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Kestral's Odds and Ends - Currently... ...an Ork Pilot @ 2014/01/02 03:10:13

Post by: kestral

Well, I'm not sure what the etiquette is on having multiple blogs going at once, but I kind of like to keep mine separate by theme. I have one for my Titan and associated models, one for my Space Samurai, one for my Beast men, all mostly finished at this point. This one will be for all my other stuff, and also tracking my hobby spending (because paper gets lost, but the internet is forever).

So, what do I have for "open projects"? Good question. An open project is one for which the models have been purchased, which creates an obligation to paint them. I've been losing ground I think over the last year.

By Army/Theme


15 Classic Snakebites

Civilian 40K stuff
4 Explorators in space suits
4 Gladiators

Thousand Sons/Counts as necrons/Tooomb Kings in Spaaaace
1 Chariot Conversion
1 Ghost Arc Conversion
1 Mechanical Dragon fly rider


Space Samurai
All Done

Battle Fleet Gothic
3 x Destroyers
1 x Cruiser
1 x Scratch Build Heavy Freighter
3 x Eldar Scratch Builds
6 x Tyrannid Units

Kickstarters due to arrive in 2016-7
Toughest Girls in the Galaxy 2 - nuns with guns mostly - about 40 figures total.
10 Mantis Warriors
15 Dark Elves
5 Nuns with Guns
5 Death Dancers
10 or so Characters
2/7 Familiars
Victoria Lamb super gun +8 crew

Krieg Dwarves (6 Models)
10 To'ok Knights

Aprox 10 x Knights
15x Men at arms

Terrain Full Sets
Tau City - been collecting for this for about a decade - time to get the flower pots going.
Ork City - likewise. Want to do lots of little vignettes like Grots going about their daily tasks.
Space Hulk starship stuff - about half finished.
Desert City. Molded a bunch of buildings for a commission, now I want to do my own.

Nurgle bits
10 Plaguebearers
1-2 classic GUC (the tiny ones)
1 Beast of Nurgle.
5 Misc Figures
1 Neo Oughta.

Optional Projects: (Didn't actually purchase these sets, so I'm not obligated to do anything with them)
Dark Vengeance Box
Saguinary Guard Box
10 Bloodthirsters (I'll think I'll do these, the Kreig dwarves and some Dark Vengence stuff as a Khornate war band) Can't find these guys/? WTF?
1 Leman Russ

All done

Kestral's Odds and Ends - Currently... ...an Ork Pilot @ 2014/01/04 13:57:15

Post by: kestral

Slayer and Bone Chickens Painted - with some other Cryx.

January 4th - money spent $0

Got a message that the Imbrian Arts stuff is one the way.

Kestral's Odds and Ends - Currently... ...an Ork Pilot @ 2014/01/08 01:26:15

Post by: kestral

Spent $10 on a GW dry brush and some Nuln oil at FLGS.

Helldiver half painted, expect to finish tonight.

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Helldiver 90% painted, Mishima Deathstalker 80% painted.

Kestral's Odds and Ends - Currently... ...an Ork Pilot @ 2014/01/10 01:49:18

Post by: kestral

Painted the Helldiver and Mishima Deathstalker. I used the same scheme for both, even though they are totally different armies, just 'cause I liked it.

Got the Imbrian Arts Gnoll and Ashura figures in the mail. Well sculpted, but incredibly small and fiddly. Started working on assembling, lost patience quickly. Also discovering the gel superglue sucks as far as holding strength. Will have to spring for liquid locktite.

Kestral's Odds and Ends - Currently... ...an Ork Pilot @ 2014/01/12 02:45:59

Post by: kestral

Spent $3 on superglue. Spending now $13, about a dollar a day. Eregore painted, Pistol Wraith Painted, Gorman Diwulfe and Denny started. Discovered I had a Killer Can to paint, along with a unit of 30 bretonians on foot and and other 10 spearmen. Not sure I will ever paint the bret stuff. Loved that army, back in the day, but it will probably be changed beyond recognition in the next army book, and it's basically worthless currently. Plus I don't even like Fantasy these days. None of the nights are particularly inspiring except one scratch build. I think I might cannibalize the foot guys for 40K.

Kestral's Odds and Ends - Currently... ...an Ork Pilot @ 2014/01/12 14:08:12

Post by: Jangus

Not 100% sure what Cryx are, but they look awesome! Could you post a couple of close ups of some of those other models you have there? Really like the blue paintjob, makes them look really snazzy. Keep up the good work!

Kestral's Odds and Ends - Currently... ...an Ork Pilot @ 2014/01/14 00:20:56

Post by: kestral

Thanks! (although the quality of the blending on the blue varies according to my motivation). I was most motivated on the Helldiver, bit less so on these guys:

Cryx are one of the Warmachine factions.

Spent $16 on brighter lights - Total $29.

Found a scratch built chaos dread to paint - This guy (the big thing in the center).

Kestral's Odds and Ends - Currently... ...an Ork Pilot @ 2014/01/14 03:01:45

Post by: Jangus

Mmmm, I can see the difference between the two paintjobs, although they're still both pretty eye catching.

It'll be interesting to see that chaos dread; will you be using the blue colour scheme?

Kestral's Odds and Ends - Currently... ...an Ork Pilot @ 2014/01/18 18:57:04

Post by: kestral

Not sure. It was originally going to be a Slaneeshi dread, to fit in with the Eldar bits on the machine. I want to do more with greenstuff on it.

Here is the list of models remaining to paint. I'm hoping to keep editing it shorter and shorter during the year…. - Not much progress yet.

Kestral's Odds and Ends - Currently... ...an Ork Pilot @ 2014/01/23 13:35:56

Post by: kestral

Purchased a Cryx Stalker for $12. Total $41. Hmm, it adds up fast.

Kestral's Odds and Ends - Currently... ...an Ork Pilot @ 2014/01/26 15:31:36

Post by: kestral

Cryx Done all except for the Stalker. To have a complete army I probably still need a few things - a unit or two - Mechanicthralls, Banes, and Bile Thralls top the list. I would also like a Warwitch Siren, a Scarlock Thrall, and perhaps an Iron Lich and another heavy warjack.

Here is a close up of Blackburn's Raiders. I wasn't really very keen on them, in game terms or as models, but I decided I would paint them because A) you never know when you're going to need some ghost pirates, and B) I could do them very quickly.

I probably spent the most time on the Coven. They originally had light blue cloth, but I did some purple wash and patterning because the light blue looked too "fluffy", plus this way they could fit in with a GENESTEALER CULT!

Now the question is what to paint next? The Stalker, probably, but I'm unlikely to spend the money for the Cryx units any time soon. I will probably try to trade of them. In the meantime, I want a small project, something different. Maybe Battlefleet Gothic, maybe the Rogue Trader crew for our 40K RPG, maybe the Necron Stuff, which I will be painting the same as the Cryx and my 1K sons. Maybe terrain though, just to break it up. It gives me enjoyment to contemplate what to do. I might go for something from left field - converting the Dark Vengence cultists to Khorne?

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Might also paint some of my son's Khador for him. Really like the Wardog and Mechanics.

Kestral's Odds and Ends - Currently... ...an Ork Pilot @ 2014/01/26 15:50:46

Post by: Jangus

Those Coven are awesome!

Kestral's Odds and Ends - Currently... ...an Ork Pilot @ 2014/01/29 18:22:07

Post by: kestral


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Sculpted by Kev White of Hasslefree - one of my favorite sculptors.

