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Made in de

Chaos Hobbits? An unexpected journey indeed

Danny76 over at Warseer wrote:I don't normally post what rumours I get or throw them in the anonymous option, but I'll just add here as I do have a soft spot for LotR SBG, and it has now been mentioned from another source.
The new rules are like a new edition of SBG, nothing gets invalidated at all, and they have been very careful to make sure that is so.
I too have heard that the box set is on the way and awesome. What I originally heard about the extra stuff coming outside the box was that they would be released after general release of the film, and only the box would be available before, and the same applied for the hardback rulebook.
Now if this was/and still is the case, I wonder what WD would show in terms of 'releases for the month' as if they are keeping it a secret then they'd have to leave it out..
That was pretty set as a schedule before apparently, but now things are a little different. Unfortunately I don't know whether different means now all at the start with the box, or all pushed back to the following month except the box. If I hear any more I shall mention it..
Take as you wish as always =)

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Made in de

Just for the record:
While we shall not post the pics of the Radagast miniature (that can still be easily found via google), a description might be helpful:
It is a plastic sprue, depicts the character from the movie in a running pose, back leg on a tree branch. Could be a blister, I wouldn't rule out a "limited edition goodie" treatment either.

BTW "Radagast the Brown" is one of the 5 wizards (Istari), like Saruman and Gandalf (plus 2 unnamed ones that went East). He is supposed to be "lost" dealing with animals and plants, so doesn't take part in the greater schemes.
Made in de

I was talking about the Tolkien novel, not the new movie.
Made in de

Darnok was told the possible name of the box (spoilered because some people might want to watch the movie without reading the book):
Darnok wrote:I've been told the starter box will be named "Escape from Goblin Town".
Made in de

BramGaunt wrote:I can also confirm the title of the Box, as exactly what Darnok posted earlier in this thread. That gives us a good shot at guessing the contents of the box.
Made in de

xxRavenxx wrote:The GW "core range" of products no longer includes LOTR.
This normally means that largescale rebranding, reboxing, finecasting, re-releasing with new models or discontinuing is about to happen.

BramGaunt wrote:The Lord of the Rings game is renamed in Tho Hobbit game.
Made in de

GrashnarTheSecond over at The Last Alliance wrote:A FLGS just called me to let me know they got their Hobbit release list in.
Full release list:

Escape from Goblin Town Limited Edition: 100€ (56 figures!)
Hobbit Rulebook: 65€ (288 pages)
Hobbit Paint Set: 35€
Custom Figure Case: 50€
The White Council: 60€ (4 fig box)
The Trolls: 65€ (3 figure box)
Goblins of the Misty Mountains: 30€ (18 figure box)
Goblin Town: 45€ (scenery set?)
Hunter Orcs: 30€ (12 fig box)
Hunter Orcs on Fell Wargs: 35€ (6 fig box)
Bolg: 20€ (clampack)
Narzug: 15€ (clampack)
Goblin Captain: 13€ (clampack)
Fimbul the Hunter (ft & mtd): 35€

Everything is plastic except the clampacks and the White Council. Yes, the Trolls are plastic.
Now, I have reasons to believe that Radagast is the limited model, simply because he isn't on the release list (and the White Council box is Finecast). Either that, or he is a Direct Exclusive, which would seem strange for a plastic model.

How about that teaser, GeeDub?

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Made in de

Just in case you need terrain fitting your Hobbit miniatures: Ziterdes will release these soon:

Made in de

I can confirm that the release and price lists are legit. No other main release in December except Hobbit.

New colour for the Hobbit tabletop boxes is gold brown, more precisely a colour gradient running from gold yellow to brown.
Radagast is indeed the limited miniature from the starter box. Starter contains indeed Gandalf, Bilbo, the dwarfs and a whole bunch of Goblins including an Ogre sized Goblin King. Goblins look different from the curent ones. Wearing loincloths, a bit bigger, a bit more deformed (Chaos star wasn't totally false ). Goblin King looks great, wears crown and loincloth, comes with a throne.
I assume that the non-limited starter will have a "soft release date" a few days after the limited edition is sold out (usually a week later).

