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Scarsminimadness work: @ 2012/10/21 17:10:36

Post by: Scarsminimadness

Latest commission:

Grey knight army im working on:

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2012/10/21 17:15:23

Post by: UnCool Villain

Beautiful work! I really like the purple with the grey knights.

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2012/10/21 17:34:42

Post by: ssspectre

Yeah, GK do look good in purple. Loving the conversion work on the dreadknight (pose + enclosed pilot) as well as the nemesis greatsword carried on top of the land raider.

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2012/10/21 18:17:28

Post by: Reecius

The OSL on that LR is awesome!

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2012/10/21 18:26:00

Post by: shingouki

Fantastic work,i'm pretty much speechless.

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2012/10/21 18:35:24

Post by: Darth Bob

Everything looks phenomenal. I'm especially fond of the posing on the Dreadknight. My only complaint is I think Angron's skin tone looks a bit unnatural.

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2012/10/22 16:34:51

Post by: Scarsminimadness

Thanks for all the great comments!!

Here are pictures of my 2nd dreadknight!

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2012/10/22 16:59:23

Post by: spacewolf407

Amazing commission work!

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2012/10/23 13:22:32

Post by: Scarsminimadness

Finished Blood angels landraider today for a customer!

Here are the pictures:

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2012/10/25 11:41:34

Post by: Scarsminimadness

Small update:

Currently im working on 5 sternguards and a drop pod to add to my clients BA army!
This weekend he will coming to pick them up and he will bring the full force i painted so far for him so i can take some pictures of the army in its full glory!
Stay tuned!

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2012/10/25 15:18:15

Post by: Brokksamson

some very cool stuff. But I guess a little nit picking is in order on Angron, the paint is excellent, however Angron had the red "Spike" tattoos on his face, and Deathguard had a green center piece on their shoulderpads

I love the Dreadknights and the purple you used, much different from the typical red and silver. Posing is perfect and I love the dirt tracking from the one sliding to a stop on his foot. Your lettering is top notch. I just started on some free hand work with a few infinity minis I painted.

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2012/10/25 15:43:32

Post by: DijnsK

the tracks on the GK LR are too muddy imo but im loving the BA LR really like the osl on the lights which colors did you use for the green light and what order did you use?

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2012/10/25 16:41:06

Post by: varl

those dreadknights look great. I normally don't care for the model, but your choice of pose and paint make them look awesome here. loving all the lettering work you've done. any tips on how to do it? it's something I struggle with.

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2012/10/26 04:42:24

Post by: 6^

Sorry to criticize beautiful work. that DreadKnight looks like it's cranking 80mph instead of being a lumbering war-machine. I found it comical, I just cant see it moving like that.

sorry mate, I do appreciate the amount of work you put in though!

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2012/10/27 20:10:40

Post by: Scarsminimadness

Thanks for all the great comments guys!
6^: Np! Not everybody's taste is the same!

BA army i painted over the past couple of mounts:

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2012/10/29 13:04:20

Post by: Astroman

I'm a big fan of how dynamic your grey night dreadknights are arranged. They look fantastic. So much better than them just standing there looking lame. Your Angron is excellent is excellent as well. Cheers.

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2012/10/29 20:07:21

Post by: Dubd797

These truly are amazing! But the thing that caught me the most was your lighting. (headlights eyes ect) how did you do it? that is something i would love to apply to my grey knights! If you would want to share any secrets as to how you did that please do so!

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2012/10/31 13:57:01

Post by: Scarsminimadness

Thanks guys!

Currently im working on a nurle chaos army for a client.
First batch contains:
76 cultists
12 chosen
1 lord
10 raptors
1 fiend
1 forge master

When they are finished ill post some pictures!

Dubd797: It is done with an airbrush

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2012/10/31 14:10:28

Post by: Vivalabuffalo

Love that BA land Raider, the mud looks so good! Also the dreadnight pose is super rad.

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2012/11/01 22:03:45

Post by: Scarsminimadness

Hey all!!

Thx Vivalabuffalo!

Well here are some pictures of what i painted this week!

Fiend and raptors for a client:

This army is a bit nurgle themed but not all the way so he can play whatever he likes.

Here are 33 scarb bases i did today for one of my clients im going to take pictures of the army tomorrow ive painted around 3000 points for him so far.

And here a some of my own stuff Pre Herresy Emperors Children!!
Contemptor dread:

And my Proteus Landraider WIP:

Im thinking if i should go with battle damage on them what do you guys think?


Scarsminimadness work: @ 2012/11/02 06:50:39

Post by: Barksdale

These are great. A definate yes on battle damage from me.

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2012/11/02 23:43:14

Post by: Scarsminimadness

Hey all!!

Thanks Barksdale!
I already started with some battle damage on the contemptor!

I decided to buy a decent camera after making photo's with a friends camera tonight!

Anyway Here are 2 pictures of 2 projects i finished in the last weeks/months.

This necron army is done on low Quality and i painted this in about 2 months
The army has the following models in it:
3 Lords on foot
1 C'tan
2 Crypteks
1 Imotekh the Stormlord
1 Vargard Obyron
2 Destroyer lords
1 Command barge
3 Annihilation Barges
1 Doomsday ark
1 Ghost ark
40 Necron warriors
20 Immortals
6 Wraights
2 Night Scythes
10 Deathmarks

Next army is a chaos army i have been working on last couple of weeks and up coming month it will grow even bigger!
This army is done with low, medium and high quality painting.
(Cultists low, Marines and vehicle's medium and Characters on high)

The army has the following models in it:
1 Chaos Lord
1 Master of the Forge
12 Chosen
60 Cultists
10 Raptors
1 Hell brute
1 Mauler Fiend

Upcomming month i will paint:
2 Monoliths
1 Forgewold pre herresy Predator
1 Forgewold pre herresy Rhino
16 cultists
6 Khador Iron Fang Uhlans
5 Death company
5 Sanguinary Guard.


Scarsminimadness work: @ 2012/11/03 21:21:33

Post by: Zakiriel

Sweet work there. Especially like that Emperor's Children dreadnought.

