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So, it's 2019. What's you're 40k plans/projects for the coming year?  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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Made in us
Longtime Dakkanaut

NE Ohio, USA

My own projects are:

1) Admech - I received a good chunk (about 1200pts worth out of a 2k pt goal) of my Admech wants for Christmas. Now all I have to do is pick an HQ, fill in the remaining pts, & get them assembled/painted and onto the table.
Probably about Feb?

2) Orks.
I've long had a bunch of ork stuff in various stages of assembly & paint. Just stuff that's accumulated over the years, random models I've liked, things that've crept into my collection that I have no idea where/how they came from, a few misc things I've built that are quite orky....
But since there's zero ork players at my local shop I've decided to remedy that here in 2019.
Can't guarantee this'll be a good ork army, but....
There's a bit of work involved here, so I'm thinking closer to summer.

3) Later in the year I'll turn my attention to the SoB.

4) Play more? Organize a campaign? There's been random talk of a campaign at the shop since I returned (to 40k) in Oct, but there hasn't been any action....

So what are you all working on for 2019?
Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

1) Paint more of my Guard army

2) Paint more of my Guard army

3) Paint what I can of my Ultrasmurfs 30k army

4) Make room for and collect Primaris (Emperor's Spears) and Sisters of Battle.

5) Decide what I want to do regarding my Thousand Sons; I no longer have 2k points thanks to FAQ, I don't like the aesthetic of Tzaangors, and I need to leave/make some room for the above.
Made in us
Missionary On A Mission


Thanks to gifts provided by my lovely friends and family this holiday, my plans are...

1) Learn how to use an airbrush

2) Build and paint the Imperial Fist battleforce as Crimson Fists

3) Continue tweaking my Deathwatch collection wherever possible

Not too heavy, but that's intended - I need to be flexible for the inevitable second wave of new Primaris minis
Made in is
Courageous Beastmaster


Fine tune my Craftworlds, get my Tyranids ready and painted for an Escalation league, and Blades of Khorne ready for another Escalation League.

Also will squeeze Deathguard I received at Christmas somewhere in there.

Most likely all these plans will fail, but at least I'll get to play and paint some Warhammer this year.

Cypher | Craftworlds | Drukhari | Dark Angels | Necrons | Emperor's Children(30k/40k) | Tyranids | Orks | Death Guard | Sisters of Battle

Daughters of Khaine | Blades of Khorne | Stormcast Eternals | Flesh-Eater Courts | Idoneth Deepkin
Made in us
Veteran Knight Baron in a Crusader

Matlacha, FL

Paint the rest of my 2k Tau list and kill team options.
Build and paint a 2k point Adeptus Titanicus force that's been sitting on my shelf for a bit.
Paint all of the terrain I have lying around.

Roll Tide! Beat everyone!  
Made in us
Longtime Dakkanaut

1. Really go to town to finish my Iyanden army.
2. Build my knights and Loyal 32 (with Anvil Industry conversion heads).
3. Drukhari
4. Prep for Sisters.

So please GW, do NOT bring out anything else cool before Sisters.
Made in gb
Sniping Hexa

East of England

Weclome to the airbrush game Lemondish! You're going to love it. My top tips would be a) keep your brush clean b) use a touch more thinner/water than you think. Keep the thing de-gunked and it will be a joy.

My plan for the year is lean heavily into my Exodite Craftworld army! I played Eldar when I was a kid back in 2nd edition, and have no idea why it's taken me this long to start them back up. Hope you all have a great year of hobby ahead of you!
Made in au
Repentia Mistress

Hope to finish painting my SoB army. Got everything down pat, just need to make the time to paint my last 40 bolter girls, 3 seraphim and handful of ecclesiarchy units. Oh, and one more exorcist.
Made in gb
Instigating Incubi

The dark behind the eyes.

Dark Eldar:

1) Use Talos/Cronos bits to convert the Crypt Horrors (which I can no longer use) into Grotesques.

2) Remember that I already used up all my Talos/Cronos bits converting some Ogrun Warspears into Grotesques.

3) Scour ebay for a cheap Talos.

4) Fail to find cheap Talos.

5) Give up and instead finish painting my stupid winged-HQ conversion thing:


6) Persuade GW to give Dark Eldar HQs options for wings, so that I can actually use my stupid winged-HQ conversion thing.

7) Fail utterly and move on to next army.


1) Finish assembling the Wraiths I got for Christmas.

2) Actually finish assembling the Wraiths I got for Christmas.

3) Assemble the Triarch Praetorians I got for Christmas (the joys of ebay).

4) Try to remember why I bought Triarch Praetorians in the first place.

5) Paint the Wraiths and Praetorians.

6) Remember that I hate painting and move to next army instead.

Imperial Guard:

1) Finish assembling the Scions that I got last Christmas.

2) Finish making the characters for my Hail Hydra army.

3) Regret the time I spent making characters for my Hail Hydra army.

4) Finish making my weird conversion things for my non-Hydra army.

5) Paint all the above along with my million or so guardsmen.

6) Remember that I hate painting guardsmen even more than Necrons and go back to Dark Eldar.

I think that should see me nicely into 2020.