Kestral's Odds and Ends - Currently... ...an Ork Pilot @ 2014/01/30 09:23:26

Post by: gunslingerpro

That Cryx is unreal! Such a bright color, really done well with the flesh and bone tones.

Really something to aspire to! The Coven is particularly impressive!

Kestral's Odds and Ends - Currently... ...an Ork Pilot @ 2014/02/01 02:07:36

Post by: kestral

Well thanks - I did try harder than usual. : ) Spent $10 on paper models from Dave Grapham (still time to get all his stuff for $1 a file!). Figured they don't take up space, right? Got a set of medieval/empire buildings, a bunch of tents, and lots of floor patterns. Looking forward to getting some printed out. Also assembled the Stalker. It is tough to get put together in a reasonable sort of way.

Kestral's Odds and Ends - Currently... ...an Ork Pilot @ 2014/02/04 05:27:41

Post by: gunslingerpro

kestral wrote:
Well thanks - I did try harder than usual. : ) Spent $10 on paper models from Dave Grapham (still time to get all his stuff for $1 a file!). Figured they don't take up space, right? Got a set of medieval/empire buildings, a bunch of tents, and lots of floor patterns. Looking forward to getting some printed out. Also assembled the Stalker. It is tough to get put together in a reasonable sort of way.

Yeah the Stalker has to be pinned to death to go together well at all. I'd recommend a conversion I've seen a few times where people replace the rear legs with Bone jack legs. It's pretty fantastic looking when completed.

Kestral's Odds and Ends - Currently... ...an Ork Pilot @ 2014/02/08 13:42:21

Post by: kestral

I think my Nihalac oxide phase is over. I was using it on my Adminstratum building when my wife came down and said "Ewwww, what's that?" I explained, and she said "well, as long as you like it". A few minutes later as I was manipulating my building, paper towel to wipe off the Nihilac and brush I thought "wow, I need to be careful not to knock over the paint pot". Sure enough, about 20 seconds later I dumped it in my lap. The combined effect has made me much less keen on it. I did find that a wash of Agrax Earthshade over Nihilac is a pretty nice effect. Here is the building and the stalker. I may build a base for it at some point, but I never attach buildings to bases, since you might want to combine them in different ways in a battle. I added bits of paper on the floor to show that it was an adminstratum. The stalker did eventually go together, though I considered various possibilities, like putting the legs in the arm spot and the arms in the leg spot for maximum weirdness. I also tried to get it as upright as possible. I used grey stuff and superglue, a trick I learned here on Dakka, which works quite well for fiddly limbs.

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Kestral's Odds and Ends - Currently... ...an Ork Pilot @ 2014/03/09 01:37:03

Post by: kestral

Spent 9:50 on some flock and daemonette purple. I do like GW base paints. Total $50.50 so far this year. Been working on the house in every spare minute, so no much progress yet. Annoyingly, I need a base coat brush and neither FLGS seems to be able to keep them in stock. Also realized my standard brush is nearly worn out.

Kestral's Odds and Ends - Currently... ...an Ork Pilot @ 2014/03/09 17:53:26

Post by: kestral

Here are some Hinterland Trenchraiders. They are WIP at this point:

I love niche companies like Hinterland. They serve as "naval infantry" in our Rogue Trader campaign. It is my main reason to keep modeling at this point. We've been off for 6 months or so, but I am looking to start up again soon. There are two story lines possible at this point - either our heroes get involved in exploiting the many commercial possibilities of a system in the throes of being devoured by Tyranids (Rescue, Looting, Nuking the site from orbit, snatching priceless works of art from the claws of the swarm, piracy, staying alive), or they will be signing on as military advisors to a feudal world being overrun by Chaos Marines. Both have interesting modeling capabilities, as well as fitting well with my collection. The Fuedal one will involve paper fold buildings, perhaps a rock and grass table, finishing my Bretonians, and converting some knights and such with high tech weapons (Sir Eglemore and his Lasgun). The Tyranid one is a great springboard for finishing my gene stealer cult, finishing some odds and ends for ruins, and doing "imperial civilians/vehicles" which I enjoy. Also I have tyranid battle fleet gothic stuff.

In the meantime, I prepped the Imbrian Arts and more Hinterland this morning. For highly detailed figures I like to spray them white, then wash with Nuln Oil. It shows detail (and mold lines) really well and kind of gives you the best of both worlds with black and white base coats. Much more enthusiastic about painting these figs now that I can see them better.

Kestral's Odds and Ends - Currently... ...an Ork Pilot @ 2014/03/13 20:46:50

Post by: kestral

Pecked away at the Gnoll and Ashura, but haven't really been feeling it for painting them.

So turned to the Rogue Trader crew I converted up last summer. I love making figures like this, but hate painting them. I've even toyed with the Heresy of hiring someone to paint them. It is hard coming up with a color scheme. I don't think I want to make them uniform, but I think I do want colorful, so I think they will a variety of muted tones. THey are made primarily from Empire Militia and Wargames factory Ashiguri (mostly for torsos), we a few heads, shotguns, goggles and breath masks from Victoria miniatures, and other bits. Here is a test figure:

Crewman with flame-crossbow.

Officer with splinter rifle, two archers and an engineer with shotgun. Plus ship's dog.

Shotgun, Pulse Rifle, Officer with Katana and bolt pistol, crossbowman

Crew with crossbows, blunderbuss, pistols, etc.

Boarding shotguns, pistols, chainsword.

Kestral's Odds and Ends - Currently... ...an Ork Pilot @ 2014/03/25 23:55:14

Post by: kestral

Got given a set of Cryx Banethralls. I think that makes my Cryx more or less competitive. I'm not a huge fan of the models, which is part of why I didn't buy them myself. I think I will mix in some Thousand Son bits so they fit in with my Chaos force - "Ghost space marines with axes", as well as "Cryx undead". I think the two aesthetics are close enough to make it work.

Bought an advanced battledroid figure for $6 to make into a counts as Dreadknight for my space samurai. I think with a few japanese style banners coming out the back and some bits it will look great.

Spent $12 on glue and zip kick for the first time. Hopefully it will be all I have heard….

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Total spending about $80 on the year.

Kestral's Odds and Ends - Currently... ...an Ork Pilot @ 2014/04/23 16:37:31

Post by: kestral

Painted the Women on Camels. Really, Really small. Going to use them as objectives at some point.

Mostly working on Crew though:

Quite happy with them in some ways - it is surprising how much a uniform basing scheme will do for you.

Here are some engineers from the same set:

Also scratch built a plasma cannon servitor for my samurai.

He's painted - I'll post a better pic later.

Overall though the crew are going really, really slow. Not sure why.

Kestral's Odds and Ends - Currently... ...an Ork Pilot @ 2014/05/07 01:48:40

Post by: kestral

Spent $12 on plastic trees from amazon. Because i could. That makes about $92 on the year.

And spent $15 pledging on Kreig Dwarves: $107. Were are my trees anyway?

Hmm - a month later I haven't done anything with the trees. Dropped another $12 on paint - $119. Won an Aegis Line just in time for the quad gun to get nerfed.

Hit some Amazon and Ebay coupons, got a BA-10 armored car and ZIS-5 truck for my gene stealer cult, plus some Valkerie and my first Dark Sword model for $15 (a $75 value). Total $134 on the year. Miniatures fix sated for a short time. In other news the Genestealer cult is nearly finished. And I have pics to prove it! I've incorporated quite a few models from other armies fit - the number of cult specific models is not that high.

