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Toy's n' That.... @ 2017/01/30 17:36:15

Post by: Lord Borak

Thanks guys

Well. He is Done. This is Arkus of the Black Legion. He is basically speed painted (for me anyway) as he was done in about 7 hours.

Here he is facing off against Banus (Poor Banus is seriously out classed). Banus has had his head repositioned and a Combat blade added.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2017/01/30 18:31:27

Post by: KernelTerror

Ooooh, gorgeous ! Eat that Banus !

Toy's n' That.... @ 2017/02/11 17:42:04

Post by: Lord Borak

Well, Arkus didn't have much fun his first outing. He got eaten by a Genestealer :S Banus killed 4 lol.

New update. I managed to grab 5 guardsmen off ebay for (relatively) cheap! A few extras from my bitz box and they're almost ready to rock n' roll Not sure about a colour scheme though. Suggestions?

Toy's n' That.... @ 2017/02/16 10:05:01

Post by: Turaxa

Classic Cadian 122nd from the original Cityfight codex?

Toy's n' That.... @ 2017/02/16 12:00:42

Post by: Elnibbus

They don't look like Gee-Dub sculpts... However they do look pretty cool!

Toy's n' That.... @ 2017/02/16 12:44:03

Post by: evildrcheese

Loving the CSM with the spike Mohawk!


Toy's n' That.... @ 2017/02/18 09:52:58

Post by: Lord Borak

Cheers chaps. I should have an update for you at some point this weekend. Nothing to do with the Guardsmen though as I'm still waiting on an arm to finish the sergeant. Their colour scheme is going to be the same off the old Codex City Fight. It just looks cool.

 Elnibbus wrote:
They don't look like Gee-Dub sculpts... However they do look pretty cool!

They are very much GW miniatures. They're a combination of Major Jaxon, Sergeant Dorian Black and the IG booster packs.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2017/02/18 20:58:19

Post by: Elnibbus

Hang on... Are these are from the 54mm Inquisitor range? I thought Turaxa had mistaken them for 40k minis. Derp!

Toy's n' That.... @ 2017/02/18 21:40:29

Post by: Gogsnik

Holy crap! I forgot who's thread I was reading and was looking at the Chaos Marine, thinking, I like the tattooed skin, that's neat, and the gold, really nice, and I wonder if that's some kind of Forge World model? Then I saw Banus and it took me a about three seconds to realise it was 54mm!!!

Literally the best Chaos Artemis conversion I have ever seen. Kudos.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2017/02/22 09:55:00

Post by: Lord Borak

Yeah man. 54mm all the way

Gogsnik: I doubt that. there's some awesome Chaos Marines out there. There's a couple of converted ones that won a US Golden Daemon several years back. That were done in a molten metal/lava look. Thanks though

Right. Mini update because this thread has gone too long without an update. This is my distraction from my distraction from my distraction from the project I SHOULD be doing.......... not that I can remember what that was now. Regardless. Here is the Captain of the ship Sector express Fry West and his party consisting of MORBO, an angry and violent alien bounty hunter and lastly some form of Xenos Fry picked up on his travels - Jokingly named the Hypno toad for it's ability to hypnotise potential victims.

Not sure what colour to do his trousers. Ideas?

I have also had my cultist models cast up by a professional (ie: not me in my my garage)

Toy's n' That.... @ 2017/02/22 10:11:59

Post by: evildrcheese

Cool cultists. Was it expensive get them cast professionally?


Toy's n' That.... @ 2017/02/22 11:12:47

Post by: Lord Borak

Each cast wasn't that bad but the mould itself was £40 so not cheap. It's only because it took 3 moulds to get everything done. I've had one done before and It's only been £20 for the mould because the model has been one part.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2017/02/22 13:44:24

Post by: Latro_

bloody toad

Toy's n' That.... @ 2017/03/02 10:00:42

Post by: Lord Borak

Well, back to Gothic for the time being. Some random Ebay purchases of cheap Ork ships........... This is 750pts. No idea if it's legal but the fleet will grow

We have 1 Kill Kroozer, 8 Ravagers and 6 onslaughts.

They are just base coated at the moment. Gunmetal, a wash and a dry-brush but I'm not sure what colours to do for the details. Ideas?

In other news I have decided to re-do the bases on my large imperial fleet. Unfortunately my enthusiasm ended when I realised that that would be 83 ships. Eads!! Oh well......... I've bought the bases now! :-\

Toy's n' That.... @ 2017/03/05 15:40:39

Post by: Lord Borak

Well, That escalated quickly!!

Some WIP pics of my escorts being redone. 15 Swords, 15 Firestorms and 15 Cobras. The green is done, the metal needs a couple of highlights and the prows need doing.

Also, some Battleships! 2 Retributions, 1 Terra, 1 Victory and 2 Emperor class battleships


Toy's n' That.... @ 2017/03/06 01:15:00

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

Hurray for sudden mania!

Toy's n' That.... @ 2017/03/12 22:37:30

Post by: Lord Borak

Speaking of sudden Mania!!

Ok, after 8hrs of Inquisitor 54mm games yesterday I'm taking a well earned break from big toy soldiers and concentrating on tiny toy soldiers instead.

I never liked the GW Grand cruisers and I couldn't find anything that really suited my Bakka fleet theme of old Cargo ships turned Warships. So I've started possibly my most complicated Plasticard project yet........ The RUBRUM NANUM. A Huge Ore Transporter who's massive holds have been converted into flight bays to turn it into an Annihilator class Grand Cruiser

Still WIP. The Dorsal detail is done, as is the majority of the Bridge section. I still need to do the engines and work out what I want to do with the Port/Starboard engine rooms. Think I should leave it boxy or add the Fins/Wings that normal Navy Cruisers have?

Pics are a bit rubbish but you get the General idea.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2017/03/17 09:55:32

Post by: Lord Borak

Not much more done but a fair bit of work put into the engines. I ended up making a cast of one engines as I couldn't seem to make two look alike

I've also make the little fuel pod. This will be used as the master to create the other 7 to fill all the ports.

[Thumb - DSC_0044.NEF-001.jpg]
[Thumb - DSC_0045.NEF.jpg]
[Thumb - DSC_0041.NEF.jpg]

Toy's n' That.... @ 2017/03/17 10:41:58

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

Very nice, any chance of casting up the hull when you're done?

I'd vote for no wings or fins. I've been paiting Space Fleet for the last year and really like the Emperor Captial ship which is a proto-BFG ship but the starkness of no wings or fins makes it more brutal like a flying battering ram with minarets and steeples.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2017/03/18 18:18:00

Post by: Lord Borak

Thanks mate.

Right, before I go any further, What say you on the wings/fins on the side? The lack any detail at the moment because I'm not 100% on them yet........ although looking at the pictures they are growing on me.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2017/03/22 09:47:26

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

It's a great scratchbuild and I hope you can cast it up once it's done.

Wings are traditional, so it looks fine with them. I still think it might be interesting to try one without.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2017/03/28 10:11:24

Post by: Lord Borak

Still plugging away with the old beast. Not much more to do to the main body now before I start on the prow(s). Only have the underside of the weapon ports to do and that's it unless you chaps think of anything I can add to the work I'm already done?

Many, many pics.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2017/03/28 11:15:10

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

Dystopian Wars has been doing some interesting stuff with ship hulls with interchangeable towers. So you can consider multiple towers, a utilitarian one, an ornate one and so on...

Maybe a larger keel with a large expanse of flat white space to add heraldry or freehand? On the flat spine on the bottom maybe some small domes or bumps?

Toy's n' That.... @ 2017/04/01 22:37:00

Post by: Lord Borak

Well. She's done. I ended only making one prow for the time being but I may make another one or two versions. In all honesty I'm sick of the sight of Plasticard at the moment so for now she's only having one prow! Unless you're desperate for another style of prow.

She ended up being a LOT bigger than I had originally planned. She was going to be grand cruiser sized but she actually dwarfs a Battleship :/ Oh well. Guess I'll be making another one at some point then

Here's some scale shots against a Battleship and the Dreadnought.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2017/04/03 09:35:29

Post by: Lord Borak

Right, because I spent way too much time on the last ship and it ended up being a LOT bigger than I had originally planned I went and made another one. It was a bit of a rush job (I did it in one day whilst dodging jobs from the MRs) so it's not fantastic but it will do the job.

Here is the RUBRUM NANUM (Red Dwarf). An old mining ship that has been laid up and rotting for centuries. Now converted to the fleet Carrier and pressed into service.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2017/04/03 11:20:41

Post by: Kid_Kyoto


Toy's n' That.... @ 2017/04/04 05:08:22

Post by: evildrcheese

Incredible scratch buildings skills.


Toy's n' That.... @ 2017/04/04 12:57:55

Post by: Malika2


Toy's n' That.... @ 2017/04/05 09:37:54

Post by: Lord Borak

Cheers chaps.

She's 'done' for now. She's a bit boring...... she needs some more colours on her but I'm not sure what.

I should do a space bug (or two). Do I do them as escorts or as a light cruiser(s)?

Toy's n' That.... @ 2017/04/11 09:06:56

Post by: Lord Borak

Despite having almost 20,000pts in Gothic I have very little in the way of scenery. With all my hobby stuff packed away due to a house move I had little in the way of little ships to hand so I finally bit the bullet and started making some scenery! - Asteroids!

They're pretty simple, just some 'Lava Rocks' I picked up from the local supermarket. There's more than pictured here, I have about 40 in total now and that was only half the bag! (not bad for £6!).

I also threw some bits on one of the larger rocks to make a quick and easy Space station. It's not had much effort put into the paint job but, hey, it's only scenery. ;D

Toy's n' That.... @ 2017/04/16 22:12:47

Post by: Lord Borak

Not a massive update but we're currenty moving house so Hobby time is at a premium at the moment! Still, to add to my growing collection of BFG scenery I have some planets. Excuse the quality of the pictures, the lighting is horrific. The green pools are actually highlighted bilious green so are quite luminous in reality. Maybe some more pics tomorrow..... maybe.

I had bought a cheap resin 'copy' of a Retribution from China as a present for a fellow hobbyist but the quality of the cast was pants so I ended up salvaging what I could and re-did my 'sawn-off' Battleship. This will be my Avenger Grand cruiser for my Rogue Trader fleet (with armoured prow, Prow torps and 45cm Weapon Batteries!!!). I also went ahead and painted/finished some swords.

The 'Stone Fleet'. 6 more escorts to do and then I''ll start work on the Merchant fleet

Next up is either some 'Heavy Escorts' (Havocs with 45cm weapon batteries) or two Mechantmen.... We'll see what happens....... I could end up doing something completely different. :-\

Toy's n' That.... @ 2017/04/19 05:59:15

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

Very nice, I like the transport too, tank wheels and Space Marine shoulder pads no? Heavy flamer engine.

You might want to check out the DropFleet COmmander space station or ships sprues, tons of great bitz.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2017/04/20 11:08:11

Post by: Lord Borak

Cheers! Yeah the transport are indeed the parts you spotted, with the occasional bit of plasticard. Quick and easy! They do the job.

I've seen the DFC stations and they're pretty awesome. I may pick them up for weapon platforms and orbital docks. Although at the moment my 'hobby cash' is going into buying the last few ships of my Gothic fleet! I'm waiting for an Emperor Battleship and a Dauntless with Torpedoes to crop up on ebay and then I'm done! 10,000pts of Imperial Navy!................. Then I just need to paint it 0.o.

Two Mechantmen are currently underway. If you have no idea what Merchantmen are, think light cruisers with launchbays and some light weapon batteries. I'd take pics but, well, they're only basecoated at the moment!

Toy's n' That.... @ 2017/04/20 21:13:19

Post by: complex57


That is all.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2017/04/21 10:59:12

Post by: Lord Borak

Cheers man!

Well, the two Merchantmen are done. Based on the Dauntless hull. Fluff-wise they are mothballed and derelict Siluria class cruisers that have been recommissioned and converted into transport ships. I'm thinking about adding some freehand or something to the prows but I couldn't decide what........ so, until I do they are finished.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2017/04/21 16:48:04

Post by: Cleatus

Hey, just checking in. Those are some nice looking ships there. Thanks for sharing!

Toy's n' That.... @ 2017/04/22 21:28:36

Post by: Lord Borak

Well, some work this afternoon saw me build the 'master' model for my transport. It's not massively detailed but considering how small it is IT WILL DO. I'm going to see if my 'Caster' can knock this up for me as I need 12. If not I'll have to have a go myself. 0.o

Toy's n' That.... @ 2017/04/26 22:20:49

Post by: Lord Borak

Ok, well I received my first 'sneak-peek' of the Cast up High Conveyor. Apparently it's no an easy thing to cast up! There's a few issues with this one (as you can see) but they will apparently be sorted out in the next few batches (Here's hoping!

Toy's n' That.... @ 2017/04/27 14:20:57

Post by: Lord Borak

Well, Sh!t just got serious! I've been tinkering around with a whole warband for around about a year and I finally have all the parts to proceed with my little band of Merry Assassins and desperadoes. First up is....

