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Toy's n' That.... @ 2014/11/01 16:16:52

Post by: Lord Borak

Afternoon all. My First 'real' post on Dakka Dakka. Some of you upstanding pillars of society (or not) might know me from Librarium Online. If not, well, probably for the best really...

ANYWAY! I'm currently working on two projects at the moment. A Gaming standard marine army called the 'Jade Tigers' and another Marine army called 'The Paladins of Taranis' (or something like that any way). The Later is going to be 'true scale' so I can have some fun with conversions.... Ok, enough rambling. PICS!

Here's the first True Scale Conversion. He's built out of the Forge World Asterion Moloc if you aren't familiar with the model.

Here's the painting so far. I'm trying to acheive a NMM Blue or something. I'm not sure what I'm doing really but it's what's happening anyway...

As for the 'Jade Tigers'... Here's some pics of the completed stuff. It isn't much sadly, just a Terminator Captain, Terminator Squad and a Land Raider.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2014/11/01 18:05:43

Post by: Gorgrimm

That Truescale marine is freaking cool! I love the model and the blue paint is striking. Very nice.

The Jade Tigers' scheme definitely works for their name. I am not a huge fan of the jade/turquoise, but I am not trying to take away from your work. The models look fantastic and the scheme works, I personally don't care for the color. I really like the checks and especially the chainsword and shield on the sergeant.

Great Work!

Toy's n' That.... @ 2014/11/01 18:23:32

Post by: Elnibbus

Very, very nice indeed- I'm subbed!

Toy's n' That.... @ 2014/11/01 18:50:41

Post by: Paradigm

First thought: "You chopped up Moloch "

Second thought: "You chopped up Moloch and the result is something amazing!"

Very nice, welcome to Dakka, and subbed!

Toy's n' That.... @ 2014/11/01 21:27:35

Post by: Warboss_Waaazag

That Moloch conversion is really awesome looking! Nice paintjob.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2014/11/01 21:31:13

Post by: master of asgard

I love how your "gaming standard" features extensive freehand on every model. Great truescaling as well that guy look like a beast!

Toy's n' That.... @ 2014/11/02 08:18:32

Post by: lipsdapips

That blue is jaw-dropping! Puts mine to shame but I have no shame in admitting it! Fantastic work mate, can't wait to see more. Subbed!

Toy's n' That.... @ 2014/11/02 17:19:43

Post by: Lord Borak

Thanks for the Warm welcome guys!

master of asgard wrote:
I love how your "gaming standard" features extensive freehand on every model.

Lol, yeah true. I find if you add a little bit of love to one part of the model then people generally just look at that and ignore all the short cuts you've done else where. Makes it look like I've spent more time on something that way

Paradigm wrote:First thought: "You chopped up Moloch "

It wasn't easy to do :( Especially as the wife bought it for me as an anniversary present....... then saw me hack it apart. Eeek.

I've made some progress on this chap. If you can call painting his helmet and one leg progress? lol, It's my thread so I'm damn well calling it progress!!!! I need to re-do the plate on his forehead as it's not 'blue' enough!!!

If you're curious, the colours used to do the blue are Regal Blue, Calgar Blue, Hoeth Blue, Skull white. Then a Glaze of Black Ink, Purple Ink and Regal blue mix (1 part mix, 2 parts water).

Foot in Focus..

Chest in Focus (you can't have both apparently)

Toy's n' That.... @ 2014/11/02 17:57:03

Post by: ayoku

That NMM blue is just awesome
Keep up the updates comming!

Toy's n' That.... @ 2014/11/02 18:44:21

Post by: EyeamRai

That dude is looking great!

Toy's n' That.... @ 2014/11/03 18:37:02

Post by: Lord Borak

I didn't get half as much done today as I wanted. I only managed to get the left arm and shield done but, hey, at least it's progress!! Oh well, tomorrow I shall attempt the back back :S Pics aren't great but, hey, you get the idea.

Different lighting and a completely different colour! (it's actually closer to this colour)

Oh, one question to all you fine chaps. Metals, shall I go 'normal' metals or NMM?

Toy's n' That.... @ 2014/11/04 15:49:58

Post by: Lord Borak

Spraying Marathon today.....


Now I just have to shade and highlight them all! WHAT JOY

Toy's n' That.... @ 2014/11/04 15:53:55

Post by: Paradigm

Can anyone say 'armoured spearhead'? Nice selection of Firepower-On-Treads there!

I suggest NMM metals on the not-Moloch, I don't thin true metals would look right with how you've done the armour unless you did super-extreme shading and highlighting, at which point you're basically doing NMM with Metallics.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2014/11/04 16:03:08

Post by: ckig

 Lord Borak wrote:
Oh, one question to all you fine chaps. Metals, shall I go 'normal' metals or NMM?

Beautiful stuff mate. Love your NMM I want to see more. So i say go with NMM

Toy's n' That.... @ 2014/11/04 21:54:58

Post by: Dez

You had me at NMM blue! I'm going to steal it one day

Toy's n' That.... @ 2015/01/13 19:05:07

Post by: Lord Borak

BLoody hell, has two months really gone so quick???? Ok, I had some major life issues that left me in a 'non hobby mood' shall we say. However! I have my Geek 'Mo-Jo' back!!! and have painted the odd toy soldier or two. The challenge I have before me is to paint 5 more terminators, a Land Raider and 2 more razorback squads (inc razorbacks) by Friday for a game against a mate.... Oh Fig...

Right, pictures I guess.... Picture quality isn't great. The Wife has done something to the camera and I can't get it to focus right any more *grumble*. I'll see if I can take some better ones tomorrow. This is what I've got done in the time since I last posted (I started the centurions yesterday!)

New Captain model. I've made him so I can change the weapons. I'm painting up a Combi-Plasma and a second Lightning Claw.

Two Combat squads with their Razorbacks.

Grav centurions. Oh Christ these guys are filth. The light had to be reflecting off the chapter symbol didn't it. Oh well, better pics later I guess.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2015/01/13 19:07:39

Post by: Paradigm

Great stuff!

Toy's n' That.... @ 2015/01/13 23:12:55

Post by: Thraxas Of Turai

Absolutely love your Jade Tigers chapter, a great original (I assume) colour scheme and all of those cheques too. Nice to see your work on the FW stuff to, I do not really know much about their range so it is all a good learning experience.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2015/01/16 22:45:43

Post by: Lord Borak

Cheers guys!

Thraxas, cheers mate. they are an original colour scheme but the name isn't. A very old GW emplyoee (and mate) did an army called the Jade Tigers about 15 odd years ago and the army is in memory of him. Although his colour scheme was jade green with black stripes! (looked horrible!) so this is my take on them.

Right, I have a few finishing touches to do so you'll have to wait a little while longer for pictures. However, this is what I'm planning for my 3k list. Any ideas? Thoughts? Criticisms?

Terminator Captain, Gorgons Chain, T-Hammer, L-Claw -190pts
Librarian, Terminator Armour, Storm Shield, Biomancy -100pts

5 Terminators, 5x TH&SS, Land Raider Crusader -475pts
5 Terminators, 5x TH&SS, Land Raider Redeemer -465pts

Iron Clad, Pod, Melta Gun, Heavy Flamer, 2 missiles -200pts

10 Marines, Veteran, L-Claw, Combi-Melta, Melta Gun 185-pts
5 Marines, Flamer, Razorback, Lascannon & Twin Plasma Gun -150pts
5 Marines, Flamer, Razorback, Lascannon & Twin Plasma Gun -150pts
5 Marines, Melta Gun, Razorback, Twin Lascannon-155pts
5 Marines, Melta Gun, Razorback, Twin Lascannon-155pts

3 Centurions, Grav Cannons, OmniScope -260pts
3 Centurions, Grav Cannons, OmniScope -260pts
Land Raider -xxxpts (Tactical squad here)

Thinking about it, shall I swap the 10 tactical marines out for 10 assault marines? It'd mean I'd have a pod (or rhino) kicking about with nothing in it..... an empty pod might be annoying for line breaker..

Toy's n' That.... @ 2015/01/22 08:54:53

Post by: Lord Borak

Some more work on 'The blue one'. (I know it's been flipping ages!) As you can see, I've done his shield..... Like it? Criticisms? Oh, for those who suggested it, I did try NMM gold but just hated it. Which is in no small part to me not being able to paint NMM Gold. So I've re-done it in True Metallics.

On top of that I've made the first of the 'true scale' friends to 'Blue one'....... this is 'Blue two'. Sorry about the picture quality on the helmet, no matter what I did it just couldn't pick up the detail on the GS. Also, chain or no chain?

The Helmet is a copy from this picture. Whilst sculpting it I realised the Helmet looks like the facec plate rises up (see the join at the base of the helmet?) so I might see if I can do an open helm later on...

Toy's n' That.... @ 2015/02/09 10:51:35

Post by: Lord Borak

Ok. Thoughts, ideas and conundrums....

I've been pondering upon rules for my 'True Scale' marines for a while now as well as their load outs. I was going for just plain old Thudner Hammer and storm shield Terminators............. but that leads to a fairly boring looking unit. So, I've trawled loads of army books and Forge World books and finally settled on 'normal' Chaos Terminators, with the big man himself as Abaddon.

This leads to a few conversion problems. Firstly, I need to completely re-arm my Master with a Power Fist/Claw and a big nasty-looking sword. Does anyone have any ideas for those? Secondly, in order to get some added cool factor into the squad I'm going to arm them with the Custode Power Halberds (Power Axe and Combi-Bolter in rules). Does anyone know of a good way to convert those?

Right. Onto pictures....

Land Raider 2 is done, minus Chapter symbols is I ever get my bottom into gear and find a way of making Transfers.

I'm also just finishing off a Razorback and a second terminator squad. All I need to do is the Checks and Weathering...... here's the Razorback but you'll have to wait and see the Terminators.

Last, but by no means least is Random miniature number9876453557889. This was mainly spurned by A] trawling the interwebs for ideas for my other 'real' true scale project, B] being bored and C] finding 6 terminators in my bitz box. I need a colour scheme, back ground etc for these boys so, go for it. Even if you make something up, I'll do it if it's cool. I'm planning to do a squad of 5 led by a Librarian. - They'll be armed with power mauls, 1 powerfist and 5 combi weapons.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2015/02/10 14:41:44

Post by: master of asgard

Nicely done on the truescale marine! I found for mine that if you make a step in his butt it looks a bit more like a marine's butt (I'm not usually this obsessed with butts btw).
The combi plasma is wicked too!

Toy's n' That.... @ 2015/02/11 00:03:59

Post by: Lord Borak

Cheers man. Don't worry, I like like big butts and I can not lie............... or so the saying goes. However, not on Marines! So, I shall take your advice on board and sculpt him a new bottom!!

Right, enough about bottoms! More about colour schemes! What do you think of this? Kind of like Howling Griffons meets Black Templars.... I still need a name for them so........... ideas?

Toy's n' That.... @ 2015/02/11 00:43:58

Post by: EyeamRai

I really like that color scheme.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2015/02/16 10:11:23

Post by: Lord Borak

I'm glad! Still haven't thought about a name though. 'Dorns something or other' or 'the something other of Dorn'.

Anyway. Number two of the 'Something or others' is done. I sculpted him a new bottom (I hope your happy Master of Asgard)

Secondly, I've finally got the last (maybe) set for the real true scale project. I've converted up a 'test' Halberd for them. What do you think?

Toy's n' That.... @ 2015/02/16 14:11:11

Post by: Theophony

Dorn's Checkered Cabbies....I'll take my leave now

Toy's n' That.... @ 2015/02/16 14:31:43

Post by: whalemusic360

This is some cool stuff. Really liking, well, everything. Can't wait to see more.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2015/02/18 08:41:40

Post by: Lord Borak

Theophony wrote:Dorn's Checkered Cabbies....I'll take my leave now

No, no more checks. Please, no more checks.........

whalemusic360 wrote:This is some cool stuff. Really liking, well, everything. Can't wait to see more.

Cheers man, well, not much of an update for you..... yet anyway!

Just playing around with some moulds for the sergeants shoulder pads. Tutorial is fairly straight forward.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2015/02/18 19:24:16

Post by: master of asgard

Nice butt

Damn I've never managed to get such a crisp press-mould with GS! How did you do it?

Toy's n' That.... @ 2015/02/19 17:25:54

Post by: Lord Borak

I think it really relies on how much pressure you put onto it. You need to really, and I mean REALLY, need to press down hard when you're making the mould and when you're making the copy. Otherwise the GS doesn't go into all the little details.

Right, update time. I've finished the Sergeant. Pictures are pretty pants, sorry, but you get the main idea.

Ass shot for you Asgard

Toy's n' That.... @ 2015/03/04 17:57:24

Post by: Lord Borak

Squaddies 4 & 5 are done. One of which ended up carrying a Heavy Flamer. Not sure why.... I just liked the idea.

Also made a Librarian!! Quite happy with the posing and the conversion. It's very simple but worked pretty well if I don't say so myself!!

Not sure whether to do the Librarian in the same Black and Yellow Quartered scheme or do him blue with one shoulder pad in the quartered scheme. Thoughts?

Toy's n' That.... @ 2015/03/09 17:32:28

Post by: Lord Borak

Painting/Conversion for the true scale Marines is on hold for the time being. A mate of mine has convinced me to go to a tournament at the end of THIS MONTH. So for the next few weeks this is what I'm going to be working on. I'm taking my 'Mad Max' Guard list as it needs the least work and investment done to it in order to make it tournament ready.

First of the new additions is 'PASK' or SHREDDA as he's known in my list.

If you're interested in my list, this is it. I'm going to trawl through my old files and find some pics of the army so far...