Kestral's Odds and Ends - Currently... ...an Ork Pilot @ 2014/07/23 02:59:48

Post by: kestral

Not much left on the cult - finish painting some hybrids, work on the truck a bit more, and at long last, the Limo. Always loved the early armored Cars, so here's a BA-10 turned into a limo. I figure its like a hummer today - a luxury status symbol with lots of ground clearance. After all, if you took a low riding vehicle onto most 40K terrain you wouldn't get far. I'd also like to do some beast men with shields as bodyguards. I suspect I have the bits needed.

Spent another $7 on Hydra Miniatures Valkeeri, which puts me to $141. Not bad in the self restrain category.

Kestral's Odds and Ends - Currently... ...an Ork Pilot @ 2014/07/25 17:08:12

Post by: kestral

Limo is done: The Kreig dwarves came today - awesome figures, especially at $15 for 7 figures, shipped. They're fairly big, all but the engineer who seems to be slightly out of scale with the others, but nothing serious.

Kestral's Odds and Ends - Currently... ...an Ork Pilot @ 2014/11/26 11:51:58

Post by: kestral

Need to take some pics and update I think. I've been on a wild spending spree the last month or two - bought Codex SM, Printed out paper fold tents, and a bunch of paints. Total is up to $245 on the year.

Kestral's Odds and Ends - Currently... ...an Ork Pilot @ 2014/12/02 00:33:51

Post by: kestral

Hey, I've painted stuff!

First we have the Valkyrie from Rocket games. Someday I may combine them with Shadowforge marines, a few Infinity figures and some high tech marines to make a high tech pulp army with lots of ray guns and go go boots. One of my desert buildings is in the background, along with my cheap trees from Amazon.com. The building is actually cast in latex, since I have some know how of latex casting from making masks. Then I fill the mold with spray foam from the hardware store. More complicated than you might think, but very durable.

Now we have Fabius Bile. Insurgency Walker provided the miniature and took the picture. This is typical of miniatures that I start out painting to my highest standard, then get sick of and stop with it about 80% done. That is pretty common. It was fun for the first few hours. I did some interesting layering on the skin coat that I liked, then washed it with flesh wash, thereby wiping out most of my work. I do this over and over again. I start with just a little wash, and it looks great so I do more, then the whole thing is covered and it dries and doesn't look so good. : ( I painted him to work with my Cryx/1 K sons/Egyptians in space.

Did up paper fold tents from Dave Graffam for this battle, depicting evacuation of a world in the face of Tyranid invasion. I printed the tents on Cardstock, then glued plywood in the bottom, creating very rugged terrain pieces with enough mass not to slide around the tabletop in a slight breeze.

Kestral's Odds and Ends - Currently... ...an Ork Pilot @ 2014/12/03 02:18:19

Post by: kestral

Here's a picture showing the plywood base inside the tent. Can't say enough about how happy that makes me. Looking forward to doing a paper fold fantasy town at some point.

Kestral's Odds and Ends - Currently... ...an Ork Pilot @ 2014/12/03 02:32:24

Post by: RiTides

Such a variety of projects in this plog! I really, really like the Cryx scheme you have. Are there complete army pics of it somewhere?

Kestral's Odds and Ends - Currently... ...an Ork Pilot @ 2014/12/03 18:32:41

Post by: Llamahead

Great stuff especially the pulp girls.

Kestral's Odds and Ends - Currently... ...an Ork Pilot @ 2014/12/09 20:47:12

Post by: kestral

Thanks! Sadly, there isn't any more to the army as far as actual Cryx goes than is shown a few posts back. There are some pictures of the 1 K sons side of the army on my Titan blog: http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/30/243937.page
Bit dated now.
I'll try to do a combined picture, but I want some terrain and such to go with it. I'm thinking colorful paper fold tents, now that i'm on that kick. More like Knight's pavilions or arabic tents than army tents I've done so far. Sort of a wandering in the desert thing. Next thing I need to photograph is dread fleet - 2-3 ships and some accessories to go on that.

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And now some dread fleet - my favorite ship first - the Scabarus!

Kestral's Odds and Ends - Currently... ...an Ork Pilot @ 2014/12/13 21:00:18

Post by: kestral

And some more dread fleet….

I have to admit I dislike the sails on Dreadfleet models. Very hard to paint, plus they make conversions really hard. I'd likely be scratch building my own ships after buying a second dread fleet box if they were more generic. Plus, billowing white sails are important to the vision of sailing ships to me. Oh well! Great figures otherwise.

Grand Alliance


Plus just working on clearing the paint shelf - a Rogue trader crewman with shotgun, a lizard man by an unknown company of long ago (painted mostly with washes over bare metal), star wars figure (not sure what he will wind up being, but he looks cool and 40K and I have a bunch of others like him), plus the Bloody Reaver in the background.

Some Kestrals space marines in my future:

I got the 25th anniversary figure as a gift, plus some figures from dark vengeance. Mostly Beakie, which is what I require since most of my chapter is that way.

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Bought a figure for a secret santa thing - brings me to 265 on the year. Considering getting this model for my gene stealer cult:

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A little too modern as is though - would need some conversion. Plus the usual 1/35 scale issues.

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Finished the Genestealer cult truck a while ago.

Kestral's Odds and Ends - Currently... ...an Ork Pilot @ 2014/12/14 14:10:03

Post by: Llamahead

Rather than Dreadfleet have a look at Uncharted Seas by Spartan for extra ships.

Kestral's Odds and Ends - Currently... ...an Ork Pilot @ 2014/12/14 21:44:39

Post by: kestral

I looked at them - wish they had more "vaguely historical sailing ships and galleys". Not sure about the scale either, but if Dreadfleet continues to be popular with the family, I may well score some.

Kestral's Odds and Ends - Currently... ...an Ork Pilot @ 2014/12/19 01:28:24

Post by: kestral

Well, with a car on its last legs, it looks like there won't be any major miniatures purchase in the new year. On the plus side, that makes it more likely I might actually paint every thing. Maybe. Got my toughest girls in the galaxy squad this week. Not sure if I should paint them to match my brown and tan quasi Catachan IG, or for something completely different. They are not a terrible match for catachans.

Kestral's Odds and Ends - Currently... ...an Ork Pilot @ 2014/12/20 02:15:33

Post by: kestral

Been looking at the TGG troops. I got the jailbirds troops. They are nice, but definitely not as detailed as the character models. Kind of wish I had gotten a single character in stead. They are resin or restic of some sort and are likely to be a nightmare to assemble. If I do break them up, one will probably wind up joining Khorne in company with the dark vengeance cultists, maybe two with the catachans, two with the rouge trader crew.

Kestral's Odds and Ends - Currently... ...an Ork Pilot @ 2014/12/21 17:33:20

Post by: kestral

Through a strange and complicated series of events, I have wound up spending another $5 on the Nihilac oxide I had once sworn off and wound up acquiring the plastic Plaguebearers box at a net cost of $15. $265 on the year.

Kestral's Odds and Ends - Currently... ...an Ork Pilot @ 2014/12/29 18:20:43

Post by: kestral

Got the Drop Zone Commander starter for Christmas - should be fun! I have some thoughts on the buildings which I will post at some point. In the meantime, here is Pulgax, Imperial Loader/dozer!

I am warming up to the Typhus Corrosion/Ryza rust combo.

I have been thinking about doing a civilian 40K detour, and I have a number of construction vehicles at this point. Perhaps I could do a Munitorium Labor Battalion.