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2012/11/08 22:49:43

Post by: Scarsminimadness


Here are some more finished models:



Automatically Appended Next Post:
Hey all,

Ive finished 2 monoliths for my necron client here are the pictures:

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2012/11/12 21:37:31

Post by: Scarsminimadness



Scarsminimadness work: @ 2012/11/12 21:52:01

Post by: tom191

Love ur paint jobs mate all ur work is amazing

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2012/11/13 01:32:39

Post by: Shenloanne

That Dreadknight reminds me of when you burn stuff as a Pyro in TF2 and they run around screaming :

FIRE FIRE FIRE FIRE FIRE FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He's so enjoying himself with those flamers lmfao. Look at him prance!

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2012/11/13 10:21:31

Post by: Scarsminimadness


Shenoanne: LOL

Please vote!

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2012/11/13 10:26:50

Post by: Deathshead420

So much good stuff, it hurts my eyes...and my pride.

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2012/11/14 00:54:34

Post by: Scarsminimadness


Here is todays work!
I must say this sorcerer was a pain in the ass to paint lol so many little details and mutated skin...
But im happy with how he turned out and so does the client!

And here the display to go with them!

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2012/11/14 05:14:33

Post by: wolfmerc

Looking at more and more of these models, you make me more and more jealous! Man you are truly gifted!

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2012/11/14 16:19:12

Post by: Black_Falcon

Beautiful work man!

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2012/11/15 11:16:35

Post by: Scarsminimadness

Hey all!!
Thanks guys!

Finished my greyknight army here are the pictures!
The army is for sale if interested you can email me @ zuidgeest.p@gmail.com for more information!

Automatically Appended Next Post:
Hey all!

Finished my EC Captain today:

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2012/11/18 09:38:05

Post by: Scarsminimadness

Hey guys/girls!

I have finished the 2nd cataprachti!

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2012/11/27 12:01:18

Post by: Scarsminimadness

Hey all,

Here is stuff i have been working on for my self and for clients!

Greyknight unit for client who bought my grey knight army:

Pre-heresy Deathguard predator for a client:
(more pre-heresy death guard will follow upcoming weeks)

And i have done some more work on my personal pre heresy EC!

Finished drop pod:

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2012/11/27 18:37:42

Post by: kingjayko

that's some really great stuff! you're really talented!

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2012/12/20 10:53:21

Post by: Scarsminimadness

Hey all,

Thanks kingjayko!

It's a long time since i did an update so here comes a big one!!

Ultramarines ive been working on for a client:

As you can see in the last picture i need some more marines to paint to complete this company deadline is 4th of January so stay tuned for update pics of this huge army!

Here the last Grey knight strike squad that was part of the army i sold.
The army is currently on the post to Australia.

And last commission update is a unit of plague marines for a chaos client:

And painted a MM for my Contemptor dread:

Finished the 1st Attackbike:

And the 1st Predator for my army:

Thanks for looking!

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2012/12/20 11:21:04

Post by: SilverMK2

I love the sponsons for the predator - are they a conversion kit or a scratch build?

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2012/12/20 11:25:40

Post by: Scarsminimadness

It is a Forgeworld kit

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2012/12/20 14:31:17

Post by: devilution

Those painting skills...madness !!!

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2012/12/21 00:37:19

Post by: meesh84

Beautiful OSL work, I also love the DK sword on the Land Raider.

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2012/12/21 13:39:40

Post by: Scarsminimadness

Thank you guys!

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2012/12/21 13:44:12

Post by: riverhawks32

The is very, very, very phenomenal work.

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2012/12/21 22:51:15

Post by: mikeyboy69x

Thanks for the pics, although I have decided I want to trash my own army up now :(.

Such a talent you have my friend!

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2012/12/21 23:30:23

Post by: King of the Elves

I know that some people don't give out the amount, but how much did you charge for the necron army?

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2012/12/27 20:13:51

Post by: magless

Absolutely amazing work.

Lots of people seem to go a little overboard on the OSL at times, but you've seemed to keep it pretty subtle and it looks stunning.

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2012/12/28 01:45:49

Post by: riverhawks32

Nicely done work! Wish I could paint like that

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2013/01/25 11:35:31

Post by: Scarsminimadness

Hey all!

It has been a bit quiet here lately but i did not sit stil! Here are some pictures of some of the work i did the past 2 months!

Pre Heresy Deathguard:

And i have finished my cataprachti terminators!

Tonight i will take pictures of the finished ultra marines company i have finished!
So stay tuned for pictures of them tomorrow!

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2013/01/25 13:52:15

Post by: KhornateKiller

WOW amasing work !!
Subbed and looking forward to more

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2013/01/25 14:25:51

Post by: nerdfest09

Your EC are simply beautiful models! an amazingly clean and well executed force so far and i wait eagerly to see more of your painting, your style is really lovely I could gaze at those pics for hours!

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2013/01/26 00:56:00

Post by: Scarsminimadness

Thanks guys!

Here are the pictures of the Ultra marine company i have done in the last 1,5 months:

This army was already painted for about 30/40% and i have finished it for the client.
Everything needed to be painted in the same style as the models that were already done.
It was a hell of a job to paint this and i think i had enough of blue for now

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2013/01/26 16:43:56

Post by: TheAngrySquig

Wow! How long did the whole company take?

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2013/01/26 16:47:10

Post by: nerdfest09

That is really some old skool cool right there! takes me back to the days of bright paint and green flock! in a good way though....

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2013/01/29 10:16:36

Post by: Scarsminimadness

Thanks guys!

TheAngrySquig: I painted 65% of it in about 5 weeks.

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2013/02/05 13:41:05

Post by: Scarsminimadness

Some new finished commission stuff:
More Ultra marines:

Another Deathguard Predator:

And some Warmachine Khador stuff:
(Cant get the colors good on the pictures of these.. kinda sad because they look better IRL imo)

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2013/02/05 23:14:45

Post by: Frecklesonfire

You do good work, keep it up dude, you've also inspired me to do some painting tonight so thanks

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2013/02/06 05:41:08

Post by: S'jet

Agreed, some very cool stuff! Don't Stop =D

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2013/02/06 06:23:07

Post by: s3tr0n

This is the great outstanding art-work! Looks fantastic! Your work inspired me indeed!