Gravier BRASK: Inquisitorial Agent, Investigator and general finder of bad and naughty people. Based on a few models but I'm sure you know the parts. His pose is a little 'off' but he will be walking down some stairs (which makes the pose work).

Next up is....

Annabelle Orphea: Inquisitorial Agent and operative. She specialises in stealth missions and generally being freaking deadly. Still seriously WIP but I sculpted a face AND I LIKE IT!!! (mostly).

She will eventually end up looking similar to this picture...

You may remember I tried to do this model before but, in fairness, I didn't like the conversion I did so I'm starting again. Yay!

Toy's n' That.... @ 2017/04/27 14:34:38

Post by: Cleatus

Nice sculpting!

Toy's n' That.... @ 2017/05/02 08:34:06

Post by: Lord Borak

Cheers man!

A little update, nothing massive as I'm just not getting enough time to concentrate on sculpting. Just the head gear, hair and the little visor/sight thing is done. It was quite hard discerning what was actually going on with the gunsights in the picture so a bit of artistic licence was used!!

Looking at her face now, I think her nose is a little 'blunt' so I might re-do the tip of her nose. We'll see. I'm going to ditch the sword in favour of having two pistols. Because two pistols is cooler, although It does mean I need to make two Holsters instead of the one!

Well, Next up is the details on the belt, the holsters and then I'll get cracking on the arms.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2017/05/05 10:13:44

Post by: Lord Borak

This is a 'prototype' light cruiser/Merchantman for my Rogue Trader fleet. I might do two more, or they might look completely different........ I'm not sure yet. It's built out of Sentinel pelvis, Sentinel Multi Laser and the bridge is a Sentinel Knee cap. I have quite a lot of Sentinel legs left over from making a few guard buggies out of the cockpit........ so I might finally find a use for the parts! huzzah!

Toy's n' That.... @ 2017/05/05 11:02:34

Post by: evildrcheese

Nice sculpting skills!

Funky little ship too.


Toy's n' That.... @ 2017/05/05 19:53:07

Post by: Malika2


Toy's n' That.... @ 2017/05/07 05:09:28

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

We need a slow clap orkmoticon.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2017/05/13 17:43:07

Post by: Lord Borak

Bring out your Haywire grenades!! Skynet is here!!!!

Toy's n' That.... @ 2017/06/02 23:04:44

Post by: Lord Borak

Well, I received a BIG box of resin goodies. My High Conveyor is finally done!! The pics are pretty shocking but, like a kid with a new toy, I had to take some pics and show off!!

This is a picture of one of the miss moulds I 'rescued'.

I also got the first set of little transport ships. They came out really nice actually. My OCD had to put them in colour order :/

I'll try and get some of the transports and maybe one of the High Conveyors painted this weekend.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2017/06/02 23:11:55

Post by: Malika2

Ooooh, these are really awesome! I didn't know you've also had the smaller ships cast.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2017/06/18 21:35:15

Post by: Lord Borak

Well, the first High Conveyor is done. I went for the 'Dust-cart in space' look. Originally I ha planned a white prow but, well, someone beat me to the mark with that so I went with the hazard stripes Part of me wants to think they are the biggest hazard stripes ever created by man. I think they would be hard to beat

Here she is with some little 'friends'. Still WIP but I'm hoping to get them done soonish. Providing the heat doesn't prevent painting.

Also working on two more for my Battlefleet Gothic fleet. Still WIP and I need to think of some freehand shenanigans for the prows.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2017/06/19 04:10:19

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

Looking really good!

And those are some NICE hazard stripes!

Toy's n' That.... @ 2017/06/19 09:09:13

Post by: Radu Lykan

Was trying not to want one of your mass conveyors but the paint job just shot my resistance in the head
Will slot in nicely with one of my inquisitor rogue traders fluff

Toy's n' That.... @ 2017/06/20 07:19:55

Post by: Lord Borak

Cheers Kyoto/Radu.

Yes Radu. They would look awesome in your fleet......... but not as awesome as three of them would I'm afraid you will have to wait a while though as they have now 'sold out'. I've spoken to our mutual friend so will hopefully get some more in a few weeks. I didn't think they'd go that fast :S (Not that that's a bad thing)

Toy's n' That.... @ 2017/06/30 10:46:38

Post by: Lord Borak

OK, so what the hell is going on with Photobucket now???? They are now charging $400 a year to host on 3rd party sites!!!! All my old pics are now gone from the thread

Oh well..... Been far to long since I actually updated this thread with pictures of toy soldiers so I'll show you some of my current WIPs.

First up is the Cadian Guard squad. Luckilly some chap kindly put up LOADS of guard gear on Ebay so I grabbed enough to seriously flesh out the squad with kit and gubbinz. Plus grenades and knives for everyone!!!! I just need to get my arse into gear and finish the missile launcher chap!! Once he's done, painitng time!

I've also been working on a small squad of Catachans. I'd love to get my hands on the 5th and final model to finish off the squad but he seems to be somewhat elusive. If anyone has a spare set of Toothpick Murke legs and body I'd dearly love to hear from them!!!

Toy's n' That.... @ 2017/06/30 19:42:18

Post by: whalemusic360

Yeah, those pics are definitely broken. Sadface for sure

Toy's n' That.... @ 2017/06/30 19:58:35

Post by: Malika2

imgur is your friend!

Toy's n' That.... @ 2017/06/30 21:41:47

Post by: Lord Borak


Those links were working this morning.... Lets try again shall we?



Toy's n' That.... @ 2017/07/01 13:29:24

Post by: Malika2

Those Imperial Guardsmen look really cool, it almost makes me want to do some 54mm scaled stuff...

Toy's n' That.... @ 2017/07/02 08:58:40

Post by: Lord Borak

Yes.....yes. Join the 54mm crew!!!

It certainly gives a different modelling perspective that's for sure. You can, if you want to, spend a ridiculous amount of time getting the details and conversions on a model. At that scale, it's easier to do the conversions but it's harder to hide sloppy conversions at 54mm

Automatically Appended Next Post:
Finally, FINALLY got the last ships to complete my 10,000ts of Battlefleet Gothic


1x Dreadnought
1x Terra class Battleship
2x Retribution Battleships
1x Nemesis fleet Carrier
2x Emperor Battleships
2x Apocalypse Battleships

2x Mars Battlecruisers
2x Overlord Battlecruisers
4x Armageddon Battlecruisers

6x Lunar class cruisers
2x Dictator class cruisers
4x Dominator class cruisers
6x Dauntless light cruisers

20x Sword Frigates
20x Firestorm Frigates
20x Cobra destroyers

Well........... Guess I should start painting then. 0.o

Toy's n' That.... @ 2017/07/02 11:54:45

Post by: Malika2

Now that's a fleet!

Toy's n' That.... @ 2017/07/02 12:30:41

Post by: whalemusic360

Do you have a specific Legion they are a part of?

Toy's n' That.... @ 2017/07/02 15:07:26

Post by: Malika2

The colour scheme looks like Battlefleet Gothic (as in the Battlefleet from the Gothic sector).

Toy's n' That.... @ 2017/07/02 15:29:47

Post by: Lord Borak

That's the one. The classic Battlefleet Gothic colour scheme so a dark green with white and gold prows. Although the 4 Dominators may end up in a different scheme as they are 'reserved in'. The Nemesis fleet carrier is also a reserved vesel so may get a different colour scheme as well. We'll see!

Toy's n' That.... @ 2017/07/03 00:42:08

Post by: whalemusic360

Huh, interesting. I don't know the BG fluff, before my time.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2017/07/03 04:12:51

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

Gorgeous fleet!

Toy's n' That.... @ 2017/07/03 10:23:26

Post by: Lord Borak

Thanks Kid_Kyoto,

Because 10000pts isn't enough. Here's some more ships. These ones are even painted! (shock horror!)

I still have 12 Falchions to add to this fleet. The 'escorts' pictured are from Vanguard miniatures. The ones with flight decks are just simple hack and saw job.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2017/07/03 12:11:25

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

I've got those same Vanguard escorts on my table.

They are nice little ships.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2017/07/03 15:41:16

Post by: Malika2

Ooooh, I love that battleship (that's how those broadsides should look like!), also...great job on those Frigates!

Toy's n' That.... @ 2017/11/04 17:16:18

Post by: Lord Borak

*Blows dust off thread*

Well. Been a while. Not for tryig really but, meh, excuses aside I've managed to actually apply paint to something!!!

No idea what's next. Maybe Inquisitor Scarn

Toy's n' That.... @ 2017/11/05 01:08:20

Post by: Malika2

Ooooh...creepy cultists!

Toy's n' That.... @ 2017/11/25 10:22:47

Post by: Radu Lykan

Missed this update, looking pretty awesome, will scare be al, purpley as well? He'd make a fantastic cult leader

Toy's n' That.... @ 2018/01/07 12:36:03

Post by: Lord Borak

Well, it's been a while since my last update but, hey I have one now!!

Being utterly befuddled with all these new fangled toys coming out I went with what I know! 2nd ED guardsmen!!! My Main project is expanding an old Cadian infantry army up to 2k (yes it's all infantry!! and metal!). Whilst I'm hoarding the bits I need to finish it off I've dug out, stripped and painted up an old Mordian army.


Infantry squad (there are 3 of these)

Armoured Fist squad

Heavy Weapon Squads

Leman Russ (Ebay rescue jobs!)

I have another Chimera, Leman Russ and a Sentinel to do before the Mordians are done. Then it's Cadian Time!!!

Toy's n' That.... @ 2018/01/08 14:19:53

Post by: Boss Salvage

Tight work on these lads, well done

Masses of well-painted 2E metal IG are always good to see, looking forward to those OG Cadians too.

- Salvage

Toy's n' That.... @ 2018/01/09 09:07:15

Post by: Lord Borak

Thanks Savage. I'm not spending too much time on the Mordians in all fairness. I just 1500pts painted and ready to use ASAP to be honest. That way I can concentrate on my Cadians. Although all this talk about a Custodes Codex might put the Cadians on the Back Burner. :/

Anyway, Sentinel is done. Just basecoat, wash and highlight in most cases.

Automatically Appended Next Post:
Some (old) WIP pics of my Cadians. I'm trying to get the same colour on the fatigues but it is proving difficult as GW has since changed their paint range :(

Toy's n' That.... @ 2018/01/13 15:35:55

Post by: Radu Lykan

Am envious of so many squads in the same colours, I have to break up my infantry into different regiments or I burn out after a few squads
Looking forward to seeing what you have to add to hit 2000 points.
Also as I am currently on a necromunda kick I have to say I love the hazard stripes on that sentinel
And finally, who is the beef cake with the hand cannon? I feel like he probably has a story behind him

Toy's n' That.... @ 2018/01/21 17:45:49

Post by: Lord Borak

You just need to find something quick, easy and easily replicable . The Fatigues on the Cadians were just Codex grey with two washes on. The wash was a mix of brown and black in a big pot. Alas, those paints are long used up and GW no longer sells the paints I once used so I'm having to do a bit of trial and error in getting the same sort of effect as I once did. It's not perfect but it's pretty close. Speaking of that....... here's some pics!!!

Here's a pic of the Mordians all lined up before some games on Saturday. There's still a few bits to paint before 1500pts is fully painted (1 Russ and 2 Sentinels). Once those are done it's time to get cracking on 2000pts. I have two Wyverns on Order and may do a Commissar Russ for added cool. Not sure yet.

Speaking of Russes!! I bought a cheap, badly built and badly painted Russ off Ebay. Some Mentholated spirits soon sorted the paint out. Luckily the person who built it before used super glue to build it so it came apart easily and is currently being base coated at the moment.



Toy's n' That.... @ 2018/01/21 20:43:49

Post by: Gogsnik

Allo Allo, I was just thinking I would have to delve in my subs to find this thread and, lo and behold it was waiting for me, truly, the Emperor provides!

I'm really liking the Guard models, although that paint job on the Russ, wow... I often browse eBay and feel bad for some of the models, I've managed to resist buying any just so that I can strip them and try and sort them out.

(I'm especially heartened to see some of the old paints there as too! I have an unopened bottle of Deadly Nightshade because it was one of my favourite colours but I just don't know if I have the heart to open it up - still perfectly fluid after all these years where the modern stuff has often gone rock hard in a fraction of the time; that's probably the biggest factor in why I paint so infrequently, a vicious circle really, the paint's are going solid so I'm put off, which means the paints sit unused and go solid).

Toy's n' That.... @ 2018/01/22 08:14:13

Post by: Lord Borak

Yes, it's been a while since I've posted any sort of update. Let alone a painted one!!

The 2nd ED guardsmen have always been my favourite GW range. The new plastics just don't have the same sort of character to them. I have 2500pts of Cadian infantry on go as well as the Mordians. I have 1500pts of Praetorians sitting in a draw/box waiting to be the next army..... Although those new Custodes might distract me!! Damn GW!!!!!!