PASK, Punisher, Lascannon, Multi-Melta Sponsons
- Exterminator, Lascannon, Multi-Melta Sponsons
- Exterminator, Lascannon, Multi-Melta Sponsons

Veterans, 2 Melta, Taurox
Veterans, 2 Melta, Taurox
Veterans, 2 Melta, Taurox

Executioner, Plasma Sponsons

Knight Paladin.


For those of you that don't know the army...... here's where I left it.

...last but not least......... STOMPY!!! (he's being base coated At the mo)

Toy's n' That.... @ 2015/03/09 17:56:33

Post by: mars2024

Really great stuff! I can't wait to see the Stompa painted up. Keep it coming!

Toy's n' That.... @ 2015/03/09 18:17:17

Post by: Lord Borak

Cheers man. I'm half way through putting the washes on it. Then it's drybrush-tastic!!!

Found some better pictures of those 3 Russ so I figured I'd put them up. The two Russ need to be converted into Demolishers.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2015/03/09 19:13:03

Post by: mars2024

I only recently started doing panels with more rough cuts and gnawed edges like yours - I still like yours better than mine (something for me to work toward). I think I like the simplicity of yours as well. Really good stuff!

Toy's n' That.... @ 2015/03/09 19:45:41

Post by: Lord Borak

It's just scalpel work so nothing arduous or complicated. Having a Rag-Tag look is fairly forgiving ...........Just make sure you have lots of plasters on hand. My thumbs make me look like I'm some sort of masochist.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2015/03/19 15:11:26

Post by: Lord Borak

Scrap Knight is finished. I might go back and add some more graffiti and another stubber crewman but, for now at least, he's finished. so, thoughts? Ideas? Criticisms?

Toy's n' That.... @ 2015/03/19 15:17:21

Post by: Warboss_Waaazag

Is it the light or is the giant chainsword arm a lighter color than the rest of the model? Overall your theme and execution are great. And your paint jobs are beautiful.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2015/03/19 15:19:58

Post by: bebopdrums2424

I love those tanks! And the all metal painting of them...looks like a lot of fun to come up with random "signs" to peice together. You should do one with a fake vintage "Pepsi" sign...like the ones those pickers are always after hehehe...giant robot mech is cool too, though a bit stocky in design for my taste, but that's just style and why Ibe never painted orks, really well done though!! Thanks for sharing


Toy's n' That.... @ 2015/03/22 08:48:26

Post by: Lord Borak

Waaazaag: I think that's the picture where the flash went off on the Camera, hence the colours look a wee bit lighter.

BB: Cheers mate! That's a cunning idea! I think my tanks are going to feature a hell of a lot of Logo's from now on!!

Right, Shredder is all painted up. It really did not take as long as I had thought. I think I spent more time overall on the ganger than I did on the tank! Hopefully it doesn't show!

Toy's n' That.... @ 2015/03/22 23:10:51

Post by: GiraffeX

Wow that looks fantastic, thats a really nice army you have there.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2015/03/22 23:55:40

Post by: AUGmaniac

How many Goliath Figures do you have man! I love this stuff so much, especially big blue from the first page.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2015/03/23 18:15:16

Post by: Lord Borak

I have three 10 man Squads of Goliaths which will count as Veterans. I also have a command squad of 5 which is pictured here. The spare 3 are on the Stompa/Pask. I do have 7-8 of the Plastic Goliaths but they don't really count!! I have FAR more Eschers in a bag but they are waiting for a separate project!!

Right, speaking of old school stuffs. I had a dig through my old boxes and found a trove of old Inquisitor models. This is what I found.....

1x Inquisitor Tyrus
5x Inquisitor Covenants in different states of conversion. Only 1 was complete but that's 'OK' as I have plans....
8x Complete Guardsmen including a converted Sergeant Stone. Plus a spare set of legs.
1x Cadian Guardsmen (Doran Black is his name I think)
2x Converted Kal Jerico. One is a commissar the other is just a head swap.
2x Random Imperial Citizens plus about 3 spare legs from the same models
1x Enforcer Woman
5x Daemon Host body & Arms
1x Space Marine.
1x Tech Priest

Random Weapons, Pouches, Power Mauls and a single enclosed Helm from the enforcer Woman.

So........ what I was thinking is.... To do one Warband made from the Inquisitor Covenants. They'd all have the same robed legs and armoured Torso's and I'll make some Moulds of the Enclosed Helm so they are all 'Uniform'. The idea behind these guys is to do an Inquisitorial 'PURGE SQUAD'. Hence the same uniforms.

The other idea is to do a 'radical' warband with the Tyrus. Supported by the Tech Priest and a random assortment of Mutants and Gun slingers.

As for the Rest. They can act as 'inquisitorial troopers' or just random NPC's.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2015/04/04 19:58:45

Post by: Lord Borak

Ok, I have built the Radical/Rogue Inquisitor and I'm part way through his Warband. This is just a sneak peak; I'll have more pictures of him tomorrow.

Some pictures of some of the other bits I've been working on. Restoring some bastardised Covenant torso's using some instant mould. I also made a few complete torso's for later conversions. The Radical Inquisitor was based off a Torso that has some imperfections. In other news I've been working on the 'Executioner' as well. I've sculpted him some fully armoured arms which I'm fairly proud of. Pictures of him will appear tomorrow.

Oh, I forgot to add! My tournament with the Road Warrior Guard army.... Here's some pictures from the 3 games.

Found some pictures of the boys in action. More Pictures on the Clubs FB page. LINKY. I did pretty well ending 8th out of 24 entrants. There were some fairly horrible lists there to be fair including 3 Wraith Knight lists, Riptide Spam and even a list with a Warhound titan (4 large Blast D weapon shots, Ouch!) The nastiest I think was a Mech Stompa with a Big Mek and 5 Meks inside with the rest of the army as Ork Bikers. Anyway...

First game I played against a really nice guy who'd only been playing for 7 months. He had a Grey Knight Terminator Army supported by two Dread Knights. In fairness, and being kind, I raped him. An Open board with terminators running towards Plasma Tanks and Demolishers isn't Fun. He killed Stompy and 1 Taurox. I almost tabled him (he had 2 models left hiding behind a building) and claimed all 5 objectives, had line breaker and everything else..

Second game I came up against a Riptide spam list. Basically, I put my models down. Then put them back in my case. I have never seen someone roll so many 6's in my life. He exploded 8 out of 9 tanks in 2 turns in one shot kills. Stompy did well, inflicting 23 WOUNDS to a Riptide in a fairly Epic display of awesome. Then eventually got dragged down through weight of fire. I lost. Hard. :(

Third and Final Game was against a equally nice chap with a drop pod Minotaur Marine list supported by a Knight Lancer. The army looked awesome and I felt really bad for what I did to it. He killed Stompy with his Knight and that was it. I tabled him in 4 turns. The Stompy Vs Knight-Lance fight was pretty Epic though. Stompy ran into combat, Fluffed all his attacks. his Knight hit with all 4 attacks and, only needing to do 5 HP to kill stompy rolled 4 D3 and rolled 4 1's! Leaving stompy on 1HP. Stompy died next turn but inflicted 3 HP in return. I felt truely sorry for this guy. Points were something ridiculous like 35-3 or something.

My Army was voted second best which was pretty awesome I must say! I lost to my der friend who was sporting a bright orange chaos Marine army.


Stompy makes a Friend............ Kinda

Toy's n' That.... @ 2015/04/05 08:57:57

Post by: Lord Borak

Some better Pics of the Rogue Inquisitor...

This will be the Inquisitor leading the Execution Team. His left arm still needs finishing obviously! He'll be holding a Storm shield once I've built it!

Some things I've been making moulds of. Came out pretty well I think.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2015/04/06 10:36:14

Post by: Lord Borak

Does anyone actually play Inquisitor?

W.I.P of the Storm Shield...

I'll have the =][= in the centre of the Wings. I'll then see if I can sculpt an Iron Halo at the top. We'll see how much rage it involves though

Toy's n' That.... @ 2015/04/08 09:38:38

Post by: Lord Borak

The four finished members of the Team. Think I'm going to go for the Crazy Pit fighter Cyborg for the 5th Memeber. Randomly found the Servo skull. I don't think I painted it and Im not even sure it's for =][= but it's too big to be 40k so......... who knows.

The =][= needs filling down and it needs a Skull in the centre to finish it off. What do you think thus far?

Toy's n' That.... @ 2015/04/08 11:49:37

Post by: whalemusic360

That shield is nuts! I'd totally rock that bad boy on a heavy armored inquisitor. I really like seeing conversions on metal models. Just seems more impressive then plastics.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2015/04/12 09:33:11

Post by: Lord Borak

Painting has started on the Rogue Inquisitor. I went for Dark Angels Green Armour (to be a bit different). The clothes will probably stay black but with green details/freehand to tie it into the armour. The green and Visor is finished (minus damage obviously) but the metal is just basecoat and wash at the mo.

Secondly. I added a Mechaden.......Mechadendi......... Mecha-Tentical (Chinese school girls beware) to the Magos and modelled it so he's ripping up a cable from the ground (sneakily cutting a power line or coms line). It was made froma paper clip wrapped with thin brass wire.

Last but by no means least. The shield is done. All that's left to do on his now is to make a scabbard for his sword. Then he's done. I'm going to keep the head separate so I can swap between heads as the whim takes me.

Right, I'm off to Australia now for 2 weeks. See you guys then!

Toy's n' That.... @ 2015/04/12 10:22:27

Post by: Rawson

Subbed for sure! I'm impressed with you GS-fu, especially the storm shield and rogue inquisitor. Fantastic job!

Keep up the good work


Toy's n' That.... @ 2015/04/12 17:27:10

Post by: Lord Borak

Cheers mate!

Thinking adding a 5th member to the rogue team. I'm toying with either......

A: An Ex Guardsmen carrying a Heavy Stubber. He's not going to be very smart but he's going to be all muscle all the time. Obviously with tattoo's and a cigar. Possibly with a Stimm addiction while we're at it.... OR

B: A cyborg killing machine with implanted weapons. A chain arm and a drill arm probably! Again, lots of stimms.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2015/04/12 19:53:31

Post by: whalemusic360

You should probably make both, just to make sure.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2015/04/12 20:27:29

Post by: Rawson

 whalemusic360 wrote:
You should probably make both, just to make sure.

Haha, Awesome! I totally agree...

Toy's n' That.... @ 2015/04/12 20:50:52

Post by: Lord Borak

I...... Good call. Consider it done!

Toy's n' That.... @ 2015/04/12 21:13:03

Post by: Rawson

There's a good cigar smoking head in the Cadian command squad, btw. (That's what I used for my muscle-y, heavy stubber, cigar smoking guy at least )

Toy's n' That.... @ 2015/04/26 15:53:48

Post by: Lord Borak

ack from Holiday and back with an Update. The Inquisitor/Interrogator is done. Very happy with the way the Green stuff painted up....... you almost wouldn't know

Green came out the best in this one...

Made this guy whilst bored. He's an escaped Pit fighter/Slave. The head is a press mould of Sergeant Stone.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2015/04/26 16:13:47

Post by: Gogsnik

I think stone makes a much better Pit Slave than he does a Guardsman! A very nice little conversion.

I also have to say that the Covenant conversion looks amazing and the GSing in the shield is absolutely spot on, very well done. Great Stuff!

Toy's n' That.... @ 2015/04/28 12:52:15

Post by: Lord Borak

Magos is done. Although, looking at him now, I might go back and add a freehand cog pattern to the hood.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2015/04/29 07:36:31

Post by: Lord Borak

Here's 'The Executioner'. I went for a fairly high tech look as I figured the Inquisitions bounty hunter would have the best gear. The helmet is based off the Praetor pattern Space Marine Helmet. Thinking of adding a back pack, thoughts?

Toy's n' That.... @ 2015/04/29 08:41:57

Post by: dubovac

Great work, last Inq. is my favorite model so far. Helmet is looking great and in my opinion backpack is not needed.
Tell what are your "tools of trade", what do you use for sculpting, color shapers or improvised tools?

Toy's n' That.... @ 2015/04/29 22:08:38

Post by: Lord Borak

Cheers mate.

My tools of trade are *drum roll*. The GW sculpting tool, a scalpel and a pin. Although my darling wife has just bought me a 12 piece sculpting tool set as a birthday present!

Toy's n' That.... @ 2015/05/08 14:13:42

Post by: Lord Borak

Ok, been quiet on the update front I know but it's because I've been working on something that I wasn't sure would work - As I've never done anything like it before.... So I was holding off on pictures until it was done! Which it is!..... maybe. I'm gonna go back and re-do the banding on the shin guard and maybe a few other things too while I'm at it.

This is actually my first full sculpt and my first sculpted face as well. Thoughts, criticisms etc all welcome.

Automatically Appended Next Post:
Ok, due to some advice I've made several changes. Namely...

Narrowed the Chin. Bulked up the Cheek bones. Raised the left knee. Lowered her right buttock.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2015/05/13 09:35:26

Post by: Lord Borak

I've painted the skin and hair on Dixx. To be truthful I painted this on the weekend but I've been doing Overtime at work so just haven't had the time to take pictures or paint any more! The skin is a mix of Scab Red, Bestial Brown and Dwarf Flesh. Highlighted up with Dwarf Flesh then Elf flesh. Finally washed with a mix of Codex Grey and Elf flesh around the nose and below the chin for shadow.

I'm thinking of adding some sort of band logo on the back of her leather jacket and some small motif to her T-Shirt but I dunno what. I was thinking 'Lasguns n' Roses' on her Jacket, obviously with the Guns n Roses logo. AS for the T-Shirt, colour and motif ideas please!

Toy's n' That.... @ 2015/05/13 11:28:02

Post by: Mymearan

Wow, very impressive!

Toy's n' That.... @ 2015/05/14 08:55:12

Post by: Lord Borak

Cheers man! (just looked at all your Necromunda terrain, that stuff rocks!)