Dreadfleet is nearly done. Here is the Flaming Scimitar. I disliked the original on several grounds, so I made some changes. I ditched the fire elemental, which never seems to look good, and went for a green and silver look, as well as cutting away the figure head. Not sure I did right there, but no going back now obviously. One thing that really annoys me about the Dreadfleet ships is that many of them (including the scimitar) have their spars held to the masts by ridiculously out of scale bundles of rope, essential giant knots, which is about the silliest idea possible. I find that a thin glaze of seraphim sepia over white does sails rather nicely.

Kestral's Odds and Ends - Currently... ...an Ork Pilot @ 2015/01/11 13:53:59

Post by: kestral

Spent $5 on spray paint for Drop Zone Commander. Using Valspar Chrome from Lowes. Seems to work great on Scourge. Another $5 on Blu Tack Original, which apparently is the best stuff and can be ordered only from England. $10 on the year. I am cautiously optimistic about how easy it is going to be to paint scourge after watching the tutorial video and painting a test model. Chrome spray, Nuln oil, paint eyes red and a few other details and done. Not sure if I will add the additional purple ink or stay with a 1950s Alien Chrome look.
Another $5 on Dave Graphem Models paper fold files. $15 on the year. Will probably buy drop zone commander stuff soon;
Ok, it turns out Mordheim is the big push among my friends this year. Resisted the temptation to get a whole new war band. Instead vowed to use some unpainted models I converted for a regiment of Bretonnian scoundrels. Instead I treated myself to a very evocative mordheim oop youngblood. Stupidly overpriced, $15 with shipping, $30 on the year. And where is my blu-tac?
Jan 30 - Still no blu Tac. Bought new greenstuff - $50 on the year.
Dropped $86 on the shaltari starter set (plastic), command cards, plus a walker. $136 total on the year. As expected, I like the Eden gates quite a bit.

Well, I had a total breakdown last night and went berserk in on the internet. I wanted a cheap figure or two for Insurgency Walker's upcoming 40K rpg where he wants to do a ballroom scene. I thought, hey, there are some Anima tactics figs I've always wanted and they are going to direct only and maybe out of business, so I better do that. So then I went on Ebay and found a really great deal on some other things I've always wanted. But I didn't have the anima tactics figure I wanted, so I did a search for it and found it for $5 - wow! On Blue Table painting's junk store of all places. Huh, so I looked for some more deals. Wait, $13 shipping? Must buy… …MORE stuff to justify it. Sigh. Wound up spending $60 putting me to $196 on the year. Spent another $16 on the trash bash door kickstarter. $212 on the year. Plus Nuln Oil. $216. Trying to resist the second TGG kickstarter. Really need to reign that addiction in. It was my Birthday, Dammit. Or is soon. Isn't rationalization wonderful? Anyway, the fig that spawned it is work it:

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All dread fleet ships are done, though I'm not very happy with the Sea Drake. Now doing objectives and monsters. Bought $20 of paint, at the FLGS, Bought the Axis flier for Dust and Goreshade and Deathwalker during the end of summer sale - $23, total $259.

Kestral's Odds and Ends - Currently... ...an Ork Pilot @ 2015/01/14 02:57:24

Post by: kestral

I took all my Drop Zone commander starter set buildings and glued down their railings (the little bit around the edge of the top of the building) and glued a piece of sprue inside them. That keeps the roof from sagging down when you put them together but still allows you to fold them up to put them away. I am very impressed with the value on DZC cardboard buildings, and also the playability. I do wish they would make battle damaged buildings, or sell the overgrown deserted ones which I think are really cool, in cardboard. The basic city is really… ….pristine. Kind of a 1950s YMCA vibe. Perhaps I will do some scatter terrain.

Also painted a scourge dropship. The painting video makes it seem like they come out a little better than they really seem to with the "just slather the ink on" technique, but I do like it. Not sure if will add the purple mottling or not.

Kestral's Odds and Ends - Currently... ...an Ork Pilot @ 2015/01/25 02:06:28

Post by: kestral

Painted the rest of the starter set scourge, at least to the "spray paint silver, wash black, paint eyes" level. Also test painted a stand of scourge infantry. I was initially extremely unenthusiastic for the infantry because of basing - I hate basing small models (my Flames of War finns are still languishing) - I never like how it looks, and I especially don't like how it looks on the table where it never matches. In drop zone commander with roofs, roads and grass it seems particularly bad. I hit upon the idea of using transparent bases. My test stand uses dividers from a little organizer box. Plastic cement and gale force nine superglue didn't work, but gorilla brand superglue did. Iid like a little clearer plastic though - this stuff was slightly opaque. Overall though I am encouraged.

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Oh, yeah, also working on the fine cast 30th anniversary miniature, a sanguinary guard, a 3D printed Tox crawler done by a friend, and a giant snail made out of shell, hot glue, and greenstuff. Because, well, because I could.

Kestral's Odds and Ends - Currently... ...an Ork Pilot @ 2015/01/25 22:05:48

Post by: Llamahead

Always a good reason that nice work on the Scourge as well

Kestral's Odds and Ends - Currently... ...an Ork Pilot @ 2015/01/27 21:55:40

Post by: kestral

Thanks! I saw you're using scourge as epic scale mechanicus. That is really a good call. If they ever make 28mm scourge troopers they will be near the top of my list for mechanicus thrall troops. For the mechanicus army I don't have.

Painted a few Kestral space marines. I enjoy my chapter colors, a fabulous 80s combo of teal and silver. Enjoyed the Sanguinary Guard which I have no use for at all. Might do a whole unit of them. Not sure about adding the wings though - they are cool but kind of over the top. Iit occurs to me that I like an assault marine component to my marines so perhaps some blood angels allies are in order since I think . I'm not going to shell for the codex though, so if I can't figure out the rules from army builder that's a no go.

Mordheim is the current push among a couple of my friends, and I'm hoping to get a monthly game going. I have two war bands already, but of course I want a new one. I dug out some unpainted guys from a scratch unit of Bretonnian foot troops as a start, plus some random figs:

My scourge are "Stage one" painted. Stage one is where a group of figures looks good on the table, and many of my figs don't get past it. The transparent bases worked fairly well - the feet and legs on the plastic DZC infantry are pretty strong, but I had to glue each one twice so that they had a little transparent base from the puddle of superglue that holds up much better.

Kestral's Odds and Ends - Currently... ...an Ork Pilot @ 2015/02/01 01:27:45

Post by: kestral

Yeah, so I got my Mordheim Young Blood miniature in the mail. This one:

I paid collectors cost for her, mostly because of the similarities to the "like a pudding" gal from Dragonheart:

Sadly, what you don't see from the pictures is that her arms are grossly different sizes. I'd be OK with her having the usual GW gorilla arms, but the one you can't see is tiny. Not sure if I will try to shave down the larger arm, or just go with misshapen form (she's a mutant!).

Kestral's Odds and Ends - Currently... ...an Ork Pilot @ 2015/02/02 16:07:06

Post by: kestral

Working on Clearing my paint shelf in order to start Mordheim. So, I got the last few Rogue Trader Crew who had been sitting on the shelf for 6 months taken care of. Then I got the rest out and based a couple and photographed them:

The Engineers, led by the highly Dubious Engineer's Mate Cargus.

Boarding Party #1, led by Lt. Nakamura Gunther. Special weapon: Pulse Rifle.

Boarding Party #2, led Lt. Barbarossa with splinter rifle and meltagun.

