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[PICS] 3100pts Full Slaanesh Daemons Army vs Plaguemarines - Massive Pic-heavy Report  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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Made in gb
Dispassionate Imperial Judge

HATE Club, East London

Now my Slaanesh Daemon Army is complete I wanted to try out the whole thing at once. We decided to play a huge 3000 point game, ignoring the FoC but otherwise playing it like a regular game (rather than using all the Apocalypse rules). Panic took a lot of vehicles, so I had plenty of chance to try out my new 'exploded vehicle craters'...

Panic's Plague Marines - 3110 pts

* Daemon Prince (Mark of Nurgle, Warptime)
* Chaos Lord (Terminator Armour, Lightning Claws, Mark of Nurgle)

* 5 Terminators (Lightning Claws, 1 Powerfist, Icon of Nurgle) in a Land Raider
* 7 Possessed (inc Champion) in a Rhino (Havoc Launcher)

* 10 Plaguemarines (Champion with Powerfist, 2 Plasmaguns) in a Rhino (Havoc)
* 10 Plaguemarines (Champion, 2 Plasmaguns) in a Rhino

* 11 Summoned Daemons
* 11 Summoned Daemons
* Summoned Greater Daemon

* 2 Vindicators
* 2 Predators (Autocannon, Heavy Bolter Sponsons)
* 3 Chaos Dreadnought (1 Multimelta, 2 Plasma Cannon)

ArbitorIan's Slaanesh Daemons - 3110pts

* Keeper of Secrets (Soporific Musk, Transfixing Gaze, Pavane of Slaanesh)
* Keeper of Secrets (Soporific Musk, Transfixing Gaze, Unholy Might)

* Herald of Slaanesh (Soporific Musk, Transfixing Gaze, Chariot of Slaanesh)
* Herald of Slaanesh (Soporific Musk, Transfixing Gaze, Chaos Icon, Mount of Slaanesh)
* Herald of Slaanesh (Pavane of Slaanesh)

* 4 x Fiends of Slaanesh (1 x Unholy Might)
* 4 x Fiends of Slaanesh

* 14 x Daemonettes
* 15 x Daemonettes
* 20 x Daemonettes
* 20 x Daemonettes

* 10 x Furies
* 8 x Seekers of Slaanesh (1 x Transfixing Gaze)

* Daemon Prince (Mark of Slaanesh, Iron Hide, Daemonic Flight, Aura of Acquiescence, Soporific Musk)
* Daemon Prince (Mark of Slaanesh, Iron Hide, Daemonic Flight, Aura of Acquiescence, Soporific Musk)
* Daemon Prince (Mark of Slaanesh, Iron Hide, Aura of Acquiescence, Soporific Musk)

* Soulgrinder (Vomit, Tongue)
* Soulgrinder (Vomit, Tongue)


We rolled Table Edge deployment and Annihilation as the mission, with Nurgle going first. This of course meant that the first Nurgle turn would just be spent moving, as no Slaanesh forces would be on the board. They castled up in the southeast corner, all guns to the fore. Slaanesh divided their army into a half of monstrous creatures (KoS, KoS, Wing DPs, Soulgrinders, Fiends) and half of supporting troops (Daemonettes, Furies, walking DP, Seekers), hoping that the monstrous creatures would tie up the enemt while the Daemonettes arrived piecemeal.

Turn One

After Nurgle's preliminary turn of movement, the Dreadnoughts advance and the vehicles all pop smoke. Slaanesh then get the preferred half of their force and the Monstrous section of the army turn up, supported by fast moving Fiends. The two squads of Fiends scatter quite far away from the action, but the Soulgrinders and Pavane KoS deploy close to Nugle's west flank and the Daemon Princes and the Might KoS deploy to the north of the board and in cover behind a hill. The Herald with the Icon tries to get as close as possible for next turn deep strikes. The orange Soulgrinder uses its Tongue to immobilise the westernmost Predator, but the green Soulgrinder misses.

Nurgle dread advances

Fiends scatter to the back

Daemon Princes in cover

Soulgrinder immobilises the Predator

End of turn 1 - Nurgle are castled up, and the fast moving vanguard of Slaanesh have scattered in close.

Turn Two

At the start of the Nurgle turn, all the Daemons turn up and are deployed as a counterattacking force, in between the wall of tanks and the rear rhinos. The rearmost Plasmadread goes crazy and runs towards the orange Soulgrinder, and the front Plasmadread joins in too. The Vindicators and Land Raiders move a few inches forwards so count as moving, and the immobilised Predator causes a wound on the Pavane KoS. The other Predator and a Rhino Havoc combine to kill the Herald with the Icon. The front Plasmadread then assaults the orange Soulgrinder, immobilising it.