Thinking of something like this on the back of the jacket with "Lasguns and Roses" and, obviously, lasguns instead of Pistols. Good/Bad?

Toy's n' That.... @ 2015/05/14 21:18:29

Post by: GiraffeX

She's looking really nice, reminds me of a female version of Han Solo.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2015/05/16 16:39:40

Post by: Lord Borak

Pictures are a bit rushed but........... ?

Toy's n' That.... @ 2015/05/16 17:12:28

Post by: Gogsnik

Ha! Now that is awesome, kudos on the sculpting and paintjob, that freehand is insane. The zippo lighter is also a very nice touch, tells you heaps about the character without a single word needing to be written. Great stuff.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2015/05/16 18:34:19

Post by: dubovac

Wow, that looks great. First sculpting and now this freehand, you are really man of many talents

Toy's n' That.... @ 2015/05/22 09:35:39

Post by: Lord Borak

Cheers guys! Master of many talents? I just wish some of them applied to the outside world!! lol

Right, picture time! She's done!........... maybe. She feels to 'clean' so I might add some dirt, scuff marks and weathering on the metals. Speaking of metals, I'm really not impressed with my metallics on this model. :S

This last photo was supposed to show the highlighting on the leather off..... but the camera focused on the crate......... you get the idea though.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2015/05/22 09:48:03

Post by: nwns

Love it, it's a fabulous sculpt and an amazing paint job. I am in awe!

Toy's n' That.... @ 2015/05/23 11:17:55

Post by: Lord Borak

Cheers mate! Do you think she needs some more band insignias/badges etc? Maybe on her upper arms etc? Or shall I leave her as is?

Next up I'm going to go back to the Magos and do some simple freehand on the robes. Then I'll paint up the Pit slave.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2015/05/23 17:15:08

Post by: Gogsnik

I actually like how clean she looks and truly, it's a marvellous paintjob; and that t-shirt, awesome! As for the metallic, I think they look spot on, I wouldn't change a thing. I don't think she needs any more freehand on the jacket either although, if you really think she needs a little something extra, how about a little tattoo on the back of her right hand, a spider web or something?

Toy's n' That.... @ 2015/05/27 09:58:08

Post by: Lord Borak

Thanks dude! I hadn't thought about tattoos dammit....... now you've got me thinking! I went and added some small patches of dust on the Investigators and the girls boots. Although I forgot to take new pictures of the girl (other than the first pic) so you'll jut have to trust me.

I went back and added some minor damage to the Investigator and also some freehand on the Magos' robes.

AI'm also half way through painting up the next model. Well, I say half way. The skin and face is done. EDIT: That face painted up pretty well (It's made form a press mould remember!)

Toy's n' That.... @ 2015/05/27 22:00:15

Post by: Gogsnik

I honestly don't think you would ever know that was a press mould of Stone's head; funnily enough I did one myself which I then chopped down and resculpted a bit and that head too, turned out good, as did one of Eisenhorn's so they obviously take to it well. For a PIP he looks pretty good and especially like the oily metallics.

Where do you get the mesh from for the bases, is that bought in or just some stuff you found? I managed to find a small sheet of fine mesh which I've basically used up now but I've struggled to find anywhere that sells something like that.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2015/05/28 06:58:31

Post by: Lord Borak

How did you go about doing your press moulds? Was it using Instant mould as well or through other ork-like shenanigans?

As for the mesh, it's aluminium car body mesh. If you type that into ebay you get loads of them pop up. Although the Ebay prices are pretty expensive. I pick mine up from an Iron Mongers for about £1.50. Halfords does it as well.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2015/05/28 22:22:50

Post by: Gogsnik

Do they? Excellent, I shall have to have a trip to Halfords then, thanks for the tip.

The press moulds I made were just Green Stuff which, if I recall correctly, wrapped around the head to just behind the ears and then I sculpted the back of the head on afterwards. They were pretty basic but achieved a great level of detail.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2015/06/08 17:21:07

Post by: Lord Borak

Right, so a bit of a back track. I blame two things.......... 1, Mad Max: Fury Road for making me want to revisit (and finish) my Road Warrior Guard army. 2, The new Knight Codex........

I will eventually do all the Knight weapons. I'm doing a BIG assault cannon next for the right arm an then I'll do a big cannon for the left. I will magnetise them so I can swap between weapon outfits as I please......... as soon as my magnets arrive... Oh and yes, it's missing tubing, I am going to add some...... honest.

Some pics to show that all the joints do move!

The wrist does, indeed twist.

Hopefully on Wednesday I can crack on with some more 54mm shenanigans

Toy's n' That.... @ 2015/06/14 12:11:09

Post by: Lord Borak

Right. Gatling Cannon arm is done. Well, minus the Magnets. I'll have to tweak the elbow joint once the magnets arrive but other than that it's good to go I think. Thoughts?

Scale shot

Worky Gubbinz

All the joints/Pistols do move.

This will be magnetised to allow weapon swaps. I'll do the Battle Cannon/Thermal Cannon so that they can feature on either arm.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2015/06/22 17:10:39

Post by: Lord Borak

Crickey!! Painted Stuff! Hope you were all sitting down. I know it's been a while but I've been working on the new arms for Stompy!!

Here's Thrakk, one of the 4 Hydrak Brothers who will be appearing in a thread near you soon (ish).

Toy's n' That.... @ 2015/06/22 20:18:36

Post by: Gogsnik

I have to say, the combination of parts work so much better than the original Sergeant Stone legs and arms that is you didn't know what the original model was like you'd never tell the kit didn't come just as you've done it here. I always thought Gruss's arm looked a bit iffy but it's spot on here. I really like the hazard stripes on his head as well, never seen anything than bare metal used before so that's a very nice little touch and the tattoos seem very natural, almost as if he's been branded.

And the walker is really excellent, detail on the arms is particularly nice, I mean, who doesn't love a giant gatling gun but the claw as well is pretty sweet. How have you fixed the joints to keep it all strong, metal pins or some such?

Such a great idea for a guard army and so much more 40K than the rather too clean cut Cadians.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2015/07/09 20:35:46

Post by: Lord Borak

Sorry for the late reply! Thanks for the comment mate. Glad you like my work As for the joints, They're pinned but the shoulders and elbow on the Gatling cannon are magnetised so I can swap arms/weapons as I please. I think I'm going to stay with a Gatling Cannon and Thermal Cannon set up.......... I like Dakka.

Right, So...... some more Mad Max Madness! 5 done, 4 more to go and then a unit of Quad Bikers Let me know what you think.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2015/07/13 09:03:50

Post by: Lord Borak

Some WIP on one of the 'Sentinels'. Again, this guy is from Ramshackle Games. The only conversion is the addition of the Ork Big Shootas.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2015/07/13 09:41:31

Post by: insaniak

Some really lovely work in here. That trike is all sorts of hot.

The detailing on the mech arms is great (clever use of a Sentinel foot!).

On the Gatling arm, the muzzle looks a tad long. I'd make it about half that long, at most. Looks too delicate as is, while the shorter muzzle keeps the more brutal look to it.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2015/08/28 08:38:04

Post by: Lord Borak

Hey guys, apologise for not posting for ages. Spare time has been somewhat infrequent the last few weeks/months due to getting ready for my First born and raking in the overtime at work (84 hour weeks). Anyway, you don't care about that!! You just came here for some eye candy and toy soldier porn.

So, this is pretty much all I've been up to that's worth posting. This is R013130, a Battle servitor bodyguard for my Magos.

Scale shot

Still trying to come up with rules for this bad boy. The main Back story idea is that he's a lobotomised Acolyte who failed the Magos in some way (probably for breaking something important). I know it needs fleshing out but hey, I'll do that on the train to work. Right, I'm not going to promise to post more frequently because I can't but I'll at least try and get some painting done.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2015/08/28 15:44:52

Post by: kenshin620

This is some really awesome stuff!

Quite like the Ramshackle guy. I think Ramshackle stuff looks kind of bad unpainted, your paintjob makes it much better

Toy's n' That.... @ 2015/08/29 07:50:57

Post by: Lord Borak

Cheers mate. The quality of Ramshackle is pretty rough in all honesty. There's a fair few bubbles, missing detail and the flash is just shocking. So the stuff needs a good deal of work to get ready. Luckily a rough and ready paint job hides most of the imperfections. You're not going to get a beautiful model out of them but you're not really going to be buying this stuff for that purpose anyway

Toy's n' That.... @ 2015/08/30 12:50:17

Post by: Cleatus

Nice work. I especially like the scratch built ramshackle stuff. Keep up the good work!

Toy's n' That.... @ 2015/09/07 09:05:07

Post by: Lord Borak

Cheers mate. well I hope you guys haven't waited too long for this This must be the fastest follow up update I've done in a bloody long time!! Quite happy with the Chevrons but I get the feeling it's a little bit 'clean'

Toy's n' That.... @ 2015/09/07 09:16:17

Post by: angelofvengeance

Some seriously awesome stuff in here! Liking the Inquisitor stuff a lot! A shame I don't have my Inquisitor stuff anymore- seriously excellent models!

Toy's n' That.... @ 2015/09/07 09:31:05

Post by: Gordy2000

This thread is just tremendous - outstanding modelling, converting and painting.

Your skills are impressive sir!

Toy's n' That.... @ 2015/09/07 22:50:34

Post by: Knightley

Loving the Dreadnaught 'lite' your painting does it justice as well

Toy's n' That.... @ 2015/09/08 08:45:14

Post by: Lord Borak

Thank you gentlemen Hopefully I've got some form of painting mo-jo back now so should be able to get some updates in quicker. In between painting a babies room and building baby furniture....... easier said than done though! Anyway! I was thinking of adding some blood splatters to the sheers and maybe dirtying the feet up a bit. Yay/Nay?

Right, whilst we're pondering about that you can also ponder about what to do with this chap. This is Tech Acolyte Crassos who follows the Magos around like a lost puppy. Not sure what I want to do with the other arm. Either a Flesh and blood arm holding a pistol or a Mechanical arm with built in rotary cannon of some sort. Still working on the fluff for this chap.


Toy's n' That.... @ 2015/09/21 08:30:56

Post by: Lord Borak

I ended up keeping the flesh and blood arm. I reasoned that the guy is just an Acolyte, an new inductee into the Machine cult so wouldn't be overly mechanoid. Anyway, this is where I'm up to.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2015/09/21 08:33:37

Post by: Januine

lovely stuff. waht did you use for the cable arm?

Toy's n' That.... @ 2015/09/21 09:31:08

Post by: Lord Borak

 Januine wrote:
lovely stuff. waht did you use for the cable arm?

Guitar wire. I forget which size I'm afraid. It's not expensive though and you get about 1m worth.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2015/09/21 13:34:22

Post by: evildrcheese

This thread is full of win. Great conversions, great painting and a joy to read.

Bravo sir!


Toy's n' That.... @ 2015/10/04 11:27:14

Post by: Lord Borak

Cheers dude!

Ok, he's not finished but any progress is better than no progress! I've gone for a half white/Red robe to symbolise an Acolyte. no idea why I went for it it just seemed to fit. Not sure what to do with the tabbard though so any ideas would be welcome So, thoughts?

I think I might go for a blue effect on the cables as they're 'electro-flails'. Maybe.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2015/10/04 22:31:52

Post by: Knightley

Very cool, I also think the blue wash on the cables will bring out a more energised look, although perhaps a very light blue instead of the normal dark blue wash?

Toy's n' That.... @ 2015/10/21 07:40:18

Post by: Lord Borak

Ok, I had a crack at some glow effects on the electro-flail and I'm not 100% sure I pulled it off. I think it needs a final spot of white to really make it 'pop'. I'm also thinking of adding some purpley-blue veins on his arm to make him look sickly/full of chemicals but other than that, and some dirt on his robes, he's done. What do you think thus far?

Toy's n' That.... @ 2015/11/15 14:13:31

Post by: Lord Borak

*Blows dust off thread*

Well, not quite a month since my last update! I forgot to take pictures of the 'dirtied' up Tech Adept but I have done some greasy stains around the base of his robes. I'll take pictures on my next update

Anyway. The past three days I have FINALLY got some spare time to myself and done some hobby! Egads! First up is my first piece of 54mm scenery. I'm planning to do some form of oil refinery. Expect lots of tanks (to blow up!) and churning machine to throw people in

Next up is The Executioner. Going for a funky blue effect. It takes ages but I like it.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2015/11/15 16:14:46

Post by: Littletower

Nice building, coming along well.

The blue armour already looks awesome, keep at it!

Toy's n' That.... @ 2015/11/15 18:00:31

Post by: SBG

This is fabulously well done stuff. Great work and I will be watching...

Toy's n' That.... @ 2015/11/19 10:17:02

Post by: Lord Borak

Thanks guys. Hopefully this update wont disappoint. Sorry it has taken so long for an update on this. The chest piece took me three attempts to get right. I'm not 100% happy with it now but if I do it again I'm afraid the paint will be too think and will end up being lumpy. The left arm is pretty crap compared to the rest of the piece and I only did the bit behind the shield in case I want to swap weapons. Oh well I guess I'll never take the shield off and hide the errors!! Looking at the pics however i think I do need to go back and add another highlight to the inside of his left arm.

Littletower you have some rather awesome scenery in your galleries. Any advice when it comes to scenery making would be very much appreciated!

Toy's n' That.... @ 2015/11/19 20:39:07

Post by: Mymearan

Jesus how did I miss this! You are a sculpting, painting and scratch building GENIUS. You also take good photos. Basically the perfect blog.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2015/11/20 07:57:27

Post by: Knightley

I'm still scratching my head, are you a machine? a Hybrid? a Cyborg? somethings not right here

Toy's n' That.... @ 2015/11/20 08:07:01

Post by: evildrcheese

Awesome scenery, looking forward to seeing it complete.

You NMM blue armour is mind blowing .


