (so, 5). I really like the concept of tiny tanks zipping arounf the battlefield and have 2 more I kitbashed but do not yet have painted. Rulewise they're nothing special but I really like the concept. And, Grots!


Here are my 6 Deffkoptas. 3 of them have black Evil Suns iconography on the tails, and the other 3 have white, which makes them easy to break into 2 squads. 2 of them have buzzsaws as well (1 per squad). I tend to use them as a suicide squad for turn-1 armor elimination. They can generally eliminate at least 1 tank per squad, if they survive after that anything else is gravy.


I've never seen any Ork Warbuggies that I really wanted to build and paint - the Deffkopta conversions are terrific but seem like a pain to paint. So I built my own, out of styrene. Here is the first one. The weapons are magnetized, although I don't think I'm going to change them to anything else as long as Rokkits are so awesome.

Dedicated Transports


I only have one Trukk so far (with another still in the box). I started it as a Goff trukk, but decided I better do at least some of it in red to claim Red Paint Job. I also added some rails to the sides and raised the armor plates up a little. Much better looking, in my opinion.

Big Squiggoth

I like the look of this model a lot, but oh boy was it a pain to build - the molds for this ancient model must be a mess. There was a lot of greenstuff into repairing literally every join, and I had to resculpt most of the chains on the legs and redo a lot of the rivets. It was probably worth it. I decided to have Grots pilot it instead because, well, I like Grots. I also went with the Kannon I like the most, lookwise.

Heavy Support


Here is my Ork Battlewagon. It was the first vehicle I ever built, and the first kit I bought after AOBR was released. The Deffrolla came later. Most of the parts are magnetized for swapping, which also makes it easier to fit in a bag. It was painted partially with dip (also making it my first dipped model).

Deff Dreads

Here is my first Ork Deff Dread. I used the hollow inside to add a battery and an LED. The larger arms are on pegs, and can be removed\reposed, though I don't have any other arms that are big enough to swap out; as Killa Kan arms are too small. I also made a space which extended them slightly, as they seem too clamped to the body to me by default. The smaller set of arms/weapons are magnetized, and can be swapped out with the ones from my Killa Kans. The little bosspole is on a peg, and sometimes spins around, but otherwise I'm pretty happy with how this came out.

Here is my second Ork Deff Dread, 05-15-11. Just like the other one, it's lighted with 2 LED's. The second one is under the jaw and hard to spot, I probably shouldn't have bothered. I considered going with a yellow or other color, but ultimately decided I wanted to keep parts commonality with my other Dread as well as my Kans, so the color schemes should probably match. Although I doubt Orks would really care, anyway.

Killa Kanz

Here are my Killa Kans. I have 6 now, as you can see. Much like with the Deff Dread, I used the internal hollow to add lights, batteries, and LED's. All the weapons are magnetized and interchangeable with each other and the Deff Dread. I posted a tutorial for how I did so here.

Superheavies, Imperial Armor & Apocalypse Units

Kill Bursta

I now have done my first superheavy of any kind - an Ork Kill Bursta tank. It's a Forge World kit. I played with some new stuff I had never really done before on this, such as salt weathering. I also did a lot more airbrushing then I had on any previous models.

Grot Mega-Tank

I always liked the nautical flavor of the Grot Mega-Tank, and finally got one painted up. I'm treating it as an Imperial Armour unit rather then Codex: Orks. I also did some conversion work to the banner, adding a crow's nest for the Kaptin. I also magnetized all the weapons, and they are interchangeable with the Grot Tanks.

Ork Mega-Dread

Here's my Forgeworld Ork-Mega Dread. The red came out a little darker then I was expecting, but I'm still pretty happy with it. The arms and hip weapons are all magnetized, so they can be swapped out.

Pending Models

I have some Buggies to make/convert, and a Weirdboy.


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