Ebay can be a good source of models but you need to be prepared to put some serious effort in in some cases. Plus, they're never going to be as good as getting a new one. Lcukilly for the Mordians I'm not that fussed as they're more of a gaming army than a labour of love.

Yeah, I still have quite a few of the old citadel paints still going. a fair new not opened!! You can't beat some olf the old GW colours but it takes me years (ok, decades) to get armies done so hoarding paints has become a thing for me....

So... 230pts to spend. What do I go for? Something fun I think.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2018/02/28 12:33:53

Post by: Lord Borak

Alright then! I have been busy, but I haven't really had time to finish anything off, hence the lack of updates.

I should have 2 more Russ' done by the end of the week and 2 more sentinels. (giving myself a deadline there!). as part of an Ebay win I inherited a half completed conversion. No idea what it was meant to be as it was simply some extended Chimera track sections. Well, rather than chuck it in the bin I decided to build upon the work already done!

All the plasticard work is mine. Still loads to do, especially on the back and I have two turrets on order - A baneblade turret (which I think is going to be too big) and a Kromlech gatling turret. Gamewise it's going to be a Malcador Defender. Seeing as weapon facings don't matter now, it matters not where I stick the guns! The Gatling turret with count as 5 Heavy Bolters, then it will have 2 Hull mounted heavy bolters (the one on the front needs a friend) and a Hull mounted Demolisher cannon. Probably going to stick a Heavy Stubber on there somewhere to round it up to 300pts - Odd points annoy me a little.

Thoughts? Ideas?

Toy's n' That.... @ 2018/02/28 13:30:47

Post by: Elnibbus

Hooray! Updates!

That tank looks awesome, got a proper assault gun look to it.

Thoughts? More.

Ideas? MOAR.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2018/02/28 16:47:01

Post by: Malika2


Toy's n' That.... @ 2018/02/28 21:53:45

Post by: Meer_Cat

Your ebay find rescue work is amazing- and I really like how the conversion-rescue is going. At first, from the front, it looked like you were going for a Sturm Tiger look, but I see the fully armored Basilisk emerging from the marble. Great plasticard work!

Toy's n' That.... @ 2018/02/28 23:19:14

Post by: Lord Borak

Cheers guys.

In all honesty I didn't really have a plan nor an idea of what I wanted to achieve - I'm no tank historian.. It really just came together on it's own. I knew what armaments I needed but that was really about it. I was going to add sponsons or side weapons to the main hull but that didn't really happen as I didn't have room as I positioned the Demolisher cannon too far back. The Demolisher cannon is where it is because I found the front part of a Russ in my Bitz Box. The Demolisher cannon was in another Ebay assortment of bits. It was an epiphany moment when I turned the Russ hull and found the Demolisher cannon fitted perfectly!

As for what else is going to happen. Well, I have ordered a Baneblade turret but I'm pretty sure that's going to be too big. So I have Ordered a Kromlech gatling Cannon to sit on top of the main hull compartment. I will set it off slightly to one side (the opposite side of the Demolisher cannon). The back needs some exhausts and a little engine cover type thingy at the back.

Any ideas for a name for this chap?

PS: This is what I received in a box and how the project started.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2018/03/04 16:09:07

Post by: Lord Borak

Well, I didn't quite manage to get both Russ' done but they're pretty much there. I need to add some transfers to one of them and, whilst bored I decided to do some quick freehand to one of them. Now I need to do it to all of them! Oh well. It shouldn't take long to do some Aquila's!

Sentinels are done though!

I've done some more work on the Malcador. What do you think looks best, the turret in the centre or to the right? I'm thinking it looks better off centre. Plus it makes more sense internally to have it off to the right to give more operational room for the demolisher cannon.

Cheated on the exhausts and used a sentinel power plant. Shameful.

Plus!! I've been working on a new piece of scenery. This will, eventually be a warehouse of some description. Not sure what yet (ideas!?). It will have racking inside with loads of crates. It's still massively WIP but, hey, I've done working doors!!

Toy's n' That.... @ 2018/03/05 15:48:58

Post by: Boss Salvage

Good looking vehicles! Crisp black with some great details, particularly on the russes.

Not sure on the turret from those shots, I'd probably say off-center for reasons you've noted.

- Salvage

Toy's n' That.... @ 2018/03/05 23:28:17

Post by: Lord Borak

Well, I have constructed the racking system and made some quick 'n' easy pallets out of Balsa wood. Copper plumbing fittings for the barrels and pipes. Now I just need to tackle the stairs (both internal and external). I'm also going to ditch the idea of the Forklift as it's not "40K enough" and go with a servitor contraption like my mechanicum robot I did ages ago.

On another note. I have started work on another marine character. For no other reason than boredom really and I wanted something 'fun' to get me back into inquisitor. (Pics tomorrow). I wanted to go with something a bit different that the normal "bash everything in the head and laugh" sort of marine character. So this guy is going to be a marine now relegated to an ambassador after suffering severe injuries and being removed from active duty. I have no idea on Chapter or a name for him yet. the model just came together from my bitz box! Ideas for him please

Toy's n' That.... @ 2018/03/06 21:25:49

Post by: Lord Borak

Ok, so here's the WIP of the Marine. Not sure what the hell he'll be standing on but I'll think of something. I'm pretty sure I'm going to have him holding a scroll or something like that. I still need to add cables to the bionics and green stuff the joints. I'm not sure if I will add a shoulder pad to his bionic arm - Think I should? Also not sold on his bionic forearm but I can't really think of an alternative.

Still thinking about a Chapter for him. I think I want to have him from a newly founded chapter as that gives me reasons to be off trying to make ties and allies with other Imperial forces. As you can see, he's pretty lightly armed with only a bolt pistol (HA! lightly armed!)

Toy's n' That.... @ 2018/03/08 21:50:55

Post by: Lord Borak

Warehouse is finally done. All the stock is in there. Notice boards are up, lights are in place and fire escape is serviceable. Now all the need is to start hiring staff!!! Oh, and maybe some vending machines.... Because staff can't work without a trusty Ration bar or Nuka Cola can they?!

Toy's n' That.... @ 2018/03/09 21:09:02

Post by: Lord Borak

Ok, I reworked Brother Aetius' (yes, he has a name now!) bionic arm. Quite happy with it now. I liked the shoulder and upper arm part so I kept that, I found a spare elbow in my bitz box and the rest just came together! I also did the green stuff work and added some small cables to the the bionic leg.

Thoughts on the bionics and the pose in general?

Toy's n' That.... @ 2018/03/12 16:33:40

Post by: Radu Lykan

Pretty damn cool
I love the “the pen is mightier than the chain sword” thing he has going on with the scroll
The bionics look workable, I have seen defiler bits used but the sentinel bits seem to scale better

Toy's n' That.... @ 2018/03/12 21:33:38

Post by: Meer_Cat

_Love_ the structural details you've added: very realistic and simple to do once someone else has pioneered the way! Great stuff! I'll be using some of these techniques in my next build!

Toy's n' That.... @ 2018/03/17 15:51:07

Post by: Lord Borak

Thanks guys. Anything else I should add or do? I encountered a little hiccup - I ran out of spray. So I haven't managed to do anything else on the Warehouse or Marine yet. However I have finished off my Malcador Defender.

Scale shot next to a normal Russ. The Russ is another Ebay rescue but will eventually be my Commissar tank

Toy's n' That.... @ 2018/03/18 11:12:28

Post by: Malika2

Im loving it!

Toy's n' That.... @ 2018/06/02 18:37:59

Post by: Lord Borak

Been a while. Kinda got burnt out of the hobby for a while due to some real life shenanigans but I'm back on the hobby horse with some some questionable WIP pics!

I bought one those new fangled Armiger Warglaives with the full intention of converting it into a servitor Forklift for my warehouse but when I got it I realised it was a bit big......... then a mate of mine said he was going to get the Forgebane box and did I want the Armigers.......... He also had a spare Knight he didn't need.......... and, yeah, well.... a Knight army was born. Yet another army to chug away at. No, I haven't finished the Mordians either.

First up... Virtutem Ignis (AKA Sergeant Fire Power) Nicknamed by a Cadian Regiment.

I made this guy ages ago. Long before the leaked pics of the new Helverins. What a stroke of luck they actually made rules for my model!!! I will make another one of these but I need to order some more Storm Cannons.

Another arm swap using a spare Leviathan claw.

Ugh, really, stock GW models? Well, yeah............

Toy's n' That.... @ 2018/06/02 18:43:29

Post by: Flinty

The knight paint job Is great.i really like the understated chipping going on.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2018/06/02 19:47:43

Post by: whalemusic360

Those arm conversions are nice. Were they pretty plug and play?

Toy's n' That.... @ 2018/06/02 20:09:28

Post by: Lord Borak

Cheers guys. The paint jobs is pretty much all WIP. The chips still need work and more battle damage needs adding.

As for the conversions, yeah, really easy. The armiger upper arm sits snuggly into the Leviathan elbow joint. Almost like it was made for it. I did cut the arm back a bit though after a bit of thought (the arm was thin) but its simple. I'll take some pics on my next Knight

Toy's n' That.... @ 2018/06/03 01:37:22

Post by: whalemusic360

Sweet. I’m not looking to buy forgebane but want some ccw guys.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2018/06/11 17:51:06

Post by: Lord Borak

Some more detail work on the Knight..

Not sure what to put on his left shoulder pad. Ideas?

Toy's n' That.... @ 2018/06/14 13:13:16

Post by: Radu Lykan

There have been a lot of free handed murals being put on shoulder pads, do you have a favourite piece of art you could do?

Toy's n' That.... @ 2018/06/25 16:55:05

Post by: Lord Borak

Well, you seem to have over estimated my panting ability there Radu!! I went with the Chevrons instead!!

I've also started work on one of the Armigers (Helverin). This is Major: FIREPOWER[u]

Toy's n' That.... @ 2018/08/14 21:57:45

Post by: IGtR=

Crazy good work here - awesome INQ in the oft-neglected scale and great conversions on the 28mm guard vehicle as well - truly inspirational stuff!!

Toy's n' That.... @ 2018/08/16 11:22:46

Post by: Meph

Wow, mate, that grey is sexy as hell on those mini-knights!

Toy's n' That.... @ 2018/08/16 13:44:36

Post by: Elnibbus

Ooooh that Malcador is smexy-as mate, good job!

Also liking the Helverin arm-swaps. Was thinking about picking up a couple Armigers myself, this may have given me all the additional motivation I required...

Toy's n' That.... @ 2018/08/16 15:16:23

Post by: Cosmic

Amazing blog! I love the green that you've used on the Knight here and the Termies and Landy on page one, really smashing stuff

Toy's n' That.... @ 2018/09/15 20:36:11

Post by: Lord Borak

Right, been quiet for a while now but I have been tinkering away in the background. Not much painted as I just don't really get the chance anymore but...... well................ KNIGHTS! Or in this case, just the one. But there will be more to follow shortly. Much more

Toy's n' That.... @ 2018/09/16 04:18:16

Post by: Theophony

That is a cool knight , but the first pic makes it look like the giant hand and sword are being held by the nipple gun .

Toy's n' That.... @ 2018/09/16 23:07:00

Post by: Malika2

Very interesting conversion!

Toy's n' That.... @ 2018/09/17 19:50:14

Post by: Lord Borak

Thanks guys. I'm going for a very Black Templar feel for these guys. I need to grab myself some Bretonnian shields and paraphernalia and the a load of chains. A bit late for pictures but I have 2 Gallants on the go, 3 Castellans, 2 Errants and a Preceptor all in different stages of completion.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2018/09/18 09:17:49

Post by: Radu Lykan

Sword and board guy looks ace, what bretonnian bits are you after? Message me
How many knights are you going for in total, is there a fluff formation you are aiming for?

Toy's n' That.... @ 2018/09/18 20:01:07

Post by: Lord Borak

Well, I'm looking at 9 Knights and 4 Armigers to start with. That's 5000pts. Once that's done I'll maybe look at getting some FW ones. Especially if FW does some expansion kits for the new GW model kits like the Dominus class or Amigers. Id love some combat Armigers!!! Or different weapons for the Dominus Class. Especially some seriously over the top Gatling Cannons or something

The list is Essentially...

Knight Gallant, Storm Spear Missiles, Melta Gun, 2+ Armour save Relic, +1A WL Trait [412]
Knight Gallant, Iron Storm Missiles, Heavy Stubber [370]
Knight Gallant, Iron Storm Missiles, Heavy Stubber [370]

Knight Errant. Storm Spear Missiles, Melta Gun, Chainsword [453]
Knight Errant. Storm Spear Missiles, Melta Gun, Chainsword [453]

Knight Castellan, 4 Shield Breaker Missiles, Siege Breaker Cannon, Re-Roll 1's to hit WL Trait, Headsmans Mark Relic [593]
Knight Castellan, 4 Shield Breaker Missiles, Siege Breaker Cannon [593]
Knight Castellan, 4 Shield Breaker Missiles, Siege Breaker Cannon [593]

Knight Preceptor, Storm Spear Missiles, Melta Gun, Relic Gauntlet, 4++ WL Trait. [482]
2x Warglaives, Heavy Stubber [328]
2x Helvurins, Heavy Stubber [348]

The Gallants and Errants are the "Get in your Face" department. The Castellans deal with anything that will cause the Gallants/Errants grief. The Preceptor and Armigers go around and mop up or steal objectives and cause General Havoc where needed.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2018/09/18 21:50:14

Post by: Meer_Cat

All the knight work is fantastic- I've a Reaver hanging about somewhere, but I haven't worked up the nerve to start it yet. I'm watching your work- especially color schemes- very carefully.

