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Made in gb
Legendary Dogfighter


I thought you guys might like to see some pictures of my Elsyian Drop Troops.....Army is still growing - I now have a Vulture with Punisher Cannons and Special Weapon / Heavy Weapon Squads.

The second platoon is on the way with some more veterans also being worked up.

All units are magnetised for complete customisation

I will probably drop in some more cars, 2 more sentinels and a few more special / heavy weapon squads..

It also has complete KR storage system and is one of my favourite armys to take to the tabletop


Made in us
Hurr! Ogryn Bone 'Ead!

Brilliant work and unique themed force. Your craftsmanship is outstanding.

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Made in us
Realtor at Silent Hill


Gotta love the Forge World Elysians. You've done them justice! Love the magnetizing on the Valkyries/Vendettas. You should do a tutorial!

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Alpharius wrote:Darth Bob's is borderline psychotic and probably means... something...

Made in nz
Judgemental Grey Knight Justicar

That place in hell you go when you play grey knights with Necron allies

I was like, hey where are all the flyers....

Scrolled down to last photo...Mother of God

Very nice army there, its good to see some well painted drop troops with all the dkok going around, its very rare for me to get to see them like this.

Made in us
Umber Guard

Terre Haute, Indiana

Good to see another Elysian Drop Troops player. I'm finishing up my 1500 points of Drop Guard and as soon as the last platoon is done I'll post them here on Dakka.

Made in gb
Frightening Flamer of Tzeentch

Huddersfield, UK

Great work Always like Elysians, especially the Tauros Vehicles

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Made in us
Boosting Space Marine Biker

US Army

Elysian, for when you absolutely, positively must have 100% casualties.

"Elysians: For when you absolutely, positively, must have 100% casualties"
W-L-D (7th Ed)
Adepta Sororitias 8-2-1
Iron Hands 6-2-0 
Made in gb
Lit By the Flames of Prospero

Aberystwyth, Wales

Absolutely spot-on!

And therefore, I blame Shrike.
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Made in ch
Hurr! Ogryn Bone 'Ead!


Very cool stuff man. I always liked Elysian Drop Troops and yours are really well executed. Keep it up.

Btw, how do they play? Do you use the regular IG rules or special ones?

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AreTwo wrote: this list is dangerously cheesy, so much so that you might have been playing Chester Cheeto in disguise.

Made in dk
Bonkers Buggy Driver with Rockets


 Fire_for_effect wrote:
Very cool stuff man. I always liked Elysian Drop Troops and yours are really well executed. Keep it up.

Btw, how do they play? Do you use the regular IG rules or special ones?

They have their own special armylist. I think you can find it both in IA vol. 4 and vol. 8. They play as a fast moving, all deep striking IG army with plenty of special weapons and demolition charges.

Great colourscheme! You have really done justice to the FW miniatures.

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Made in us
Boosting Space Marine Biker

US Army

They have gotten harder to play with 6th. The biggest problem is the new 50% reserve rule. I have learned to start a bare CCS with beacon, ground sensor, and a sentry or 2 hidden on the board to allow 5 other (2 platoons, 2 sentinels, and a vet for me) to jump in.

And their rules can be found in IA8. IA3 and IA4 rules are now obsolete.

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"Elysians: For when you absolutely, positively, must have 100% casualties"
W-L-D (7th Ed)
Adepta Sororitias 8-2-1
Iron Hands 6-2-0 
Made in nl
Fighter Pilot

Apart from the white lines on the windows, i love everything! Gorgeous scheme. Nearly lifelike.

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Made in gb
Legendary Dogfighter

Thanks guys...I appreciate it......

I will be the first to say it's not my work....they were commisioned works - Sherwood Studios @ Nottingham did the business. PM me if you want details.....I think the whole lot painted cost about £600 to £700 all in.

I always run them as IA8 list, they play really well to be honest.....I would take them to more events but I am never allowed to use them lol - which is a shame because they are pretty puny.

I hope to get them to some events in the future....I get to Tabletop Nation in essex sometime so you may catch these guys in action then.

There is currently more stuff being produced...I will make sure I update when more stuff lands (no pun intended)

Made in au
Drone without a Controller

Wow nice army! everything about it rules

About 1000 points of
And 400 points of

Defeating a sandwich, only makes it tastier  
Made in gb
Nurgle Predator Driver with an Infestation

Blackwood, Wales

Gorgeous bit of paintwork my friend!

Made in us
Storm Trooper with Maglight

This is a beautiful army! Very nicely done!

Made in us
Tail Gunner


This army looks amazing! I would recommend that you magnetize the Vulture Gunship, as I'm guessing you would want switch out weapons for different missions. But once you finish it, I cant wait to see pics of the Vulture!

Check out my Elysian/Imperial Navy blog here: http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/458178.page
Made in gb
Stalwart Strike Squad Grey Knight

kent uk

I really like ur army the paint work is great, the camo is really nice and ur bases are good

good work mate

1500 wip
1000 wip
200 on the backburner
next project
warmachine khador 9 points current project

Made in us
Speed Drybrushing


My only problem is their so clean, next to no weathering. It is a pretty big turn off for me as so much detail is lost due to mass painting. they look good combined but its to clean for my tastes.

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Made in us
Implacable Black Templar Initiate

United States of America

 BunkerBob wrote:
My only problem is their so clean, next to no weathering. It is a pretty big turn off for me as so much detail is lost due to mass painting. they look good combined but its to clean for my tastes.

After 600 gbp to paint, I think weathering costs extra.

They are great as is and more power to you for being able to afford to purchase and have painted such a wonderful army. I hope more organizers will allow you to play it. Congrats on your army.

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Made in gb
Long-Range Land Speeder Pilot


Nice work they will look great on the game table.

My own chapoter, The Broken Swords. Almost a full company.


Check out my painting page on Facebook. Wartable Painting. 
Made in gb
Legendary Dogfighter

Thanks guys, I have used them a few times now.....will post a link to my battle-reports in the near future.

As for the weathering I am not really a fan. I like the clean look, they are box fresh lol
Made in us
Slippery Scout Biker


This is great work on some great models. I always love well done FW armies!

Made in gb
Hurr! Ogryn Bone 'Ead!


Very nice, although not a fan of painted cockpit canopies myself. I keep looking at these on FW as thinking of getting a couples of squads, vehicles and sentinels for my IG apoc army. Whats the casting like on the resin stuff?

Made in gb
Legendary Dogfighter

Yer its good to be honest, I have never had any miscasts so thats nice.

To be honest if you are planning on getting some stuff try the vulture and the cars, they are great fun...
Made in us
Tail Gunner


If you are having problems with getting into tournaments, you can always use the IG codex. Most organizers allow Forge World model proxys; I had a friend who proxied a squad of Tauros Assault Vehicles as a squad of Hellhounds. The only problem I have is that I can't use Vulture Gunships... (not to mention that you can only have nine aircraft total; but I don't think that will disappoint many people)

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Check out my Elysian/Imperial Navy blog here: http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/458178.page
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