In the Slaanesh turn, 15 Daemonettes, the Seekers and the Furies arrive, the Daemonettes and the Furies at the northeast to try and flank the Nurgle army, and the Seekers further back. The tougher Slaanesh forces advance, the Pavane KoS charging the nearest vindicator, Immobilising it and destroying the Demolisher cannon.

Slaanesh lose their only Icon!

Dread charges the Soulgrinder

All the Daemons show up at once

KoS attacks the Vindicator

Furies and Daemonettes arrive to the northeast

Fiends and Seekers advance from the west

End of turn two - Nurgles Dreads have come out to play as more Slaanesh forces land.

Turn Three

Noticing the nearby KoS, the Chaos Lord and the Terminators disembark the Land Raider. The Meltadread then opens fire on the green Soulgrinder, wrecking it. The immobilised Predator kills two of the leading Fiend squad, and the Land Raider reduces the Might KoS to a single wound! The northern tanks target the Daemonettes in the tank traps, and kill six. The second Plasmadread then charges into the Dread/Soulgrinder combat, ripping off one of the Soulgrinder's weapon arms and being shaken in return. The Terminators and Lord charge the Pavane KoS, but can't wound it, while the KoS kills two of the Terminators

In the Slaanesh turn, all of the Daemonettes, the Chariot and the last Daemon Prince arrive. The two big Daemonette squad arrive behind the Soulgrinders in the west and the 12 Daemonettes support the Furies' advance down the eastern flank. The claws Daemon Prince charges the northern Predator, exploding it, and the Might KoS and the tentacle Daemon Prince team up on the northern Vindicator, exploding it as well! In total, four Nurgle Daemons are killed in the explosions, and I get to use two of my new craters . The Seekers make their long charge into the Terminator combat, and the combined Seekers and KoS kill the remaining Terminators and inflict a wound on the Lord, losing one Seeker in return. Both squads of Fiends charge into the Dread/Soulgrinder combat, wrecking both Dreads before they can respond.

Predator targets the Fiends

Lord and Terminators charge a KoS

Dreads pile in

40 Daemonettes arrive

Last Daemon Prince shows up

Chariot arrives

Seekers help out the KoS

Fiends wreck both Plasmadreads

Monstrous creatures explode the Predator and Vindicator - cratertime!!

End of turn three -

Turn Four

Seeing their tank wall explode, a squad of Plaguemarines disembark, and the three Rhinos rush off to the west. The Daemons advance over the new craters. The Meltadread kills one more Fiend in the depleted squad, and the Predator kills two in the full-strength squad. The Land Raider inflicts a wound on the footslogging Daemon Prince and the Plaguemarine squad cause three wounds on the tentacle Daemon Prince, losing one of their Plasmagunners in the process. The Daemons and Greater Daemon then charge the tentacle Daemon Prince, killing him. The Nurgle Daemon Prince jumps over from behind a tank and charges the Might KoS, but can't take his last wound. He suffers three wound in return! The Meltadread then charges the last of the depleted Fiends, killing it, and the Seekers finish off the Chaos Lord.

The Pavane Herald is the last of the Slaanesh army to arrive, and the orange Soulgrinder shakes the leading Rhino in the column. The claws Daemon Prince attacks the Greater Daemon, causing one wound, while the Chariot and Seekers pile into the Nurgle Daemons, killing three. The Furies assault the Obliterators in the eastern building, but lose two with no gains, and the last two Fiends attack the last Predator, shaking it. The 40 Daemonettes then move in, 20 attacking the lead Rhino and destroying the havoc launcher, and 20 attacking the Meltadread and destorying it's close combat weapon. The Might KoS takes the last of the Nurgle Daemon Prince's wounds.

Nurgle Daemons advance over the lovely craters.

Meltadread charges the Fiends

Seekers finish off the Lord

The last Herald arrives

Daemonettes surge forward

Slaanesh advance down the east

Furies regret charging the Oblits

Seekers and Chariot assault the Daemons

End of turn four - Daemons hold Nurgle's eastern side, while additional troops move to repel the hordes of Daemonettes in the west.

Turn Five

The lead Rhino tank shocks through the nearest unit of 20 Daemonettes, and the Possessed and Plague Marines disembark. Between rapid fire, havoc launchers and the Possessed charge, they wiipe out the squad. The Land Raider pivots and opens fire on the Might KoS, taking it's last wound, and the second squad of Nurgle Daemons charg and kill the last two Fiends, taking three wounds in the process. In the east, the Obliterators kill four more Furies, and the Chariot and Seekers finish off their Nurgle Daemons. The claws Daemon Prince uses Soporific Musk to disengage the combat with the Greater Daemon.