Specialists and allied officers on loan from Toujours L'Audace

Also on my shelf were some random bits, a plastic cow, and a cart, and if it gets on the shelf it usually gets painted. So I started working on some 40K agriculture. Always enjoyed the "low sci fi" aspect of 40K. Here we see a bondsman taking a wealthier farmer's Grox hauler out to perform the Rites of Maintaining on some Agroprocessors. In his backpack he carries the essential Hydrospanners.

Kestral's Odds and Ends - Currently... ...an Ork Pilot @ 2015/02/15 13:42:09

Post by: kestral

Finished the cow, serf, and cart. i've used plastic farm stuff in the past with some success, but in this case the paint and glue adhesion was terrible. Not sure it will be worth it in the long run since it is likely to chip like crazy, but I enjoyed doing it. I should try to remember to clear coat it when the weather is better.

Kestral's Odds and Ends - Currently... ...an Ork Pilot @ 2015/02/19 02:13:35

Post by: Insurgency Walker

Nice cart!

Kestral's Odds and Ends - Currently... ...an Ork Pilot @ 2015/02/24 02:14:54

Post by: kestral

Working on my Mordheim war band. Fairly pleased with how the "girl in the red dress", aka "Like a Pudding" came out, even though it is just a speed paint. Liking the war band so far, though I almost wish I had sprung for some new Empire figs rather than my ancient bretonian and empire plastic conversions.

Kestral's Odds and Ends - Currently... ...an Ork Pilot @ 2015/02/24 13:12:56

Post by: weetyskemian44

So many different things and unusual/rare figures. I especially love the cow.

Kestral's Odds and Ends - Currently... ...an Ork Pilot @ 2015/03/08 17:01:06

Post by: kestral

Why thank you! Some day I'm going to do a whole "Civilian 40K" thing, including a dubious dark future gothic farm. I think that will be fun. Pretty scary and very "dune the movie house Harkonen" I expect.

In the meantime, for Drop Zone Commander I have finished an Eden. My wife calls it the "Southwest Jewelry Army", but I really like it.

My favorite DzC model so far.

Also did the Limited edition banner from the 25 anniversary model.

I do love me a good base/objective marker.

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Scrounged for bits (without having to go out in the cold workshop) and found enough to make 3 steward servitors and start on a sister Familious in a wheelchair.

Kestral's Odds and Ends - Currently... ...an Ork Pilot @ 2015/04/08 00:24:24

Post by: kestral

Cast of Characters for the ballroom Scene in a 40K RPG episode

Sister Famulous and Retinue:

Some random imperial nobles with musicians and a sister hospitlar in the background

Visiting couple from Oyashima-Nihon

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Not bad for a random ransacking of one's collection, IMHO, though it does point out my lack of civilian figures.

Kestral's Odds and Ends - Currently... ...an Ork Pilot @ 2015/04/26 14:21:24

Post by: kestral

Shaltari are done and speed painted a razorback for a friend.

Basing on the infantry is blu tac temporary since I'm not sure if I want to try to do transparent basing or something else.

I like the size of a DZC army - this is enough for a good game.

Kestral's Odds and Ends - Currently... ...an Ork Pilot @ 2015/06/22 18:05:37

Post by: kestral

Here are two additions to my Genestealer Cult - a hybrid based on a Martian Greenman by Tinman miniatures and the Toughest Girls in the Galaxy "Dark Mother".

Next up I'm working on my sort of Crazed Egyptian Undead Surgeon Chaos type models - my Tzeetch/Cryx combination figs.

Automatically Appended Next Post:
Hmm - that picture is one of the few cases where the photo looks better than the original figures.

Automatically Appended Next Post:
With the camera/lighting combination working out so well here are a few more I've painted over the spring -

Tin Man mars stuff, plus a Reaper bones fig. And yes, those are cans of delicious COLT 45 on his base. My main complaint about Tin man is that some of the figures don't scale well with others of the same range. I've had a tough time getting a good prime and mold line cleanup on bones. This one the primer wouldn't dry for days and went on a bit heavy.

Automatically Appended Next Post:
Here's a better Valkyrie pic too. I kind of want to do at least a small army based on them and the shadow forge marines (that's the one in front), but it is a bit of a stretch.

Kestral's Odds and Ends - Currently... ...an Ork Pilot @ 2015/07/15 01:39:23

Post by: kestral

Bought a 50% interest in an Ork codex and pledged $25 on the reaper bones kickestarter which should cover the victoria Gun. That puts me at about $276 for the year.

Automatically Appended Next Post:
Kind of want an Ork mek gun for the crew.

Kestral's Odds and Ends - Currently... ...an Ork Pilot @ 2015/07/15 02:46:33

Post by: Briancj

Am subscribing in the hopes that I get to see more civilian 40k stuff.

Kestral's Odds and Ends - Currently... ...an Ork Pilot @ 2015/07/15 15:47:22

Post by: Sageheart

 kestral wrote:
need to reign that addiction in. It was my Birthday, Dammit. Or is soon. Isn't rationalization wonderful? Anyway, the fig that spawned

Automatically Appended Next Post:
All dread fleet ships are done, though I'm not very happy with the Sea Drake. Now doing objectives and monsters.

Beautiful model.

Kestral's Odds and Ends - Currently... ...an Ork Pilot @ 2015/08/19 13:55:26

Post by: kestral

I've been working on the Orks, but I do plan to do more civilian stuff eventually.

Kestral's Odds and Ends - Currently... ...an Ork Pilot @ 2015/08/20 13:18:37

Post by: kestral

Hasn't been a real productive summer, but I do have some photography to catch up on.

Kestral's Odds and Ends - Currently... ...an Ork Pilot @ 2015/08/29 02:33:31

Post by: kestral

So, here's what I have to show for the summer -

Corrupted Wraithlord:

Khorne Ork Warboss

Worker Grots

I like the gretchen ammo type grots quite a bit. I'd like to do more. I might get an Ork Mek Gun in large part for the crew (the gun itself is lackluster). I think I'd also like to do some grots based on Night goblins. They'd be a comparatively wealthy mob of squig hunters and fungus tenders. I'd do a few as archers, but give them a reel of wire on their backs connected to the arrows - the idea being that they harpoon shy squigs and drag them in, some with signs to advertise the goods, some with catching poles, etc. I'd mix in gnoblars too. Someday I want to do an Ork town, with the Gorka Morka type emphasis on industry and a (semi) functional ork society. If I ever start that up I'll do a new blog for it though.

General Grots:

Burna Boyz WIP - I like that I have four generations of Orks there - a pretty early GW mad boy, a gorka Morka era Mek, a 3rd ed burna and one of the up to date ones. I like the older orks best, but I appreciate all of them.

I'm kind of on a snakebite kick. I think I'm going to paint my snakebite mob next, then do a couple of vehicles for them. Most people do Squiggoths for snakebites, but I think I'm going to do a sort of "house on tracks" and a werdboy tower like this one:

Kestral's Odds and Ends - Currently... ...an Ork Pilot @ 2015/09/06 18:11:12

Post by: kestral

Burna Boyz iz done:

Kestral's Odds and Ends - Currently... ...an Ork Pilot @ 2015/09/06 18:41:43

Post by: Llamahead

Always like Snakebites but the Battletowers are a Bad Moon Toy. Dead killy too so go for it!

