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So, it's 2019. What's you're 40k plans/projects for the coming year?  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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My current project is to finish a small detachment of Squats, then write rules for them for narrative play. So far I have some infantry, one lot of bikers, a trike with a Living Ancestor, a couple of thudd guns and one heavy fire support walker armed with a railgun, missile racks and a rock saw. Will probably also convert my RT "egg" sentinel with a Squat pilot.

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Decrepit Dakkanaut

Not much。Maybe get the speed freak box contents done. 2 units of nobz if I'm feeling busy. Too many better games to concentrate to invest more to 40k so just paint what's left for orks. Slowly.

https://middleagedstrategybattlegamers.home.blog/2019/09/12/tneva82-minas-tirith-vs-isengard/ <- lotr painting blog

12 factions for Lord of The Rings
11772 pts(along with lots of unpainted unsorted stuff)
5265 pts
5150 pts
~3200 pts Knights

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I'm starting my first serious army, so keep going with that

I got gifted a box of Necorns a couple years ago, but never went through painting them all because I hadn't time nor money at that time. With the release of Kil Team and me getting a better job, I started a Drukhari army, and now I'm trying to get into 40k with a 1000 pt army. I really like the models, but I'm not interested on the competitive scene so I build and paint what I like. Right now I have to finish:

- A box of Immortals and Lychguard from two years ago.

- A couple Talos, a Venom and 10 Wracks of my new "serious" army.
- Convert some cheaper non-resin guys into Grotesques.
- And from then, I guess I will try to get to 2000 points for local games/campaigns, I really like the ships and flyers of the army, so I'll get some of them. Again, not sure how competitive/good there are, I want a good loking fluffy army.
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Dakka Veteran

NE Ohio, USA

ccs wrote:
My own projects are:
1) Admech - I received a good chunk (about 1200pts worth out of a 2k pt goal) of my Admech wants for Christmas. Now all I have to do is pick an HQ, fill in the remaining pts, & get them assembled/painted and onto the table.
Probably about Feb?

Somehow, for some reason, this project seriously bogged down. I'm only now getting around to starting the assembly.... I should've at least been killing stuff with base coated models by this point.
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Horrific Howling Banshee

My plan is simple.

I will finish painting my current Tyranid Monster Mash and at one point, field 9 Carnifexs being led by Old One Eye spearheading (heh) my monsters against my friends Knight Army.

It. Will. Be. GLORIOUS!
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Ladies Love the Vibro-Cannon Operator


Well, the plans are as follows:

1) Rebuild my Drukhari army until end of summer 2019.
2) Play my GK army in the next couple of weeks.
3) Play my BA army slightly different as before in the next months.
4) Watch out for news concerning my CW army. Haven't lost in the 8th edition so far.
5) Similar to 4) for my Necron army.

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Frenzied Berserker Terminator


Since I've flirted with the pile of shame before I intend this year to focus on just one 40k army, my current Lamenters project.

Whenever that is complete, around 1000 points or so then I'll probably take a break from GW and try out a few other games that I've been noticing lately. I also wanted to get into Adeptus Titanicus but I think I will wait and see how that turns out before committing.

Then perhaps I'll look at allies for my Marines, probably Guard.

Gets along better with animals... Go figure. 
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Dakka Veteran

Kinda depends on how Black Legion look by the end of this new release.

If I like what I'm seeing, then maybe I'll consider re-doing my Black Legion thats been put on hold for like 15 years.

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40K is fantasy in space, not sci-fi 
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Screaming Shining Spear


Too busy working on Terrain projects at the last minutes.

I did get my CWE army painted in time for a tourney. Now I need 2 more units of Avengers finished.

Unfortunately I built my 18 tank and tons of Squats last winter and now I wish I had any incentive to work on them. Perhaps a GW codex or proxy codex will come along so I can get motivated to paint.

I am in the hunt for a cheap GK army since they are bad, but no luck finding one to buy.

I boxed up my Exodites...no love in me for them atm.

I guess more CWE. I need to finish some tanks and all my Wraith units...that will be my spring focus.

 koooaei wrote:
We are rolling so many dice to have less time to realise that there is not much else to the game other than rolling so many dice.
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Missionary On A Mission

Gonna build a 500pt army from each Codex. I've already got a few (Daemons, Eldar, DEldar, Sisters, Space Wolves, GK/ Inquisition) so gonna fill out the rest.

Gonna rebuild my Sisters up to 1500pts if/ when the plastics arrive.

Gonna rebuild my Genestealer Cults up to 1500pts once payday arrives and I can get the Codex.

Gonna buy a Warlord Titan and try to convince someone to let me play it.

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Ancient Venerable Black Templar Dreadnought


"Finish" more classic SM Black Templar (everything built and primed... just needs paint).
"Complete" my Deathwatch largely Primaris army (Some assembly required).
"Finish" detailing my AM/IG army (Block painting complete, no shade or highlights).

Reasonable goals.

Anyone who can point to a well thought-out 8th edition Squat Codex would have me in your debt: trying to get my friend to field his Squats again.
I started getting a ton of source material and comparing unit/weapon costs and stats but it is getting bogged down.

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Da Head Honcho Boss Grot

2019: Biggest goal is to spend a net zero dollars on 40k. Only money I spend is money I earn through painting commissions.

I closed out the year making about 300$ on some black templar marines, so my big project for me was the new Speed Freeks release for Orks, of which I bought most of the new stuff.

To kick the year off, I expanded my deathwatch by repainting my set of Space Hulk and several of my old space wolf models (rest of the wolves went to a friend for a secret santa present). The deathwatch is now 1500 points strong and...honestly, when souped with my guard they're my most competitive army. They started as just a fun artistic project to paint some classsic marines and termies. Whoops.

Then I got to my current big project, which is another commission. I have three large pieces of the new sector imperialis terrain, one large piece of sector mech, and two boxes of the small sector imperialis ruins, putting me up another 400$. I have all the assembly done now, half of it primed and a few test pieces painted, I'm estimating itll be about 30 hours of work all told.

After that, I'll buy up whatever I like from the new GSC range, and stash the rest away for the sisters release!
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