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[H] Prototype Dungeons & Dragons Miniature Duergar Slaver C & Karsite Fighter Figure [W] selling [USA] [eBay]
At: 2018/04/23 09:54:21
By: MasonDaniel7 [Latest Reply]
50 Lots
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How can they make all comic book movies work?
At: 2018/04/23 05:04:25
By: sebster [Latest Reply]
50 Lots
 General Discussion
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This is a forum for all new members. Please post an introduction and tell us about yourself here along with any questions about how the board works.
Help moving on from Basic Rules
At: 2018/04/23 09:53:30
By: MrTEA [Latest Reply]
14516 138809
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Discuss news and rumors about the world of miniature war gaming.
Zombicide: Invader - Kickstarter on April 10!
At: 2018/04/23 09:29:18
By: AAN [Latest Reply]
12630 954158
[New Folder]
Tournament announcements/discussions for any type of game, including the rules/guidelines for running a wargaming tournament.
NOVA Open 2018 - Save the Dates and Room Blocks - August 29 - September 2, 2018 - <50 40K GT Left
At: 2018/04/22 20:29:35
By: Audustum [Latest Reply]
4419 89877
[New Folder]
Discuss anything related to miniature games not covered in other forums (Note: 40K and WHFB Discussion does NOT belong here)
How Important Should Listbuilding Be
At: 2018/04/23 09:50:29
By: Just Tony [Latest Reply]
12567 455878
[New Folder]
Buy, Sell, & Trade your miniatures and games.
[H] Prototype Dungeons & Dragons Miniature Duergar Slaver C & Karsite Fighter Figure [W] selling [USA] [eBay]
At: 2018/04/23 09:54:21
By: MasonDaniel7 [Latest Reply]
51833 175844
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Announce local stores/clubs and post your requests for local games. Also the place to run local campaigns.
Looking for a group in illinois
At: 2018/04/23 02:11:52
By: Bookwrack [Latest Reply]
6223 37407
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This forum is for discussion about specific Dakka articles and it also gives you an easy place to announce article updates. There is a thread here for every article that we have.
Article Discussion: Customizing a Glass Display Case by AesSedai
At: 2018/04/20 19:26:04
By: Jimmy Zimms [Latest Reply]
3819 11578
 Painting & Modeling
[New Folder]
General questions, discussion & showcase involving all things painting, modeling & photography.
The -=]_=- Terrain Competition Thread -=]_=- LoER Terrain Contest #25 "For the War Effort"
At: 2018/04/23 09:49:12
By: M0rdain [Latest Reply]
63317 604045
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Share pictures of your FINISHED models for feedback and praise (painted & based miniatures only please).
Grumpy Guy Gaming - Showcase
At: 2018/04/23 08:43:23
By: Gologuzi [Latest Reply]
17543 188379
[New Folder]
Painting & modeling threads that are regularly updated with work in progress pictures.
Nerdfest09's Blog WIP Eldar
At: 2018/04/23 09:50:04
By: nerdfest09 [Latest Reply]
10552 675681
[New Folder]
A place for tutorials showing different painting and modeling techniques and ideas. Share any techniques you have picked up over the years but please include pictures.
Mantic tank using vallejo mecha colours
At: 2018/04/20 11:32:42
By: ulgurstasta [Latest Reply]
2294 22107
 Maelstrom's Edge
[New Folder]
This forum is dedicated to the discussion of the Maelstrom's Edge 28mm Sci-Fi Game and Universe
Terrain Spotlight: Epirian-themed Dice Tower
At: 2018/04/17 10:06:32
By: insaniak [Latest Reply]
185 1932
 Warhammer 40,000
[New Folder]
Post and review 40K army lists
[2000] - Tyranids - Hive Fleet Hydra (brigade)
At: 2018/04/23 09:04:56
By: Spreelock [Latest Reply]
90307 611970
[New Folder]
Want to discuss 40k rules interpretations? This is the place. Caution: Can get heated, but also can be informative.