Toy's n' That.... @ 2015/11/20 08:28:13

Post by: lipsdapips

What a stunning miniature so far. Can't wait for the next update on him. Oh the things i'd give to paint blue like that

Toy's n' That.... @ 2015/11/20 19:51:06

Post by: Lord Borak

Thanks for the very kind words chaps Sorry, not had enough time to concentrate on 'Mr Blue' and I have run out of building materials for the scenery. So, I've been pissing around with an idea I've been toying with for a while.

My mission, should it work, is to create a set of Robed Cultist type models. All multipart. Then cast them up and, if it works, make some NPC's out of them. I am going to keep the sculpts simple for two reasons, so I can add details as and when I want them and to make casting a simpler job. Anyway, I have completed one set. Here's the head (a simple mask and hood head), one set of arms, one set of legs and one torso.

I'm planning to make 2 sets of legs: The one pictured standing still and the other running. 3 heads, one as pictured, a Redemptionist hood and I dunno about the other (ideas!). I'm looking to make 3 torso's, 2 robed and maybe one with a little bit of armour. 3 sets of arms: A set to carry a two handed gun and a straight and bent arm for both left and right arms.

 Knightley wrote:
I'm still scratching my head, are you a machine? a Hybrid? a Cyborg? somethings not right here

I'm actually a Cyborg. In one hand my fingers end in brushes and the other they end in sculpting tools. It makes socialising and going to the toilet difficult.

Automatically Appended Next Post:

Got bored and made another head. This time it's the Redemptionist head. A bit hard to see but I did sculpt eyes in that hood. Took me about 45mins - an hour to do.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2015/11/22 11:51:59

Post by: Lord Borak

Ok one more set of legs done, one more Torso, one more set of arms and the last head done!! Just one more torso and one more set of arms to go!

Pics are a bit pants, sorry about that.

Smiling clown face mask

Scale shot with a GW 54mm.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2015/11/25 09:52:58

Post by: Lord Borak

Well, thank the Emperor for that, the blue is finally done!! Just in time as I'm back to work today :( Where did that month go!?! C&C as always guys!

Toy's n' That.... @ 2015/11/25 09:57:45

Post by: Mymearan

Stunning as always.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2015/11/25 10:16:05

Post by: Januine

pretty damn fine work on that knight!

Toy's n' That.... @ 2015/11/26 06:34:01

Post by: Lord Borak

Cheers guys!

I think I'm going to go for an off white or light grey robe but what about a freehand design?..... ideas please

Toy's n' That.... @ 2015/11/26 06:47:20

Post by: evildrcheese

Blue Knight looks brilliant.

Liking the Cultists too, both the heads look great can't decide which I like more...


Toy's n' That.... @ 2015/11/29 22:11:53

Post by: Littletower

Knight's armour is just awesome, amazing job.

And thank you for that comment above, though I can hardly add much to what you are already doing here!

If anything, plan for painting when building. Large flat areas - like walls and roof tops, for example - make for boring canvases, remember to add, even if it might seem a bit OTT, enough detailing, ensuring you'll get colour and texture variation later on: rivets (of course), panelling, pipes, and so.

Keep it coming!

Toy's n' That.... @ 2015/12/05 11:23:46

Post by: Lord Borak

Thanks guys! Ok not much work done on Mr Blue as I'm back at work and haven't had any real time to spend on him. I am doing the metals though as I think about the robe/skirt and some freehand ideas.

As for the Cultists! They're done. I now have...

5 Heads, 3 Torso's, 3 legs, 6 arms, 5 hands. The hands are a Pistol grip for each hand, a weapon grip for each hand and an open left hand for carrying a two handed weapon/rifle. Here's some pics.

This is head number 5. I guess this could be a Cult Leader head as it is a bit more detailed than the rest.

Quite happy with the way it came out to be honest. Especially the eyes (they were a git!). I think the 3rd setof legs may be a touch to long. What do you think?

Toy's n' That.... @ 2015/12/05 12:44:22

Post by: Januine

Blood Pact!!!

Toy's n' That.... @ 2015/12/05 12:48:38

Post by: evildrcheese

Wow. Cool face sculpt.

+1 for the above comment. Very Blood Pact reminiscent.


Toy's n' That.... @ 2015/12/06 10:49:23

Post by: Lord Borak

Cheers chaps the head is indeed inspired by the blood pact. Hopefully it will fit a guardsman torso. If not I guess I'll have to sculpt a traitor guardsman. Maybe that can be the next project

Toy's n' That.... @ 2015/12/17 12:37:23

Post by: Lord Borak

Ok, well, despite my lack of pictures I am still making progress. Kinda. This is being a steep learning curve I must say. My first attempt completely failed due to not mixing the silicone correctly. I finally managed to get the mix right.... Lesson 1 learnt

Unfortunately, in the second attempt, the second 'block' of silicone completely stuck to the first meaning I had to (VERY carefully) cut it apart to get the original out. I did use some mould release spray but apparenty not enough (lesson 2 learnt). Originally I had planned to put the channel for the resin on his waist/top but due to me not cutting it out correctly I was forced to put the channel on the other side (the bottom). This means I'm going to struggle to keep the air bubbles out of things like the toes and tips of the cloak *sigh*. At least the mould still fits together well.

Next mould is on the go. Lets see if this one goes better

Still.. I'm getting there. Here's some pictures of the Sculpts on some sprue's.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2015/12/17 18:16:22

Post by: Cleatus

Nice work. Looking forward to seeing your casting results.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2015/12/17 18:56:07

Post by: Boss Salvage

Stunning project log, both the Mad Max crew and the INQ stuff! Bravo on the 54mm metal modeling, that's some intense stuff ... and makes me want to bust out my INQ dudes too

- Salvage

Toy's n' That.... @ 2015/12/18 00:39:02

Post by: Gogsnik

When making moulds I always rub Vaseline over the first half and then spray with mould release. I like to get plenty of Vaseline under the part to be moulded as well, so that when you put it into the first half of the mould the Vaseline helps form a seal that stops the rubber pooling underneath as sometimes I have bits that pop up after I've poured the second half and thanks to the Vaseline I can pull off the bits of rubber that pooled under the model. It isn't a perfect solution and it's best if the piece does not pop up but, in a pinch, it stops you getting what looks like two models squidged together.

For the air release I like to have two or more vents so that as I pour resin into the main pour hole the air can get out up the others. You needn't worry too much though about your current mould. Just cut channels into the mould, these can be very thin slivers, sliced from the mould or big channels and obviously, when you've made a cast and seen where the air naturally goes you can cut a channel there and the air then has somewhere to escape. With your current mould I would recommend cutting two narrow channels up from either end of the robe as vents, like so:

I recommend using used matches (I use one every day with a spirit stove but they ain't exactly expensive so you could use unused ones too) to make sprue as they are very easy to cut to whatever shape you need and to make sure that only a small area touches the model, thus reducing clean up after cutting the sprue off your cast pieces.

I've also started injecting my resin using syringes and using a sawed off syringe tip for the main pour hole; you'll only have to sacrifice one syringe because once you start casting you just make sure the mould is full and use the resin cast of the syringe piece in future moulds. What that means is you can 'plug in' the syringe into the mould and then inject the resin.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2015/12/18 11:48:45

Post by: Lord Borak

Thanks for the comments chaps and thanks for the advice on the Vents. I went ahead and added them. As you can see...

Well. I may have been a bit excited/impatient so skipped ahead and tried out some resin.

2 Part Resin. Mix, pour, wait an hour and open mould..... Did it work?

Well, praise the Emperor. It looks like it did. There are only TWO AIR BUBBLES AND THEY ARE TINY!!!! One is on the waist so you wont see it anyway and there is a tiny one on his toe. I can live with that. Not bad for a first attempt.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2015/12/19 00:18:21

Post by: Gogsnik

Looks like a great cast. One other trick I've used doing my own moulds is that, for certain areas you always get an air bubble no matter what you try so I mix up a small amount of resin and then put a drop into that part of the mould and poke it around with a stirring stick, then put the mould together and pour the rest of the resin. It doesn't always work I have to say but it's another little thing to try. And whilst it does help in any way what-so-ever, I bought a 2oz bottle of So-Strong Black Colour Tint, cost me about £18 which may seem like a lot but you literally need the tiniest drop mixed in with the resin to get a very nice grey resin; totally useless, looks nice!!

Toy's n' That.... @ 2015/12/19 17:14:14

Post by: Lord Borak

Thanks for the advice (again). I put a few drops of resin in the mould first and roll it around the mould before I pour the rest of the resin in. It helps I think, it doesn't get rid of all of them but the odd one or two small ones I can live with. A tint sounds like a cool dea if I ever start producing these guys to sell but when it's just me and a few other players I think Ill leave it for now. Or at least until Christmas is out the way with!

Been at the production line since my last post. 10 sets of legs (only 2 types though as the 3rd mould is still under way). The four on the right are 'perfect' with no air bubbles. The 6 on the left have air bubbles but it's nothing a touch of green stuff wont sort out.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2015/12/19 19:18:31

Post by: evildrcheese

Looks like you're getting some good results from the casting!


Toy's n' That.... @ 2015/12/23 10:57:30

Post by: Lord Borak

More progress. I currently have 6 sets of 3 legs (for sale). These are the best of the bunch but there are a few small bubbles in the toes and maybe a couple where you wont see them (in the base/waist join). I am getting better though.

.... and here's my Ten. The worst of the bunch so far! You can probably see the air bubbles. Some are worse than others.

My next order of silicone has arrived so I'm currently giving the Torso's a bath of silicone Hopefully Ill get the first casts of them done tomorrow and give you a sneak peek - just so long as they're not an embarrassment.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2015/12/24 12:24:35

Post by: Lord Borak

Ok, the mould for the Torso's came out pretty well. After a few tries casting up I ended up widening the 'pour' point or whatever you call it as I was having trouble getting rid of all the air bubbles.

Here's two casts after the alterations.

A couple of rejects gave me something to play with. My 'squad' is coming along nicely

Next moulds are under way.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/01/01 12:04:08

Post by: Lord Borak

Here's some progress with the moulds. The Arms, Heads and hand moulds are done so I'm casting them up hurridly I've 'finished' 3 Cultists and have several more in different stages of completion (3 are just awaiting weapons). You can kinda see the air bubbles now but I'll take a picture of them once I've filled them in with Green stuff.

Oh, and a Marine. No story for the Marine yet as I don't really think I'll use him. He's a remake of an old conversion. Same pose but done better. The shoulder pads were both the inquisition ones, which I didn't want, so filed them down and GS'd them to look as close to the 'normal' pads as I could. Unfortunately his bolter was converted (badly) into a Flamer so I had to cast up another Bolter for him: Which came out pretty well I might add! The Helmet is a cast because I only have one metal one.

This guy will be from my own Chapter called the 'Jade Tigers'. This will be the colour scheme

Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/01/01 12:09:54

Post by: sockwithaticket

Oh wow, that Jade Tigers scheme looks very pretty and the check pattern seems to be very neat indeed.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/01/04 11:28:36

Post by: Lord Borak

Right, a little update. My 10 Cultists are equipped and the holes filled in.

I'm also making/casting up some bases. For two reasons really, I don't think I have enough spare 40mm bases kicking around and (this is the main reason really) I really can't be bothered making 10 different bases when their cloaks will cover up most of the base anyway. So...

Oh, yeah, I made a Bolt pistol out of a failed cast of a Marine Bolter. It's a bit rough n' ready but it was just a test piece. I'm going to have a proper crack at it when I get around to doing my Space Wolf.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/01/10 19:57:17

Post by: Lord Borak

Cultists are done. Painting is pretty basic and slap-dash but they'll do for NPCs.

This is 'The Set' I'll put up on Ebay

Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/01/11 04:24:58

Post by: Gogsnik

Oh boy, now that's pretty damn awesome! It's fantastic to see these come together and turn out so well. "Come to Chaos!"

I saw a very interesting tool on ebay the other day, basically it was a rolling pin with detail on it, similar to your base, and you just roll it over some green stuff and voila, sci fi bases done! When I get around to it, I think I may try my hand at making my own because like you say (having done it myself) it really can get boring making endless bases when a lot of the detail ends up covered over but then my OCD kicks in and I know I'll never be happy with one identical base.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/01/11 15:04:48

Post by: Boss Salvage

Damnation! The crew look really solid all together and painted up. Really quite impressed! And the 28mm(-ish) weapons work fine - I had some doubts before paint, but clearly unfounded ones

- Salvage

Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/01/12 21:01:05

Post by: Lord Borak

Boss Salvage wrote:Damnation! The crew look really solid all together and painted up. Really quite impressed! And the 28mm(-ish) weapons work fine

Cheers mate. Glad you like 'em. They don't look so great up close but they will suffice :0

Boss Salvage wrote:I had some doubts

Ouch..... I find your lack of faith........ disturbing

Gogsnik wrote:Oh boy, now that's pretty damn awesome! It's fantastic to see these come together and turn out so well. "Come to Chaos!"

I saw a very interesting tool on ebay the other day, basically it was a rolling pin with detail on it, similar to your base, and you just roll it over some green stuff and voila, sci fi bases done! When I get around to it, I think I may try my hand at making my own because like you say (having done it myself) it really can get boring making endless bases when a lot of the detail ends up covered over but then my OCD kicks in and I know I'll never be happy with one identical base.

