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Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2018/05/12 10:08:31

Post by: myszopek

I started the largest and most ambitious project so far. I hope I'll finish it, which is not at all certain (my drawers are full of infinite models)

DIY pocket orks battleship. This is not a gaming model, but rather diorama or LoS blocker. Planned dimensiones: lenght - 50 cm, hight - 50 cm, widht - 40 cm. I've started a month ago and estimate it will take me about six months.

Like all my other models, it's a great improvisation (I do not make plans and schemes, just take a parts and glue and... done!)
Hull was made from styrofoam, covered with cardboard and HIPS. Towers made mainly from HIPS. Nothing is finished yet

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2018/05/13 16:15:29

Post by: Guildenstern

Brilliant!! also very appropriately orky! can't wait to see more =D

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2018/05/13 19:46:27

Post by: myszopek

 Guildenstern wrote:
can't wait to see more =D

As You wish
Recent work:

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2018/05/15 12:35:57

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

This is impressive!


Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2018/05/15 16:00:54

Post by: Frodeck

Excelent work

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2018/05/15 19:17:54

Post by: myszopek

Thanks for feedback. Today's upgrade: side zappa and bridge with primer.

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2018/05/16 05:00:45

Post by: Vallhund

Bloody brilliant mate! Will definitely be waiting for more progress!

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2018/05/16 05:27:17

Post by: doktor_g

I can't wait to see this!!!!!

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2018/05/16 09:35:30

Post by: ordoteutonicus

very good start indeed

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2018/05/16 17:56:22

Post by: Guildenstern

That's looking awesome - I like the bridge a lot

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2018/05/16 18:59:35

Post by: myszopek

I changed conception of the chimney. New is better of course

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2018/05/16 20:17:28

Post by: techsoldaten

Love what I am seeing. Great work!

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2018/05/21 10:51:45

Post by: myszopek

I have not much free time lately, but still working
Now I'm building a cabin at the deck level.

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2018/05/21 16:11:01

Post by: Skinflint Games

This is insane!! So very, very subbed :-)

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2018/05/22 15:29:02

Post by: myszopek

Little update.
I made stairs and doors leading under deck. And started building a quarterdeck (I'm not sure about English name

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2018/05/25 06:39:12

Post by: Frodeck

Impressive, as usual

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2018/05/27 16:50:02

Post by: myszopek

Section of radars and antennas. Base is a piece of printer toner cartidge. I also used a spring from some electronic device, and suspension of toy car (small radar). Big radar made of HIPS polystyrene

[Thumb - radar_3.jpg]
[Thumb - radar_1.jpg]

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2018/05/30 13:32:22

Post by: myszopek

Skull on the ship's prow. Left eye will be a spotligt.

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2018/06/05 17:41:05

Post by: myszopek

I had to put together elements I've made so far (temporarily to check folding of individual parts). And by the way I took a picture.
Rhino is only for comparison of size

[Thumb - total.jpg]

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2018/06/11 11:59:39

Post by: myszopek

I've done main engine. It's a CPU fan, HIPS, cardboard and part of Tamiya M3 Lee tank's hull. I also used part of CDROM drive as a connector, thanks to which the motor can rotate.
I also added another floor to quarterdeck.

[Thumb - silnik_front.jpg]
[Thumb - silnik_podklad_frot.jpg]
[Thumb - silnik_podklad_tyl.jpg]
[Thumb - silnik_na_kadlubie.jpg]
[Thumb - poklad_podklad_bok_prawy.jpg]
[Thumb - poklad_podklad_skos.jpg]
[Thumb - poklad_podklad_bok_lewy.jpg]

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2018/06/11 12:35:36

Post by: SuspiciousSucculent

This will make an amazing centerpiece! The hulking size of it combined with the sheer orkiness of it blows me away. Keep up the excellent work

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2018/06/11 13:24:59

Post by: Syro_

This is looking great, I'm looking forward to seeing more. I especially like the turrets and comms section you made.

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2018/06/12 10:44:07

Post by: myszopek

Gatling gun turret. Made from body cream jar, a piece of old MP3 player, HIPS and styrene pipes. Weld grom green stuff. Screws are cuted from hexagonal styrene rods.

