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Newcastle, NSW ,Australia

My brother was at my local GW store the other day and was talking to one of the workers there who he is good friends with, and he said that the next issue of White Dwarf should tell us about a new 40k codex getting released very soon. He said that the other games had have next content release and it was time for a 40k release. He believes this to be Black Templars or Tau.

I don't know if he is right but has anyone else heard anything about this ??

Sorry if something like this has already been posted lately.

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News to me, I was sure it was Dark Angels.

I belive that, if your friend has died and you're being circled by vultures, then it's alright to feed bits of your friend to the vultures in order to teach them to do tricks but ONLY if you are serious about adopting the vulture!

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Sounds like the old, fake rumours from Ghost21. Sorry to disappoint. But I feel your pain, my two armies are BT and Tau


Saddened on behalf of all the Ultramarines, Salamanders and White Scars players who got their Codex rolled into Codex: Black Templars.  
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Drone without a Controller

Yep, I wouldnt count on it until the leaked WD prints appear showing the actual release.

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If you cant trust the your local and oh so well informed GW staff member then who can you trust?!

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Edmonton, Alberta

Hasn't the new issue of WD already been leaked? It only talks about nids/space wolf 2nd waves next mounth. On top of that much more reliable rumours say the month after is the new paint range. Rumours seem to sujest that the new paint releases will take up all of april.

No offence, but I'm quite sure your friend in mistaken as others have said.

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Steadfast Ultramarine Sergeant

The spine of the last two WD's have started to make an image... one that is so far is very Dark Angel's like.

The next WD will add to this and should give us a better idea of what's to come... assuming of course this is GW's intention.
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Next Codex is Dark Angels, followed by Chaos Space Marines. This follows GW's business plan of "release more marines, all the time".

The WD dude is either a Dark Angel or a Chaos marine, Templars are a bit too niche for GW to redo them at this point. Dark Angels can make them a lot more money, especially if the new Ravenwing is any good.

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Staten Island, NY

A new Tau codex would be cool, but a new DA codex would be even better. I've held off buying Ravenwing battleboxes in anticipation of a new codex, hoping they get revamped.

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IXLoiero95XI wrote:
Sorry if something like this has already been posted lately.

No worries, Difficult User Name.

You can find Black Templar rumors here.

There are some Tau rumors here.

And there is a great Rumor Round Up thread here.

Thanks for sharing, though.

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Is there much point in releasing a new codex now when the rumours are that the new rule book is not too far away?

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Bounding Black Templar Assault Marine

Waco TX

I have to agree a smart way to go on a buisness plan would be to wait untl the new edition to release any more codex's

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Huge Hierodule

West Virginia

A new Tau release this year would be amazing. I would gladly buy a codex and new models 1-2 months before the new rule edition released. I'm sure other Tau players agree with me, we need the update almost as badly as the Necrons did. If the Tau get the same treatment as the metallic undead then there's another $500 to $600 of my money that'll go straight to GW.

PS - Here's hoping the XV-9 Hazard Close Support Battlesuit makes it into the codex, and gets a plastic kit. Even at $40 apiece I'd buy 3 of them.

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kronk wrote:
IXLoiero95XI wrote:
Sorry if something like this has already been posted lately.

No worries, Difficult User Name.

You can find Black Templar rumors here.

There are some Tau rumors here.

And there is a great Rumor Round Up thread here.

Thanks for sharing, though.

Sums it up nicely methinks.

Thanks to the Op for bringing these further snippets to our attention, I think though this is best covered in t'other threads. Appreciate the thought though.

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