So about that deepstrke
At: 2018/04/23 09:38:57
By: DeathReaper [Latest Reply]
44103 629490
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Want to discuss how a current 40K rule could be improved? Also the place to discuss 40K rules of your own and GW experimental 40K rules.
Infernal God-engine rules for large vehicles?
At: 2018/04/23 07:32:04
By: Valkyrie [Latest Reply]
9082 169147
[New Folder]
Let everyone know how cool your last game of 40K was! Post your report here with all the glorious details.
[Video] Doubles Tourney, Round 2 - Thousand Sons & Adeptus Custodes vs Space Wolves & Orks 2000 pts
At: 2018/04/23 00:25:50
By: Eihnlazer [Latest Reply]
8565 97333
[New Folder]
Know the best way to stop that unbeatable 40K army? Post it here and share the knowledge.
Necrons NEW 8th ed. Codex tactica - New FAQ discussion p.72
At: 2018/04/23 09:54:01
By: torblind [Latest Reply]
33943 710522
[New Folder]
Debate and discuss the rich background of the Warhammer 40,000 universe.
What character do you think will become the first Primaris?
At: 2018/04/23 08:54:36
By: Grimtuff [Latest Reply]
12966 394696
[New Folder]
The place to discuss anything about 40K that doesn't fit into any of the other forums.
PSA: Please Have A Shower & Wash Your Clothes Before Going To A Public Event
At: 2018/04/23 09:37:19
By: Fictional [Latest Reply]
47748 1119083
[New Folder]
Army lists, tactics & rules discussion for Forgeworld's Horus Heresy rules. For Heresy background discussion, please use the 40k Background subforum.
Question on Mor Deythan Fatal Strike!
At: 2018/04/23 00:08:20
By: Arminius_Warbringer [Latest Reply]
1912 20727
 Warhammer: Age of Sigmar
[New Folder]
For discussion of the setting, characters, and story lines for Age of Sigmar plus anything not covered by the other AoS forums.
Getting Started in AoS?
At: 2018/04/23 08:48:15
By: Hanskrampf [Latest Reply]
7242 106417
[New Folder]
Let everyone know how cool your last game of Age of Sigmar was! Post your report here with all the glorious details.
GMG Video Battle Report - NEW Idoneth Deepkin vs. Free Peoples - Duality of Death
At: 2018/04/21 12:19:12
By: Achilles [Latest Reply]
1158 7827
[New Folder]
The place to discuss Age of Sigmar warscrolls, tactics, and rules interpretations. Share your knowledge and experience here!
Nurgle Armies II - Battletome Bubonics
At: 2018/04/23 06:27:08
By: NinthMusketeer [Latest Reply]
9356 66339
 More Games Workshop Miniature Games
[New Folder]
GW standalone board games, plus all old specialist GW games, such as Necromunda, Blood Bowl & Epic 40k.
[Net Epic Gold] The Beginning of Hive Fleet Cuddles
At: 2018/04/22 14:21:42
By: Selym [Latest Reply]
2438 22750
[New Folder]
The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings and War of the Ring games
What's the "standard" army size for LotR SBG games these days?
At: 2018/04/18 07:39:46
By: AaronWilson [Latest Reply]
1191 11026
[New Folder]
Discussion related to the legacy Warhammer Fantasy Battle rules, including 9th Age.
Dwarf zeppelin model on Kickstarter
At: 2018/04/23 06:51:50
By: Just Tony [Latest Reply]
10369 111087
 More Sci-Fi Miniature Games
[New Folder]
The high-stakes futuristic miniature skirmish game by Corvus Belli
Image Dump Extravaganza!
At: 2018/04/22 13:05:03
By: Modock [Latest Reply]
2137 32327
[New Folder]
Star Wars X-Wing, Armada & Imperial Assault Discussion.
Q1 Tourney coming up, plus the Alpha Condor Challenge in May
At: 2018/04/17 14:18:08
By: Mathieu Raymond [Latest Reply]
1763 22051
[New Folder]
Spartan's Halo, Beyond the Gates of Antares, Deadzone, Dropzone Commander, etc. Any Sci-Fi miniature game not covered by another forum.
Anyone playing Gaslands?