[Thumb - gatling_2.jpg]
[Thumb - gatling_1.jpg]

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2018/06/18 10:59:38

Post by: myszopek

Two turrets painted with primer.

[Thumb - wiezyczki_lewa.jpg]
[Thumb - wiezyczki_prawa.jpg]
[Thumb - wiezyczki_gora_front.jpg]
[Thumb - wiezyczki_gora_tyl.jpg]

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2018/06/18 11:05:18

Post by: Frodeck

Finally dakka!

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2018/06/21 15:00:10

Post by: Skinflint Games

This is lunacy of the highest order! Keep it up :-)

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2018/06/29 09:29:01

Post by: Frodeck

It deserve a full pirate ork crew

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2018/06/30 08:49:07

Post by: myszopek

 Frodeck wrote:
It deserve a full pirate ork crew

Under Jolly Roger it's the only way

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2018/06/30 09:00:39

Post by: myszopek

Something for Easter eggs finders
Bomb made from wooden egg

[Thumb - jajo.jpg]
[Thumb - jajo_2.jpg]

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2018/06/30 16:01:13

Post by: Syro_

That orky Jolly Roger turned out great! And I really like the idea of using an Easter egg for a large bomb, it looks great, I'll have to try that.

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2018/07/01 10:56:33

Post by: myszopek

I added a rocket launcher to the hull (still in a WIP phase). When I finish, I will start with the build of rocket.
Launcher built of GPU's fan and HIPS.

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2018/07/06 11:00:05

Post by: myszopek

Few new details.
There's never enough skulls I made another one - for rocket launcher.
I've start also building of new flakk. I was not completely satisfied with the previous one. New one will be will be inspired by the Kromlech model. On the picture is a ammo box (with small skull, because... there's never enough skulls ). I'm particularly pleased with the padlock.

[Thumb - 20180705_134014.jpg]
[Thumb - 20180705_124336.jpg]
[Thumb - 20180705_132214.jpg]

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2018/07/13 19:39:19

Post by: myszopek

Little upgrade

[Thumb - flakk_4.jpg]
[Thumb - flakk_3.jpg]
[Thumb - flakk_2.jpg]
[Thumb - flakk_1.jpg]

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2018/07/21 11:24:00

Post by: myszopek

In the meantime I make the hull sheating. This is the most arduous and boring part of work. But necessary: details makes the final effect. I did not like cardboard sheating, which I did before. So I covered it one more, with HIPS.

And for dessert: next step with rocket launcher.

[Thumb - poszycie_total_bok.jpg]
[Thumb - poszycie_total_front.jpg]
[Thumb - poszycie_detal_2.jpg]
[Thumb - poszycie_detal_1.jpg]
[Thumb - wyrzutnia_z_czacha.jpg]

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2018/07/23 07:48:37

Post by: Frodeck

This is almost too good

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2018/07/24 19:20:39

Post by: myszopek

Ramp for landing troops, made from part of toner cartridge. And ladder: leavings from 1:35 scale military models (steps made from cuted tank track links).

[Thumb - rampa.jpg]
[Thumb - drabina.jpg]

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2018/07/24 20:01:53

Post by: Cleatus

I've been enjoying watching your build. Looking good.

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2018/07/24 22:20:23

Post by: TheEldanariPrince

When i saw the title i was like "ooh, Battlefleet Gothic." Madness.

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2018/07/26 05:54:51

Post by: Heretic Tom

Awesome work so far!!

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2018/07/26 12:25:41

Post by: Snrub

This is the best type of Orky madness!

Following for more.

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2018/07/26 12:25:46

Post by: myszopek

 TheEldanariPrince wrote:
When i saw the title i was like "ooh, Battlefleet Gothic."

Yes. I know that is misleading But in 40k there is no equivalent of this size ship.

And here is new stuff: battering ram.

[Thumb - taran_front.jpg]
[Thumb - tara_skos.jpg]

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2018/07/27 16:32:59

Post by: myszopek

Look at the progress made so far.