In the Slaanesh turn, the Chariot, Seekers and both nearby squads of Daemonettes charge the Greater Daemon and kill it (101 attacks!) while the claws DP uses his wings to catch up with the rearmost Rhino and explode it. In the west the Pavane KoS, walking Daemon Prince, and Herald all charge the last of the Daemons and wipe them out.

Daemons attack Fiends

Claws Daemon Prince fights Jabba

The Furies still die to the Obliterators

Monstrous creatures take the remaining Nurgle Daemons

Claws Daemon Prince disengages to blow up another tank

Everyone piles into the Greater Daemon

End of turn five - things have turned in the west now Plaguemarines are on the board, but the Nurgle Daemons in the east are all destroyed in close combat.

Turn Six

Now the obliterators have finished off the Furies, they are free to fire again, and wipe out the Seekers in a single turn of plasma blasts! The nearby Plaguemarines rapid fire the nearest Daemonette squad, wiping them out. In the west, the Plaguemarines and Possessed pile into the ongoing Daemonettes/Dread combat, wiping out the Daemonettes.

The last Slaanesh forces attempt to grab some extra kill points in case there's another turn, and the KoS charges the Meltadread, destroying a weapon and immobilising it. The Chariot charges into the eastern Plaguemarines to save itself from Obliterator fire, and the Daemon Princes charge nearby tanks, blowing up one more! With a dice roll the game is over. Win to Slaanesh!

Eastern Plaguemarines kill some Daemonettes

Obliterators open fire

Plaguemarines and Possessed kill all the western Daemonettes

KoS charges Meltadread

Claws Daemon Prince tries to kill another Rhino

But walking Daemon Prince blows up the last Predator

Chariot charges the Plaguemarines

End of Game - Slaanesh 13 Nurgle 11

Made in us
Maddening Mutant Boss of Chaos


I love seeing your Slaaneshi army out in force, with its old-school vibe and wyrd conversions.

I don't suppose this match-up favored the Deathguard, tactically speaking -- although suspending the force org and letting Nurgle wheel in a bunch of extra armor did help balance things out.

All in all, a thoroughly entertaining batrep.

Made in us
Sword-Bearing Inquisitorial Crusader

Northern Virginia

looks like it was a fun games two beautifully painted armies as well. Also I wanted to give you extra bonus points for using necromunda terrain!

"Paranoia is a very reassuring state of mind. If you think they are after you, you think you matter" 
Made in us
Abhorrent Grotesque Aberration

Hopping on the pain wagon

Very nice!

Kabal of the Razor's Song project log

There is a secret song at the center of the universe and its sound is like razors through flesh. 
Made in us
Stalwart Strike Squad Grey Knight

Wish i was there

strike quick and fast destroy your enemie before they know they are even fighting
da iron bootz (2500)
theres not a en skaven symbol (3000)
the angels of death (2500) (ard boyz semi finalist)
assasins of the night grey knights (2500 
Made in us
Enigmatic Exalted Daemon

Albany, NY

Great stuff lads, rocking report and a brutal game. I had high hopes the dreads would come through for Panic, but twas not to be

- Salvage

Made in ca
Three Color Minimum

That army is really unique man. I love the Daemons with Avatar bodies, there's a ton of room for fluff there.

"Never let your morals get in the way of doing what is right" -Issac Asimov (open to interpretation)  
Made in gb
Longtime Dakkanaut

London UK

This game was great, I was really nervous about playing against so many slaanesh troops. They have a Higher inititive and more attacks!

My plan was gun line,
Being FOC free! I had planned Maxing my heavies
9 obliterators
2 vindicators
2 preditors
but when I got to Ians I realised that I'd forgotten 6 of my 9 obliterators! and adjusted the list to compensate. :(

I think the dreads did well, they behaved themselfs.
I also think that the wall of armour intimidated Ian a bit to start with.

At the end of the game I knew I was behind in points and was preying for another turn, but it wasn't to be.


Made in us
Pauper with Promise


wow the nurgle obliterators are awesome looking fantastic job on them and whole army

Made in us
Death-Dealing Devastator

This sounded like quite the intense match their huh?

we may be few, but even though we are near destruction. we the shadow wolves survive and move on to get our vengence on the tyrinids!  
Made in fi
Bounding Dark Angels Assault Marine

where are you from? Finland? Country between sweden and Russia? Never heard.

Awesome slaanesh army
and nice batrep

Jone96 wrote:
...I tought that unforgiven was going to floorball practices (He wasnt and yes, he really plays floorball)...

Omegus wrote:As for the Dark Angels, they are a codex chapter with some dresses and emo angst tacked on.
Made in gb
Repentia Mistress

Glasgow, UK

Cool batrep! Enjoyed reading it.
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