At: 2018/04/23 09:31:06
By: usernamesareannoying [Latest Reply]
1710 69308
 Other Miniature Games
[New Folder]
Ancients, Napoleonics, Perry, etc. Discussion of historical miniature games set before World War 1.
Kickstarter: 28mm 1745 Jacobite Rebellion Miniatures
At: 2018/04/23 02:34:49
By: Ancestral Hamster [Latest Reply]
748 5567
[New Folder]
Bolt Action, Flames of War, etc. Discussion of historical miniature games from World War 1 to the present (and near future).
15mm Train Engine & Box Cars for War Gaming (Built to fit on the FoW Train Track Set)
At: 2018/04/22 15:57:18
By: Stashgordon36 [Latest Reply]
3795 33229
[New Folder]
Dedicated to conversations about steam powered & monstrous miniature combat. Discuss it like you've got a pair!
Restarting Warmahordes
At: 2018/04/20 23:55:31
By: Castiel [Latest Reply]
7447 70744
[New Folder]
A game of mass combat between mighty armies in a fantasy world torn apart by epic conflict and legendary battles.
League of Rhordia - Kislev in KoW
At: 2018/04/21 11:44:33
By: Illumini [Latest Reply]
838 25662
[New Folder]
Dark Age, Dystopian Wars, Frostgrave, Malifaux, Wild West Exodus, etc. Any miniature-based game not covered by another forum, including alternate history games.
Discount Miniatures Trove: [Confrontation Age of Rag'Narok]
At: 2018/04/23 08:10:47
By: thekingofkings [Latest Reply]
2066 43227
 Official Games Forums
[New Folder]
The official forum for Gangfight Games, makers of Blackwater Gulch.
The Gangfight Skirmish Game System
At: 2018/04/20 18:25:01
By: Necros [Latest Reply]
160 2409
 More Dakka
[New Folder]
From Talisman to Magic The Gathering via Settlers of Catan and DnD. All board game, RPGs and card games can be discussed here.
My DM experience
At: 2018/04/22 17:59:42
By: Power Elephant [Latest Reply]
2220 50455
[New Folder]
Review the latest games, talk strategy and schedule online sessions with fellow Dakka fans.
World of Warships General
At: 2018/04/22 21:08:08
By: AlmightyWalrus [Latest Reply]
5166 203015
[New Folder]
This forum is a place where you can share your developing games with a large community and receive feedback on rule, background and other decisions you have made. It is also suited for general discussion of production sources, ideas, etc.
I Created a Free Multiverse Sci Fi Skirmisher: Starfall
At: 2018/04/22 04:03:28
By: burma44 [Latest Reply]
193 3872
[New Folder]
Learn more about other wargamers and see how your interests and hobby life compare to others. No hot-button topics (religion, politics, etc.) please!
Term for Dakka Dakka Posters
At: 2018/04/22 10:27:47
By: Selym [Latest Reply]
180 22720
[New Folder]
This section is for fiction (aka Fluff) about battles, army backgrounds, short stories, etc.
The Second Son
At: 2018/04/23 02:33:50
By: simison [Latest Reply]
2497 52655
[New Folder]
A forum dedicated to games and fiction created by the collaboration of many users' posts.
Our Avatars in a Room (Mk3)
At: 2018/04/23 08:43:41
By: jhe90 [Latest Reply]
817 384370
[New Folder]
Movies, TV, music, comics, novels, etc. If its media that appeals to geeks, this is the place to discuss it.
Star Trek: Discovery - Disco will return in 2019
At: 2018/04/23 09:17:34
By: insaniak [Latest Reply]
735 61462
[New Folder]
Go wild with topics not covered by any of our other forums. WARNING: discussion in this forum gets quite heated, however, be advised that site rules do still apply.
Finnish Basic Income to end this year
At: 2018/04/23 09:17:20
By: Disciple of Fate [Latest Reply]
18381 938289
[New Folder]
Want to make a suggestion about the site? Having a technical issue? Post it here.
How can I, or can I, change my username
At: 2018/04/22 17:25:56
By: yakface [Latest Reply]
2740 20089
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