[Thumb - total_lipiec.jpg]

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2018/07/31 19:30:47

Post by: myszopek

Stern cannon turret (or stern cannon shed ).
Made among others from HIPS, pen, syringe, bottle cap and toner cartridge cogs. Barrel from Tamiya WWII set.

[Thumb - pomalowany_1.jpg]
[Thumb - pomalowany_2.jpg]
[Thumb - pomalowany_3.jpg]
[Thumb - pomalowany_4.jpg]
[Thumb - bezfarby_1.jpg]
[Thumb - bezfarby_2.jpg]
[Thumb - bezfarby_3.jpg]
[Thumb - bezfarby_4.jpg]

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2018/07/31 22:26:40

Post by: Meer_Cat

The whole build is awesome- fantastic imagination! The stern turret/shed/hut is terrific- love the use of 'found' materials to scratchbuild it!

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2018/07/31 23:06:20

Post by: Waaagh_Baraon

Wow that is a total awesome build, I can't believe I missed this project!
Hey whats that black panel your using?

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2018/08/01 10:12:34

Post by: myszopek

Thanks for feedback

Waaagh_Baraon wrote:
Wow that is a total awesome build, I can't believe I missed this project!
Hey whats that black panel your using?

Flat surfaces are made from High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS). I use sheets of varying thickness and colors. Black is basic, because I have a lot of it. I got a huge sheet from a friend who makes advertising banners out of it. Main advantage of this material is that it can be glued with ordinary modeling glue.

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2018/08/02 05:55:43

Post by: Waaagh_Baraon

Thanks for the info, I got to say it looks amazing, I've tried three times to make a big ship every time I've abandoned the build.

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2018/08/02 06:05:33

Post by: Snrub

The battleship is coming along nicely!

The big ol atom bomb sitting on the desk, where's that from?

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2018/08/03 20:08:49

Post by: insaniak

Fantastic work!

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2018/08/07 12:36:26

Post by: myszopek

 Snrub wrote:

The big ol atom bomb sitting on the desk, where's that from?

It's a wooden Easter egg.

I built rokkit for my launcha. Only the top because the rest will be invisible. And I finish work on torpedo, adding bolts and a handle.

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2018/08/07 21:19:29

Post by: Meer_Cat

Oh man, that rokkit is great! But between it and the torpedo, I have to think those orks are compensating for something!

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2018/08/08 08:12:29

Post by: Snrub

myszopek wrote:
It's a wooden Easter egg.
Clever. Looks the part, that's for sure.

Those wire on the torpedo, are they just for show or will the be lights/sounds?

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2018/08/08 10:55:17

Post by: myszopek

Snrub wrote:
Those wire on the torpedo, are they just for show or will the be lights/sounds?

Just for show. I have no idea about electricity. When I change batteries in a flashlight, I call the service And seriously speaking: nothing better pretends to be a cable than a real cable

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2018/08/08 11:54:31

Post by: Cleatus

Looking good!

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2018/08/08 13:31:15

Post by: Commander Cain

Seriously incredible build! I just love how much detail you have managed to squeeze into every corner, one of the best Orky builds I have ever seen

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2018/08/14 14:12:55

Post by: myszopek

It's nice to read such comments Thanks.

My ship was unstable, so I added stabilizer with vertical start propellers (HIPS, part of toner cartridge and GPU fans).
It will be painted separately, and glued then, so I painted this part with primer. This model is too big to paint all the elements joined together.
By the way I painted the side zzap gun.

[Thumb - statecznik_1.jpg]
[Thumb - statecznik_2.jpg]
[Thumb - statecznik_podklad.jpg]
[Thumb - statecznik_szer.jpg]
[Thumb - zzap_gun_primed.jpg]

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2018/08/14 14:20:12

Post by: Skinflint Games

This is just brilliant.

Now, if enough of us believe it, IT WILL FLY!

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2018/08/15 12:05:37

Post by: myszopek

 Skinflint Games wrote:

Now, if enough of us believe it, IT WILL FLY!