Aye my mate has one of those and it looks pretty damn cool!! It is a great way of doing quick bases but you'll use a lot of Green stuff up pretty fast if you have a lot to do. All those bases are the same lol. You just can't really tell because they're covered so much

Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/01/16 17:54:03

Post by: Lord Borak

Right, on to the next step. I haven't had the chance to sit down and paint (too many distractions) so I've been cracking on with a Cult Leader/Cardinal type character. As you can see he's based on the Cultist model but with some flashy bits added on. I'm not sure If I'm going to be able to cast this up to be honest with you. I'll have a go but I doubt I'll be able to get the chain mail done perfectly.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/01/27 11:33:34

Post by: Lord Borak

I've been a bit quiet on here but I've not had much to update you with as I've had to re-do some of my old moulds as they started to crack and so forth. Still, I have now finished the Cardinal model and done a couple of weapons. I didn't have any of the Chain weapons from the booster pack (much to my sorrow) so I've finally bitten the bullet and made one. I also fancied making a Plasma Pistol for my Cardinal. I doubt I'll actually be including these in the Cardinal pack as they are rather hard to cast up!

Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/01/30 20:44:46

Post by: Lord Borak

Cardinal is done. He's not had a huge amount of time spent on him but he's had more time than the rest of the Cultists. Pics aren't great as the light is diabolical but you get the general idea. The flash destroys a lot of the highlights.

I have also done the base colour of my Marine. Considering it's only a single highlight I'm quite pleased with the fellow.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/02/01 14:32:43

Post by: Boss Salvage

Cultist looks solid, and damn if that marine isn't already the business Like how you've cut the shoulder pads down (as detailed earlier).

- Salvage

Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/02/03 10:29:41

Post by: Lord Borak

Cheers mate. The Shoulder pads were a cobble-together job from a conversion I did way back when the model first came out. Bless my young and not so competent self. It needed rescuing and that's how it ended up!

Right, been toying with this guy. Honestly, this has been the hardest thing to cast/mould up EVER. I keep getting bubbles regardless of what I do so I'm not going to be mass producing this rage inducing model. I also had one side of the mould fail as air bubbles got stuck in parts of him (mainly the gap between his leg and coat). Still, here's one I made earlier. With the Chain sword with 2 missing teeth.

This guy is going to be my Investigator/Interrogator for an Inquisitorial warband. An Ex Arbite Investigator. This is before his Inquisitor and the rest of his warband was ambushed and murdered by Cutists. He now works Undercover as a Bounty Hunter trying to track them all down.

As you can see, there's a few bubbles on this one. The tip of his lapel and his belt buckle for example. Nothing too bad to fix though.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/02/03 13:19:44

Post by: Januine

That's a piece of gorgeousness right there. Lovely sculpt. Cast seems to have come pretty damnnice. The flow on his overcoat especially nice work

Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/02/03 22:33:20

Post by: Lord Borak

It is, but that's because GW sculpted it It's a cast of their Arbite model. I only have the one so I'm going to cast up each 'original' I have in order to game with. It means I can chop, change and convert to my hearts content without cutting up originals.

Well, the chainsword I made. I so I'll claim that.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/02/05 00:07:17

Post by: Gogsnik

Fantastic results and the painting is great, I'm especially loving that green on the marine.

 Lord Borak wrote:
I also had one side of the mould fail as air bubbles got stuck in parts of him

You can try mixing up a small amount of rubber and then poking it around into the trouble areas to make sure those bubbles don't form and then mix up a larger batch of rubber to finish the mould and you can do that at any point really and the fresh rubber should fuse nicely to the pre-poured stuff. You can (and I know from experience that this works) coat the part as I say, poke out all the air bubbles and, if there's a decent-ish layer of rubber, jam down the failed mould half on top; needless to say this is more of a salvage job than a sure fire method but, occasionally a mould can be so messed up it's worth a try and I have done this so it does work.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/02/08 12:28:19

Post by: Lord Borak

PAINTED STUFF. Marine is done.

I say 'done' but I have forgotten to add a squad number to his left knee pad. I should also add some weathering to his feet..... Ah well, that's for another day. Oh, and I need to neaten up his base lol.

Oh, and just to prove to you I am still working on MrBlue. Here's some more W.I.P. The skirt and brown is still W.I.P but the metals are done. Looking for ideas on what colour to do the sword and it's scabbard.

Cheers for the tip. I did do that with the mould on the second attempt. I think it has more to do with the fact that the original wasn't as 'clean' as it should have been so air bubbles stuck to it. :S

Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/02/08 16:37:26

Post by: whalemusic360

If you wanna go full crazy, you could try some Sky-Earth NMM. Give it that mirrored look.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/02/08 23:15:06

Post by: Lord Borak

You know what, I think you're right. I'll keep it simple and go for silver but I think I'll go for a 'normal' silver than the chrome effect. I don't trust my painting ability to be honest.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/02/09 02:10:08

Post by: Gogsnik

That's a beautiful model and I thought the marine was impressive! I love the helmet too. I'm not one to offer advice on paint schemes, not my strong suit, but how about white in a sort of cracked ice kind of style?
It'd be a variation on the pristine silver/steel look. Anyway, you've got my wanting to dust off my old Inquisitor models as if I didn't have enough to get on with as it is!

Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/02/10 00:01:27

Post by: Skinflint Games

That... Is... Stunning...

Astonishing paint jobs and the sculpts are amazing. You, sir, are an artist.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/02/10 03:25:38

Post by: Warboss_Waaazag

Mr.Blue looks stunning. Really cool looking conversions and sculpts here. Subscribed!

Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/02/21 08:38:19

Post by: Lord Borak

Thanks guys! No more painting yet, well, atleast nothing worthy of note.

regaardless, Here's some of my new completed scenery.

In hindsight I should have added some more detail work to the base. I really should have done some individual tiles and so forth but, lesson learnt, I'll do that for the next one.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/02/21 12:56:30

Post by: Fifty

Your Jade Tigers are very nice. I Always enjoy seeing checkers.

The scenery looks good too. Looks very fiddly. I Agree about tiles. Could you separate the base with a very sharp knife, or do you think you'd kill it?

Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/02/22 17:59:11

Post by: Lord Borak

Thanks mate. Yeah. checks. Love hate relationship there. Your Lamenters look nice by the way!

The Rail would probably disintegrate if I cut/ease the bits off the base. So it's probably best left at it is. I can add some sand and gubbinz to the base to make it a bit more lively.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/02/25 09:13:14

Post by: Lord Borak

Right. Here's an update. This is just spray work at the moment. I started off with using the GW spray gun with Warplock Bronze. Then I used Mornfang in certain areas to create a rusty brown effect. I then sprayed it with the spray gun using Leadbelcher and then, lightly, sprayed it with leadbelcher spray - because it's a lot lighter than actual leadbelcher. Oh and sorry about the messy table!

I have also picked on one of these as a gaming board. They're not exactly cheap but they're REALLY god damn nice and I'll have no more chipped models.

I'm also thinking of doing 'MrBlue's' sword like this but green. Thoughts? Oh, this is NOT my work but some chap called C'Tan

Automatically Appended Next Post:
I forgot to add this picture in. This is the next batch of Scenery to be sprayed. One set still needs it's base and they both will have detail work on the base added.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/03/02 09:48:01

Post by: Lord Borak

Right, whilst pondering about MrBlue I have gone onto MrRed. Although he probably wont be red. He'll probably end up with a black paint scheme. He's still a bit WIP so will have a few extra bits done to him before he's ready for a spray can. Anyway, enough Rambling. Say Hello to...

Menoeteus Tartarus - The Red King

It's a bit hard to see but there's a flayed face on the back of his Power Fist. I'm thinking it's going to be the previous owner of the suit of Power armour. A puritan Inquisitor who tried to stop Menoeteus from doing his work.

Menoeteus Tartarus belongs to the Oblanionist faction. He's a bit of fluff I was given about the faction...

'Born in the fires of the "War of Brass" that wracked the Calixis sector in late M40, the Oblationist faction is an oath-sworn society of bitter fanatics who wield warp-forged weapons, bind daemons, and command the power of sorcerers with a self-hating fury that sees all in the Inquisition but their own creed as utterly impure, corrupt, and deserving of destruction. Their infamy long outstripping their numbers, the notorious Oblationist Inquisitors and their trusted servants have determined to sacrifice themselves in the cause of the protection of the Imperium, regardless of the cost. Consumed with vengeful worth and fanatic certainty, they gather profane artefacts, hoard forbidden knowledge, and wield the power of the warp whilst tolerating no others to use such methods. Their intolerance of all other Radicals has much in common with the most Puritanical factions; they believe that only the Oblationists may wield the weapons and knowledge of the enemy and remain true in the service of the God-Emperor. They are unbending in their belief and ruthless in all aspects of its application.' -Page 111, the Radical's handbook.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/03/02 09:52:54

Post by: evildrcheese

Cool scenary. Nice work on The Red King. The screaming face on his powerfist is a great touch.


Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/03/02 13:58:20

Post by: Boss Salvage

 Lord Borak wrote:
Although he probably wont be red.

Look forward to seeing paint really pull the King together

- Salvage

Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/03/06 11:29:05

Post by: Lord Borak

Well, hopefully this wont disappoint

Next update.

Some pics of the WIP Inquisitor.

Looking for ideas on what colour to do the books

Here's a better pic of the little girl with her slippers on. Once she's finsihed drying I'll make a cast of her. Anyone want one?

...... Here's the Inquisitor and Daemonhost for scale purposes. On a 'normal' human her head comes to just above waist height.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/03/06 14:01:50

Post by: whalemusic360

Creepy little girl as demon host? Cool idea, don't think I've seen it done before.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/03/06 21:31:13

Post by: Lord Borak

Burning sword is burny. Also, glow effects.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/03/07 00:36:41

Post by: GiraffeX

Wow that sword and the reflection look amazing, was that by hand or airbrush?

Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/03/09 11:01:37

Post by: Lord Borak

Painted with a brush mate. Air brushes are cheating!

Right. She's finished. Paint isn't fantastic when it's made THIS BIG but she'll do.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/03/11 08:11:11

Post by: Lord Borak

Ok. Here's The Red King.

..... lets not forget his little 'pet'. The creature known as Sophia

Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/03/13 15:02:20

Post by: Lord Borak

Here's the next addition to my bunch of desperado's! Hral Swynee!

I have also re-done my Interrogator. I was never happy with Covenants legs on him. They just felt 'off'' and they made him look too similar to MrBlue. So a change was had!

Here's the bunch together. The next chap will be an Ex-Guard Medic.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/03/14 02:27:40

Post by: Gogsnik

The glow effect on the sword is gorgeous, it reminds me of that life size Chaos Marine they had at (I believe) GW HQ. Liking the desperado too, he has a bit of a Bob Olley ogryn look to him. Gee, makes me nostalgic for the good old days of GW, maybe we will see them again!

Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/03/16 04:34:01

Post by: Lord Borak

Cheers mate. I never saw the Chaos Marine and I'm a bit too young for the Ogryns But I did a google search and found 'em. There's one that's almost identical to my chap. Same face, goggles and red body armour. I do like those Ogryns though, more so than the newer versions.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/03/16 06:51:34

Post by: evildrcheese

The Red King is amazing. The glow effect is really cool.

Excellent looking retinue too.


Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/03/24 16:54:37

Post by: Lord Borak

Cheers mate

Here's the next addition! This is actually a Resin cast. The painting is a bit rushed and it's just drybrush and a quick highlight in most places but it'll do for a Game plot type thing.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/03/25 16:43:23

Post by: Lord Borak

Right. Onto the next project. Well, I'm working on a few projects but this is the one I'm going to show you! This is Pyonidas (yes, that's Pie and Leonidas mixed together - It's the beard). Pyonidas is a redemptionist who has been uncovered as a WITCH! Basically, he's looking for martyrdom in order to repent for himself being a witch but our friendly Radical Inquisitor has convinced him that to repent he must first serve him. More fluff on him later I guess.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/03/27 16:42:09

Post by: Lord Borak

Right, Pyonidas is done. Paint job is pretty simplistic but he's a gaming piece.

Not sure if I should add anything to his cloak or not.I didn't add anything because he's supposed to have donned the black cloak of the penitant which I guess would be just plain robes.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/03/29 06:55:23

Post by: Mymearan

Brilliant mini, your sculpting fits perfectly and blends in seamlessly. Pose is great and paint job too!

Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/04/02 18:16:07

Post by: Lord Borak

Cheers mate. From some advice on another site I'm going to add some additonal details to break all that black up! Pics when he's done

Right. This is where I am with a commission piece. Still very WIP at the moment but any CnC is welcome.

As for what else is going on with him. He'll have a hand restin on his holstered pistol and a Bionic arm (separate) for his right arm which probably wont be holding any weapon. He'll have some pouches on his belt added soonish.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/04/04 15:55:17

Post by: Lord Borak

Right, back to it I guess. I've done most of the detail work now. I just need to do the left hand, left sleeve and pipes on his bionics. I'm also going to go for a flesh and blood arm for his right arm, probably holding a cane. I may re-do his boots as well as he now looks like he has really small feet! Compared to other =][= models anyway. I can fix his 'leaning' out while I'm at it.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/04/06 08:08:55

Post by: Lord Borak

Next warband member is up.

This is Rikkard Blunt. A recon trooper from the Abraxian 7th Recon Company ((Code name: Heart Breakers))
Apart from the 40k bits he is completely made up of resin

...... and here's one of the whole happy family so far. I think I'm going to add a mechanicum character to the band next.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/04/06 09:13:20

Post by: evildrcheese

Very cool. I think the raging priest dude is brilliant!


Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/04/06 11:45:19

Post by: Januine

Gorgeous stuff. Especially like Pyonidas. Fantastic build and paintjob. So full of character and life. Top score fella

Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/04/07 08:06:11

Post by: Lord Borak

Cheers chaps!!

Just to get some ideas flowing. I'm looking to make a Tech Priest/Magos for my next member but I'm not sure about how I want to go about it. I'm thinking of having him with no legs so either he'll be floating supported by trailing robes or he will be supported by some sort of mechanical Anti-Grav Gizmo. Which shall I go for?

Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/04/07 08:38:54

Post by: IGtR=


Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/04/07 12:38:36

Post by: Januine

I did a Magos recently supported on mechandrites. Worked out well. The warhammer cairn wraith makes a great basis for a Magos

Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/04/07 13:00:51

Post by: naRna

Truly amazing work.