Kestral's Odds and Ends - Currently... ...an Ork Pilot @ 2015/09/08 23:28:59

Post by: kestral

True, but for some reason houses on tracks just seems to go with the guys I'm working on, even though I suppose fluff wise it should be squiggoths. Here's a Kan and a snakebite battle banner. The banner, oddly, looks better in the picture than in real life. The Kan, on the other hand, looks worse - I love it to pieces but the picture doesn't do it justice. I'm on a real yellow kick right now - Averland Sunset and Seraphim Sepia - is there nothing they can't do?!

Automatically Appended Next Post:
The old school Kan is an outstanding model that paints up easily and looks great. I wonder how the detail is on the plastics?

Kestral's Odds and Ends - Currently... ...an Ork Pilot @ 2015/10/25 01:00:35

Post by: kestral

Updating all my projects today. Did a new warcaster for Cryx. I do like that a single figure can basically make a new army for warmachine. Gorshade da bastard.
Might redo the breathstealer as a ghost...

Kestral's Odds and Ends - Currently... ...an Ork Pilot @ 2015/11/01 13:04:01

Post by: kestral

An unknown figure. I was trying to paint only with inks, but didn't really do him justice.

Kestral's Odds and Ends - Currently... ...an Ork Pilot @ 2015/12/20 15:08:09

Post by: kestral

Anna Puma and Uni Puma from Dominion Tank Police. Unofficial of course, by Denizen Miniatures in the UK, 25mm.

Nice enough figures, and on the bigger side of 25mm, but the facial detail was pretty poor. Which is fine, since I'm terrible at painting faces in general.

Kestral's Odds and Ends - Currently... ...an Ork Pilot @ 2016/01/16 13:27:08

Post by: kestral

I always try to keep a greenstuff project on hand to use up the extra from filling gaps and other such tasks. For a while its been converting a revolutionary war toy mortar into a Nurgle Artillery Bombard....

I accidentally bought some GW technical Mournfang snow and lustrian undergrowth, and I'm going to use them to texture the thing and see if the snow can smooth out some of the greenstuff to model transitions. Some crew from various bits, a ramp, and these guys lugging stones into the mouth:

Kestral's Odds and Ends - Currently... ...an Ork Pilot @ 2016/02/20 22:35:31

Post by: kestral

Currently hiding out from fiddly over busy resin tiny figs, so I thought I might paint some of my stuff from the (in my opinion terrible though my wife and some friends like it) board game Wrath of Ashardalon. Horrible 4th edition D&D turned into a boardgame. It comes with a pile of figures though. Most of the humaniods kind of suck, but the creatures are nice, especially the bigger ones, and they are simple and fun to paint. First we have a "Rage Bear", to go with "Wrath", "Rage Drake" and so on.

And some Grell:

I think they'll make good daemons for my Tzeentch guys.

Kestral's Odds and Ends - Currently... ...an Ork Pilot @ 2016/02/21 18:32:16

Post by: Llamahead

Interesting stuff Bear looks useful and the Grell creepy vicious both intrigue me for Frostgrave.

Kestral's Odds and Ends - Currently... ...an Ork Pilot @ 2016/02/23 02:20:40

Post by: kestral

By a weird co-incidence, my main goal in painting the bear was for Frostgrave, though it is actually a little large. : )

Kestral's Odds and Ends - Currently... ...an Ork Pilot @ 2016/02/23 21:18:51

Post by: Llamahead

Wizard Did It.........

Kestral's Odds and Ends - Currently... ...an Ork Pilot @ 2016/03/25 11:55:17

Post by: kestral

Painted my Yephina, female cloud giant. I am going to work on the color blending a bit more though, since pictures always show you all the places you screwed up. Also a strange little figure from my childhood and a couple of reaper figs:

I've always thought this was an amazing figure, and the standard paint job is also stunning. I wanted to do it justice, but I guess I'm just not there year. Might work on it a little more.

Kestral's Odds and Ends - Currently... ...an Ork Pilot @ 2016/04/06 01:24:23

Post by: kestral

I'm in the process of inventorying, counting, and photographing all my miniatures. For insurance, you know.

At the moment I'm doing my Valarian 3rd and 4th Armored All Terrain Rangers, a light mech outfit based on the old Catachans, because they were my first IG army and I didn't know any better.

Pictures are taking forever to load, so I'll put them in later.

The army consists of 102 models, plus 7 heavy vehicles (Chimera size) and 8 Light Vehicles.

1 Flame Tank (WWII polish Tankett with heavy flamer towing a fuel supply).
1 Vindicator
1 Leman Russ, optional turrets for standard, demolisher, and the plasma one.
1 Basilisk (cut down barrel and lowered profile - more of a tank hunter look.
4 Chimeras, one of them scratchbuilt.
2 Morter Carriers converetted from more 1/35 tankettes.
3 Sentinels
2 Devil Dogs converted from czech pz IIIs IRC.

5 Rough Riders

3 Missile launchers, 1 spare crew.
3 Autocannons
1 1/35 AT gun + 4 Crew
10 Carapace Veterans
5 Storm Troopers (mostly converted off scouts)
4 Vox operators
5 Flamers
21 Lasgun infantry
7 Meltaguns
3 Demo Charges
3 Snipers
3 Grenade Launchers
3 Power Fist officers
3 Etioles Mortant
2 Standard Bearers
8 Misc. officers
1 Heavy Bolter Sgt
1 Mechanic.

Unpainted - 1 Mechanic, 1 Etoil Mortant, 3-4 Raging heroes jailbirds, 1 aliens vasquez smart gunner.
80% painted (almost every fig has paint on it, but many don't even have inking.
98% collected- not much more needed - maybe a few more line infantry from other manufacturers, a few Warzone figs that fit in, and a 1/35 two seater motorcycle conversion I wanted to do.

Automatically Appended Next Post:
Forgot that I also wanted to do some medical types - some catachan style, one cadian that I have who fits in with the stormtroopers pretty well.

Also, gotta figure out how to get the dust off of these. They've been in a case for years, but not sealed enough I guess.

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Kestral's Odds and Ends - Currently... ...an Ork Pilot @ 2016/04/06 20:44:52

Post by: Cleatus

Lots of fun stuff to look at here. Subscribed.

Kestral's Odds and Ends - Currently... ...an Ork Pilot @ 2016/07/30 12:05:28

Post by: kestral

Thanks! I love looking at the more off beat stuff you see on Dakka myself.

Here's my little Nurgle detachment, plus 10 of the new plastic plague bearers. I'm going for a kind of "Not sure if fantasy or 40K" vibe, in homage to the old chaos days when they were pretty much equally playable in both.

The detachment has 28 Models, plus 1 Mortar, 1 objective marker and 4 stone bearers on loan from another armor. It includes 16 Plague Bearers, 1 "Not that great these days due to scale creep" unclean one, 1 really cute flopping seal beast of Nurgle, 2 Chaos warriors with guns, 1 Neo -Oygtah from the Wrath of Ashardalon set, one gibbering mouther, and a few other random figures looking for a home. The plague bearers are very early work of mine and will need to be repainted - I want a more interesting color scheme, with more color and grey-greens than bright greens I think. There's alot of interesting ways you can go with Nurgle I think. It seems like you could just slop on inks, but it actually is a bit tricky to get a good effect in my limited experience.

Finished the Plague Mortar. Exploring some different metals, notable the GW warplock bronze with runelord brass, which I rather like.

I do need to build a ramp so these guys can walk up and toss their stones, and possibly themselves, into it. Something like this:

Kestral's Odds and Ends - Currently... ...an Ork Pilot @ 2016/07/30 14:48:38

Post by: ThunderFury 2575

I really like the jeanstealer cult apc type thingo, i'm doing armoured trucks for my renegade guard too!