Trolls are large and look similar to Ogres. Hunter Orcs mounted and unmounted have more cloths and armour, I like the look more than current Orcs. Goblin Town scenery basically is a set of wharf like wooden plank roads on different storeys, connected with poles and ladders (as seen in the second trailer).

So much from a first hasty glimps at the WD December.

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Made in de

First WD pics courtesy to Tholanan over at Warseer:

Terrain shots:

Gandalf, Bilbo, Radagast and Dwarfs from starter box:

Goblin King and Goblins from starter box:

Goblin set:

Hunter orcs:

Hunter Orcs on Warg:

Trolls with campfire (see Hobbit for size):

Some Ork Hero (Narzug?):


The White Council:

The Goblin Town (terrain set):

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Made in de

It's an adventurous Canadian from Quebec, not a Pole.
And we will see the official pics Friday night, in 2 days.

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Made in de

AFAIK GW is still shocked by the success of the old DeAgostini mags and will never work again with them.
Made in de

A few tidbits:
1.) The starter box includes wooden walkways and the throne as terrain.
2.) The fellowship plastic models from the previous starter box are rereleased in a separate box.
3.) The Ork hero is indeed Narzug.
4.) The Goblin captain looks similar to the other goblins. Could be the one in the middle, pointing (not sure):

5.) Here a pic of the unmounted Fimbul the Hunter:

6.) Here a scan showing the new box design, taken from here http://latabernadelaurana.blogspot.de/ :

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Made in de

 Sigvatr wrote:
I'd say that it's even worse - the LOTR trilogy is a true masterpiece of art as it made the fantasy genre what it is nowadays. No other work of fiction influenced the genre more than it did. The Hobbit, however, has always stood in the shadow of the three books - and rightfully so, if you ask me, as I consider The Hobbit far, far inferior to the actual trilogy. Furthermore, it really saddens me that The Hobbit is now even split in 3 parts seeing that 2/3 of the book are boring as hell.

You are aware that the Hobbit was Tolkien's first book and started it all, right? No Hobbit, no LOTR.
Sigvatr wrote:Goddamnit, hobbits suck. Small, weak, fat. Courageous my balls, Boromir anyone?

Not impressed by the human porcupine
Made in de

Advance Orders are up.

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Made in de

 snurl wrote:
Another thing I noticed is they dont include all of the dwarves in the boxed set. WTF is up with that?

I don't understand: Are the 13 dwarfs of the movie not enough??
Made in de

Keep in mind that
1.) the general design is done by the film crew. They designed the Trolls, Goblin town and dwarfs. If you find the troll design inferior to GW's river trolls, it certainly is not the fault of GW. If the battle against goblins takes place on plain planks, GW can't make a terrain set of beautiful Elven design. The GW prices are of course GW's responsibility.
2.) the Hobbit movie is not a 1-1 copy of the book, but, being a different medium and being extended to 3 movies, some things can only be understood or valued if you have seen the movie. In other words, the movie is an entity by itself, following its own rules and taking liberties. So I am quite certain, that some people will change their opinion after seeing the movie.

Also, the Hobbit trolls are considerably larger than the river trolls, as can be seen here:

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Made in de

Dear thread hijackers, can we go on with the discussion of December's Hobbit releases?
Made in de

Here the latest video blog by Peter Jackson on making the Hobbit movie:
BTW according to PJ, the movie should be ready 2 days before the premiere, hopefully

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Made in de

Well, they did it with the fellowship miniatures from the Mines of Moria starter ... 5-6 years after release

Minor update:
Hobbit starter boxes, painting sets, Trolls and mounted Hunter Orks will be mandatory for GW stockists from now on.