Honestly all of it has been absolutely awesome.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/04/07 21:55:48

Post by: Lord Borak

Thanks everyone

 Januine wrote:
I did a Magos recently supported on mechandrites. Worked out well. The warhammer cairn wraith makes a great basis for a Magos

That's kinda what I'm thinking but a bit harder to do at 54mm scale as it's going to be a complete scratch build.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/04/09 06:16:14

Post by: Januine

Ahhhhh. Good luck. Look forward to seein ghow he comes out. Anything like whatyou've been producing recently and he'll be awesome!

Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/04/09 22:08:37

Post by: Ruglud

I need to visit your pages more often, amazing updates... That glowing fire sword effect is fantastic and your green stuff skills are out standing

Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/05/01 16:07:07

Post by: Lord Borak

Cheers guys. Sorry for the epically late reply! Ruglud......... Are you Blackadder on Librarium Online?

Been a while. I've been distracted by a Holiday and another project (soon to be here on LO). However, the Sculpting project is done!

Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/05/01 23:21:26

Post by: Littletower

Wow. Just that. Wow. Great.sculpt.

Just because nitpicking is.easier then sculpting, maybe a tad more.deffinition (for.lack of a better way to say it) on the right hand fingers tips', but awesome all way around.

Love the skull buttons!

Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/05/02 02:36:10

Post by: LostCarcosa25

Your sculpting, scratch-building, & painting are mind-boggling, Lord Borak! I cannot wait to see more. Keep the awesome-ness coming!

Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/05/02 05:02:51

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

Wow! Any hope of you casting up and selling that officer?

Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/05/02 06:02:03

Post by: Lord Borak

Thanks for the very kind words chaps.

Littletower wrote:maybe a tad more.deffinition..........Love the skull buttons!

You know what, you're right. I'll go back and add some finishing touches What would 40K be without skulls?

Kid_Kyoto wrote:Wow! Any hope of you casting up and selling that officer?

That's the plan. I was actually commissioned to do him by someone over on the =][= Conclave but luckily the guy just wants a cast of him and is happy for me to cast him up for others if they want him. I'll post up pictures of the cast and you can see the results. I have to order some silicon though so it may be a few weeks.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/05/02 08:56:14

Post by: evildrcheese

That's an amazing sculpt. Great work.


Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/05/02 11:16:55

Post by: Lord Borak

Cheers EDC

Right, one project done. On to the next! This is Arch-Magos Telkrath. He's extends his 'life' by downloading his memories into another mind-wiped brain. This obviously has a toll on his mind and has pretty much left him soulless and utterly mad. His knowledge of the arcane arts keeps him in good stead with my Radical Inquisitor though and in tern my Inquisitor protects him and keeps his acts from the all seeing eye of the mechanicum

He is WIP. I need to green stuff some lenses all over the faceplate half of his head and I will green stuff some tattered robes over his body.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/05/02 12:31:45

Post by: Theophony

That officer is nuts , almost makes me want to build an army or force around him

Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/05/02 13:32:38

Post by: bebopdrums2424

Very very good work in here! Sculpting skills that would make anyone jealous! Looking forward to seeing that fellow finished and painted in your distinct style....ill stay tuned!


Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/05/04 19:04:04

Post by: Lord Borak

Thanks for the kid words chaps

Right. Robes and lenses added.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/05/04 23:56:20

Post by: Januine

That tech priest fella is simply AWESOME. Really coming along. Beautiful dynamic pose. Cracking stuff

Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/05/06 13:38:58

Post by: naRna

Wow that posing is so freaking amazing. Can't wait to see him painted up!

Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/05/11 09:13:47

Post by: Lord Borak

Glad you like him. Painting has stalled a little bit as I have been distracted by...........SOME LITTLE SHIPS!!

This is just a little fleet to get me started (a mate of mine has a small Chaos fleet so I may get some games in!). With the exception of the two plastic cruisers the whole lot has been cast up. Which explains the battered look on the dauntless (it's a bit hard to see all those little imperfections on white resin) So far it consists of..

The Bloodhound
- Vanquisher Battleship with Fleet Admiral

The Brass Mauler
- Gothic class Cruiser with Power Ram

The Iron Dutchess
- Dictator Class Cruiser

The Razor
- Dauntless class Cruiser

The Wolf Pack
- 5 Cobra Destroyers (one still to do)

This isn't my whole collection. I have a SILLY amount of Gothic to be honest with you. I'll take some pics of the 'fleet' later but here is another project I'm working on. I was inspired by a 'super' battleship someone else had converted and decided I must make my own. Here is my work so far. The prow will be a cast of the Dark Angel Jet Bike prow (with modifications). There's a Retribution class battleship for scale.

Automatically Appended Next Post:
Well, here's the whole fleet (not including the above gaming fleet). It's exactly 5000pts but I still have 2 Cruisers (on sprues), 2 Dauntless and 3 Escorts unbuilt in the case so could probably make 6000pts in a pinch.

So that's......

Emperor Class Battleship
2x Retribution Class Battleships

3 BattleCruisers (2x Overlord, 1 Armageddon)
10 Cruisers (6 Lunar, 4 Dictator)
2 Dauntless light Cruisers

10 Sword Frigates
10 Firestorm Frigates
10 Cobra Destroyers.

So. Enough to keep me painting for a while I guess!

Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/05/11 12:57:47

Post by: Boss Salvage

Yea BFG! New gaming fleet looks a good 'un ... but sadly now I want to play BFG again more than ever

- Salvage

Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/05/13 06:27:26

Post by: Lord Borak

Why is that a bad thing?

After posting that I realised I can't have a Vanquisher Battleship in the list......... So I converted it (back) into a Vengeance grand cruiser :S

Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/05/22 19:41:51

Post by: Lord Borak

I finally got around to finishing the Imperial Noble and casting him up. This was the first attempt so it had a few errors in it but it'll do for me. The two others that I have cast up have come out almost perfect so I'm pretty chuffed with that! Hopefully I'll get around to painting him up at some point soon

The Navigator model is there for scale. It's probably not the best model to compare height with as he's blummin' tall!

It is very hard to take pictures of white things.......... Oh, and expect some Gothic shenanigans at some point too

Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/05/26 11:17:17

Post by: Lord Borak

Right. I've finally finished the 'Super Battleship'. I'm not sure what to call it so if you have any ideas, go ahead. I could also do with some suggestions with a colour scheme as well. I was thinking the normal 'Green' that most ships are in the Obscurus fleet but, hey, why not go for something else.

Some shots of the underneath so you can see the Plasma Annihilator and the conversion work. I cut a normal battleship in half (lengthways) and widened it with a 2mm piece of Plasticard. Everything in Grey Resin I bought from *CoughChinaCough*. Everything in white resin is stuff I have cast.

I also cast up and painted another Dauntless class Light cruiser because - Torpedoes.

Lastly, I picked up two 'incomplete' Battle Barges off ebay for conversion purposes. Turns out they were both complete so WIN. Especially for £37 for both Think I'm going to go for Black Templars.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/05/31 18:03:55

Post by: Lord Borak

I'm making a Chaos fleet for the hell of it (it gives people something to use against the Marines/Imperial if they don't have Gothic themselves). These are all resin casts. They're not perfect but they're good enough to game with and you can't tell the difference until you get up close.

I tried a rust effect on the ship on the left. It worked, kinda. the backstory for that one is that it's infected with a Warpborn disease that corrodes any metal or systems on the ship. This forces the crew to constantly salvage parts from other ships. It doesn't keep the corrosion at bay for long though.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/06/13 18:17:26

Post by: Lord Borak

HOARDS of bits! Just posting some bits I've managed to get my hands on over the last few weeks! I got a surprise present from a mate today. He found a Tau Ethereal in the loft!

There's a Marine head here (the left one) which I didn't even know existed.


..........and some sealed boxes. Already have them so....... not sure what to do with them

Automatically Appended Next Post:
More Cruisers! I went for some Slaanesh reinforcements this time.

The fleet so far...

Now all I need to do is cast up 8 Iconoclasts and that makes 1500pts!

Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/06/13 23:09:04

Post by: Gogsnik

The sculpt is amazing and the super battleship is great too. First thing I thought when I saw the DA jetbike was, that front would make for a great BFG battleship, and now someone has done it, so there's that itch scratched!!

A very impressive set of Inquisitor models, that collection must be worth a bob or two, especially with the conversion sets as well. I too, have never seen that alternate Space Marine head, I wonder if perhaps it's from a Third Party manufacturer, I know the Fire Warrior is???

If you've got Stone and Von Castellan already then it might be worth saving those boxes.

I've got my own =][= models stripped and in bits but I was thinking the other day of making another (better sized) terminator model, now you've got me thinking about doing it again. A 54mm Deathwatch Terminator squad sounds cool right?

Love the purple on the Chaos ships too.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/06/14 17:09:40

Post by: Radu Lykan

ooh, i remember reading you were doing bfg on the conclave, didnt realize you were casting stuff, do you have a target points limit or are you just going to keep going and end up with the biggest fleet ever?
lovely job on the super battle ship, i have been waiting til i do chaos(or possibly ad mech) to build my own supership, now i have a size to aim for/surpass

Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/06/15 08:02:22

Post by: Lord Borak

Cheers guys.

I'm looking to have 1500pts of Marines and Chaos. Although I almost have enough to do 1500pts of 'real' chaos Ships now so didn't really need to cast up all the cruisers!! The Imperial fleet compromised of 'real' GW ships is 5000pts but I have a spare Battle ship knocking about - it's missing one part though so I could make 6000pts if I dare to build the two cruisers that are still one sprues.

COOL. Build a chaos one and we can do a Imperial Vs Chaos Super Battleship fight You're only just down the road from me. I'm in Bedfordshire. Actually, a mate of mine used to run the GW Kettering store.

I dread to think how much my=][= collection is worth. I have 39 of the 52(?) models. Plus I have a few of the weapon packs. The ones that I have painted and put up here are not included in that 39 either. Nor are the 'double ups'

This is what I'm missing from the range.

Inquisitor Scarn
Sister of battle
Unbound Daemon
Boltgun weapon pack
Force weapon Pack
Genestealer Hybrid pack.
Imperial workers (I have one, missing the other)
Crime Lord

Another Teminator model???? You've made one already? Why have I not seen that!

Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/06/15 22:03:13

Post by: Januine

Great stuff Lord Borak. Always loved those =][= 54 models. Really wanting to start collecting them but damn they are thin on the ground these days. Most of the ones on EBay are coming from the States which has ridiculous P&P charges. From Britain - no probs but from US - P&P is as much as the model if not more. Balls :/

Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/06/15 22:31:22

Post by: Lord Borak

Yeah, American P&P is pretty damn crazy in general. There's some gothic bits on there (the card blast markers) with £60 postage! the bits themselves are about £6 lol.

I have a few 'spares' lying around that can go to a new home if they're the ones you're after. They'd probably end up on ebay anyway. Either that or I can do resin ones. My plan is to get the whole range (52 models) and then do a parts service for the =][= community. I have 75% of the range with only the really rare (an generally horrid) models missing.

This is what I HAVE

Lady Jena
Daemon Huntress
Chaos Magos
Severina & Sevora
Krash Kreiger
Slick Devlan
Damien Bloodhound
Von Casterllan
Yan Van Yastobal
Kal Jerico
Sergeant Stone
Major Jaxon
Dorian Black
Toothpick Murke
Eldar Ranger
Tau Ethereal
Tau Firewarrior (non GW but blood good)
Imperial workers (I have one, missing the other)
Servo Skulls
Chain weapons booster pack

........and some random weapons.

SPARES are...

Chaos Magus
Jena (missing hair and pistol)
Von Casterlan
Sgt Stone

Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/06/15 22:36:54

Post by: Januine

Damn - that's an awesome lot you've put together. Funnily enough I just popped over to ebay and manages to snag Quovandis sealed in box for $30 (incl p&p) from Canada. Score!

Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/06/17 09:00:55

Post by: Radu Lykan

My chaos fleet is about 11 cruisers built, and undercoated, has been for years :( got lots still on sprues though, just waiting for more time.
My imperial fleet however could give yours a run for its money if you are up for some blue on blue action?

Looking at your inquisitor model list I was like bugger that's a lot of models, then I was like got, got,got,got,got,got,need,got got,got, need lol I have more than I thought.
If I had a game to aim for I could bash out a couple of extra inquisitor models to go with the one (and a half, dog sized bionic lizard ftw ) I have finished

Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/06/17 22:31:38

Post by: Lord Borak

Wow, 4 Battleships AND 2 grand cruisers? You're just compensating for something! Mighty jealous that you have the Solar style shaped prow! That 3 lance armed Lunar class ship looks awesome!!

Nice colour scheme though. I keep thinking about having a few ships in different colours for my BIG fleet but I'm unsure. I was thinking something similar to yours truth be told. White/Bone with Red prows. That should stand out from the crowd at least Might do an Armageddon Battle cruiser in those colours just for the sake of it.

The Resin Recasts I wanted to make the fleet look like it's cobbled together out of old ships from across different sectors. Not sure about the fleets background yet but basically I wanted it to be a Patrol fleet for where different sectors meet/overlap. Due to this overlap each sector thinks it's the others responsibility to look after so, as an uneasy compromise they each send a ship/squadron to make up the battlegroup. These ships are generally old ships they wont miss and/or Captains they can't or don't want to deal with. So I may add a Chaos recast to the Imperial fleet.