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2013/02/06 13:04:49

Post by: Scarsminimadness

Thanks guys!

And good to hear i inspire you to paint more!

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2013/02/06 13:19:41

Post by: Bacms

Pure awesomeness all across this thread. Keep the pictures and excellent working coming

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2013/02/08 03:12:12

Post by: Commander Cain

Great work as usual! Battle damage on the predator is perfect and the warjack thing on the Scibor bear is pure genius!

I have to be honest though and say that the Ultramarines don't work well with that basic paintjob. I understand that you were probably commissioned to do them like that but all your washes seem to have run and the blue surfaces are incredibly flat. I would not mention this normally but I know you are a fantastic painter and that all you really need to do is sponge on a bit of damage to the vehicles to make them so much better.

Keep up the good work mate!


Scarsminimadness work: @ 2013/02/08 11:53:37

Post by: Scarsminimadness

Thanks Guys!

Commander Cain: I know man but this is how the client wants it so cant help it....
But thanks for the tip! I appreciate it!

Then some new commission stuff:
2 more Vlad's

Converted Warjack:

Another warjack:

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2013/02/08 12:22:29

Post by: Commander Cain

Is that NMM gold? Whatever it is I love it!

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2013/02/08 14:50:19

Post by: Squidbot

Gorgeous work, would love to see what you could do with Orks.

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2013/02/12 09:44:12

Post by: Scarsminimadness

Thanks guys!

 Commander Cain wrote:
Is that NMM gold? Whatever it is I love it!

Nope, Here is what i did:
I painted the parts with shining gold then highlighted with a mix of mithril silver and camo green about 70/30.
Then washed with sepia wash and then a new higlight of about 90/10 mix mithril silver camo green.

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2013/03/11 12:20:35

Post by: Scarsminimadness

Hi all long time since i did an update!

Here are some more Khador guys i did for a client:


Greylords, Manhunter and Sorscha.

Group shot of some of the commissioned miniatures:

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2013/03/20 23:00:46

Post by: Scarsminimadness

Hey all,

Finished a Typhon hope you like it!

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2013/03/20 23:11:38

Post by: varl

that's a big gun

mind sharing how you did the washes/weathering on the cannon's barrel?

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2013/04/22 15:30:55

Post by: Scarsminimadness

Todays work:

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2013/04/22 18:36:25

Post by: tom191

Got to say i love all your work amazing

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2013/04/22 18:49:59

Post by: wolfmerc

first that gun is massive, do i see a marine cannon ?
second, your work is spectacular, i love stoppin in and getting blown away time and time again.

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2013/04/22 20:19:06

Post by: Bacms

The only complain would be the non drilled barrels apart from that they look amazing. Very well done

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2013/04/23 08:54:45

Post by: Scarsminimadness

 Bacms wrote:
The only complain would be the non drilled barrels apart from that they look amazing. Very well done

Agree going to do that today!
Also painting the techmarine with thunderfire cannon to go with this army so stay tuned!

Automatically Appended Next Post:
Finished the thunder cannon to go with the marines and drilled out the bolters witch i forgot to do -.-


Automatically Appended Next Post:
I finished my first WE contemptor!

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2013/04/29 18:39:46

Post by: Scarsminimadness

Got my hand on some better pictures of my army that were taken at the Fang painting competition 2013

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2013/04/29 18:49:09

Post by: Elmir

did you win Armies on Parade?

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2013/04/29 18:50:45

Post by: varl

that's a fine looking army. very consistent use of color. I envy your FW collection

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2013/04/29 18:56:52

Post by: Scarsminimadness

Elmir: Yes is i did and im pretty happy about it

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2013/05/02 13:27:14

Post by: Scarsminimadness

Finished a Vindicator for the Imperial Fist client.
It is the 2nd vindicator i did ill take pictures of the 2nd one when i have the time for it!

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2013/06/05 12:08:56

Post by: Scarsminimadness

Another Tactical for the fists!

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2013/06/10 21:46:05

Post by: Scarsminimadness

Finished a Ork Truk from FW with supa cannon today:

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2013/06/14 09:49:11

Post by: Scarsminimadness

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2013/06/14 14:41:26

Post by: iBambam

Your painting, sir, puts me to shame! You have some serious skill!

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2013/06/14 17:44:28

Post by: Some_Call_Me_Tim?

Dang that diorama for Armies on Parade looks nice! I love the purple you used. It's very subdued and has a nice warm tint to it.


Scarsminimadness work: @ 2013/06/15 04:40:35

Post by: Da Big Mek

Great non metallic effects, and you certainly chose armies that benefit from the effect the most.

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2013/06/21 10:44:35

Post by: Scarsminimadness

Thanks Everyone!

I have finished 9 Rampagers.
Here are the pics:

And a commission job, Circle army if im correct.
The theme here is horror.
Thanks Everyone!

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2013/06/26 13:16:23

Post by: Scarsminimadness

Thanks everyone!

A client of mine asked me if i could paint a jack the same way as 2 models he already had that were painted by Karol Rudyk.
So i did my best to come as close as possible!

The Jack in the middle is my work the Witch and her jack are painted by Karol Rudyk.

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2013/06/26 19:51:06

Post by: GiraffeX

That's really nice Scar, fits in perfectly. Its very hard to tell the difference.

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2013/06/28 12:58:38

Post by: Scarsminimadness

Thanks m8!

Finished some more rampagers:

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2013/06/28 18:14:38

Post by: Skimask Mohawk

Your EC are beautiful, I can't wait to see you paint up Fulgrim

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2013/07/03 11:55:29

Post by: Scarsminimadness

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2013/07/05 12:53:44

Post by: Scarsminimadness

Finished my preator and some rampager!

Group shot:

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2013/07/09 11:27:10

Post by: Scarsminimadness

Tesseract Arc:

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2013/07/09 13:52:36

Post by: Some_Call_Me_Tim?

Dang, that Tesseract Arc looks really nice! Is it a kitbash?


Scarsminimadness work: @ 2013/07/09 14:21:55

Post by: Insane Smile

Disgustingly awesome (the nurgle).

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2013/07/09 14:24:30

Post by: Scarsminimadness

Thanks guys!