That Malcador- wow! Looking at all the armament (love the lasguns hanging onto the side skirts- just don't want to have to clean them every stop!) I think you forgot to strap a slingshot behind the commander's hatch!

Really well done, everything!

Toy's n' That.... @ 2018/10/29 08:22:24

Post by: Lord Borak

Thanks man, a Reaver, why haven't you done it yet??? There seems to a common theme with Reavers. 3 Mates of mine each have a Reaver and none of them are completed yet.

Ok, so I've been quiet for a Month but I have been busy. Pictures speak louder than words so I'll just put up pictures. The base isn't 100% finished yet as I need to add some water effect to the pool in the middle. I also need to add a House symbol to his left shoulder (Iron Skull with Cog tooth)

Now I just need to finish his accompanying 8 Armigers!!

Toy's n' That.... @ 2018/11/03 13:01:54

Post by: Lord Borak

WIP on the Helverins. Pants pictures but, hey, they're just WIP pics

Toy's n' That.... @ 2018/11/03 13:16:29

Post by: Davidian

Bloody marvellous Lord B

These will be a thing to behold when all together!

Toy's n' That.... @ 2018/11/03 17:49:36

Post by: Lord Borak

Hey Davidian, long time no see (Speak!). Hope all's well!

Thanks man, I hope so - Truth be told they are a diversion from my 'real' Knight army that I'm slowly building up. This one is 'only' going to be 2500pts. I have 4 WarGlaives and a Crusader. Then that's it for these chaps. Although I'm more and more tempted to do a small Iron Warriors army to go with them............... Is this how Madness starts?

Toy's n' That.... @ 2018/11/03 18:12:08

Post by: Davidian

\o/ it has been a while I've been mega flakey, hehe.

I think it's is you know and I would never encour........ DO EEEEEET!

Toy's n' That.... @ 2018/11/30 13:24:43

Post by: Lord Borak

Sorry, been on a training course, had exams and started a new job! So, a bit hectic. Still, you don't care!! Here's some toy soldiers!

My Valiant finally has some friends. Still not sure they're finished as I want to add some transfers to them - I just don't know what :/

Also started another Knight for my next Knightly house. This time a Warden (He'll go with the sword and shield guy). I've magnetised the Gatling cannon just to give me some choice between games/Codex. Everything else is glued as I'm pretty set on the look of the model with the Gauntlet.

Next up on the painting schedual is 4 Warglaives and a Crusader for the Iron Warrior themed Knights.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2018/12/05 13:52:39

Post by: Lord Borak

Work on the Iron Warriors Crusader!

Oh yeah, it is magnetised baby!

Toy's n' That.... @ 2019/02/06 17:16:32

Post by: Lord Borak

Knights are currently being constructed en mass.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2019/02/06 18:02:39

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

That is a lot of knights.


Toy's n' That.... @ 2019/02/06 18:18:42

Post by: whalemusic360

What do you think of the Taro weapons and shields?

Toy's n' That.... @ 2019/02/06 18:45:37

Post by: Lord Borak

There's more Knights coming. I have to finish the last questoris class - Another Gallant with two Power Axes. Build the last Castellan, an Atropos and 4 Warglaives!!

The Taro stuff is great. The quality of the resin is nice and the details are fantastically smooth and crisp. There's hardly any mould lines or flash to clean up too. It's seriously good stuff. The bloke is a nice chap too!!

Toy's n' That.... @ 2019/02/08 17:25:18

Post by: Lord Borak

I managed to get a bit of painting done last night. These are still massively WIP with only the base colours done. I still need to highlight everything, add the details and, yeah, lots.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2019/02/24 18:24:30

Post by: Lord Borak

Well, this is a blast from the past! This army stalled ages ago because my last pot of Jade green went 'weird'. Somehow, I came into the possession of two pots of Jade green so, to celebrate, I'm seeing if I can finish off the last parts of this old Marine army! What better way to kick start it than with a Leviathan Dreadnought I still have to finish the weathering and do the base.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2019/02/24 19:42:39

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

"Somehow" you got more Jade Green? Sounds like a story there. Maybe one you wouldn't want the police to hear.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2019/02/24 22:45:27

Post by: whalemusic360

They didn’t need the green anymore. Or any of their models.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2019/02/25 14:25:46

Post by: Boss Salvage

Beauty of a mega-dread, that green is delicious and the checkers a tasty accent

Toy's n' That.... @ 2019/03/02 08:45:33

Post by: Lord Borak

 Kid_Kyoto wrote:
Sounds like a story there.

No. No there isn't. No story at all and nothing to see. So move along.

Thanks for the comments guys. No update yet as I've been doing 13hr night shifts since I last posted. I have a week off next week so I'm planning on getting some more bits finished. Namely vehicles (2 Predators and 2 Razorbacks)

Toy's n' That.... @ 2019/03/10 08:10:16

Post by: Lord Borak

Had an itch to crack open the plasticard for a few days and last night I finally found the time (between painting Marines). What do you guys think?

Toy's n' That.... @ 2019/03/10 10:06:56

Post by: Theophony

I commend you sir, great work at such a small scale. Even Marines will need fuel tankers in 40K.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2019/03/10 19:19:02

Post by: Lord Borak

Thanks mate!

Now the Transports are done, I've started work on a Merchantman (Light cruiser sized transport). Still massively WIP but happy with the mornings work!!

Toy's n' That.... @ 2019/03/10 20:45:00

Post by: Fifty

I love that Leviathan. I am a big fan of black and white checkers, and the green manages to have real depth of colour without extreme shading and highlights. Really beautiful.

The knights are gonna look great too.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2019/03/10 22:07:40

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

Love the merchant men, are they 100% original?

Toy's n' That.... @ 2019/03/11 07:10:36

Post by: Lord Borak

 Fifty wrote:
I love that Leviathan. I am a big fan of black and white checkers, and the green manages to have real depth of colour without extreme shading and highlights. Really beautiful.

The knights are gonna look great too.

Thanks mate, I love checks and hazard stripes on Marines and just about anything really. Glad you like the green, in all honesty it's just a basecoat, shade and a single highlight. Same for all that army.

 Kid_Kyoto wrote:
Love the merchant men, are they 100% original?

Of course they're original The little Resin transport ships I created ages ago in plasticard and had cast up. I had 5 left over with the intention of making a few more patterns. The Merchantman is just a ship out of the BFG:XR rules for Rogue traders. They're awesome little ships.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2019/03/19 19:05:56

Post by: Lord Borak

More progress. It's almost finished, the only thing I have to do now is finish the little eagle on the front. I'm also making a Voss style prow for it as well but that's only just been started!

Toy's n' That.... @ 2019/03/25 22:01:03

Post by: Lord Borak

Finally done. I re-did the Eagle prow and have done a Voss prow as well. Not sure on the winged skull to be honest, but that's probably because I suck and sculpting skulls. I just wanted something different. What say you? re-do it or leave it?

Toy's n' That.... @ 2019/03/26 01:09:50

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

They both look good, are you going to be casting and selling this as well?

Toy's n' That.... @ 2019/03/26 09:49:35

Post by: Lord Borak

Yes mate, providing no one has any objections I'll send it off to be cast up tomorrow.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2019/04/03 08:40:24

Post by: Lord Borak

Thought I'd grab a deal off Facebook and grabbed two metal space stations for £30. Unfortunately one of them was really badly cast (apparently it is genuine, I'm still dubious). So action had to be taken and it ended up being a double station! Kinda works I think even if it does look like a Burger. (Burger Station 1)

Paint job took me an hour. I think most of the time was spent on the yellow system ship hah.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2019/04/03 09:42:55

Post by: Theophony

You need to paint some tau drones brown and put them above and below for it to look like a real double stack . Nice job though on the painting.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2019/04/06 22:22:35

Post by: Lord Borak

Why yes,Yes I do Mr Phony.

I had an old miscast Conveyor that has been kicking around since the very first batch. It was a bit knackered after I let my little'un play with it and paint it as well.......... but it was still workable and after some TLC turned out ok I think. I had an idea about a more rounded prow with a little flight bay on the underneath as well. Also changed the 'Mass Pods' to ones more like the art work.

The conversion and paint job is a bit of a rush job. I did it all today.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2019/04/19 21:06:21

Post by: Lord Borak

Right, been touching up some of my old Voss ships. Nothing major, a bit of neatening up and I removed the Lances for launch bays. Not before I added magnets to everything though so I can swap the weapons. I also spruced up my Battleship with magnets and a little more effort into the paintjob.

Also managed to get through 12 out of 18 falchion escorts. I've always hated that narrow mid ship corridor thing. So removed it. Kinda like it. They look gooty, stubby and pretty low tech. Perfect for my fleet really

I've had the majority of a battleship kicking around for ages. It's missing the front section and I had been hoping to pick one up on ebay at some point. Alas, none have appeared so I have decided to bite the bullet and make the missing part. I have now realised how much work is actually involved in doing this and wish I hadn't started :( But, I have started. And I WILL finish it. Dammit. Gonna go for a more armoured up Voss style prow. Basically a scaled up version of the Falchion escort prow.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2019/04/20 21:50:53

Post by: Lord Borak

Progress report.




More Ships on the go. Yes, there are a lot of eclectic models on my painting table right now.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2019/04/28 08:04:43

Post by: Lord Borak

Got some samples in the post yesterday, dropped everything and got two Heavy Transports painted Not much to write home about paintjob wise but they'll do Also got three sets of 5 transports but haven't done anything with them, yet.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2019/04/28 09:01:37

Post by: JohnnyHell

All this tiny build work is stunning! Bravo!

Toy's n' That.... @ 2019/04/28 09:42:57

Post by: Malika2

So much winning!

Toy's n' That.... @ 2019/04/29 00:53:21

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

I don't need more transports.

I don't need more transports.

I don't need mor-


When do they go on sale?

Toy's n' That.... @ 2019/04/29 08:28:34

Post by: Lord Borak

Thanks guys.
The Merchantmen will take a couple of weeks to cast up. Once thats done and I get my hands on them I'll be sure to let you know

What's next for the Plasticard treatment? Grand Cruiser? Also toying with the idea of remaking my Dreadnought in Plasticard - but that's a massive project.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2019/05/01 13:58:51

Post by: Lord Borak

I hope you're sitting down. PAINTED STUFF!

Finally, finally, after about 2 years. I finally have started my 10000pt Gothic fleet. First up is (part) of the first Battleship squadron.

Divine Retribution (Retribution)
The Taranis (Terra class) &
Emperor's Hammer (Retribution)

Also, progress on the Battleship replacement front. Not sure where to add the Torpedo tubes. Help!!

Toy's n' That.... @ 2019/05/03 13:32:03

Post by: Boss Salvage

10,000 points! Bravo

The custom stuff you've been making is really nice, and keeps reminding me how much stuff the community has made for BFG in GeeDub's absence - including a ton of 3D print stuff (which doesn't compare to your scratchbuilds and casts, IMO). Thanks for keeping the tiniest grimdark dream alive.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2019/05/03 15:24:54

Post by: kestral

Love your gothic stuff - even your "basic" painting is really great. Nice merchants especially. That red one is ace!

Toy's n' That.... @ 2019/05/04 12:39:34

Post by: Lord Borak

Thanks chaps! Glad you like 'em Chip in with ideas as well. I'm pretty much winging it at the moment.

BossSavage, Yes mate, there is loads of support for BFG which is pretty amazing really considering as it wasn't around as long as, say Necromunda. The models themselves, the early ones anyway, I think are some of the best, most iconic models GW has ever produced. The effort that went into their design and into the original masters is nuts. I'm pretty sure that, at least the battleships, were made with plasticard (I can see the joins on the metal versions). there is a lot coming from 3D printing but I just prefer the look and feel of the ones made from plasticard, like the originals.

Speaking of Plasticard. Update. Not a massive one but there's a LOT of work gone into it. Especially as I had to redo the banding along the front dorsal section as it was all to close together and wasn't symmetrical to the rear section (the rear section had 3 bands above the weapon port, the front weapon port had 4 above it! Also added the Torpedo tubes along the bottom to be a little bit different. However the prow now looks more like an up-scaled version of the Dauntless light cruiser than a Voss prow :/

Toy's n' That.... @ 2019/05/05 20:56:45

Post by: Lord Borak

Needed a break from plasticard to be honest and started work on a new fleet. Ebay seems to be somewhat light on Light cruisers (see what I did there?) at the moment so I dug out an old mould and cast a couple up. I don;t think I ever made a mould of the antennae section but I think they look alright without it. The moulds a bit old and there's loads of mis-moulds and mis-casts but they'll do!!