It was already flying. Mainly sideways and down. That's why I had to add a stabilizer

I had some free time and here are the effects: medium rokkit launcha. Built of polystyrene, toothpicks box, coffee stick and some wires. Rokkits made from milliput.

[Thumb - mrl_3.jpg]
[Thumb - mrl_2.jpg]
[Thumb - mrl_raw_3.jpg]
[Thumb - mrl_raw_1.jpg]
[Thumb - rokkity.jpg]

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2018/08/16 07:41:05

Post by: Snrub

That rocket launcher is ace. It's the small details like the wires make it authentic.

I think the only thing it lacks are exhaust ports. But then again.... It is an Ork rocket launcher, so.....

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2018/08/16 13:56:12

Post by: myszopek

 Snrub wrote:

I think the only thing it lacks are exhaust ports.

Oops... My mistake. The recoil will be larger or a few gretchins will die

If we're talking about gretchins: the first crewman is on board. I had to paint it now, because its cabin will be closed and will be an integral part of the hull. Windows will be transparent, so I used clear styrene and masked with Tamiya tape before painting. If something goes wrong I will paint windows too.

[Thumb - gretchin.jpg]
[Thumb - bomber_kabin.jpg]

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2018/08/21 17:57:56

Post by: myszopek

Captain on the bridge. Almost. For now on a cork of wine
Warboss with head from Spellcrow

[Thumb - captain.jpg]

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2018/08/22 02:28:00

Post by: Syro_

That new head really changes the look and feel of the black reach warboss. Looks like the gun arm is different too? That hand is massive.

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2018/08/22 18:14:20

Post by: myszopek

 Syro_ wrote:
Looks like the gun arm is different too? That hand is massive.

I don't know. That's a secondhand mini. I bought it assembled and painted. I spread it into pieces, washed and glued it again. I do not know what the previous owner changed but I only changed the head.

Small update.
It's time to give a name to the ship. I'm just wondering if the board is too big.

[Thumb - nazwa.jpg]
[Thumb - rufa_nazwa.jpg]

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2018/08/24 11:01:09

Post by: myszopek

New thing for a ship's bow. I have no idea what it could be for, but it looks good
Submarines had a net cutter on the bow, but this is not an U-Boot.

[Thumb - net_cutter.jpg]

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2018/08/24 12:17:54

Post by: ZoBo

it's a ship-scale choppa!

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2018/08/25 11:15:51

Post by: myszopek

 ZoBo wrote:
it's a ship-scale choppa!

Sounds good

I made a catch (crane) for the bomb. It's just a dummy, because the bomb is magnetized and attached directly to the hull. Magnet simultaneously holds the chain.

[Thumb - bomba skos.jpg]
[Thumb - bomba bok.jpg]
[Thumb - bomba gora.jpg]

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2018/08/28 15:22:52

Post by: stonned_astartes

My god, scratch building level 100. such great stuff here.

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2018/08/28 15:56:12

Post by: ChargerIIC

So many bolted on armor plates. Ork players know it takes a lot of hard work to make something look slapped together.

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2018/08/28 21:46:54

Post by: Meer_Cat

Great job- ramming speed!

The crane for the bomb load is terrific, the obvious sort of place you'd find a grot, tinkering!

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2018/08/29 18:21:59

Post by: myszopek

Thanks. Positive response is the best motivation
@Meer_Cat: I have a lot of figures for this project but only orks, no grots. But I like this idea

Recent progress. I tested the paining scheme. I do one or two models a year, so every time I have to learn painting almost from scratch

[Thumb - test_farby_2.jpg]

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2018/08/29 20:30:31

Post by: Skinflint Games

This gets more mental every time I check in! Props to you OP, love it :-) nice job on the hazard stripes too - and I suck at hazard stripes, so very jealous here

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2018/09/03 13:56:51

Post by: myszopek

Thanks Skinflint!

I would like to finally finish construction and start painting but it can't be done. I still find some details that I've forgotten about and which I need to finish. For example, flakk. I had no concept how to build ammo magazines so I put it aside. And I forgot about it
I have found and finished it now.
I made magazines from toy car wheels and a styrene strip.