Some_Call_me_Tim? : No its a forgeworld kit

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2013/07/09 14:49:11

Post by: shamikebab

That Arc looks stunning!

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2013/07/15 13:32:53

Post by: Scarsminimadness

Thanks shamikebab

Finished the titan!

Automatically Appended Next Post:
And the video of course!

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2013/07/20 01:46:05

Post by: Scarsminimadness

I have uploaded a new video to my youtube channel!
Its of a 7000 point large Necrons army!
Here is a link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zcUdxH2326k

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2013/07/20 21:09:59

Post by: neal1975

absolutely beautiful work on the titan!! Very original paint/color scheme, never seen one like that.

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2013/07/21 22:13:18

Post by: Cave_Dweller

One of the nicest looking titans I've ever seen. =)

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2013/07/22 16:36:20

Post by: Scarsminimadness

Thanks guys!

Here is fulgrim finished in all his glory!

And a little video for youtube!

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2013/07/22 16:40:20

Post by: AAN


Scarsminimadness work: @ 2013/07/23 18:03:14

Post by: Scarsminimadness

Thank you!

Here is a speeder comming your way AAN:

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2013/07/23 20:26:02

Post by: Denras

All this work is amazing, really liked the monoliths on the 1st page.

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2013/07/23 21:01:15

Post by: Maniac_nmt

That land speed is one of my favorite GW models. I don't usually care for purple marines, but you have done a nice job with it.

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2013/07/26 11:41:47

Post by: Scarsminimadness

Hi everyone!

Todays work the Avenger Strike fighter:

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2013/07/31 21:39:57

Post by: Scarsminimadness

Finished some World Eaters!

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2013/08/02 11:03:11

Post by: Scarsminimadness

Finished another commission job:

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2013/08/06 14:38:36

Post by: Scarsminimadness

Finished Tesseract Vault:

More pictures can be found on my Facebook page!
Scar's Miniature Madness

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2013/08/07 09:59:42

Post by: Scarsminimadness


Automatically Appended Next Post:
Finished this Bastiladon today:
(Just need to give the skin a wash it has not enough contrast right now)

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2013/08/07 17:09:10

Post by: sockwithaticket

Really like that trogolodon, excellent colour palette you used.

Bastiladon does look a bit too grey, though the crystals are excellent.

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2013/08/08 12:17:52

Post by: Scarsminimadness

I agree!
Gave him a more blueish skin tone now!
Thanks for the tip!

Automatically Appended Next Post:
Something different then space marines again

This model is painted to clients wishes to match his personal army.

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2013/08/12 14:23:22

Post by: Citizen Luka

That contemptor dread is magnificent!

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2013/08/12 19:25:17

Post by: radioaktivemann

Awesome stuff!

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2013/08/15 12:55:19

Post by: Denras

Keep up the great work I love checking up on this thread, so much awesome!

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2013/08/16 10:15:36

Post by: Scarsminimadness

Thanks guys!

Finished a nurgle army on commission today!

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2013/08/17 15:41:21

Post by: AAN

Top notch work as usual! (I presume the way too bright colours are the wish of the customer?)

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2013/08/17 20:41:42

Post by: Scarsminimadness

Nah its the camera... The pictures have way to much light in there... In 2 weeks i'm playing against the army so ill take some proper pictures

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2013/08/19 08:51:50

Post by: AAN

OK, got it...

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2013/08/23 10:59:10

Post by: Scarsminimadness

Time to update this blog a bit!

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2013/08/23 20:57:19

Post by: gunslingerpro

Your stuff is unreal! That vault is mind blowing!

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2013/08/27 11:26:17

Post by: Scarsminimadness

Thanks m8!

Finished a Ogre Conversion:

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2013/08/29 12:54:01

Post by: Scarsminimadness

Dragonborn Conversion:

Automatically Appended Next Post:
A Khador warjack

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2013/08/30 17:21:46

Post by: tyrannosaurus

Love 'em both [as I do all of your work]. Is that verdigris on the red armour? If it is that's really clever, not seen that before. If it isn't it still looks great.

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2013/08/30 23:34:05

Post by: Scarsminimadness

Thanks! And yes It is

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2013/08/31 12:21:22

Post by: Scarsminimadness

More of the Khador army:

And a unit of screamers:

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2013/08/31 14:18:17

Post by: wallygator

i'm impressed by your work! very nice paintjobs, and i really like the customising of standard gw models.
but one question, how do you do it, painting that much models so fast while looking so great
If i want my models to look cool, it takes forever to finish even one squad..

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2013/08/31 19:17:19

Post by: radioaktivemann

Awesome work!

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2013/09/01 14:50:48

Post by: Qcbob

I like the Man-O-War on a bear! Great idea!

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2013/09/04 10:25:32

Post by: Scarsminimadness

Thanks everyone!

Good news! My work will be shown in the November edition of the White Dwarf!

Then on to some commission work:
Both of the clients that bought my Emperors children ordered some reinforcements!
Here are the pictures of the finished work:

Thanks for looking!

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2013/09/05 04:47:43

Post by: tyrannosaurus

Congrats on White Dwarf Your Emperor's Children are out of this world, love the power weapons in particular.

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2013/09/25 22:49:49

Post by: Scarsminimadness

Thanks m8!

And here finally the pictures of a finished Warhound titan in all it's glory with base and banner!!

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2013/09/28 09:56:24

Post by: tyrannosaurus

My... precious... As the client I can't recommend Peter at Scar's Miniature Madness enough. He is an absolute genius and charges very competitive rates for such amazing quality. Plus, he's also a really nice bloke!

Couldn't be happier with my new toy, thanks buddy

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2013/09/30 16:30:01

Post by: Scarsminimadness

Thanks m8!

Finished some more work today!
Ork Killcrusha Tank:

And a Spartan:

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2013/09/30 19:00:30

Post by: SickSix

Great job on that Spartan. I would love to own one of those.

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2013/10/08 21:18:44

Post by: Scarsminimadness

Thanks m8!

I just finished this Trollblood army on Low tabletop Quality!

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2013/10/22 00:08:43

Post by: Scarsminimadness

Some more finished work!