Colour scheme for these two? I'm out of ideas. Not green, red of grey!!

Toy's n' That.... @ 2019/05/06 23:38:35

Post by: Meer_Cat

Very cool! Thy look terrific- store bought but better!

Toy's n' That.... @ 2019/05/15 09:17:47

Post by: Lord Borak

Thanks mate

Well, Progress report. Almost done. I just have to work out what I want for the wings on the prow eagle. Angular (like the current Retribution) or more rounded and more like actual wings.

Also, The next prow will be........... What? Ideas please.

Comparison to an Original metal part.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2019/05/15 10:36:37

Post by: Theophony

Amazing comparison photo there .

The next prow should be Tim Prow. He can sit next to you and sculpt while you work your plastic card magic and the two of you can chat away .

Toy's n' That.... @ 2019/05/15 10:50:30

Post by: Lord Borak

I honestly have no idea who Tim Prow is.......... Is that bad?

Speaking of prows. Think I'm happy with this design.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2019/05/15 10:55:03

Post by: ingtaer

Looks good, it all looks good! I am amazed that I have never stumbled across this Blog before but am happy I have now! Love me some toy space ships (and light cruisers especially).

Toy's n' That.... @ 2019/05/15 12:19:16

Post by: Lord Borak

Thanks mate! There needs to be more love for little space ships!

Toy's n' That.... @ 2019/05/15 16:52:49

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

Some prow ideas:
U shaped civilian prow
Massive cannon
Ram, not a little ram under it, like the whole prow is a fist or a ram's head
Launch bay
Hammer head
Metal skull
Demonic prow

Toy's n' That.... @ 2019/05/16 00:32:15

Post by: Theophony

 Lord Borak wrote:
I honestly have no idea who Tim Prow is.......... Is that bad?

Speaking of prows. Think I'm happy with this design.

Excellent work on the prow .

Tim Prow-http://www.miniatures-workshop.com/lostminiswiki/index.php?title=Tim_Prow
Long time sculptor for dozens of lines of miniatures. I have no reason to have mentioned him except his last name .

Toy's n' That.... @ 2019/05/16 01:22:44

Post by: Meer_Cat

Excellent work indeed- working greenstuff that small, and with such detail- wow!

Toy's n' That.... @ 2019/05/16 03:36:33

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

Tim Prow's still active, got a package from him this week!


Toy's n' That.... @ 2019/05/16 07:10:44

Post by: Lord Borak

Well, Glad you like it! I wasn't looking forward to having to rip if off and start again

Meer_Cat wrote:Excellent work indeed- working greenstuff that small, and with such detail- wow!

Thanks. Dreading my caster saying he can't cast it up now lol

Kid_Kyoto wrote:Some prow ideas:
Ram, not a little ram under it, like the whole prow is a fist or a ram's head

This sounds great. Consider it DONE.

Tim Prow has been around a bit (Hur Hur)

Automatically Appended Next Post:
WARNING: Pic heavy!

Figured I'd do a step by step guide on the next prow.

Making the basic shape

Orks made it.

PING!!! Filed it.

Observation tower done.

Side details done

Recognise it yet? I was going for something along the lines of this.......

However now I am where I am, I'm not sure I want the spike on it. I kinda like it as it is. What say you? Also, Torpedo tubes somewhere? Underneath? HELP!

Automatically Appended Next Post:
I went with under slung Torpedo tubes. Feels like a cop out...... I don't know why. Added the spike.... 50/50 on it. I guess I can just snip it off when I get a resin version.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2019/05/17 14:55:44

Post by: Lord Borak

Not much of update. Just figured I'd try and see what it all looked like put together. I must say, I rather like how it turned out

Automatically Appended Next Post:
Also finished my Terra class Battleship

Toy's n' That.... @ 2019/05/17 16:22:11

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

So this will be on ebay sooner or later?

Toy's n' That.... @ 2019/05/17 17:24:22

Post by: Lord Borak

The Painted ship is not for sale

Once the other prow (or two now) is done it's pretty much a 6-8 week turn around until I get the first runs. Butt, yeah, eventually you'll see them on Ebay. I usually get 3 samples before then though. I'll nab one so, if you want you can earmark one of those.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2019/05/19 08:29:25

Post by: Lord Borak

Finished my Nemesis. The pictures didn't turn out very well and the white looks flat as hell but, meh, I can't be bothered to re take them.

Also tried out a new colour scheme for the Retro fleet. White with red prows. Basically the old Space Fleet colours! Prows have been converted slightly to resemble the Battleship Prow.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2019/05/19 16:06:19

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

Looking fine!

No need to hold anything for me, I'm moving this summer and need to focus on digestion right now.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2019/05/24 14:59:15

Post by: Lord Borak

Well, I've started the 'Fist prow'. I don't like it but not sure how else I could have done it without the prow being to long or the fist being to small. Oh well, I'm not going to be using it

Toy's n' That.... @ 2019/05/25 16:02:10

Post by: Lord Borak

Fly me Closer! I want to punch them!!

Toy's n' That.... @ 2019/05/25 16:12:32

Post by: Theophony

That’s bonkers, in such a good way , now that you have Righty you need a lefty to cover the other side of the fleet . Then once cast you can drill a whole in the top for the sword handle to slide down through.

Seriously, great work, and 40K is full of such creations that these would not be out of character for an Imperial Fist fleet at all.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2019/05/25 21:47:21

Post by: Flinty

I think it needs some kind of central ramming spike... I wonder how that could be implemented into the aesthetic?

Toy's n' That.... @ 2019/05/26 00:54:39

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

 Flinty wrote:
I think it needs some kind of central ramming spike... I wonder how that could be implemented into the aesthetic?

3 spikes between the knuckles?

Toy's n' That.... @ 2019/05/26 05:28:20

Post by: Lord Borak

 Flinty wrote:
I think it needs some kind of central ramming spike... I wonder how that could be implemented into the aesthetic?

Perhaps an extended finger? Maybe the middle one? Wait.......

Glad you like it OH god, no, I'm not going down that route Although maybe it could be holding a symbol? A sword would be to big!

Toy's n' That.... @ 2019/05/26 06:28:07

Post by: Theophony

 Lord Borak wrote:
 Flinty wrote:
I think it needs some kind of central ramming spike... I wonder how that could be implemented into the aesthetic?

Perhaps an extended finger? Maybe the middle one? Wait.......

Glad you like it OH god, no, I'm not going down that route Although maybe it could be holding a symbol? A sword would be to big!

Could be holding a giant red solo cup with a little umbrella , or be a suicide ship with a grenade in the fist . Giant pistol , shoots boarding torpedos. The possibilities.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2019/05/27 20:54:51

Post by: Lord Borak

The pistol idea sounds awesome. Although, I'll let you do that

Work on Prow Number 4. Based off the old Space Fleet Dominator. Quite happy with it so far.

On a side note. A few issues with people making re-casts of my High conveyor. :/ Not sure whether to feel annoyed or flattered.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2019/06/03 19:34:48

Post by: Radu Lykan

Saw these in the flesh over the weekend (whilst losing 3 games of bfg :( )great stuff and I recommend Lord boraks work to anybody looking.
I didn’t see the fist though or I may well have nabbed it!
I would do an imperial/crimson fists fleet just to incorporate it
Have you considered a horizontal fist rather than the vertical one?

Toy's n' That.... @ 2019/06/03 20:17:48

Post by: Daemonslave

I don't know what to comment on, this thread is full of epic win!

Your green-stuffing skills are excellent, and even though your painting is just as good, I mostly look forward to what you create next. Those Battlefleet Gothic Ships are superb.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2019/06/06 12:34:00

Post by: Lord Borak

Radu Lykan wrote:Saw these in the flesh over the weekend (whilst losing 3 games of bfg :( )great stuff and I recommend Lord boraks work to anybody looking.
I didn’t see the fist though or I may well have nabbed it!
I would do an imperial/crimson fists fleet just to incorporate it
Have you considered a horizontal fist rather than the vertical one?

Sorry? Two of those were a scenario that was basically "stuff the Imperials" so that hardly counts. The big game was tooth and nail all game Glad you liked the bits though, There'll be a set with your name on it of course I'll probably have a fist spare from the set I'll use anyway.

Daemonslave wrote:I don't know what to comment on, this thread is full of epic win!

Your green-stuffing skills are excellent, and even though your painting is just as good, I mostly look forward to what you create next. Those Battlefleet Gothic Ships are superb.

Thanks mate! That's a lot of flattery in one comment

Right. Prow number 4 is complete.

Also been working on repairing a battered old Chaos cruiser I won in an ebay lot. It had the front mangled, no bridge and all the weapons were knackered. So, what better thing to do with it than turn it into a Tyrant class Cruiser for my up-coming Imperial fleet! I still need to work out how and where I want the Torpedo tubes and also need to add some banding around the rear hull.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2019/06/09 20:57:07

Post by: osjclatchford

holy crap! the chaos/imperial conversion is amazing lordB! also the finished battleship prow looks awesome!

Toy's n' That.... @ 2019/06/10 08:33:50

Post by: Radu Lykan

Liking the tyrant a lot, way to go on saving a battered ship, I would have tried to fix it as a reserved murder/carnage but your way is much cooler and keeps that tasty massed 6+ prow armoured wall

Toy's n' That.... @ 2019/06/10 17:24:26

Post by: Lord Borak

Glad you found us OSJC! Also glad you like the Tyrant. It's 'finished' as far as building is concerned but I'm not sure I like the antennae on the sides of the weapon batteries. I'll take some pictures and see what you think?

Radu, Hadn't thought about just using it as a reserved reserve cruiser. I could done I suppose but it's done now! Although now it has dorsal lances I keep thinking of making it an Overlord. Hmm.......

Toy's n' That.... @ 2019/06/13 16:18:24

Post by: Lord Borak

Made a new prow for the Transporter. No idea why I didn't make a prow like this before but, meh, its done now and off to the casters with the Battleship bits. Also if anyone was wondering there's a scale shot of it next to a Dauntless.

I've also 'finished' the Tyrant. Still not sure about the antennae on the weapon batteries. Kinda looks Chaosy..... Should I remove them?

Toy's n' That.... @ 2019/06/13 16:28:35

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

Yeah I'd take them off, they kind of change the lines of the ship to a Chaos arrowhead rather than an imperial pencil, if that makes sense.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2019/06/13 16:58:31

Post by: osjclatchford

Blinding work on the transporter! Would be even more awesome still if the rear transport container section was separate too to facilitate alternative weapon/bays sections. ;D

And the chaos ship. Yeah. Git rid of those vanes asap! You should find it will indeed look much more sleek and imperial, as kid_kyoto says...

Toy's n' That.... @ 2019/06/14 18:42:04

Post by: Malika2


Toy's n' That.... @ 2019/06/14 20:18:00

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

I don't know if anything can be done but I was looking at your ebay listings and shipping is like $20 to the US.

I've ordered from the UK before both ebay and shops and it's usually a lot less.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2019/06/14 23:23:42

Post by: Lord Borak

Thanks guys. I'll take the antennae off the weapon batteries.

Kid_Kyoto. That's Ebay's GSP. It's expensive. But we can come to other terms. Just message me

Originally I had planned for all the weapon pods to be separate. but I glued those on to see what it would look like and then, for the life of me, couldn't get them back off. I feared damaging the model so ended up leaving them on :/

Toy's n' That.... @ 2019/06/16 14:53:47

Post by: Lord Borak

Right, another rescue attempt. I had two cruiser hulls in seriously bad repair. One was missing the entire front section and both had bits cut out of the hull. Rather than chuck them I decided to cobble together a Furious class grand cruiser.

Thoughts? Colour scheme ideas? Thinking bronze with a red prow.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2019/06/17 13:05:58

Post by: Radu Lykan

Which ever fleet this is going in I think it is deserving of the centrepiece look of the fleets scheme reversed, it will make it stand out and draw the eye to the conversion. Up to you what fleet it goes in but I demand! that it gets a reversed scheme, or not, it won't surprise me if you randomly convert something that surpasses this one

Toy's n' That.... @ 2019/06/19 12:27:52

Post by: LavuranGuard

Such small scale detailing, brilliant!

Toy's n' That.... @ 2019/06/30 11:09:44

Post by: Lord Borak


I've actually gone for a dark metal. Looks a bit boring I think so might go and add some different colours here and there (no idea where). Although I still need to do those little heraldry shield things on the prow - which will be white and red.

Also managed to do a little Patrol section for my upcoming fleet.

Next up is this little ship. A combination of about 4 different sets. Think I'm gonna go with a white and gold scheme for this fellow as it's meant to be a Rogue Trader ship.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2019/08/01 16:13:04

Post by: Lord Borak

Well, Damn you Forge world. Damn you for making the Moirax armigers nasty as hell! I'm going to have to convert my Warglaives up as Moirax but for now, here's a test one!