[Thumb - pomalowany_front.jpg]
[Thumb - pomalowany_gora.jpg]
[Thumb - pomalowany_tyl.jpg]
[Thumb - magazynki.jpg]
[Thumb - z_orkiem_total.jpg]
[Thumb - bebechy.jpg]

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2018/09/03 13:57:54

Post by: Heretic Tom

Just wow dude, this is going to be incredible!!

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2018/09/03 15:16:41

Post by: Commander Cain

Ridiculously beautiful as always! Great looking paint style as well.

I do think that the name on the ship is a little large though, seems to detract from all the other details in that area, it would probably look great on a large display base though if that was something you were planning?

Are you going to give the ship a big mean looking anchor? A big grabby thing for docking or boarding could look awesome if you have any space left on this beast!

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2018/09/03 15:39:33

Post by: karimabuseer

Phenomenal attention to detail bro!

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2018/09/03 18:34:33

Post by: stonned_astartes

Mega stuff as always!

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2018/09/04 06:51:39

Post by: Frodeck

I realy enjoy this thread

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2018/09/04 22:22:45

Post by: Meer_Cat

What a fantastic build on the quad AAA! I'm printing a copy of that picture off to use as a guide for my own attempt to build something like that!

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2018/09/05 12:57:14

Post by: faultie

That quad gun is amazing. You captured a real WWII battleship feel to it. Can’t wait to see how this thing finally ends up.

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2018/09/05 14:14:20

Post by: myszopek

 Commander Cain wrote:

I do think that the name on the ship is a little large though, seems to detract from all the other details in that area, it would probably look great on a large display base though if that was something you were planning?

You're right. It's too big

 Commander Cain wrote:

Are you going to give the ship a big mean looking anchor? A big grabby thing for docking or boarding could look awesome if you have any space left on this beast!

Aye aye, sir!

Heretic Tom, karimbuseer, stoned_astartes, Meer_Cat, faultie and Frodeck: thanks. But as I wrote, when I started building this: inspiration was the existing model produced by Kromlech. Google can show you how it looks.

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2018/09/06 13:55:44

Post by: myszopek

Next cannon is ready.
A piece of an old VHS camera as a base, pen, some old bits and polystyrene sheets.

[Thumb - malowany_lewa.jpg]
[Thumb - malowany_lewa_tyl.jpg]
[Thumb - malowany_tyl.jpg]
[Thumb - malowany_prawa.jpg]
[Thumb - czysty_1.jpg]
[Thumb - czysty_2.jpg]

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2018/09/06 17:14:45

Post by: Commander Cain

Good stuff as always, I love how your guns all look like they could actually function in real life, adds an extra bit of realism!

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2018/09/06 22:03:37

Post by: Meer_Cat

Excellent build! 3 inch sub-chaser, yessiree!

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2018/09/10 13:10:57

Post by: myszopek

Construction works are going to the end. I hope that in the next post I will show you the whole ship assembled and primed.
In the meantime, I made railings for the main deck. I waited with this to the end, because I was afraid that they would break when manipulating the model during construction. I also prepare places for the assembly of turrets. One of the photos with railings shows the launcher base. Last one is base for newest cannon. The assumption is that all possible elements can be painted separately and attached after painting.

[Thumb - barierka.jpg]
[Thumb - barierki_dwie.jpg]
[Thumb - barierki wieza.jpg]
[Thumb - 20180910_143349.jpg]

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2018/09/10 22:52:43

Post by: Meer_Cat

Continuing awesome build- love the Sea Sparrow missile launcher I can see on the foredeck now!

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2018/09/11 19:28:39

Post by: CommissarKhaine

I always love looking in on this thread; that's some dedication building this monster!

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2018/09/17 10:04:32

Post by: myszopek

It seems that after half a year I managed to finish the construction. The photos are not the best but model is so big that photographing it is a challenge
In the pictures there is everything except the bridge (it's too heavy to attach it with blue tack).

[Thumb - prawa_burta_a.jpg]
[Thumb - lewa_burta_a.jpg]
[Thumb - rufa_a.jpg]
[Thumb - front_a.jpg]

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2018/09/17 10:48:06

Post by: Camkierhi

Really amazing work. This is epic.