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2013/10/23 20:57:03

Post by: Scarsminimadness

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2013/10/25 12:24:55

Post by: EmperorsChosen

The purple looks really good on these, awesome models.

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The purple looks really good on these, awesome models.

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2013/11/05 17:10:29

Post by: Scarsminimadness

Thanks m8!

Phantom titan commission:

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2013/11/05 20:43:29

Post by: littlehorus

Pics don't do justice to such a great model!

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2013/11/08 12:40:08

Post by: Scarsminimadness

Thanks m8!

Some more commission stuff finished today:

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2013/11/08 21:19:43

Post by: Moltar

That's one strong horse! Imp Fists look great

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2013/11/15 14:07:46

Post by: Scarsminimadness

Thanks Moltar!
Yeah not my conversion

More work finished!

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2013/11/20 19:39:16

Post by: Scarsminimadness

This commission is painted on low tabletop quality and is painted to fit as allies for the ultramarines company i already painted.

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2013/11/27 00:36:44

Post by: Scarsminimadness

Here are the infantry of the guards commission:

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2013/11/28 01:40:08

Post by: PandaMango141

You and BattleBrush Studio's are my two favorite commision artists on the face of the earth.


Scarsminimadness work: @ 2013/11/28 15:49:17

Post by: Scarsminimadness

Thanks! Im really flattered!

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2013/11/28 17:22:58

Post by: Boss Drachenfels

Well!!!! You are awesome!!

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2013/11/29 11:30:18

Post by: Scarsminimadness

Thanks guys!!

Now on to some commission work i just finished!
This was a rather special project for me.
Client got this army painted by the famous Karol Rudyk but asked me if i could paint some extra additions for the army in the same style.
I'm not nearly as good as Karol but i think i did a pretty decent job on these to blend them in with the rest.
In the back of the first 2 pictures you can see the models painted by Karol.

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2013/11/29 17:54:07

Post by: LittleSilverGuys

Wow, very nice job. Just found this thread, and I will definitely be sticking around.

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2013/12/03 00:21:14

Post by: Scarsminimadness

Here is todays work:
A hunter for my World Eater force:

And 2 Phoenixes on commission:

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2013/12/03 00:36:16

Post by: Deathshead420

God, learn to paint noob

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2013/12/03 17:06:24

Post by: Moltar

Ha! The hunter/stalker looks great, Scar! The weathering is gorgeous.

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2013/12/04 11:27:17

Post by: Scarsminimadness

Thanks everyone!

Here is todays work: Dark Angels Librarian on bike conversion:

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2013/12/05 22:15:00

Post by: Scarsminimadness

Some High elves i have painted for a client today:

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2013/12/05 22:59:40

Post by: GiraffeX

Very nice scar, the red has lots of depth.

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2013/12/12 11:45:52

Post by: Scarsminimadness

Thanks m8!

Finished some more warmachine:

And then onto my World Eaters Titan who finally got his own base now ready to enter battle!

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2013/12/12 14:01:29

Post by: Elmir

Very nice heating effects on that cannon. Subtle.

What do you use for rocks on your bases?

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2013/12/13 11:22:57

Post by: Bonde

I'm loving the titan. Great pose, great battledamage, and very impressive heating effects on the weapons.

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2013/12/13 13:04:19

Post by: yowsaman4

 Scarsminimadness wrote:
Some more finished work!

lol.. is it possible that i saw those two "tau" models, or how do you call them, pas weekend on insurrection 5 tournament in kessel-lo (belgium)

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2013/12/15 19:04:28

Post by: Scarsminimadness

Thanks everyone!

yowsaman4Made Yep I have painted those

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2013/12/16 02:43:12

Post by: Olly

Love your work mate! Out of curiosity what are the two riptides made out of? Love the look of them!

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2013/12/16 08:47:45

Post by: yowsaman4

 Scarsminimadness wrote:
Thanks everyone!

yowsaman4Made Yep I have painted those

where you there also? or did you paint them for someones army?

been looking for a commission painter closer to home cause i'm sending my models to england all the time :p

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2013/12/18 12:42:32

Post by: Scarsminimadness

No was not there!
To busy with painting
You can always contact me if you like to have a chat!

Here are some finished Deathwing terminators for a client!

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2013/12/20 13:41:01

Post by: Scarsminimadness

High elf army commission im working on atm, here the first finished dragon prices with BSB.
This commission is painted on medium table top quality.

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2013/12/20 18:40:54

Post by: varl

wow, those are beautiful. work like this is why I keep watching this thread. very nice

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2013/12/20 19:50:17

Post by: GiraffeX

Very cleanly painted Scar, they look like a fantastic unit.

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2013/12/29 21:04:43

Post by: Scarsminimadness

Thanks guys!
Here are some Khador Reinforcements!

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2013/12/29 21:07:01

Post by: thenoobbomb

Awesome looking stuff you got here!

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2014/01/15 00:10:49

Post by: Scarsminimadness

Hey Everyone!

Hope everyone had a very nice holiday and a great new year!
Im back to work again so time for some updates!

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2014/01/15 15:18:09

Post by: TheEmperor'sChild

Awesome marines! I dont play fantasy, so I dont know what the chariots should look like but the paint job is great! I would love to know if you preshading or blending on larger models like a storm eagle/titan?

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2014/01/15 15:59:54

Post by: wolfmaster1234

Wow, you are as good as the 'eavy metal team if not better!

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2014/01/15 23:09:41

Post by: Cosmic

Hello, I just wanted to stop by and say that everything on this thread is full of win - the Emperor's Children would make Fulgrim proud! Inspirational - keep up the fantastic work

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2014/01/16 22:18:37

Post by: Scarsminimadness

Thanks for all the nice compliments guys!

Here some medium table top High elves for the army im working on

And some low tabletop lotr

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2014/01/23 15:57:35

Post by: Scarsminimadness

More finished high elves:

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2014/01/23 16:13:55

Post by: shingouki

I love the clean colours you have used (even when the vehicle is weathered).The whole thread has been a joy to scroll through and i leave feeling inspired and shamed by your skill.

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2014/01/23 16:22:10

Post by: Low_K

This thread wins by so much! You have tremendous skills, sir!