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I really like your nurgle detachment too !

Kestral's Odds and Ends - Currently... ...an Ork Pilot @ 2016/08/22 17:38:08

Post by: kestral

Gene stealer cult is one of my favorite things in 40K. Glad to see them getting a little official love with the release of the Deathwatch stuff.

Here is my Mechanicus Detachment:

Tech Priest
Tech Priest's skitari Axe bearer
7 Rangers
Onager Dune Crawler (Great Model!)
9 Tech Guard, champion with storm shield. (Old Warzone Brotherhood Figures)
5 counts as Thallax from EM4's marines. Low grade plastic figures with heavy armor, jump packs and odd weapons. My paint job doesn't do them any favors though
10 Robots from Starwars
1 Light Vehicle, 34 Figures.

Kestral's Odds and Ends - Currently... ...an Ork Pilot @ 2016/09/12 00:10:23

Post by: kestral

Working on some my first miniatures ever. When I first got into warhammer, I had a minimal budget and only a dim idea of how to proceed. The first game I set up was orks vs armymen. I needed more Orks but couldn't really afford GW stuff beyond what I had - so I turned to converting Mageknight figures using hot glue and carboard. In fact, weird as it seems, I did alot with hot glue in those days. It is not quite as ludicrous as it sounds. This guy was originally green, but I've just repainted him flesh tones to use him as a sort of small skinny Ogryn - let's call him an Ogront. I'm going to do the rest of his unit fleshtone. They used to function as a unit of Ork Commandos.

The armor is made of little pieces of cardboard and is an homage to the glory days of D&D....

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Better pics eventually.

Kestral's Odds and Ends - Currently... ...an Ork Pilot @ 2016/09/24 11:42:49

Post by: kestral

Here's the whole group of, uh, lets call them Orruks. I like them better flesh color than green. They can still work for the orks, or whoever really. Lots of cardboard and hot glue, as this was before I knew about green stuff.

Kestral's Odds and Ends - Currently... ...an Ork Pilot @ 2016/10/02 00:51:21

Post by: kestral

And now a Tyranid Hive guard. Love the mid generation nids - much better than the present, or to be honest, the old ones.

The contrast between this model the toxicrene I just got on Ebay is huge. The Hive guard is so detailed, so fun to paint. The Toxicrene literally could have been a decent 28mm model blown up to 5 times the size. The detail is minimal and soft. Of course some of that is due to plastic, but man other miniatures are much better. So much they could have done with it, but it is really a lazy sculpt. I wanted one really badly because they look great in the pictures and the one I saw on the table looked great, due to the concept, but I don't feel very motivated to do much with it.

In this case the pictures came out better than the model I think.

Kestral's Odds and Ends - Currently... ...an Ork Pilot @ 2016/10/15 01:08:32

Post by: kestral

Not my model, but to continue my point - the Malinthrope is twice as detailed as the Toxicrene but only 1/4 the size...

Kestral's Odds and Ends - Currently... ...an Ork Pilot @ 2016/12/22 19:27:00

Post by: kestral

To finish my point - here's my Exocrene - no where near on the same level as the Malanthrope. I didn't really do it any favors with my paint job, but still. Very poorly detailed.

In other news I've been painting the Raging Heroes Familiars, which are quite nice, but have the opposite problem - too much detail in too small a space. Better problem to have! I really need to be using magnification though.

I think they are pretty much Raging Heroes Best work.

Kestral's Odds and Ends - Currently... ...an Ork Pilot @ 2017/02/23 02:25:58

Post by: kestral

Another nice Raging Heroes piece is Santa Delores. A couple of notes: I thought from the pictures that her head was covered by her hair (kind of like "cousin it the flying Psyker", but it appears to be cloth. I had to alter the angle of her flight support - she came in what can only be described as a "Kick line in the sky". Now she looks more like she's swooping. She came with about a dozen daggers you could stick in her, but I thought that would be crazy hard to paint, so I settled for three, though I might add in a few more. I'm really not sure about colors on the cape thing.

Kestral's Odds and Ends - Currently... ...an Ork Pilot @ 2017/03/17 18:14:22

Post by: kestral

Santa Delores is pretty much done. I think I will add one more dagger or even two, and she needs a base obviously - but I'm not sure which army/project she goes with.

Next up spaceships I think.

Kestral's Odds and Ends - Currently... ...an Ork Pilot @ 2017/03/17 20:01:05

Post by: Cleatus

Santa Delores looks good! Thanks for sharing.

Kestral's Odds and Ends - Currently... ...an Ork Pilot @ 2017/03/17 21:09:11

Post by: amazingturtles

I think i missed this thread! but those familiars are adorable. i love the sheer variety of things you do

Kestral's Odds and Ends - Currently... ...an Ork Pilot @ 2017/03/18 11:44:58

Post by: aku-chan

Nice job on Delores!

Kestral's Odds and Ends - Currently... ...an Ork Pilot @ 2017/05/07 02:31:24

Post by: kestral

Thanks! Glad to give back a little in exchange for all the awesome stuff others have shared.

Being trying to get my Battle Fleet Gothic stuff in order. First, a couple of classic ships - I'm calling them "Armored Cruisers". As a matter of policy, I'm doing all my BFG ships a size class up - so for example cruisers are serving as battleships, destroyers as cruisers, and escorts are mostly small scratch builds.

Then we have my Tyranid test paint. I had a couple of requirements - my hive fleet colors (black and yellow) had to be in, it had to look like an ancient monster of the void, and I wanted it to look like it used some photosynthesis to supply extra energy. Pretty happy with it, though I think I'll sleep on it.

All the best Tyranid BFG stuff is scratch built, so I plan on doing more that way going forward, but I did pick up a few old figures cheap.

Here is the Saphire Star, a tramp freighter configured for vapor mining from this battle Report: (Bottom of the page) https://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/30/524342.page

This was the small section of Exterior shown:

I got a pack of Britannia escorts for Dystopian wars very cheaply, and I am turning them into Mechanics Standard Pattern Gamma freighters and variants. I'm going to paint it a bluish grey.

Here is a Mechanicus Bombard planetary attack variant of the Gamma Hull (well, two of them stitched together).

Now some Eldar scratch builds. I'm very happy with the builds, but the painting is really not working. I was thinking blue sails with a lightning pattern and grey/blue hulls, but it really isn't working out. I could use some suggestions!

Kestral's Odds and Ends - Currently... ...an Ork Pilot @ 2017/05/07 06:43:32

Post by: Camkierhi

Fantastic work here, the detailing on the BFG is outstanding, considering the scale, brilliant work.

Got to say I have fallen in love with the familiars.

Kestral's Odds and Ends - Currently... ...an Ork Pilot @ 2017/05/27 22:45:16

Post by: kestral

Painted my Tyranids. Quite pleased with them, looking forward to doing more converted from bits like all the best Nid fleets.

The Eldar. The sails look like pretty decent star fields at a distance, but I thing I will work on them more. And may do some that that are black with white sails.

The Saphire Star. Again, the pictures look worse than the real thing - somehow the 3D printing texture shows up a bunch.

I like the little yellow windows looking out to space. Captures a lonely feel for me.

In other news, I am totally going to get a Dystopian wars Ottoman cruiser to convert to a rogue trader. Sadly, they come only as part of a $60 fleet.

Kestral's Odds and Ends - Currently... ...an Ork Pilot @ 2017/05/28 02:02:57

Post by: youwashock

Inspired design on the Eldar ships.

