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Adolescent Youth on Ultramar


Hi all,

I've just ordered the Wood Elf Battalion box mainly because I like the models and I'm only painting at the moment. I might want to play the game in the future though so are there colour schemes I need to stick to? I'm also planning on adding a bit of foliage to some of my models, would that be ok?


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Welcome to Dakka!

As for your Woodies, aren't the models fantastic? The standard for paint is shown pretty well in the army book, being winter, spring, summer and fall from a northern temperate woodland.

I took that same idea, but used the ecosystem from whence I come, California. Colors were from the golden grasses, gray-green sage, dark green oak, and blue skies. Other colors would be worked in as needed, but those were my go to colors. So, what I'm saying, go for what you like! If you keep the colors consistent across all the models, they will all "go together" and look like a single army.

And yes, sure, add foliage and such! It is kind of required for Treeman and Treekin...

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Paint em how you want there is no rule saying you have to follow the schemes in the army book. I have an "evil" paint scheme for mine lots of black,dark greys and pale skins with only a little bit of green.

Damn I cant wait to the GW legal team codex comes out now there is a dex that will conquer all. 
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Charging Wild Rider

I went with red and orange autumn theme with bright blue with mine purely because I wanted them to be different from the usual greens and browns. By all means, paint them whatever colours you like

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In addition to natural colors you can use Warpaint on the Elves.

Look up Native American warpaint for inspiration(specifically North Eastern tribes such as the Iroquois)

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I've always liked the classic Green paint scheme. But with cammo netting and leaves around the arches. When done well, they look great.

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Grey Templar wrote:In addition to natural colors you can use Warpaint on the Elves.

Look up Native American warpaint for inspiration(specifically North Eastern tribes such as the Iroquois)

Stealing this idea

Damn I cant wait to the GW legal team codex comes out now there is a dex that will conquer all. 
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Try Seasonal painting schemes with blues and grey for winter and shades of green for summer.

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Adolescent Youth on Ultramar


Thanks for all your replies, they're really helpful. My battalion box arrived today so I'm very excited lol! I think I might try and base my dryads on English woodland because that is where I'm from. I'm thinking of a mix of trees such as birch, oak, beech etc.

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