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2014/01/31 13:52:06

Post by: Scarsminimadness

Thanks guys!
Really appreciate the comments!

Finished this big guy today!

And the High elves commission finished!

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2014/02/01 04:15:26

Post by: Astroman

That warhound is amazing. Your Emperor's Children are the absolute best. Great stuff.

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2014/02/03 06:13:33

Post by: Scarsminimadness

Thanks m8!

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2014/02/03 09:23:07

Post by: Brother Payne

This stuff is amazing! Especially love your World Eaters stuff and the airbrush work throughout is incredible! Can't believe I only just found this thread...

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2014/02/08 22:27:29

Post by: Scarsminimadness


Last time i post some pictures of these guys they are going to a new owner in the states!

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2014/02/08 23:18:51

Post by: l0k1

Amazing work! Truly amazing! I wish I had the money for your services, or your talent!

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2014/02/12 20:21:26

Post by: Scarsminimadness

A blast from the past!

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2014/02/13 10:18:43

Post by: yowsaman4

holy crapcakes!

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2014/02/15 13:38:26

Post by: Astroman

Amaze-balls! That ogre army is inspiring.

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2014/02/21 12:33:46

Post by: Scarsminimadness

Thanks guys!!

Here is this weeks work:

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2014/02/22 01:39:05

Post by: ninjafiredragon

Ok... a few pages back what is all that tau/imperium stuff.... Is that thing used as a riptide, a titan, or something i dont know about? Is this your own project or something that someone asked you to do?

And these pictures have the coolest paint jobs i have ever seen. Beautiful.

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2014/02/22 16:07:42

Post by: Scarsminimadness


Its a Tau/eldar army i did for a client.
The big ones are used as riptides.

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2014/02/26 16:54:59

Post by: Scarsminimadness

Here the finished demon army!

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2014/02/28 11:40:12

Post by: Scarsminimadness

Finished this Skorne Mammoth today to match the clients army!

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2014/02/28 11:56:16

Post by: Cosmic

WOW - Amazing!

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2014/03/01 09:43:43

Post by: Brother Payne


Scarsminimadness work: @ 2014/03/01 11:56:14

Post by: GiraffeX

Wow that Mammoth is amazing, great work.

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2014/03/03 22:56:38

Post by: Scarsminimadness

My first finished knight!

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2014/03/03 23:10:40

Post by: Flippa

Stunning as always Scars... The truly impressive thing is the speed in which you complete.

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2014/03/03 23:46:12

Post by: varl

that is really sexy. great way to show off where you chose to magnetize, as well. I'll be keeping that last image handy for reference

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2014/03/04 11:13:51

Post by: Brother Payne

Wow. Really nice as always. And you paint so quickly! (Or you spend 3 days straight...)

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2014/03/04 12:25:01

Post by: Scarsminimadness

Model is for sale check it out!

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2014/03/04 19:07:05

Post by: Sneshy

First to complete one to my vision GRATS!

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2014/03/05 10:14:55

Post by: Young_Logan

Awesome work Scar Any chance of a closer look at the magnetized parts and how you did it? I'd like to do that with mine but I don't really know where to start with it

Looking forward to seeing more

Young Logan

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2014/03/05 20:57:46

Post by: Scarsminimadness

Ill shoot some pictures tomorrow! With a small tutorial how i did it!

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2014/03/06 23:24:39

Post by: Boba Fett

Wow.this blog is great!so many amazing models!thx for sharing

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2014/03/14 10:43:17

Post by: Scarsminimadness


Finished some more high elves:

And here some LOTR stuff:

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2014/03/15 06:53:10

Post by: Brother Payne

Is LotR still a thing? I thought it was OOP...

Nice stuff though

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2014/03/20 11:19:53

Post by: Scarsminimadness

I paint whatever my client want me to paint

Finished some Shadow Spectre's for an eldar army commission i'm currently doing

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2014/03/20 16:17:37

Post by: Moltar

Great ice effect on the bases and oh look at all the colors!

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2014/03/21 10:19:17

Post by: Scarsminimadness

Thanks m8!

Today i finished this Sicaren!
It was standing on my painting table for a really long time already and i felt it needed to be finished!

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2014/03/21 17:06:53

Post by: varl

that is gorgeous! does it have regular 40k rules? how long does it take you to crank out a tank like that these days (including assembly time)?

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2014/03/21 21:51:05

Post by: Moltar

That Sicaren looks sick, Scar! How was the kit to put together? Or did you receive it already assembled?

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2014/03/21 22:30:18

Post by: Scarsminimadness

Thanks guys!

Its a great kit! One of the best from FW if you ask me!
This tank took me 1,5 days to build and paint.

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2014/03/21 22:34:55

Post by: Moltar

Well, it looks dope! I've been a fan of the aesthetic since I first saw it.

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2014/03/23 12:59:37

Post by: Brother Payne

Oh my god those Shadow Spectres are awesome. Recon they're my favourite eldar models to date

The tank's really cool too. Does the commander come w the kit? Or is the an HH tank commanders kit or something?

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2014/03/24 11:55:43

Post by: Scarsminimadness

Thanks guys!

Brother payne: Its a tank commander set from FW.

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Today some more eldar!
Finished Wraight knight and WIP Wraight lords:

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2014/03/25 02:02:30

Post by: Rezyn

Dude that graphic on the faceplate of the wraithlord and guard is awesome. ALMOST makes me want to play Eldar........almost...

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2014/03/25 09:49:12

Post by: shamikebab

Those wraith units are amazing, that faceplate!!

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2014/03/25 13:39:54

Post by: Scarsminimadness

Thanks guys!!

Finished some more eldar!

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2014/03/25 14:10:18

Post by: Elnibbus

Absolutely stunning work.

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2014/03/26 11:10:06

Post by: Scarsminimadness


And the last models:

Ill shoot some group shot tonight at my local club with all the models together!
The army will be bigger, client is already sending me the next batch so stay tuned!

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2014/03/26 14:06:18

Post by: BladeTX

Definitely can't wait to see this army as a whole. Gorgeous!

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2014/03/27 11:35:47

Post by: Scarsminimadness

Thanks !!
Here is a Video from the Ghost army of Mymeara finished in all its glory!