Kestral's Odds and Ends - Currently... ...an Ork Pilot @ 2017/05/30 00:43:51

Post by: kestral

Thanks! I'm planning to do more, including a sort of mini craft world that has tiny ecosytems under glass domes.

Kestral's Odds and Ends - Currently... ...an Ork Pilot @ 2017/06/18 23:16:00

Post by: kestral

Painted for a friend - WGE tau pinup:

Kestral's Odds and Ends - Currently... ...an Ork Pilot @ 2017/06/20 06:52:10

Post by: Camkierhi

That is rather a stunning model and brilliant paint job, how did you manage to keep straight lines?!! Really great tone on the skin, nice blue.

Kestral's Odds and Ends - Currently... ...an Ork Pilot @ 2017/06/20 21:38:18

Post by: kestral

Glad you like it! Just a white basecoat with nuln oil wash followed by some highlights in gloss white. I flowed a little extra black wash into the armor lines in places. My favorite part is her trophy ring.

Kestral's Odds and Ends - Currently... ...an Ork Pilot @ 2017/07/02 22:41:25

Post by: kestral

Hmmm, painted this for a friend and I was really trying to do well. I did the eyes like 3 times, but I can see I screwed up the cheekbones also. I'll have to go back to that.

I really struggle with finer scale/detail figures, alas.

Kestral's Odds and Ends - Currently... ...an Ork Pilot @ 2017/07/03 05:52:06

Post by: Camkierhi

Looks pretty good to me boss, great work. About the only thing I caught with my eye once zoomed in alot, was the lips are quite full and it looks like she is snearing or something, nothing else popped out to me.

Kestral's Odds and Ends - Currently... ...an Ork Pilot @ 2017/07/03 05:55:56

Post by: evildrcheese

Looking good, liking how you've done the blonde hair.


Kestral's Odds and Ends - Currently... ...an Ork Pilot @ 2017/10/21 19:43:20

Post by: kestral

She definitely has a sneer. In the end I went with it - gives the model more personality. Thanks for the props! Painted Tau squad to match the WGE figure.

Done mostly with black washes over white basecoat.

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The Cadre Fireblade is a nice enough figure, if rather busy like most of the recent generation of tau. I liked the simplicity of the older models.

Kestral's Odds and Ends - Currently... ...an Ork Pilot @ 2017/12/04 01:00:52

Post by: kestral

And now... ...a moldsnuffler squig, just doing it's part in the orkish food chain. Made from a toy plastic fly. Spent WAAAYYY too much time on this, but it made me happy.

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Post by: amazingturtles

I really like it! it's got that great mix of semi-adorable and creepy that works so well for squigs and such like,.

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Post by: Ynneadwraith

Love the Tau Kestrel, and you guys are right. The fly-squig is creep-dorable

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Post by: kestral

Thanks Guys! I'm going to do a whole bunch of squigs some day, so it was just a concept I guess.

And now:

An Alien Tree. Also for no particular good reason.

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Only cost 84 cents.

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Post by: Camkierhi

Alien tree looks fantastic. But da bug is spectacular. Awesome work.

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Post by: Meer_Cat

We paint, sculpt, kitbash and customize because we _want_ to, and not for any particular reason. Love the Tau- very well done and I think you may not be giving yourself enough credit for great skills- white paint and straight lines aren't easy (at least- not for _me_) and your pin-up sniper looks great. The unit is terrific also.

The alien tree is fun- I also like seeing something in the dollar store or Goodwill that makes me say to myself "I can make something out of that".

I look forward to seeing more!

Kestral's Odds and Ends - Currently... ...an Ork Pilot @ 2017/12/06 03:19:12

Post by: amazingturtles

The popcorny pinecone type things are neat and look like something that could be alien but still real, which i like.

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Post by: aku-chan

Love the tree, it kinda looks like it's full of brains.

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Post by: kestral

 Meer_Cat wrote:
We paint, sculpt, kitbash and customize because we _want_ to, and not for any particular reason.
The alien tree is fun- I also like seeing something in the dollar store or Goodwill that makes me say to myself "I can make something out of that".

Well said and thanks!

In the spirit of scrounging stuff up and turning it into tiny things and continuing the general floral themes, here are two potted plants made by sticking tree moss into beads.

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Post by: kestral

More alien plants -

Mostly I like that I have a little one. Alien but plausible, as you say Turtles, is my favorite. I'm not quite sure what the biology of these is. I had planed to give them roots/tenticles/legs but just couldn't quite make it work.

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Post by: kestral

My younger brother and I got matching Umber Hulks from wiz kids this Christmas, and we painted them together. He went for naturalistic green, I insisted that I was pretty sure Umber Hulks were purple. Here is the result, at least from my end....

Kestral's Odds and Ends - Currently... ...an Ork Pilot @ 2018/01/01 22:41:54

Post by: amazingturtles

The plants are wonderful, and yes, very believable looking!

I'm not sure what color umber hulks are meant to be, but that's a dang nice purple.

Kestral's Odds and Ends - Currently... ...an Ork Pilot @ 2018/01/03 20:44:11

Post by: youwashock

Nice work on the Hulk. Purple is an excellent choice.

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Post by: kestral

Well, I certainly think so. Thanks! I've chipped away at my "shelf". Once a thing gets on the shelf I feel obligated to "do it", even if it is only there because I found it in an odd place. Currenly on the shelf I've got this:

And recently finished this:

Most notably a test of the water effects stuff I got using part of a milk jug. : )

Kestral's Odds and Ends - Currently... ...an Ork Pilot @ 2018/01/10 01:39:10

Post by: JoshInJapan

Those pinecone plants are inspired. I'll have to copy that idea myself.

Kestral's Odds and Ends - Currently... ...an Ork Pilot @ 2018/01/15 03:45:46

Post by: kestral

Thanks! I do think they needed something more, but I'm not sure what.

I spent the evening inventorying my unpainted figures, and it is quite a list, although my collection is 90%+ painted, so overall I'm not too embarrassed. . Then I spent some time thinking about what I want to do in the coming year, and how to synergize modeling and gaming.

Currently I have three gaming outlets:

Insurgency Walker's Necro-Gorka-Munda, for which I need somewhat oddball figures, some terrain, and maybe to finish some ramshackle Grot Luggers.

Competiive 40K, which right now means basically Nids. I have a Prime (old Hive Tyrant), a Broodlord (the space hulk beauty), and a few stealers I could do for that. I'd like to purchase a Tyrannofex, A hive tyrant, venomthropes, and some Hormagaunts, if practical.

Shadow War Armageddon, which may morph into Necromunda, which points mostly to Terrain, plus a couple eldar figures a player is borrowing.

Beyond that, I have yen to write a set of rules for Battle Fleet Gothic, which would mean finishing the ships I have for that, plus some wacky space terrain ideas I have.

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Post by: kestral

Painted this guy for I-Walker - it was a joy to paint - all that inkable detail!

Kestral's Odds and Ends - Currently... ...an Ork Pilot @ 2018/01/19 01:25:28

Post by: Meer_Cat

Inkable detail, indeed! Very nice work- so much depth to the colors.

Kestral's Odds and Ends - Currently... ...an Ork Pilot @ 2018/01/19 01:46:40

Post by: JoshInJapan

That's a nifty model. I like your work on the goggles.

Kestral's Odds and Ends - Currently... ...an Ork Pilot @ 2018/01/19 04:10:59

Post by: Camkierhi

Beautiful work on the pilot. It's a great model, you have done it justice.