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Akiasura wrote:
I hate to sound like a serial killer, but I'll be reaching for my friend occam's razor yet again.
 Andilus Greatsword wrote:

"Prepare to open fire at that towering Wraithknight!"

 insaniak wrote:

You're not. If you're worried about your opponent using 'fake' rules, you're having fun the wrong way. This hobby isn't about rules. It's about buying Citadel miniatures.

Please report to your nearest GW store for attitude readjustment. Take your wallet.
Made in us
Chaplain with Hate to Spare

Sioux Falls, SD

Finish building and painting my Crimson Fists. So far, only a handful of Marines are fully painted, so I really need to buckle down this year. Hopefully before the next wave of Primaris hits and I get sidetracked with more stuff to add on to them. My army is rapidly becoming Primaris only (only Pedro Kantor, a squad of Lascannons Devastators, sniper Scouts, and a squad of Terminators is all that is left of my regular Marines).

5250 pts
3850 pts
Deathwatch: 1500 pts
Imperial Knights: 375 pts
30K 2500 pts 
Made in gb
Slaanesh Chosen Marine Riding a Fiend

Assemble all my Blackstone Fortress minis. Not a lofty goal but I don't get a great deal of hobby time these days.

Please note, for those of you who play Chaos Daemons as a faction the term "Daemon" is potentially offensive. Instead, please play codex "Chaos: Mortally Challenged". Thank you. 
Made in ca
Regular Dakkanaut

Finish my sisters.

Grow cult armies, both Slaanesh and Genestealers, organically by playing small scale battles, painting new models as they are added.

Plan to do lots of photos, and post campaign rules + battle reports. want to try really nerding out for a year.
Made in us
Ultramarine Librarian with Freaky Familiar

Southern California, USA

Paint my Imperial Knights army and an allied detachment of all Primaris Salamanders. Maybe I'll do a classic marine battle company later this year? Depends on what the Primaris releases are like.

Thought for the day: Hope is the first step on the road to disappointment.
30k Ultramarines: 2000 pts
Bolt Action Germans: ~1200 pts
AOS Stormcast: Just starting.
The Empire : ~60-70 models.
1500 pts
: My Salamanders painting blog 16 Infantry and 2 Vehicles done so far!  
Made in us


Ideally...I wouldn't and shouldn't buy or do anything until sisters drop. But of course things never work out that way, i'm already being sidetracked by the moonclan grots and the potential slaanesh release which will very likely be before sisters come out. My backlog is enormous...and I need to finish building and painting my whole blackstone fortress set.

Made in cz
Mysterious Techpriest

Fortress world of Ostrakan

1) Get rid of my old, metal sisters, resist buying the new ones once they get out
2) Finish the Caladius Grav Tank that I got for christmas
3) Build and paint 20-30 more Guardsmen that I got for christmas to finally be able to field a Brigade
4) Build and paint the Skitarii and Ruststalkers that I got for christmas
5) Build and paint the Armoured Container that I got for christmas
6) Build and paint the Tech Priest Enginseer and UR-025 that I got for christmas
7) Build and paint the Tauros Venator that I got for christmas
8) Finish all my conversions and unpainted models
9) Get, build and paint at least one more converted Leman Russ and Chimera
10) Don't buy anything new at least until August (no. 9 being the only exception)
11) Keep writing lore for my armies (currently at 20 pages)
12) Stick to this schedule, (not necessiarly in order) and don't fail at no. 10.
13) Eventually persuade my group to get back to Mordheim and finish the pirate warband

Sounds easy...

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Neutran Panzergrenadiers, Ostrakan Skitarii Legions, Order of the Silver Hand
My fan-lore: Europan Planetary federation. Hot topic: Help with Minotaurs chapter Killteam

Made in si
Steady Stonecleaver

1) Play through Blackstone Fortress after I dive into the bitz box and come up with proxies for all the enemies (I got the box for free without enemy figures from someone who wanted them for 40k)

2) Update my 4th edition Ork army to 8th competitive standards

Posters on ignore list: 33

40k Potica Edition - 40k patch with reactions, suppression and all that good stuff. Feedback thread here.

Gangs of Nu Ork - Necromunda / Gorkamorka expansion supporting all faction. Feedback thread here
Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

it's been years ... I should probably make a start basing some models ...

yeah ... maybe
Made in de
Pestilent Plague Marine with Blight Grenade

First half of the year I'll try to concentrate on my Daemons. Great Unclean one, 30 Plague Bearers and 6 Drones are waiting to be painted. Maybe also the Plague Hulk, but without any points changes in CA he's a little sad.
In that Context also Gellarpox Infected.
Second half.... maybe some terrain. Or new Plague Marines. Or vehicles, got a Land Raider, Vindicator/ Crawler and Crawler waiting to be painted. But I'm not that fond of painting vehicles, so they might have to wait another year...
Made in us
Stalwart Dark Angels Space Marine

Charlotte, NC

Expand both my current Death Guard army and Dark Angels army from 1200 points each to 2000 points each to give me flexibility in building lists. Participate in a narrative campaign

2500 Points
2000 Points 
Made in gb
Bounding Assault Marine

I sold my Death Guard and have bought the start of a Genestealer Cult army (before I even knew that there was going to be a new codex).