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2014/03/28 08:30:10

Post by: Hydrapup

Wow almost as epic as the music.

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2014/03/29 15:23:58

Post by: Rezyn

Yeah that Eldar army is probably one of the best I've seen, if not THE best. The music with the vid was nice too, epic job all around.

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2014/04/02 14:55:31

Post by: Scarsminimadness

Thanks guys!!

Upcoming commission is a dwarf army!
Check out the first finished unit!

Also some more Gators for the warmachine hordes gator army:

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2014/04/02 15:30:05

Post by: Bacms

The quality and amount of work you put out never stops to amaze me. Excellent work as usual

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2014/04/02 18:45:01

Post by: combat engineer

Just ordering the fixings for a HH World Eaters force. Love the look of your army!


Scarsminimadness work: @ 2014/04/03 11:24:43

Post by: Scarsminimadness

Thanks Guys!!

Here are all the gators together its the first part of this army that is now finished more will come in the future!

Automatically Appended Next Post:
Just finished these to add to the dwarf army commission im working on right now!

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2014/04/04 11:32:20

Post by: Scarsminimadness

And here are the first 12 hammerers ive finished today!

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2014/04/04 11:58:16

Post by: dantay_xv

Wow, these dwarves look absolutely amazing, it is going to be some lucky person who gets to won these bad boys!!

I love how the gems & runes glow.

Out of curiosity, do you happen to know how the Great hammer heads, and Great axe heads would match up size-wise to 40K thunderhammers and power weapons?
And also the Ironbreaker shields compared to Storm shields?

Thank you for making my day with seeing your mad painting skills, you never fail to impress.

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2014/04/07 12:18:51

Post by: Brother Payne

Pretty purples!

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2014/04/11 12:11:52

Post by: Scarsminimadness

Thanks guys!!

dantay_xv : that might work with the hammers the shields i dont know....

Something else today!
Just finished this amazing dwarf sculp of scale 75 for my personal cabinet!
More pics on my FB page

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2014/04/11 12:57:33

Post by: dantay_xv

Holy Freakin' crap!

That Dwarf is immense... Immense as in totally awesome!

Where did you come across this amazing model?

I mean the model is amazing, but your paintwork just makes him come alive!!

This may sound a bit corny, but I really loe seeing the work you do.. the differnt colours and styles.. It helps give me ideas and pushes me to try and improve my painting.

I loev the purple on the dwarves as it is such an unusual colour to see used on them, generally it is more earthy browns, greens etc, bt the purple really works.

Thanks for sharing

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2014/04/12 13:09:01

Post by: Rezyn

Dude that dwarf is simply amazing. Has to be the most badass painted dwarf mini I've ever seen. I would also like to know where the mini came from?

As always, thanks for sharing your work! It is all stunning.

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2014/04/12 14:18:51

Post by: Bacms

E does say where the mini is from

Something else today!
Just finished this amazing dwarf sculp of scale 75 for my personal cabinet!


Scarsminimadness work: @ 2014/04/12 14:47:28

Post by: Scarsminimadness

Thanks Guys!

Indeed dacms thats the website!

Here some more dwarfs:

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2014/04/14 23:02:32

Post by: neal1975

stunning and inspiring work!! I am not a huge fantasy fan, but the lizard people and monsters are really fantastic. Definately look forward to seeing more of your work!

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2014/04/15 05:42:33

Post by: FeindusMaximus

Nice Eldar

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2014/04/15 15:29:33

Post by: Scarsminimadness

Thanks guys really appreciate the comments!

Hammerers and engineer finished!

And some test models for a possible skorne army commission:

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2014/04/24 19:28:11

Post by: Scarsminimadness

Hey everyone!!!

Some low quality tabletop grey knights:

And to finish this post some proper pictures of my fulgrim (finally)

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2014/04/24 20:23:45

Post by: Bronzefists42

"Low-quality"! I'll probably be 40 before I can paint that well.

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2014/04/28 19:53:49

Post by: Scarsminimadness

Thanks Bronzefists42!

Finished some more Children for a client and an Angron!

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2014/04/28 21:39:27

Post by: AK-47

Awesome as allways! Great work

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2014/04/30 17:46:34

Post by: Scarsminimadness

Thanks mate!!

Today i finished some more Adeptus Mechanicus Tau on medium tabletop:

Automatically Appended Next Post:
And here some more finished dwarfs!

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2014/05/01 01:34:28

Post by: Rezyn

Dude those angron and fulgrim models look freaking amazing. Job well done, truly awe inspiring work.

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2014/05/01 08:30:10

Post by: dantay_xv

Holy cow those mechanicus riptide/ knights are absolutely amazing.

Its like Pacific Rim meets 40K.

The contemptor broadsides ar pretty spiffy too

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2014/05/01 12:17:37

Post by: Scarsminimadness

Thanks guys!

Here the dwarf lord:

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2014/05/07 14:36:37

Post by: Scarsminimadness

Hey everyone!

Today i finished the Dwarf army!
Here are some pictures of all the finished units:

This army is painted in basic, medium and high quality tabletop levels.

And a link to a small video on youtube:

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2014/05/09 03:09:45

Post by: buzz

Absolutely amazing work man! The Fulgrim is exceptional! Keep it up!

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2014/05/09 11:06:55

Post by: Scarsminimadness

Thanks buzz!

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2014/05/16 09:21:49

Post by: Scarsminimadness

Incoming Space wolves army commission!
This is a half painted army done by another studio who disappeared into thin air with my clients money and half of his models.
I think it is really sad these things happen and thank my client for his trust in my studio.
Now onto some pictures!

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2014/05/19 06:59:07

Post by: Sneshy

How did you get those noise marine guns?

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2014/05/19 09:01:25

Post by: Zognob Gorgoff

Wow seriously awesome work you've inspired me to paint right this second and keep it up!

 Sneshy wrote:
How did you get those noise marine guns?

Forge world

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2014/05/20 09:28:47

Post by: Scarsminimadness

Thanks guys!!

18 Grey hunters finished:

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2014/05/21 14:08:28

Post by: Scarsminimadness

And here the Long Fangs and Blood Claws:

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2014/05/23 10:25:05

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New Project!