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2018/09/17 11:29:42

Post by: Strohkopf

Absolutely super cool!

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2018/09/17 11:42:27

Post by: Snrub

That's pretty fething fantastic.

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2018/09/17 12:19:10

Post by: Ratius

*heavy breathing intensifies*

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2018/09/18 13:56:55

Post by: Skinflint Games

Jesus. That's insane - what a feat!

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2018/09/18 21:22:33

Post by: CommissarKhaine

That thing is simply amazing. Can't wait to see some paint on it

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2018/09/20 13:16:30

Post by: myszopek

I'm still looking for a painting scheme. And I'm still not completely satisfied

[Thumb - bridge_painted.jpg]

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2018/09/20 23:40:00

Post by: stonned_astartes

That’s a hell of a ship, well done on completion and the painting looks promising.

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2018/09/21 11:35:22

Post by: Frodeck

I like the scheme Enough dirty and rusty

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2018/09/22 09:42:09

Post by: myszopek

First turret is painted. I've been experimenting with salt chipping, I've never used this method before. Even pretty nice

[Thumb - turret_1_2.jpg]
[Thumb - turret_1_1.jpg]

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2018/09/22 10:21:31

Post by: Lamby

Just read through all 4 pages of orky magnificence!!!

Truly a scratch-building masterpiece!

Your salt chipping looks nice, one of the best ways of chipping I've found too - nice and random, especially if you use some different sizes of salt grains.

Looking forward to more updates!

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2018/09/22 13:19:39

Post by: CommissarKhaine

Salt chipping seems to he working out very well. Lovely work! One minor nitpick: the inside of the rusty bit pointing up is still white on the inside (unless another bit will fit in there, of course).

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2018/09/22 16:00:34

Post by: Commander Cain

One million thumbs up! Great looking paint scheme

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2018/09/22 16:40:54

Post by: doktor_g


Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2018/09/24 16:52:37

Post by: myszopek

I'm glad you like it. And thanks for the favorable comments .
Small update: I painted stern cannon shed. There is a place on the roof for two more turrets, not painted yet

[Thumb - szopa_skos.jpg]
[Thumb - szopa_bok.jpg]

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2018/09/24 20:00:05

Post by: Camkierhi

OK so you can paint then!!

Bloody amazing sir.

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2018/10/09 12:27:41

Post by: myszopek

Recently, I do not have much time to paint. Progress is therefore small.
I painted the skull for a ship's prow (the yellow eye is a spotlight), steersman and radar screen.

[Thumb - czacha_zeby.jpg]
[Thumb - czach_pomalowan.jpg]
[Thumb - reflektor.jpg]
[Thumb - zeby.jpg]
[Thumb - sternik_1.jpg]
[Thumb - sternik_2.jpg]
[Thumb - radar_ekran.jpg]

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2018/10/09 14:16:31

Post by: Frodeck

Waagh! Is strong in this one!

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2018/10/09 19:29:01

Post by: Camkierhi

Excellent work, the level of detail and the work you are putting into the individual pieces is inspiring and breathtaking bud, mammoth task. I am going to be working on a big project or two myself shortly and this is really making me think about how hard I need to push.

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2018/10/09 21:16:41

Post by: CommissarKhaine

Slow and steady wins the race, you're doing great work! For the ork's skin: if you want to take away some of the chalkiness (some people like it, some don't), a mix of 1/3 green wash, 1/3 yellow or brown, 1/3 water will add a veyr nice glaze and bring some warmth tot he kin.