Toy's n' That.... @ 2019/08/01 20:29:04

Post by: Captain Brown

Lord Borak,

Very nice work on those ships.



Toy's n' That.... @ 2019/08/05 08:24:07

Post by: Lord Borak

Thanks mate

Well, not much work done on the whole little ship front but I have started work on a Rogue Traders Star Galleon. Early days yet.

I had so many plans for my week off. I was gonna finish the Star Galleon but then life got in the way and so did another project...

He's magnetised at the arm/weapon joints and I have all the weapons for an Atropos, Castigator and Lancer for him. Yes, I had to buy 3 separate Knights from FW for that pleasure but to hells with it. No I just need to find something to do with two spare Cerastus bodies

Toy's n' That.... @ 2019/08/14 17:35:37

Post by: Lord Borak

Update time. Yeah, alright, he still isn't finished but I've just done a 91 hour week so give me a chance!

Todays work was the groin plate and the shin plates. The red looks a little flat in the picture, but it's not, you'll just have to take my word for it

Yesterdays work was getting the shoulder plates done. Still undecided about what to put on the black plates on the shoulders....... Ideas?

Also, I know there's something to take away the 'glossy' effect on transfers and make them blend in with the paintwork more but........ What is it?

Toy's n' That.... @ 2019/08/14 19:28:40

Post by: Malika2

Will that fist be getting a shield like the Lancer, or will you be doing something else?

Toy's n' That.... @ 2019/08/14 22:03:56

Post by: Lord Borak

I have one of the Taro Modelmaker shields (see previous post) That it will most likely end up with. I really like the look of the sword and shield or sword and fist. However I will probably always end up using it as an Atrapos because they're just horrible machines of death.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2019/08/16 13:25:34

Post by: Lord Borak

Hurrah! Shin plates are done! Quite happy with how this is turning out. I usually hate painting large models and they always end up being a chore to build and paint but this is anything but!

I still need to highlight the gold on the knee and thigh armour. Also planning on doing something on the knee pads, no idea what though. I'm also unsure if I need to add anything to the chest armour. Does it need anything? If so, what?

Toy's n' That.... @ 2019/08/16 13:30:18

Post by: Not Online!!!

Is that a double headed eagle?
A golden one?
on a white and black gold model?

Well done. That is one fancy knight.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2019/08/16 13:31:50

Post by: Boss Salvage

Those are some very nice hazards on this (very) tall boi's shin

Loads of impressive work all over, love the richness of the white, and that's some serious decal work (right??) As for the chest, I can see how you might want to do something on his left breast (gold something? another eagle??) but maybe it's fine black. Ultimately it's a black knight with white / gold / red accents, I think he can have just black panels on his chest.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2019/08/18 08:53:42

Post by: Lord Borak

Thanks mate. And yeah, the Decals are the Custodes ones from Forge World and they are as beautiful as they are expensive! I got my MicroSol in the post on Friday so spent all of yesterday tackling this...

It still needs some work around the joints in the armour but I'm pretty chuffed with how it's taken. I had to apply about 4 of 5 coats around some areas to get them to smooth out.

Whilst I'm on about the carapace armour. The main armour will be black but I'm unsure of the raised armour around his head. Should it be gold? I'm worried it will be to much gold......

I also started work on the knee plates. I have just done a freehand Legio Crucius symbol that took me hours to do. (I figured they can have close ties to the Titan Legion (future purchase? ;D) Pictures of that when I've completed the other details.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2019/08/26 11:23:46

Post by: Lord Borak

Ok, a little bit more progress with the Rogue Trader ship.

Also, because Forge World released some new Armigers I had to go and convert up some of my old Armigers to try them out WIP obviously

Toy's n' That.... @ 2019/08/26 12:30:56

Post by: Skinflint Games

Wow, that is a seriously impressive paint job

Toy's n' That.... @ 2019/08/26 13:56:18

Post by: Boss Salvage

Those are legal Armiger loadouts now??? WHOA. Especially seeing them in person on your sexy baby-titans

Toy's n' That.... @ 2019/08/26 15:56:35

Post by: Lord Borak

Skinflint Games wrote:Wow, that is a seriously impressive paint job

Thanks mate. In this instance, the pictures made them look better than they are haha

Boss Salvage wrote:Those are legal Armiger loadouts now??? WHOA. Especially seeing them in person on your sexy baby-titans

The Forge World ones (Moirax) have Grav Weapons, Lightning Weapons, Conversion Beamers, Volkite Weapons and a mini version of the Hekaton seige claw (with Rad Cleanser). They're awesome!!

Toy's n' That.... @ 2019/09/08 17:21:57

Post by: Lord Borak

Well, almost there. I just need to add some prow details and that is where I am stuck. I'm not sure what to do and if I can reliably sculpt it!!

Fits the standard GW weapons.

Prow launch bays!

scale shot

Toy's n' That.... @ 2019/09/09 07:01:27

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

Loving the RT cruiser.

I think I said on Facebook my pick would be a bull's head, it's not in use by any faction and it shows strength and reliability, good traits for a merchant ship.

Any word on getting the battleships cast?

Toy's n' That.... @ 2019/09/09 07:49:56

Post by: Lord Borak

Thanks mate. The Bull is a good idea actually. I just wish I could pull it off lol. I'm doing this as a sort of request for someone so I'll see what he thinks. Whilst on my thinking throne I thought of making the prow almost an entire eagle. with the wings forming the prow. Thoughts on that?

Oh! I got the samples in a few days ago. Completely forgot about them to be honest. Not sure when I'll get the main batch in but you're welcome to one of the samples. PM me if you are.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2019/09/11 19:35:55

Post by: Lord Borak

Ok, well, I was going to call this done but looking at the pictures I realise the inside feathers are at the wrong angle. So I'm going to have to correct them tomorrow *Mutters*. Other than that I added some eeny weeny teeny tiny turrets to the dorsal section. Just because it was a big empty space in need of something. If, y'know, 2mm is considered big.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2019/09/11 20:24:33

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

All the Exaults!

(but it does look a bit skinny...)

Toy's n' That.... @ 2019/09/11 23:32:51

Post by: LordVolker

Made an account just to say how awesome the RT Galleon is and how I cant wait till it's done.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2019/09/12 01:38:08

Post by: Theophony

I didn’t create an account, but I wanted to create another just to motivate you more . The detail levels are insane, I never played any spaceship combat games (except X-Wing), but these are making me consider getting into the game.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2019/09/12 06:14:35

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

 Theophony wrote:
, but these are making me consider getting into the game.

Join us!

It's only been out of print for 20 years...

Toy's n' That.... @ 2019/09/12 14:44:54

Post by: Theophony

 Kid_Kyoto wrote:
 Theophony wrote:
, but these are making me consider getting into the game.

Join us!

It's only been out of print for 20 years...

Which means it’s probably still wrapped up in my basement somewhere in the “to-do” pile

Toy's n' That.... @ 2019/09/12 18:58:50

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

But real men play Space Fleet, richly aged 25 year old rules

Toy's n' That.... @ 2019/09/13 16:17:36

Post by: Lord Borak

Thanks guys!!

LordVolker wrote:
Made an account just to say how awesome the RT Galleon is and how I cant wait till it's done.

I take it you are the one who nagged me into doing this int he first place?

Ok, I'm calling this done!! I'll get this sent off next week.

Ken, why, why are you telling me it's 'skinny' NOW!?! Why not, y'know, a month ago???

Automatically Appended Next Post:
 Theophony wrote:
I didn’t create an account, but I wanted to create another just to motivate you more . The detail levels are insane, I never played any spaceship combat games (except X-Wing), but these are making me consider getting into the game.

Yes, Join the teeny tiny ship movement I can't say I've every played X-Wing or any other spaceship game other than BFG but they're nice rules and seem fairly balanced for the most part (just don't play Eldar Vs Necrons).

Toy's n' That.... @ 2019/09/15 14:42:16

Post by: IGtR=

Great little ship. I am always impressed by your work (whether on such a tiny scale or on the Inq54 stuff).

Thanks for sharing

Toy's n' That.... @ 2019/09/16 08:30:20

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

Well I assume that in 6 months you'll put out the Rogue Trader XL Pro Max (TM) and everyone will have to upgrade : D

Toy's n' That.... @ 2019/10/06 17:23:21

Post by: Lord Borak

Finally got mine finished. :/

Toy's n' That.... @ 2019/10/06 17:32:46

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

Looking real good!

Toy's n' That.... @ 2019/10/07 13:19:21

Post by: Boss Salvage

Really solid prows, both sculpt and paint

Toy's n' That.... @ 2019/10/16 10:44:19

Post by: Lord Borak

Thanks guys!

Finally finished the new set of cruiser prows. 2 based on the old Space Fleet Cruisers/Battleships and a cruiser sized retribution style prow because I want one. Sorry about the pants pics!

They're being sent off to the casters tomorrow so if anything needs changing, tell me now!

Toy's n' That.... @ 2019/10/16 16:05:01

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

Too late for round circles on the Space Fleet style prow?

Toy's n' That.... @ 2019/10/16 18:25:35

Post by: Lord Borak

Not at all. I'll add them for you

Toy's n' That.... @ 2019/11/23 16:08:37

Post by: Lord Borak

Finally got my first samples in of the Star Galleon

and the cruiser prows!

I'll see if I can get some of these painted up in the near future

Toy's n' That.... @ 2019/11/23 16:36:17

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

Awesome! You'll have a full Imperial line soon!

Any thought of doing a full generic grimdark cruiser with modular sides, prows etc? Someone used to make them in plastic but that was a long time ago...

Toy's n' That.... @ 2020/01/14 13:52:22

Post by: Lord Borak

Wow, has it been that long? Shameful...…..

Got back into Necromunda over Christmas so have painted up a Goliath gang. Painting is a bit rushed in places as I had to get them done for gaming but they look all right I think!

I need to add names to the bases but other than that they're done! Got another Ganger I'm converting up so will have pics of him soonish! Then I think I'll treat myself to some Van Saar models (my favourite models from the range)

Toy's n' That.... @ 2020/01/17 20:05:30

Post by: Malika2

Retro! Very clean!

Toy's n' That.... @ 2020/02/07 10:41:29

Post by: Lord Borak

Thanks mate! What's going on with the Specialist Arms Forum? Its been down for ages. Originally it said it'd be back up on the 27th :/#

Anyway. More Goliaths. Considering these were my least favourite Necromunda Models they have actually grown on me. I really enjoyed painting them and I'm kinda gutted I didn't put more effort into them. Oh well!!

Next up is Van Saar me thinks

Toy's n' That.... @ 2020/02/10 08:06:48

Post by: osjclatchford

Noice! Only gollys I ever did were for guard conversions back in the day. As such a lot were these very models. It's nice to revisit stuff like this and do it justice as you have... Also re. SA forum. Is it totally dead now? I only ask as my net supplier keeps bouncing me back when I try to look at it. Keeps telling me it's unsafe... I think it's time it went into a pine box tbh as it's been janky for quite sometime now. And between you, malika and I there's only like two(?) Other users... sad but if it were a farm dog it would out to the barn with the 12 guage a couple of years ago...

Toy's n' That.... @ 2020/02/10 10:14:48

Post by: Lord Borak

He lives! Yeah, I keep getting that as well. I think it has well and truely snuffed it. I think there was a fair bit of Warmarster activity on there but that was about it. Things like the Facebook groups have killed forums I think. I'm more annoyed that all the files have gone! I used all the old magazines and rules they had uploaded :(

As for the models. I think I just have a thing for 90's models. Whether it's because I prefer the sculpting, character or just because I've never got out of my youth I'm not sure. I just prefer the 90's GW metal models over anything they're producing now.

Ugh, had 3 games of Necromunda yesterday. Two of my guys ended up with head wounds and Dr Death, who is supposed to be combat, is now BS6 and still WS3. So he's probably gonna end up getting a gun!

Toy's n' That.... @ 2020/02/10 16:27:44

Post by: osjclatchford

give him a bolter... or better still a meltagun...always worked on leaders in necro back in the day. never played the new stuff though so I could be talking utter knob by todays standards...

as for nineties models, yeah its you and me both. guess its just that 90's models were 'our' era of 40k and as such the nostalgia is there.
the design elements you want were all there. remember, the plastic at the time was gobshyte in comparison. the metals were crisp and well cast/designed. the characterisation was spot on. everything gelled together with the other ranges perfectly but now, I feel theres certain degree of mismatchedness thats causing havok across the board.
Literally across the gaming board...

the models are returning to the nice singlepose designs that can sport the level of characterisation of the metals mentioned above, true, but the scales are all over the place. e.g: the palanite enforcers. miles too tall next to a guardsman but look good next to primaris (why I use as scouts)... just odd... something is amiss thats for sure. customisation is down. kits are less bashable (well not to old soaks like us with years of experience hacking white metal apart, but to the laymen they are) and gw is haemorrhaging players/ collectors for it. Dont get me wrong I dont miss the pre-97 era plastics or even metal/plastic hybrids but the customisation of the third edish tactical squad or catachans and at the latter end of the century the plastic cadians can not be dismissed.