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2014/05/27 08:10:16

Post by: Sneshy

It is nowhere on forge world. LIES!!!!!

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2014/05/27 15:23:41

Post by: Scarsminimadness


Some more finished Eldar!

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2014/05/27 16:48:08

Post by: Sneshy

Wtf I looked for them last night and they weren't there what section was it in?

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2014/05/28 01:49:51

Post by: BrotherOfBone

 Sneshy wrote:
Wtf I looked for them last night and they weren't there what section was it in?

Forge World>Horus Heresy>Emperor's Children>Kakophonii Marines


Scarsminimadness work: @ 2014/05/30 07:58:51

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Finished some more Ultramarines

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2014/06/02 15:59:43

Post by: Scarsminimadness

Another Knight bites the dust!

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2014/06/10 09:02:46

Post by: Scarsminimadness

Some finished Space Wolfs!
Im pretty excited about this commission, coming up the next couple of weeks a Knight lancer from FW a Falchion and tons of marines!

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2014/06/10 09:14:12

Post by: dantay_xv

Those FW models for the Space Wolves commission are amazing, how big is that Fire Raptor?

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2014/06/10 17:21:57

Post by: Scarsminimadness

Thanks m8!

Its the same size as a Stormeagle gunship from FW

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2014/06/10 17:41:41

Post by: varl

how was the fire raptor to put together? I've heard it's a beast...

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2014/06/10 21:32:01

Post by: Scarsminimadness

Yeah it was a pain in the *** unfortunately.
Lots of GS work but love the model so much!

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2014/06/11 12:08:06

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Some Finished Empire!

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2014/06/11 12:17:04

Post by: Squidbot

Wow, beautiful stuff as always.

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2014/06/11 14:22:41

Post by: buzz

Wow the detail on those are unreal.. Excellent work man! Can't wait until I see my commission!

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2014/06/12 10:28:49

Post by: Scarsminimadness

Thanks guys!!

And buzz i think this one if for you but correct me if im wrong!

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Next dwarf army commission incoming!

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2014/06/13 05:53:00

Post by: Scarsminimadness

About the dwarf copter, what do you guys think, Does the blue need an extra highlight with more ''white'' or shall i leave it like this?

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2014/06/18 13:43:01

Post by: Scarsminimadness

Finished the first unit of hammerers!

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2014/06/18 14:27:35

Post by: dantay_xv

Those are gorgeous!!

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2014/06/19 20:40:28

Post by: Silence

Wow, this is awesome! Quick question: What colors did you use for the Dwarf forces?

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2014/06/26 18:56:16

Post by: Scarsminimadness

Thanks guys!

Its Shadow grey mixed with white for highlights
The ''gold'' is done with VGC Beasty Brown > Beasty Brown with VGC Bronzed Flesh > Pure Bronzed Flesh > Bronzed Flesh with White for final highlight.
For the red i used VMA Fire Red and highlights mixed with White in there.
Hope that helps!

Wood Elf BSB For Wood elves army commission:

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2014/06/30 17:31:15

Post by: Scarsminimadness

Hi Everyone!
In between all the fantasy project i have atm i have managed to paint these 5 drop pods for a client.
They needed to match his current crimson fist army.

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More Dwarfs!

Managed to finish the first 4 warmachines!

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2014/07/03 10:58:37

Post by: Scarsminimadness

Finished some more gators:
(Green octo is not painted by me just there for the ''match'')

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2014/07/09 10:40:32

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Hey Everyone!

Got some more 40k today!
Chimera and a unit of Scions with Lord Castellan Creed:

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2014/07/11 03:30:24

Post by: gunslingerpro

Those Gators/Predators look fantastic! Really slick stuff.

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2014/07/24 12:49:09

Post by: Scarsminimadness

Hey Everyone!

Thanks gunslingerpro

Here the Finished Necron Bugs!
Ill make a little YouTube video tonight with some group shots of the army on the Necron FW tile!

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And here on the FW tile all together.

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2014/07/25 18:07:17

Post by: Scarsminimadness

Finished another engineer and a runesmith!

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2014/07/26 15:15:10

Post by: NewDeal

I love the dwarfs. The style that you do the metal in is great and works very well.

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2014/07/28 13:39:27

Post by: Scarsminimadness

Thanks New deal!

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2014/07/28 16:03:50

Post by: AAN

Best Necron army ever seen!

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2014/07/29 16:56:23

Post by: Scarsminimadness

Im flattered AAN!

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2014/07/30 22:37:13

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Current project im working on is a space marine army:
(Iron hands successor chapter)

Here is the first finished part:

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2014/07/31 19:28:12

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Characters and 2 tactical squads:

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2014/08/01 20:41:28

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Some more finished today:

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2014/08/03 17:25:21

Post by: Scarsminimadness

Here are the devastators, command squad, attack bikes and thunderfire cannon.

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2014/08/03 22:47:41

Post by: LutherMax

Beautiful stuff! Your customer will be ecstatic I'm sure
Where are the scout heads from, and how do you do the blue glow on the marine helmet lenses?

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2014/08/04 12:52:16

Post by: Scarsminimadness

Thanks m8,

The heads are from the Scions from GW and the glow is done with an airbrush.

And the last 2 models and a group shot of the army:

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2014/08/05 11:57:32

Post by: Scarsminimadness


Today i started on 2 new wood elf commission armies, 1 in summer theme and 1 in autumn.
Here are the wardancers in summer theme:

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2014/08/06 15:21:56

Post by: Scarsminimadness

Hi Everyone!

And the first of the other elves:

And an empire griffon to go with the other empire:

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2014/08/14 15:01:20

Post by: Scarsminimadness

Hi Everyone!

Here the first finished elves from the Autumn themed wood elf army i'm working on.
Next week ill continue to work on the summer elfs!

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2014/08/22 08:19:53

Post by: Scarsminimadness

Hi everyone!

Today i wanted to share this Knight Lancer from Forgeworld with you!

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2014/08/22 11:24:13

Post by: Relentless136

Wow. What stunning miniatures

Scarsminimadness work: @ 2014/08/23 19:44:16

Post by: Edreynaline