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2018/10/18 13:28:26

Post by: myszopek


Unfortunately, the pace of work has recently slowed down. After six months it is still far from the end. Working on this model takes a lot of time and I'm bored
Either way, progress is small

[Thumb - mostek_czacha.jpg]
[Thumb - mostek_total.jpg]
[Thumb - sternik_radar.jpg]
[Thumb - mostek_lewa.jpg]

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2018/10/24 12:29:57

Post by: myszopek

I applied a layer of rusty colors to the hull. All paints from Vallejo - base is flat brown, the others are: hull red, cavalry red and orange brown. The whole is secured with a satin vallejo varnish on which I will apply AK Interactive chipping medium. The bottom part of the hull will be light blue, top yellow. Unless I change my mind

[Thumb - prawy_skos.jpg]
[Thumb - lewy_skos.jpg]

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2018/10/24 14:31:34

Post by: ChargerIIC

You should just go to random events, plop that thing on the table and say 'forgeworld'. I wonder how many will panic,

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2018/10/26 11:24:28

Post by: myszopek

 ChargerIIC wrote:
You should just go to random events, plop that thing on the table and say 'forgeworld'. I wonder how many will panic,

A tempting thought. But unfortunately I'm not playing, I'm just building models

Hull painted with base colors. Now the most time-consuming part of the painting job: weathering

[Thumb - hull_lewa.jpg]
[Thumb - hull_prawa.jpg]

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2018/10/27 07:57:21

Post by: Camkierhi

This is going to be soooo epic.

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2018/11/16 12:25:06

Post by: myszopek

That's how it looks now.

[Thumb - 20181116_125141.jpg]

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2018/11/16 13:19:19

Post by: Gitdakka

Omg wow! This is insanely good

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2018/11/16 13:51:42

Post by: Ratius

Just a whole bucket of win.

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2018/11/16 15:17:41

Post by: vonjankmon

That thing is a serious master piece.

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2018/11/17 09:45:39

Post by: stonned_astartes

Mental good.

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2018/11/17 10:06:36

Post by: Frodeck

Impressive, as always

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2018/11/17 17:39:31

Post by: Tremble

Love this build!

Gonna steal some ideas - the gun turrets and radar particularly inspire me!

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2018/11/18 10:00:40

Post by: CommissarKhaine


Not much more to add, really.

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2018/11/18 10:11:24

Post by: SJM

Love the chipping on the yellow, looks great with the rust.

I think I’d work on the ork skin, looks a little chalky, I’d honestly try a light purple wash, do a test, a treat on green skin.

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2018/11/19 10:13:01

Post by: myszopek

Reading such comments is very nice

 SJM wrote:

I think I’d work on the ork skin, looks a little chalky, I’d honestly try a light purple wash, do a test, a treat on green skin.

I know but I don't like paintig minis. Above all, I am a builder, this is part of the modeling I like the most. Painting characters is a necessary evil for me. Yes, I know it sounds like heresy here

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2018/11/19 10:41:11

Post by: ceorron

Cool project, love it. Should look really impressive when painted.

Really good attention to detail.

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2018/11/19 10:50:25

Post by: SJM

myszopek wrote:
Reading such comments is very nice

 SJM wrote:

I think I’d work on the ork skin, looks a little chalky, I’d honestly try a light purple wash, do a test, a treat on green skin.

I know but I don't like paintig minis. Above all, I am a builder, this is part of the modeling I like the most. Painting characters is a necessary evil for me. Yes, I know it sounds like heresy here

Fair enough, build away, looking good.

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2018/12/16 13:02:10

Post by: myszopek

I'm still struggling with laziness and boredom in this project. Getting back to work is getting harder and harder..

[Thumb - wieza.jpg]
[Thumb - wieza_2.jpg]
[Thumb - wieza_3.jpg]

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2018/12/16 13:50:23

Post by: Camkierhi

This is still one of the most magnificent and wonderful projects going at the moment, so much win.

I know the feeling, it can be hard, but just sit back and take a breath and look at that thing, you know you have to finish it, it is not far to go now.

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2018/12/17 02:16:50

Post by: Syro_

Cam's right, it looks really close to finish. This beautiful piece deserves to get done

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2018/12/17 04:06:28

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

Lazy is not the word I would use...

AWESOME! Just too much awesome to process. That's the issue.

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2018/12/18 20:53:06

Post by: Warlord_ky

Looking great.