Thank god for 3rd party folks like anvil industries, victoria minis and kromlech or i'd've given up on collecting guardsmen some time ago now...

that being said I've all but done with my royston rifles now, just the rough riders to do and then finished YAY!

in other news Ive gone and ordered some sm centurions to be converted to fit in with my primaris/truescales so what do i know about class, style and quality? i must be a glutton for punishment and dissapointment . LOL

Toy's n' That.... @ 2020/03/18 07:13:16

Post by: Lord Borak

Well, the next game my Leader got injured and ended up missing 2 games. So he got to use the Leaders Boltgun for a while. It was handy but I found tossing grenades around at BS6 is quite horrific.

You're probably right there. It must be nostalgia but I think that the metal miniatures have a certain charm about them, a style, that is quite different from the current range. But maybe I'm having rose tinted glasses?

Anyway, I'm getting regular games of Necromunda every other weekend now so it's pretty much in full swing (Corono-Virus pending). Here's some pictures of some WIP scenery and a NEW pit slave gang! I'm not reallt a fan of the old Necro terrain. Just random platforms with no real purpose to their design. I like my buildings to have a 'reason'.

Main Guilder building. Needs an awful lot of work yet. It will have a lot of computer terminals in there.

Don't fall from that walkway!!]

Landing Pad styles off the old Necro towers

Hab Blocks for Guild Workers (Each floor is separate and has rooms!

Varka's Reavers (yes, my hobby table is in utter disarray at the moment)

Attempt at a Servo arm.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2020/03/18 14:58:34

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

Love the guilder building, can't wait to see it done.

Where did you get all those bulkheads?

Toy's n' That.... @ 2020/03/18 19:50:52

Post by: Fifty

Love that servo-arm. Can we see a few more angles? And a construction guide?

Toy's n' That.... @ 2020/03/19 09:27:17

Post by: Lord Borak

 Kid_Kyoto wrote:

Where did you get all those bulkheads?

Ebay. They come up surprisingly often. And unpainted. I have probably over 100 left over now. They aren't even expensive, maybe £1 each? So the big Guilder building, with the plasticard, cost me around £100. Compared to GW scenery prices that's actually pretty good!

 Fifty wrote:
Love that servo-arm. Can we see a few more angles? And a construction guide?

Thanks! I'll get cracking on one for you today

Right. Update time.

Massive billboard attached to vents. Still WIP but you get the idea!

Posters for the landing pad

What symbol/icon should I do on the landing pad itself? Guilder icon (what is it?), Imperial Eagle? Numerals?

Interior, Guilder building second floor and observation walkway. This will be the cogitator room.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2020/03/20 12:42:55

Post by: Illumini

Super cool terrain, I agree that the random platforms look silly, this is much better

Toy's n' That.... @ 2020/03/20 16:14:20

Post by: IGtR=

Loving the Necromunda terrain, and the goliaths. I always find those models painted in anything other than the exact replica of the old GW scheme (by a good painter of course!) that they look very good rather than completely stupid!

Toy's n' That.... @ 2020/03/21 13:04:56

Post by: Lord Borak

Sorry, no servo arm breakdown. Work is a little bit mad at the moment with this Nurgles Rot that's going around.

Not much of an update. Just spraying really.

This is the board so far. I need one more building in there which will be conected to the Guilder building by a walkway. I just have no idea what to make...

Computer room! I have another two of those resin computers on their way. I was gonna buy a load of the orange ones but the 3D printing on those is pretty rough so those will be the only ones I get :/

Going to go for a white/bone interior to the Guild house. Although it will be suitably dirty.

Warehouse, yes, it's still WIP (has been for about 2 years!)

So....Ideas for the next building? Told you I had a few left over!

Toy's n' That.... @ 2020/03/25 18:22:11

Post by: Lord Borak

Right, got some work done on my Pit Slaves. Just the yellow and flesh done. There is another Techno, a Pit Slave and a Pit fighter coming.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2020/03/27 04:52:21

Post by: Waaagh_Baraon

I love the paint job on those models what combinations are you using?

Toy's n' That.... @ 2020/03/28 07:35:03

Post by: Lord Borak

Thanks mate. The Flesh is a base coat of Tallarn Flesh (old GW) and bestial Brown (old GW). This was then highlighted up with Rakarth Flesh and then white to this. Mixing as you go. The Scars was just a very light wash of the same mix and Khorne red. hihlighted with Rakarth and white.

The Yellow was Bestial Brown and Yriel yellow. Then just mixing more Yriel and then white for the harsher highlights.

I'll get some close up pictures later.

Automatically Appended Next Post:
Got some close up pictures of them for you. Not much done to be fair, just the grey although now I look at it it needs another highlight! Got some lenses and highlighted the metal on the techno.Oh! and stubble!

Toy's n' That.... @ 2020/03/28 14:30:10

Post by: monkeytroll

Nice to see pit-slaves still rocking the place.

Good work on the flesh - and the stubble

Toy's n' That.... @ 2020/03/29 10:53:34

Post by: Lord Borak

Thanks! Pit slaves was a random choice. My Goliaths got lucky and ended up with some seriously good territories (I was getting 95 creds after each game) so, to balance out, I went with some out laws

Almost there. What colour, if any, shall I do the Techno's weapon and cables to his left arm?

What colour shall I do his pistol? Leave it metal or go for something a bit more vibrant?

Bases done! (as well as the black, leather cables and other little bits)

EDIT: Also, should I add blood to the weapons???

Toy's n' That.... @ 2020/03/29 11:36:31

Post by: Fifty

Love all of those bulkhead buildings. I have loads of them too (120+) that I ought to use. Getting some good ideas from yours.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2020/03/30 14:31:59

Post by: Boss Salvage

Check out the faces on those pit slaves! I've seen those minis for how many years now but never appreciated the sculpts' character. Great job bringing it out, and really dig the clean paint throughout the crew.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2020/03/31 06:45:49

Post by: osjclatchford

Nice work b! Oh how I miss making scenery! I've not the storage these days but It's great stuff you have there. Intelligent and sensible building design yet ideal for play. Not often both of those aspects meet so neatly!
Oh, and yes a bit of goreno on the pitslave weaps wouldn't go amiss. Forget citadel bftbg though... Use tamiya's clear red x-27. If you apply it neat and let it dry it creates a nice neat flowy blood. However if you slap it on thick and let it start to dry, then stipple it to disturb the drying surface it goes all gloppy and stringy which looks outstanding as gore on a chainblade! It's creates releastic runs of blood down a model too if applied correctly. It's actually a varnish/glaze I believe...

Toy's n' That.... @ 2020/04/01 17:52:06

Post by: Lord Borak

Thanks guys!

The faces on the pit slaves, and Necromunda models in general is great. The detail on the older metal GW miniatures is fantastic in general. It's why I like the older ranges. They just have so much more character than these new plastics.

Well, I'm lucky that I have the space now! I have my man cave (an old stable!) and could have an 8ftx4ft table if I wished. I just have one of those 6x4' mats though but in the grand scheme of things I would love to do a 'proper' detailed board for these buildings to go on. With a Canal/river and bridge down the centre of the board. Buildings first though

Thanks for the headsup on the Blood. I used to use a mix of Red, purple and blank inks mixed with GW water effect but my water effect have gone a bit funny now and wont set. But, yeah, I like my blood effects!! and haven't done any since my Khorne Fantasy army back in 8th ED! (wow, was that a long time ago!)

Alas, I'm not one of these lucky fellows who get to sit at home on 80% salary. I have to actually go to work to get my 100% AND, due to the delightful profession I have found myself in, am doing even more hours than normal. So we'll see how much hobby I actually get done in the next few weeks. :(

Toy's n' That.... @ 2020/04/03 14:19:54

Post by: osjclatchford

I heard that. it sucks for us still working. just got a day off today after like 4 days full and three halfers so yeah, get that...especially when stupid things like the weekly shop now takes four hours instead of 20mins. I know its all this nurgle plague and there's nout to be done but a collective hurry-up-and-wait. but man I'm sick of people complaining about having too much time at home. so here's a message to all of you thinking along those lines: USE IT! and take a moment to think of those who cannot cos for some life goes on as it did before. just slower and more risky...

Toy's n' That.... @ 2020/04/09 14:55:53

Post by: Lord Borak

Well, I have had 4 and a half days off so I can't complain THAT much. Although this weekend I'm rocking two 0715-2115 shifts. THEN I'm on night shifts as of monday. 11 hours a day, 7 day stretch. OUCH! Don't expect any hobby updates from me for 2 weeks

As for the weekly shop, ugh, I get you. I gave up one day. The queue was massive. God knows what I'm going to be living off next week. Oh to be paid 80%, sit on my ass, be a dad and do hobby and complain about being 'bored'.

Anyway, enough negativity. I've had 5 days off! and have actually managed to get some hobby done


Grabbed these two little chaps for £10!! For both, including postage. How awesome is that?!! Gonna try n nab some more when there's more in stock. They make cool scatter scenery and an interesting alternative to the mule in the package run mission!

Toy's n' That.... @ 2020/04/09 17:24:11

Post by: Malika2


Toy's n' That.... @ 2020/04/09 18:37:39

Post by: monkeytroll

Oh, those are very cool. And cheap too! Good job on them.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2020/04/11 17:10:21

Post by: Lord Borak

Thanks! I've just found out these were a test print for a chap who has a kick starter project. He has tons of vehicles which I've just pledged for.

Linky https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/digitaltaxidermy/our-dystopian-future-its-wonderful-thing

Toy's n' That.... @ 2020/06/06 13:54:00

Post by: itsonlyme

Glad to see you’re still playing dude, lovely work as always mate.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2020/06/28 10:39:06

Post by: Lord Borak

Well, I've been struggling to do any hobby these last few months. Coronavirus has not been kind to my free time unfortunately. It seems I can only get some hobby time in if I get a week off! Nice to hear from you though! Are you still gaming? Painting?

I managed to get my large admin building done. Well, I say done. It'll probably end up with some more bill boards and I think the interior could do with some more details/posters/ etc.

(The Soylent Green and Nuka Cola boards are freehand!!

Also managed to get a truck painted!!

Toy's n' That.... @ 2020/06/29 14:07:27

Post by: Turaxa

Nice paintwork, I like the logos. Which manufacturer are these vehicles from?

Toy's n' That.... @ 2020/06/29 14:48:07

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

Fantastic! Great building!

Toy's n' That.... @ 2020/06/29 16:57:27

Post by: Lord Borak

 Turaxa wrote:
Nice paintwork, I like the logos. Which manufacturer are these vehicles from?

They're from a company called Digital Taxidermy. Or DigiTaxi on Ebay. https://www.digitaltaxidermy.co.uk/3d-printed-miniatures-terrain-and-scatter-for-28mm-gaming/vehicles.html

Thanks guys! Not sure when I'll get around to doing some more hobby to be honest. I have Thursday off...... Maybe I can dodge responsibilities a bit and get some more billboards done!? Any ideas or requests?

Toy's n' That.... @ 2020/07/02 17:39:41

Post by: Lord Borak

I made some more progress with some scenery.....

Made a big vent thing. It still needs some more posters and maybe some random debris. Also could do with some slime/Goo where the 'monster' has escaped. I sold out and the poster is a print out.

Also started work on a board length pipe system that will link into one of the buildings. There may or may not be a walkway on the top of it or to the side. I'm not decided yet. Either way it'll be a good way to hop from building to building and fall to ones death!!

Also made some progress on the roof to the Admin building and warehouse. More details to come once I work out what I want.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2020/07/03 16:28:19

Post by: Boss Salvage

Nice movie-sourced posters

The DIY terrain looks great as well

Toy's n' That.... @ 2020/07/06 17:11:05

Post by: IGtR=

Terrain is looking fantastic. Thanks for sharing!

Toy's n' That.... @ 2020/07/06 23:27:55

Post by: Skinflint Games

Bloody brilliant, well done!

Toy's n' That.... @ 2020/07/07 11:43:28

Post by: Fifty

Those Pit Slaves are looking good. The colour scheme works really well.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2020/07/10 15:07:23

Post by: Lord Borak

Thanks guys. I'm always looking for ideas when it comes to posters (because I need an awful lot!) so chuck ideas at me

Some more WIP terrain. The Board spanning pipe and water purification plant.... or is it a fuel refinery..... No idea. Might even be an IRN BRU factory....... Yeah. IRN BRU factory it is!

I've run out of plasticard struts so will have to wait for those before I can continue with the walkway and other bits :/

Automatically Appended Next Post:
I'm done for the night

I'm going with the slogan "IRN WITHIN, IRN WITHOUT". Quite how I'm not so sure yet. I'm also going to have a little bit saying "now in Syringe form" for those who like to inject it directly into the veins!

Toy's n' That.... @ 2020/07/11 11:59:54

Post by: Lord Borak

I've done the sign. Might add something to it....... Not sure if I should make it a stand alone bill board sign or attack it to a building....