Well, the =][= 'bag' is getting heavier with each passing month. Ebay seems to be drying up at the moment. There's and Inq SCARN on there but it's £70 and from the states so will incur a hefty customs fee on top of the ridiculous postage!! I'm up for an =][= game as well! Might have to get my Chaos Party done firs though

Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/06/18 00:02:18

Post by: Radu Lykan

You read my mind on the patrol fleet!
Just a different approach to the navy's opinion of it, the first ship assigned was a battle cruiser, the other sectors didn't want to be out done
It's 5 battleships and 3 grand cruisers now, if combined with brother in laws half then we hit 9 battle ships
More than happy to meet up, pm me
If we do I might be able to help you out with some of your missing inquisitor stuff, the chaos henchmen, gene stealer hybrids, cherubael, eversor, possibly some sister repentia parts and the thorian without his head, who knows what else is in the box?

Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/06/28 08:59:45

Post by: Lord Borak

I painted the white/gold on the prow last night so figured I'd show some WIP pics. Excuse the dodgy angle, it's not stuck to the base yet

Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/06/28 17:07:22

Post by: Gogsnik

If I didn't know that was a conversion I think It would be hard to tell that that isn't an actual production model, especially with the traditional green colour scheme. The only thing I would say, is that the bridge area seems like it's missing a gold statue or something. Yep, very slick, great stuff!!

Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/07/21 11:25:29

Post by: Lord Borak

Sorry about the late update. I've had no chance to do any hobby recently due to my Kitchen being redone annnnnnnnnd then my laptop died so I haven't been able to get on here anyway.

Enough excuses though. Thanks for the nice comment Gogsnik. Yeah, it is missing something like that but I don't actually have anywhere to put it :S

I've also been able to knock up some fairly simple transports over the last few days.

I also have 10 Escorts and 3 cruisers in the 'practically done' stage so expect some more updates soon-ish. Plus some Inquisitor 54mm goodies as well.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/07/22 00:00:31

Post by: Gogsnik

Ha, now those are very nifty conversions and they actually look a lot more nautical than the regular BFG ships. Good stuff as ever.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/07/23 11:24:27

Post by: Lord Borak

Glad you like 'em! I'm probably going to end up making some more at some point and I'm already planing a huge fuel tanker type ship

Right. My 1500pt Gaming fleet is done!! Everything apart from the three cruisers are resin recasts. The three cruisers were salvage jobs as they have had 3 or 4 paint jobs over the years so even with stripping they didn't come out great. Regardless, I think they look ok!

Right, I best get around to finishing that Dreadnought I suppose.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/07/24 18:54:50

Post by: Lord Borak

Well, as promised, some more 54mm shenanigans on the go as well. This time a Chaos Warband. The background is still pending/rough on these chaps. There's not much conversion work. The magus is just a weapon swap and the mutant is just Fabian with some shoulder pads.

I'm planning on doing a Huge mutant pit fighter cyborg as the Magisters Body Guard. The mutant above is going to be the leader of a mutant rebellion.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/07/25 03:04:54

Post by: Gogsnik

Ooh, very nice and that Fabian head looks particularly daemonic, just goes to show how not painting it bright green makes a difference!!!

The BFG ships look spot on as well, I would never have guessed any were resin. I do hope that if Gee Dubs are bringing back specialist games that we'll see BFG again, I only got to play a few times but I found it an enjoyable game.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/07/25 07:44:35

Post by: Radu Lykan

Some how missed the transports, nice work
I like the mini fleets that combine into a larger whole. Any thoughts on a fourth group?
Having played against them I can say they look great on the table top and are pretty useful on the table top too, just not useful enough in the end though eh? ( bragging? Who me? )
The 54mm stuff is looking good, am guessing I will pay for the previous comment when magnire faces off against them at some point, probably a first turn critical hit to the groin?

Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/07/25 08:39:34

Post by: evildrcheese

Those transports look awesome. Great conversion skills.

Chaos war and models are looking really nice too.


Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/07/26 20:19:49

Post by: Lord Borak

Cheers guys.
Yes............. GW, if you're listening. You need to bring back Gothic. I don't care what it costs. Just do it.

Well, I had a thought and then that thought turned into a full blown "I NEED TO SCRATCH BUILD NOW!" I fancied having some Endeavour class cruisers in my list. However due to A] not having any and B] wanting my fleet to look like it's made up of left overs and mothballed ships I decided to make this wee chap!

The plan is to cast him up and have 4 of them. 2 Endeavours and 2 Endurances. Although I really like the launch bays on it so that may change!

Close up of the torpedo tubes.

As you can see it's a bit shorter than a duantless but is twice as wide.

The background to this chap is that its an old Ore transporter that was converted into warship due to requirements and having loads left lying around after the mining industry went bust. Over the years it, and it's sister ships, have been modified and improved on and now form the majority of the system defence fleet of my forgotten backwater sector fleet.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/07/27 02:19:05

Post by: Gogsnik

Nice, and even as I was looking at it I thought there was something distinctly 'civilian' about that wide prow and a little bit pre-Heresy, it's like the Leman Russ of cargo ships. You should make some ork ships too.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/07/27 04:17:22

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

Those transports are just ace. I'll have to try that conversion some time.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/07/27 05:50:16

Post by: Jehan-reznor

Great conversions, love the transports, those are Slaneesh right? studded for more pleasure!

And i demand a tutorial!

Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/07/27 06:07:58

Post by: Oguhmek

I love the super battleship! It's looks massive. The Endeavor cruiser is really cool as well - you can tell it's halfway between the old and new cruiser designs.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/07/27 06:28:26

Post by: evildrcheese

Excellent scratch building skills.


Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/07/27 11:49:53

Post by: Radu Lykan

Fiddly! great stuff, the stubby look makes it look like a close range brawler and fits the old mining ship look.
More please

Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/07/28 10:50:51

Post by: Lord Borak

Cheers chaps! I hadn't even meant to make them look like a cross between the old and new ship designs.......... Er, I mean. Yeah. Totally meant that. Glad you noticed.

A tutorial? On the Transports? They're literally 2 Imperial Lanch bays stuck together. The prow is made from two marine shoulder pads and the engines are an old Heavy flamer. The bridge is made out of plasticard.

Well. I managed to cast 6 up last night. Only 4 came out usable though. The other two will probably end up as hulks. As you can see, there's still a few little bubbles that needed fixing. Nothing massive though.

Right, spray time!!

Automatically Appended Next Post:
Well. That didn't take long! The four Endeavours/Endurance are done! Although looking at them now I think they need some squadron markings on the prows. Do you think I should add purple & Gold to the back of the ships?

I've done some more work on the Magus. Not a huge amount, just the bone really and some silver work. Actually, that's it. Not really a real update on him now that I think about it. OH WELL.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/07/28 23:46:09

Post by: Gogsnik

Those transports have turned out great. I've seen people make some very elaborate 3D sculpts for printing but nothing really beats just sitting down and actually making something. Impressive.

The Magus seems to be shaping up very nicely too and I especially like the details on his impurity (???) seals.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/07/29 00:25:29

Post by: Jehan-reznor

 Lord Borak wrote:
Cheers chaps! I hadn't even meant to make them look like a cross between the old and new ship designs.......... Er, I mean. Yeah. Totally meant that. Glad you noticed.

A tutorial? On the Transports? They're literally 2 Imperial Lanch bays stuck together. The prow is made from two marine shoulder pads and the engines are an old Heavy flamer. The bridge is made out of plasticard.

At least i know all the parts now, any plans to make something bigger? like this

Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/07/30 21:20:46

Post by: Lord Borak

Thanks Gogsnik & Reznor. I was considering it. Possibly cruiser sized but I'm unsure. It may just be the above Light cruiser style ships with and extended cargo area. I should be able to make it a 'double' of the fuel tanker. I'll see.

Right. No painting today (redoing patio!) but I did find the time to finish making this wee chappy! This is the chorno-Gladiator mutant suitably called Stuart.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/08/01 13:54:32

Post by: Radu Lykan

Loving the chrono gladiator, he looks massive. My only concern, and it's a mild one at that, is that the bits sticking off the bottom of the shield are a little orky which reminds me that I am looking at a troll somehow. To retain the viciousness maybe he should have a sort of chain pata built in to the interior of the shield with the chain blade sticking out from the bottom? Allows for the frenzied look of two hand weapons and keeps the shield. Or just paint what you have already lol might be a lot more work for not enough gain
The refitted freighters look great painted up, not sure if more gold and purple is needed, might look a bit gaudy? Maybe save such extra bling for the inevitable battleship?
Regarding the miscasts, do we spy the beginnings of an ork fleet?

Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/08/07 16:54:31

Post by: Lord Borak

Mutant Pit slave is done.

The pictures didn't come out great for some reason. The yellow on the Power cable looks pretty flat but hey-hum!

I added a barcode on his chest as I want him to be a test subject for a mad magos biologist.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/08/07 17:37:05

Post by: Januine

So ....that freaking awesome !!!! Great job

Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/08/07 18:57:12

Post by: Lord Borak

Thank you kindly for the comment. to be honest I feel like the painting is a bit rough in places but I'm glad you like him

Well, because I can't decide on which ship I want my flagship to be I went ahead and magnetised it. Everything. Even the prow so I can switch between torpedoes and Sensors. although this doesn't really help me decide on what I actually want it at least stops me from having to break things off every time I change my mind!

Here's the bits I have magnetised...

So, do I want an executor? (If only Imperials could have them! :()

An Avenger?

An Exorcist?

Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/08/10 11:37:49

Post by: Radu Lykan

Those magnetised parts are screaming out for some cruisers to be added to the grey and purple part of your fleet, magnetise them as well and you have some easy variation in fleet set ups

Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/08/15 19:07:31

Post by: Lord Borak

I am planning on another grand cruiser. I may just do that!

Ok. Well, whilst sifting the interwebs looking for inspiration for an 'assassin' I fell upon this picture...

So! This lady is going to be my new Inquisitor. Her cover is an Imperial Bounty Hunter/Assassin for Hire. This is my take on the artwork... Kinda finished but Kinda not. I still need to finish the pouches. Other than though though! She's done. If you're curious, her head started off as a knackered Sevora head.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/08/15 19:36:09

Post by: itsonlyme

Some really great stuff since I last had a look. it's a real shame you aren't painting fantasy these days, your Orcs looks really good when I saw them at warhammer world.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/08/15 19:50:35

Post by: Lord Borak

*squints* I think I recognise that model in your Avatar........... Is that HappyJim?!?

Yes. Well, AoS killed Fantasy for me and I played 40k so much I got bored of it. So! Specialist games here I am

Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/08/16 13:30:19

Post by: itsonlyme

Well I'll give you hint, i played this lovely looking Orc army with my vampire counts and discovered a certain person like his Jager

Well you always have oldhammer or 9th age!


Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/08/21 17:20:08

Post by: Lord Borak

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Jager. Been a while since I had that! Got two bottles sitting on my shelf :S Not the drink to drink alone and my Mrs wont touch it!

Back to Gothic for the moment as I realised the deadline for GothicComp was almost up! Here's some 'almost done' pics of the Dreadnought. Not much needs finishing, just the metal on the engines and a name plate on the base. What are your thoughts about doing gold around the weapon ports for the Weapon Batteries?

Had to do a little repair work today as I dropped the f'er!

Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/08/22 16:56:24

Post by: whalemusic360

Those purity seals would be sooooo big!

Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/08/28 18:44:16

Post by: Lord Borak

I can just imagine the 40k version of Dave Lister painting the writing on the front lol.

Ok, so the Dreadnought is DONE!

You'll never see this but I know it's there.....

Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/08/30 17:54:47

Post by: Radu Lykan

prow free hand is fantastic, invicta fidem is a fitting name for such an awesome ship, cant think of a way to improve it, although now that i think about it, it needs more guns, everything needs more guns right?

Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/08/31 06:04:29

Post by: Lord Borak

Cheers mate. I was thinking of ditching the launch bays for more lances............ Best not start ripping it apart though in case something goes wrong. :S I kinda like the look of the launch bays though!

Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/09/04 08:13:47

Post by: Lord Borak

Wait........ what? 40k? Borak actually plays a game that is still supported by GW? Madness! It's true. I tend to dabble into the real world sometimes. I picked up a few metal dreads for cheap and figured I'd put them into my Jade Tigers army. This has spiralled into a full blow resurgence of 40k for me. Annoyingly I'm not sure the dreads will end up in the 3k list!!

Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/09/04 09:23:02

Post by: evildrcheese

Awesome. I really like the colour scheme for the Jade Tigers.


Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/09/06 15:39:53

Post by: whalemusic360

Looking forward to some nice ass space marine goodness.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/09/30 09:47:20

Post by: Lord Borak

This may not be the space marine goodness you were expecting but it is still space marine goodness I haven't had much time to do any hobby the last few weeks due to work but I've been tinkering with a conversion in the spare hour here n there.

This is Brother Sergeant Banek Hargrimm. Permanently attached to Inquisitorial duties due to being a bit of a nutter. He hates psykers basically and that even extends to his brothers in the chapter Librarium!!

I may make him with no power armour on, just simple robes for games where power armour is not required.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/10/03 19:21:45

Post by: Lord Borak

Excuse the picture quality but it's just a quick WIP of the colour scheme. I've gone for a quartered Yellow/Black scheme to represent the 'Grudge Bearers' Chapter. A Chapter created from Imperial Fists and Black Templars during the 3rd founding specifically tasked with hunting down and eliminating Iron Warrior Lords/Warsmiths and breaking their Fortresses.

(first pic is with the flash on so it obliterates all the blending/highlight work on the yellow. So it's for colour scheme only.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/10/03 21:21:59

Post by: Wehrkind

Really great stuff overall, but I am totally loving the BFG ships best! I am going to have to crack into some of my ships for conversions soon myself!

Thanks for the inspiration!

Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/10/03 23:50:27

Post by: Gogsnik

Scrolling up the page I thought at first you'd chipped some paint off his elbow!! Nice scheme, and I like the studs and bolt pistol, plus the helmet on his belt, a nice touch. The background sounds interesting too, what's the source for the Chapter, not sure if I've heard about it before?

Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/10/04 17:26:02

Post by: Lord Borak

Must be good if you thought it was a real chip! The chapter is my own creation. They are already mistrustful of psykers given their Black Templar influence but when this chaps real life brother was killed by a Psyker it flipped him over the edge. Eventually his quite loathing turned into vocal hatred and he started citing the edicts of Nikea, forming a wedge in his chapter which culminated in a brawl between him and a Chapter Librarian. Before the movement could take off Banus was placed on Inquisitorial duties............ for as long as the inquisition wanted. Not sure what Banus will think of this when he finds out he has been de-facto banished from his chapter.

Some better pics anyway.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/10/04 18:19:27

Post by: Wehrkind

That is looking really good, although not giving Banus a hammer seems like a missed opportunity

Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/10/04 18:35:40

Post by: Lord Borak

Find me one for a 54mm Marine and I'll do the weapon swap The Dreadknight one is too big :(

Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/10/04 18:52:22

Post by: whalemusic360

What about the heavy thunder hammer from the Deathwatch kit?

Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/10/04 19:23:10

Post by: Lord Borak

Not seen that in the flesh to know the scale to be honest. However 28mm Heavy Weapons are basically Pistol weapons in the Marines hands if that's a sense of scale.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/10/04 20:16:45

Post by: whalemusic360

Well, it's between the size of a normal Thunder Hammer and a Dreadknights Hammer, if that helps.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/10/04 20:34:50

Post by: Boss Salvage

Here's a shot of the bits that gives some decent sense of scale:

Because I too want him to have a hammer

- Salvage

Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/10/04 21:33:47

Post by: Wehrkind

A regular terminator hammer might be good too. The size of those things is sort of silly to begin with, and war-hammers are actually not so big when you get down to it. A terminator hammer, perhaps with an extended haft, would probably be pretty good.

Fat dude for scale:

edit: spoilered for scale too...

Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/10/11 10:19:43

Post by: Lord Borak

Thanks for the size comparisons. They are going to be WAY too small for this chap. Anyway, work is still going a head (see what I did there?). The head is done.

Here's a scale shot of him and a 28mm marine to give you a sense of just how BIG this chap is.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/10/11 10:33:29

Post by: Januine

Holy corpse emperor!! Beautiful job on that head. How the feth.....??!! Cracking job

Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/10/17 16:24:42

Post by: itsonlyme

 Lord Borak wrote:
Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Jager. Been a while since I had that! Got two bottles sitting on my shelf :S Not the drink to drink alone and my Mrs wont touch it!

Back to Gothic for the moment as I realised the deadline for GothicComp was almost up! Here's some 'almost done' pics of the Dreadnought. Not much needs finishing, just the metal on the engines and a name plate on the base. What are your thoughts about doing gold around the weapon ports for the Weapon Batteries?

Had to do a little repair work today as I dropped the f'er!

Well if I'm ever up your mate I might have to give you an excuse to get those and Orcs and Jager out, once U finish the repaint on my chaos anyway.

Great stuff as usual mate, loving the space marine

Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/11/24 12:04:12

Post by: Lord Borak

Here's some of my completed scenery. You may recognise it as it's stuff I started AGES ago. I don't usually get the drive to do much work on scenery but after a recent game I've had the drive to get my board done. So here's the start. The Poster board and barrels are a new addition.

I'm planning to make a garage, an overpass and some sort of power generator. Any other ideas?

Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/11/24 14:14:10

Post by: Elnibbus

Good grief this thread is awesome! I've only just scanned through it briefly so will have to go through it in depth but still... Hot damn! You can sculpt, build vehicles AND paint: the Holy Trinity... The Trifecta...

Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/11/25 08:38:10

Post by: Lord Borak

Thanks for the kind words mate. There's an awful lot of unfinished projects in here as well lol.

Any suggestions for scenery?

Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/11/25 08:53:11

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

Great stuff here, lovely looking city.

 Lord Borak wrote:
Thanks for the kind words mate. There's an awful lot of unfinished projects in here as well lol.

Any suggestions for scenery?

I know it's a tough one but cars (and trucks and buses and cargo equipment and whatever). 40k cities always look so sparse without so much as a cart or a wagon. Nothing like a real, lived in city.

So that matter a few civilians among the terrain, sleeping, hiding, being oblivious would add a lot too.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/11/25 11:44:00

Post by: Lord Borak

I have ordered a 1:32 truck so see the scale. I'm not 100% sure what scale fits better so I ordered a cheap £6 truck off ebay. Once I know the correct scale for 5mm Inquisitor I will indeed grab some vehicles. Not sure if I'll do them burnt out or not. Maybe a few burnt out and a few abandoned. The buildings aren't going to be ruins so it seems odd to have all the vehicles burnt out. The odd one or two looks like it's either gang fights or people have abandoned them in a hurry and/or zombie like post apocalypse style.

As for crates and shipping containers. I've been looking for things like that online and I can only find Die-Cast ones at the right scale and they're not cheap! So I may just make my own and be done with it.

Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/11/25 11:57:21

Post by: Elnibbus

Abandoned vehicles would have been my suggestion but what about shop fronts/stalls like a market place or street vendors? I'm trying to think of other things you'd find in a pedestrian setting... Phone/postboxes, crossings...

Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/11/27 14:55:33

Post by: Turaxa

This thread is awesome, great work. It's nice to see some of the SG stuff get some love. For terrain, I echo those suggesting things to give the scene a more lived-in (or recently-abandonned) look. I'll add my own suggestions as well:

  • Street furniture - warning signs, rubbish bins, street lights, loudspeaker/ camera masts, pict-screens, that sort of thing.

  • Flora and fauna - scatter terrain featuring xenofoxes, sump-badgers, dire pigeons or whatever else might be living in an imperial city.

  • An arbites/enforcers patrol box (optionally painted blue)

  • Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/11/27 19:29:11

    Post by: JeffyP

    Your skin tones are amazing! Man that's some good painting.

    Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/12/02 11:16:54

    Post by: Lord Borak

    Thanks for the very kind words chaps! Also, good ideas for scenery. I have some vending machines and bins on order now. Hopefully they're the right scale!! We'll see in a couple of days when they get here I guess. Warning signs are a fantastic idea. Street lights too. There's always some comedy to be had with street/safety signs. Especially with the 40k mentality.

    Also. Fencing. More sections to come!

    Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/12/02 11:23:13

    Post by: evildrcheese

    Very cool. Loving the posters.


    Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/12/02 12:27:14

    Post by: Elnibbus

    Those fences and posters are really cool. I like the nod towards TWD with the scrawled writing on the door and the chain used to fasten it makes it seem more real.

    Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/12/15 22:11:13

    Post by: Lord Borak

    Cheers guys.

    Some more fencing is done but I need to make two more corner sections to finish it off. I've also done/finished some water/fuel tanks. Fable 3 and 40k propaganda posters liberally applied everywhere.

    So, a fighting pit?

    Or maybe a perimeter fence?

    Water/Fuel Towers

    I've also received a 1:32 truck. It appeared too small at first so I went ahead and bought (and built) a 1:24 pick up. The 1:24 is far too big to be honest so it looks like I'm going to 40k 'up' the 1:32 truck. Some additional plating, 40k lights and mesh instead of windows should blend it in enough.

    Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/12/16 14:24:34

    Post by: Boss Salvage

    That beard poster

    Great looking 54mm terrain, lovely to see the big lads rampaging about on it

    - Salvage

    Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/12/25 00:06:43

    Post by: Lord Borak

    Right, here's your Christmas update. One more piece of scenery done! This one is a Prospectors store "Scrap n That". Unfortunately the bulb in the 'S' has stopped working so it says something else now. (I got the name for the store from the name of the thread - You got that, right?) Pics aren't great but you get the general idea.

    Merry Christmas!!

    Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/12/25 18:09:09

    Post by: Davidian

    Ace to see you still chuffing about dude I've been a while XD

    Really amazing Borak! I've always neglected scenery over MAWR SOLDIER! :p and its threads like this that make me regret it!

    I think 2017 is going to be a scenery year for me. Thanks for the inspiration and have a great Christmas and new year!

    Toy's n' That.... @ 2016/12/25 19:31:26

    Post by: Lord Borak

    Cheers mate. Yeah, I'm still chugging away at the total waste of money that is this hobby Nice to see you back! It's been a long while since I saw you post, although I think it was over on LO I last saw you A scenery year for you? Pretty sure I've just seen your thread about a new guard army.

    Scenery has always been neglected with me as well. Which is why I do as much as possible when I have the urge to get some done! Because it usually leaves me for a few years lol. Although I am going to try and finish my Marine over the next few days. He's annoyingly close to being done.

    Toy's n' That.... @ 2017/01/01 19:42:17

    Post by: Lord Borak

    Not a huge update really, just the vending machines are done and the last two corner fence sections. Oh, plus a little building made from actual Games Workshop stuff!!! I had some fun with photo's though

    I like this one

    Toy's n' That.... @ 2017/01/03 21:20:10

    Post by: Lord Borak

    Some 'almost done' pics of Banus. Just some finishing touches like finishing some freehand work and maybe adding some heraldry to his right knee pad (scared of ruining that yellow though :S). I also have some censer balls and the like to add to his belt. Still deciding about them though.

    Disclaimer: Pics/Colours aren't great due to lighting issues. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it

    I'll hopefully get him done this week before/after work. ;D

    Toy's n' That.... @ 2017/01/04 15:36:29

    Post by: Turaxa

    Very nice. It's a great conversion, the yellow is good and the quartering is crisp but the face is fantastic.

    Toy's n' That.... @ 2017/01/05 10:21:59

    Post by: Lord Borak

    Cheers mate.

    Ok, well, he's done then. I still might add some bits later but for now at least he's finished. I went with a dark metal for the 'soft' armour in the joints. I couldn't decide before but settled on a dark metal! Like it?

    On to the next project I guess

    Toy's n' That.... @ 2017/01/05 11:42:33

    Post by: Elnibbus

    Very nice work indeed. You have achieved a lovely, warm and crisp yellow there. Turaxa is correct in that the face is fantastically well done.

    Toy's n' That.... @ 2017/01/05 13:19:34

    Post by: evildrcheese

    That's an impressive model, really loving all the little details.

    Super impressed with your terrain too, the 'Scrap n that' building (I see what you did there) is especially impressive.


    Toy's n' That.... @ 2017/01/08 01:05:17

    Post by: Cleatus

    Very nice work on the marine model. Also really love your terrain. So much detail. Just great stuff. Thanks for sharing!

    Toy's n' That.... @ 2017/01/11 00:16:23

    Post by: Radu Lykan

    Can we get a scale shot v your big purple mutant?
    He looks great, your stuff really is a joy to look at

    Toy's n' That.... @ 2017/01/12 21:48:38

    Post by: Lord Borak

    Thanks chaps.

    Radu, I guess you missed this picture on the 'clave then

    Toy's n' That.... @ 2017/01/14 10:12:42

    Post by: Lord Borak

    Ok chaps, no pics so far. I'm just brain storming. If you were a black legionary on some nefarious mission. What weapons would you have? I kinda like the idea of two swords. But maybe two pistols (although I was saving the Gunfighter for an Aplha Legionary). Or maybe just a Bolter, Pistol and Chainsword? Oh, and what Mark of armour?

    I don't want something that will take ages to build (like a power maul). So, Ideas?

    Toy's n' That.... @ 2017/01/14 13:30:51

    Post by: Elnibbus

    A suppressed weapon of some form and a hideously wicked looking knife? I would probably say Mk.IV armour (just because it's my favourite version).

    Toy's n' That.... @ 2017/01/22 19:36:06

    Post by: Lord Borak

    I went with some good old fashioned chain weapons. They're brutal, brutal looking and two of them together look awesome He's not finished yet, I need to add some more gubbinz, make a hilt for one of the chainswords, maybe add some knives and whatever you guys think of.. Anyway......... pics!!

    Toy's n' That.... @ 2017/01/22 20:31:41

    Post by: Illumini

    The terrain is looking very good. Are the fences scratch built? How did you do it?

    Toy's n' That.... @ 2017/01/22 21:25:04

    Post by: GiraffeX

    Wow thats very impressive

    Toy's n' That.... @ 2017/01/22 22:21:06

    Post by: b-tone

    Nice terrain, especially the posters, but your painting and building skills are impressive!
    Is that a lotr troll conversion?

    Toy's n' That.... @ 2017/01/22 22:30:03

    Post by: Lord Borak

    Thanks guys. So no more ideas before he gets sprayed tomorrow? I have added a sword to his belt (right hip) and will find a Knife from somewhere for the other side. I wanted to make him some brutal combat orientated fellow so he has no firearm (just grenades). Not sure about his feet now I look at the pics now....

    Illumini: The fences are scratch built. They're simply car body mesh and plasticard strips. There's some WIP pics somewhere here...... a few pages back I think.

    B-Tone: Yes mate, that was a LOTR troll. The one that loads the Orc Catapult. I had three of them with the intention of converting them into Isenguard trolls....... It never happened as you can see.

    Toy's n' That.... @ 2017/01/23 02:08:10

    Post by: whalemusic360

    What scale is that guy? Looks really good. As for what else, some sort of trophy beyond the flayed flesh. An enemy helm or weapon would be ace.

    Toy's n' That.... @ 2017/01/23 12:52:56

    Post by: evildrcheese

    Chaos dude us looking brill. I love the make-shift repairs to the back pack exhaust.


    Toy's n' That.... @ 2017/01/23 13:30:05

    Post by: Elnibbus

    The chaos marine is 54mm scale right? Are those space marine melta bombs on his belt?

    I think the temptation here would be to go overboard: if he's on a stealth mission and is CQB oriented, I would suggest a less-is-more approach: what you have there is impressive in and of itself so let the painting do the rest.

    Toy's n' That.... @ 2017/01/23 15:19:17

    Post by: firechcken23

    You have inspired me!! my terrain is going to be sooo much better because of you. thanks! subbed!