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2018/12/22 17:55:53

Post by: myszopek

What motivates me most is that I know well: if I put it aside for a moment, I will never come back to it. Removing something from the workshop is a death sentence for the project... That was the case with many models so far. Among others scratchbuilded gorkanaut, finished in 95 percent, and several tanks from the Second World War. So I try not to give up

Main propeller finished:

[Thumb - silnik_sam.jpg]
[Thumb - silnik_poziom.jpg]
[Thumb - silnik_pion.jpg]

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2018/12/23 18:57:15

Post by: Commander Cain

Beautiful stuff! I love all the detail you are cramming into every piece, it's going to look incredible once finished

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2018/12/31 15:42:27

Post by: myszopek

Commander Cain thanks!
Little update. Bomb, rokkit and radar section finished.

[Thumb - bomb_fiished.jpg]
[Thumb - rokkit_finished.jpg]
[Thumb - radar_finished.jpg]
[Thumb - bomb_on.jpg]
[Thumb - rokkit_on_1.jpg]
[Thumb - rokkit_on_2.jpg]

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2019/01/01 01:04:07

Post by: Camkierhi

Stunning. Really appreciate the effort you are putting in.

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2019/01/01 12:32:19

Post by: jac_boj

Whoa...what a project!!! Thanks for sharing

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2019/01/01 14:39:18

Post by: Syro_

I like the bomb, was it made from an Easter egg?

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2019/01/01 15:18:30

Post by: myszopek

Camkhieri, jac_boj, Syro_ thanks!

Syro_ Yes. That's wooden Easter egg

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2019/01/05 12:49:09

Post by: myszopek

Hi everyone!
Torpedo finished. As I think

[Thumb - torpedo_bok.jpg]
[Thumb - torpedo_front.jpg]
[Thumb - torpedo_mont.jpg]

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2019/01/05 14:23:53

Post by: Swaelg

I went through the whole thread and I do not regret it. This mad construction is so inspiring, even though I do not own a single Ork miniature.

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2019/01/05 14:24:34

Post by: Alphabet

That is brilliant.. Seriously well done!

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2019/01/05 17:51:09

Post by: Syro_

Looks very good. How close are you now to the entire thing being done?

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2019/01/05 19:35:21

Post by: myszopek


 Syro_ wrote:
How close are you now to the entire thing being done?

It depends on the definition of "entire thing done" There are only several elements to be finished, visible in the picture below.
But some things broke off when painting, I need to fix it. Ship needs a vignette/base. For now, I did not even think about it. And last but not least: crew. I've painted only one ork so far. I have a dozen or so

[Thumb - do_skonczenia.jpg]

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2019/01/06 04:23:58

Post by: Syro_

Still amazingly close with how much you have already accomplished, keep up the good work

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2019/01/09 13:17:08

Post by: myszopek

Next part finished. One step closer to the end.
Anti-aircraft gun inspired by the Kromlech's Ork Flakvierling

[Thumb - AA-front-2.jpg]
[Thumb - AA-bok.jpg]
[Thumb - AA.jpg]

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2019/01/09 17:44:14

Post by: Jin

Lookin' fantastic! Can't wait to see it all together.

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2019/01/10 14:44:45

Post by: myszopek

 Jin wrote:
Can't wait to see it all together.

This moment is getting closer

I finished painting the rokkit launcha turret. I also started sticking decals on some elements. I use an ork vehicle set and old decals for WWII tanks.

[Thumb - 20190110_152059.jpg]

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2019/01/11 00:21:00

Post by: Meer_Cat

The finished AA mount looks great! I remember rthe pics where you scratchbuilt it essentially from junk- wonderful build!

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2019/01/11 00:40:45

Post by: Briancj

I kinda want to send you a box of grots.

Scratch orks batlleship  @ 2019/01/17 14:28:53

Post by: myszopek

I've also got a telescope for the captain. It is a brass element of an electronic device, mounted on a plastic rod with green stuff. And a laser lens from a CD-ROM as a telescope lens.
And one more machine gun with a gunner

[Thumb - luneta.jpg]
[Thumb - luneta_na.jpg]
[Thumb - maszyn_prawa.jpg]
[Thumb - maszyn_lewa.jpg]
[Thumb - maszyn_na.jpg]