My plan is actually build and paint a unit at a time, and slowly increase over the year. Play some cool fluffy games and have a good time doing so.

Space Marines (Rift Wardens) - 2000 pts.
(W:4 L:3 D1 - last opponent: Mordian Iron Guard)

Legions of Nagash - 600 pts. 
Made in us
Beast of Nurgle

I haven't been serious about 40k in many years but in the second half of 2018 I came back to the hobby with a vengeance. It was for a number of reasons but what helped a bunch was my buddy joining the hobby. I've been on a roll since then and I want to keep that going in 2019. I'd like to accomplish a few or all of these goals.

1. Buy and paint completely one unit at a time with my Flesh Tearers. I really wanted to buy the new primaris marine kits because I like the look of them and chose the Flesh Tearers as my Chapter. I've been buying only one box at a time and painting them completely before moving on. Id like to keep that going and see at the end of the year how much I've accomplished.

2. Play in at least one tournament. I'm ashamed to say I've never participated in a 40k tournament. I think I should be able to this year with the way I've been progressing with my armies and the way I've been absorbing the 40k meta. I don't have any particular goals for winning but its something I hope to be competitive with.

3. Master my Drukhari. They've been my main army for years but I've never been the most competitive player. In combination with goal number 2 I'd like to learn the ways to play competitively with them and see if I can do well against other competitive players.

4. Finally I want to get my friend further into the 40k hobby and mentor him in playing and hobbying. Its been fun to teach someone the game of 40k and hope its something we can do throughout the year together.

edit: Almost forgot, also wanted to buy and learn how to airbrush.

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Death Guard - 2017
Dark Eldar - 2015
Space Wolves - 2009
Orks - 2006 (sold)
Made in us
Irked Blood Angel Scout with Combat Knife

Within your heart

1. Work on my 30k Blood Angels army.

2. Get the new Sisters models when they come out and make an allied force for my 40k Blood Angels.

3. Possibly expand my Dark Eldar with some coven models. Since I currently only have Kabal and Wyches.

Blood Angels 5000+pts

Dark Eldar 2000pts

Made in de
Regular Dakkanaut

I'll try to finally stop caring about GW and 40k.
Made in gb
Wicked Warp Spider

Update my Eldar army a bit, not a great 40k fan but its taken off again at my club so having a force on hand so people don't miss out on a game due to lack of opposition

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Made in de
Ladies Love the Vibro-Cannon Operator


Project is Drukhari. I had a DE army back in the 3rd ed. It was really fun to play, but then I switched to Eldar which I play regularly.
No other project this year.

Former moderator 40kOnline

Lanchester's square law - please obey in list building!

Illumini: "And thank you for not finishing your post with a "" I'm sorry, but after 7200 's that has to be the most annoying sign-off ever."

Armies: Eldar, Necrons, Blood Angels, Grey Knights; World Eaters (30k); Bloodbound; Cryx, Circle, Cyriss 
Made in ca
Fireknife Shas'el

1.) Get my Knights of Gryphonne to field-able levels (close!)
2.) Get my Admech to similar levels (less close)
3.) Fill the gaps in my Tau army.
4.) Expand my Eldar army.
5.) Paint my Kill Team terrain.
6.) Get my Tzneetch AoS army up and going
7.) Ditto my AoS Lizardmen

Made in us

The Land of Big, Stompy Robots

1. Finish this Kill Team/Gaslands table I started last week. 22x30 is so cute, it's like a baby gaming table!

2. Paint my Harlequin kill team.

3. Add to/finish my Genestealer Cult kill team.

4. Build a Gaslands squad.

New Career Time? 
Made in gb
Longtime Dakkanaut

get the models from Conquest! finished, the marines go with a current small force to force something hopefully usable, the Death Guard have a few bits on order to go with them.

aim to have both on the table first half of the year while growing.

get the unbuilt ork stuff here finished, not too much of it now
Made in us
Freaky Flayed One

Death Guard - I am almost done painting my questoris renegade knight, so after that is done I need to convert a Chaos Lord, make a Nurgle Sorceror on Palanquin, and I bought some cultists counts as, as well as some blightlord terminators. Looks like ill be busy in 2019!
Made in us
Thunderhawk Pilot Dropping From Orbit

Across the Rubicon

This year I hope to go back detail most of my models. Most of my collection has their colors blocked in and maybe a wash applied. This is generally my minimum acceptable tabletop quality.

However, I have really been enjoying playing Kill Team far more than regular 40K. Since far less models are used, I feel I need to up the model detail. I also don't want my troops to be the best looking part of my army so everything should get fancier paint jobs to match.

Speaking of Kill Team, I have been starting a bunch of new factions (Tau, Necrons, Admech, Grey Knights, Genestealer Cult) most still need a lot of work. For the Grey Knights, I even plan to try and paint the force weapons more like how GW does them.

As for new stuff, I don't have much more planned unless GW releases new Chaos Space Marine models and/or Abbadon. I don't mind the new Worldclaimer dude, but unless I can get him for about $20, I don't like that much.

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