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Made in de

Archibald_TK over at Warseer wrote:Things were made a little clearer today. I assume modules are treated the same in every country, if not then keep in mind what I'm saying may not concern USA and the UK:

- Mine of Moria and the Moria paint set are out for good.
- Other boxes that were part of the first module (the most common boxes) are now shifted to the last module (4b). I don't know how many are shifted, it may be all of them, I also forgot to ask if some of those that were already in the last module were going out.
- Modules 4a stay untouched so still includes the rulebooks that were released earlier this year and some other boxes.
- LotR is still present in the first module, but the new boxes replace the old ones. Notably the Trolls, Warg Riders and the main box are in.

It's a smart move by GW, the boxes that retailers are forced to get are the most costly (outside of the terrain) that some retailers may have had skipped, the others (goblins, orcs) we will automatically take as they will be asked for more frequently. Instead of including in the module boxes that they know would sell anyway, they place those that could have ended up as an unpopular pick by the retailers. In addition the Main box is in the module (obviously) so people are forced to take two, but only the Limited Edition is available at the beginning, so you are forced to take two of the most costly ones. Finally all of the boxes that were part of the first module can be sent back to GW (unless you have subscribed to the fourth module in which case you have to keep those that shifted there), but it eats up your quota of returns normally so many retailers won't be in a position to do so.

I think the way they dealt with the release will leave some retailers unhappy, but overall will get GW a lot of money. Personally while I had no intention of sending back the majority of the old models I have in the shop, I assure you if I had the choice I would never had taken the Trolls and I would have ordered regular sets, not limited ones. Now I cross my fingers that the new LotR journey will become successful, while I won't lure myself into thinking that it will bring as much money as the previous trilogy I hope it will noticeably increase our sales of GW products.
Made in de

GW makes a secret out of what exactly ARE the new rules. Rumour has it that they are only minor modifications.
Fact is that the 5 new faction stat books stay and stay legal.

BTW here a nice teaser from a journalist who has seen a sneak peek:

Includes an answer to : How far into the book does it get?
To the end of chapter six, the one entitled Out of the Frying Pan and Into the Fire, more or less.

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Made in de

Just saying that the new rulebook contains several spoilers of upcoming miniatures.
Hadn't time to look in detail, but I spotted an alternative Radagast and new dwarf warriors.
Made in de

The Hobbit rulebook lost most unit entries of the old book, just has some new ones (except some bare statlines in the Appendix). So you need the faction books as well to play the game.
Made in de

Aren't they covered in the "Free Peoples" faction book? All those stay legal.
(... and wasn't an all Hobbit army useless before? )

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Made in de

faeit212 wrote:I get to see product launch briefs when they come out and one thing jumped out at me from the hobbit product brief, I've pasted it below;

"We will continue to support Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000 customers by launching new products every month. The Lord of the Rings releases historically replaced Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000 sales. This time, any Hobbit releases are on top of our existing Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000 plans."

So, to all the people who say "they should concentrate on 40k and not waste any months on LotR" can go to sleep happy as there will be a 40k/WFB launch every month next year and the hobbit will just be extras on top.
Made in de

Small video by rob_alderman over at Warseer featuring the previews of new miniatures hidden in the Hobbit rulebook:

There Elf Knights, Eagles, Gwaihir, Finecast Goblin King, Finecast Thorin's Company, Another Hunter Orc Leader with some spiky bone bits around him, The Grimhammer Dwarves, some leaders are mentioned too. Azog is riding a White Warg, so we will notice him quite readily! In the video, I thought the Hunter Orc might be Azog, but no, he's not!

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Made in de

The Faq has been updated, a.o. to refer to the Hobbit rulebook:
Made in de

For some strange reason, the GW website leaked the Hobbit release list for February (no prices or pics yet):
Radagast the Brown with Sebastian
Goblin King Throwing Goblin
Yazneg (On Foot and Mounted)
Grim Hammers
Knights of Rivendell

Pics are in the rulebook though.
Made in de

Here some pics of the February releases (and beyond), provided by Dr Death over at Warseer:
Knights of Rivendell


Grim Hammers

Yazneg Mounted (plus new unmounted Wargs for a later release)


Goblin King

Plus, for a later release: Giant Eagles:

and a new Gollum?

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