Toy's n' That.... @ 2020/07/14 17:59:07

Post by: Lord Borak

Great stuff. I've had a look and will probably nab quite a few of those

I made some more bill boards. I needed some small scatter terrain to provide cover on the roofs of buildings and to add a splash of colour to the board.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2020/07/14 21:58:18

Post by: Mothsniper

So much flavor! Awesome!

Notice - we have noticed that you have noticed the notice, you shall be reported to proper authorities.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2020/07/20 15:53:06

Post by: Turaxa

The Irn Bru signs are genius, and the freehand on them is excellent. You should do some "House Barr" gangers to go along with it.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2020/07/22 17:31:37

Post by: Lord Borak

Decided to just use prit stick to stick the print outs to the plastic as the colour was running when I used PVA glue. It has the text "F**K Taco Bell, eat a Rat Burger!" but you can't see it on that bill board :/ I've done some more posters for the painted Admin building but I'm struggling to get the pictures off my phone (computer says no)

A new bill board anyway. It's still WIP but it's a far bit larger and has some gubbinz on the base (to weigh it down more than anything!)

The board is starting to come together now. I just need to stop doing 'details' and actually get some buildings finished

Automatically Appended Next Post:
 Turaxa wrote:
The Irn Bru signs are genius, and the freehand on them is excellent. You should do some "House Barr" gangers to go along with it.

Cor blimey, that's a good idea! They'd be more 'industrial workers' and admin staff........... Like guilders? I could do that....... Well. I could do a gang for every building on the board. Warehouse staff, Irn Bru staff, Admin Staff, Taxi drivers, Soylent green workers....... and so on. LOOK WHAT YOU'VE STARTED!!!!

Toy's n' That.... @ 2020/07/28 12:42:18

Post by: Turaxa

You're welcome.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2020/09/26 12:52:21

Post by: Lord Borak

Well.. So, Necromunda and the board has been put on hold for a little while due to be being distracted by tiny titans. God knows why I haven't got into this game before...... but hey, I'm here now. I must say, these models are fantastically detailed, they're easy to build and a joy to paint.... I just wish there was Orks!!

First up is two Warhounds. I'm going to add some weathering to the feet once I do the bases. However I'll do the bases along with the other titans in the maniple (2 Reavers and 1 Warlord). Well..... that's what's currently built. I have after the maniple 2 Warlords, 1 Nemesis, 6 Reavers and 6 Warhounds in boxes to get cracking through.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2020/09/29 15:52:12

Post by: Lord Borak

Some WIP shots of my Reavers. They look pretty messy at the moment and I'm not sure I like the purple.... It's a bit Tron like and I'm not overly fond of harsh highlights..... So they might well get toned down with a wash at some point. I'll wait until the Gold is done first before I make that call though.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2020/10/02 13:48:15

Post by: Lord Borak

Now that I've done some other colours the purple doesn't stand out so much. I think the gold draws attention away from it and makes the highlights seem less 'harsh'. Either way, I'm much happier with them now than I was!!

I did say that I don't paint quickly, didn't I? Because I've been painting these all week. It's taken me 6-8 hours just to tidy up the trim and paint the gold..... but they are almost done! Just have to highlight the black, do the copper tubing, lenses and random little details and bits that I haven't worked out how to paint yet.

Due to needing something easy to dabble on to give my eyes a rest I've been working on this wee chap. No idea what he's for yet as he certainly wont be painted in the White/Purple scheme. If anyone was wondering if the Vanguard Terrain turrets scaled right for AT reavers, well, they do. I converted one up to be a Plasma Blast gun purely because a mate of mine wondered about them.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2020/10/02 14:40:42

Post by: Malika2


Toy's n' That.... @ 2020/10/02 16:14:48

Post by: osjclatchford

Great conversion and lovely paintwork as usual. Like you I am not captain-rapid when it comes to getting painting done. But that does mean the quality is better than it'd be if we rushed? I think thats a passable excuse...

So nice to see that old skeleton warrior shield boss. God that takes me back...

Toy's n' That.... @ 2020/10/02 20:49:46

Post by: Lord Borak

Thanks Malika, are the turrets your design?

OSJC, Yeah, that's my excuse as well lol. To be honest, its more an issue of 'quality time'. Usually I've been looking after my son so if I want to paint it usually has to be something I can stop pretty quickly or only have one eye on. However he's at school now so my days off during the week are now just me on my tod, so I can actually commit to a painting process that isn't dry brush and wash lol.

Those shields sprues have been kicking about in my tool box (odd place I know) for about 20 years I think. Jesus...... I'm old.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2020/10/03 06:30:36

Post by: osjclatchford

I used my last bunch of those on a lotd MK1 rhino conversion and the Gothic ruins sprue I did. Hell, must have been around about '97...

That was a lot of hair ago...

Toy's n' That.... @ 2020/10/03 11:19:16

Post by: Olthannon

Absolutely love this thread. Love the purple and white on that titan. And your yellow on the trucks and pit slaves is great.

Also if out is gonna survive into the 41st millennium it would definitely be Irn Bru.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2020/10/03 12:42:46

Post by: Malika2

@Lord Borak: I didnt design those turrets. I do hope Vanguard will expand on those.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2020/10/03 18:11:39

Post by: Lord Borak

OSJC: I really try not to think that I've had models sitting about waiting to be painted for longer than some people I work with have been alive

Olthannon: Thanks!!

Malika: Oh ok, they looked like your work!! I hope so, and I hope they get more back in stock! I'd really digging that scenery line but it's all out of stock!

Toy's n' That.... @ 2020/10/03 19:53:31

Post by: Malika2

Ben did the plastic scenery. Ive designed a whole bunch of small bits and bobs which sadly enough haven't been released yet. Holodesks, cogitators, etc.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2020/10/21 16:30:42

Post by: Lord Borak

Right, it's been a while since I did any meaningful painting but I've managed to get the two Reavers ' almost done' (yeah, ok, I need to actually do the guns). I haven't done the writing yet and I'm still deciding on names. (Weapons and names are tomorrows/Friday's job). The pictures turned out rubbish and these are the best of the blurry bunch so I'll take some decent pictures tomorrow when the scripture is done.... but you get the idea.

I also decided on a colour scheme for my Blackshield Reaver. I'm some sort of masochist it seems when it comes to choosing colour schemes apparently... Still a long way to go but I'm getting there.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2020/10/22 16:42:42

Post by: Lord Borak

As promised, some less blurry pics and the reavers now have names!! Been ages since I did script work. I am both appalled at how rusty I've become but also happy with the results..... is that normal?

Ultima Nuntius (Last Messenger)

Sol Alba (White Sun)

Toy's n' That.... @ 2020/10/22 20:41:19

Post by: tzurk

Beautiful work on these miniature stompy boys. Love the colour schemes and how neat the metallic trims are...I just know my hands would be awful at trying to keep those clean!

The script work looks unreal to me, as does the little ferrari badge...and the checks on the blackshield reaver! Keep it up mate, excited to see them based and ready for the table!

Toy's n' That.... @ 2020/10/25 10:16:28

Post by: theCrowe

This is all soo good. Loving your dedication to the little details of world building. You're making something really unique and fun. I'd love to bring my Necromunda gangs for a battle in your underhive but I'd be afraid they're never want to leave.

Also loving your two tone Titan so far. He's going to be a beauty.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2020/11/06 12:38:17

Post by: Lord Borak

Thanks guys! All I see in these photo's is my mistakes but I'm glad you like them

I put 2 watered down washes of Sepia over the yellow and it has toned it down a fair deal. However the camera still loves brightening it up and dulling down the red.... So I've giving up trying to sort that out! She's finished, well, apart for some minor details that I've just noticed. The car on the base isn't painted nor is it even stuck on!

I started work on some scenery (buildings, roads and hills). Nothing too fancy. the buildings will have bases and I need to make some more road sections as well but its enough for a 4x4 board..

Me: I'm not going to spend too much time on scenery...
Also Me: Spends 2 hours painting Nuka Cola signs....

I also picked up some little Z guage railway cars and trucks to give a sense of scale.....

The trucks and cars scale pretty well I think. Maybe not perfect but they'll do. I've finsihed the White and Purple Reavers/Warhounds and I'm just finishing off their bases. So expect pictures of those tomorrow

Toy's n' That.... @ 2020/11/07 14:21:17

Post by: Lord Borak

Anyway, as promised some based Titans! Although I feel they're a bit monotone and boring. Do you think I should add something to them? If so, what?

Toy's n' That.... @ 2020/11/07 22:17:15

Post by: IGtR=

Adeptus Titanicus models looking absolutely great - thanks v much for sharing!

Toy's n' That.... @ 2020/11/09 20:23:11

Post by: Lord Borak

Easily achieved! They're fantastic models!!

I have started the Warlord. God this thing is a beast in terms of detail. I spent about 5 hours blending the White from Ulthuan grey to pure skull white but the pics make it look like it's just been sprayed white lol. Oh well..... The pictures are more to prove I've actually been working on something

Oh, and some Reaver weapons snuck into the picture there as well. So there's proof I have actually finished something else. (please excuse the messy paint station!)

Toy's n' That.... @ 2020/11/09 20:51:08

Post by: tzurk

They look brilliant together! So clean and crisp, well done.

With bases, I think it's hard to break them up because the things you would usually use to do that - flock/static grass/skulls/weapons/etc are all out of scale...

Maybe a few grey rocks in with the brown?

The white on the warlord does look super neat - but anyone who's tried to paint white over black before knows the struggle!
Speaking of scale, the train line was a great idea! really hits home the message of stompy stompy death taking place above.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2020/11/09 20:57:30

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

Love the cars and trucks for scale!

And the classic skeleton shield boss on the reaver Damn I miss those things.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2020/11/10 14:37:03

Post by: Lord Borak

Thanks guys. Yeah, maybe to clean and crisp? I dunno. I kinda like them being clean. As for the sheild boss. Those things have been sitting about in with my tools for god knows how long.... 2 decades maybe? lol. About time they got put to use

Todays mission completed! The purple is done. Again it looks a little Tron like but I'm hoping, as before, the gold trim will calm it down. Tomorrows job is the black although it will probably take me tomorrow and the day after :(

Oh, any ideas on what colour to do the little shields on his shoulders? I'm kinda at a loss. and where do you put your Legio symbol??? There's not many flat surfaces for decals.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2020/11/12 16:21:08

Post by: Lord Borak

Well, turns out the black only took me about 4hours to do so I got that done in a day. The gold on the other hand is proving to be much more of a job that I had thought it would be. Still, the gold is almost done!!

A few questions. There's a band around the main vents/exhausts on the top/rear. Should they be gold?

Another plug for Vanguard miniatures (I should start charging them really). I picked these flak guns up on the off chance they'd work on the strategum bases...

Toy's n' That.... @ 2020/11/15 13:08:21

Post by: Lord Borak

I finished the gold and started the silver (it's just leadbelcher). I did get the little shields done although I'm still deciding on heraldry for the other pad.

I grabbed a couple of Warlords off ebay and I just realised one of them was a bit damaged and had dents in the armour and rivets were worn off in placed. Which sucks and I have no idea which person I bought which one from! So I decided to just make another force of titans! I'll do a 1500pt force of the yellow and Red/black checked Titans. I had intended for him to be charging forward about to shoulder barge something but I messed the pose and he's a bit too hunched over I think. I doubt I'll be able to pull him apart to fix him now so he is how he is!! I also went and removed every imperial eagle as well (you'd be surprised how many there are). Battle damage and additional armour plates to come!

Toy's n' That.... @ 2020/11/20 18:36:55

Post by: Lord Borak

I had a day off and managed some 'me time' (which is immensely rare now I'm back at work) and got the silver done and started doing some detail work! Eyes/lenses. Pipes. Neatening up. That sort of thing. There's still loads to do. I even had a crack at some glowy plasma effect on the Vents but not sure I'm happy with it to be honest with you.

I also started painting my 'other' warlord. The Yellow is just washes, two highlights and then more washes but I think it might need some more washes to darken it down. Again I tried some glow effect on the vents but I think I'm gonna need some more practice at this to get it looking good. I'll be cracking on with the diamond pattern on my next day off.

Oh, I need a name. Maybe Sordidum Senem? (Dirty old Man)

Toy's n' That.... @ 2020/11/28 18:32:50

Post by: Lord Borak

Right. I managed a day off and got some basing done. As well as making some little Cacti out of green stuff and paper clips. I' rather proud of them

I also started on the Diamond pattern. Still loads to do but the basic pattern is almost done.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2020/11/29 16:59:57

Post by: Lord Borak

I was co chuffed I went and made some more

Added another Cactus to the Warlords and a Reavers base. I guess I'll be making quite a few of these now. Do you guys use Flock on your bases? It's hard to scale I guess but I'd like some dry shrub on there to add some colour/detail. Any ideas?

Due to having left over green stuff and a long memory. I went ahead and made some 2nd Edition inspired green balls with red spikes! (is anyone old enough to remember them?) Oh, I also finished blacking out the Diamond pattern so now I just needs highlighting.