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Gun Mage

New Hampshire, USA

<h2>The WoW Diet: 41 lbs in 90 days</h2>

Posted Oct 31st 2006 3:25PM by James Ransom-Wiley
Filed under: Culture, PC, Online, RPGs, MMO, Exergaming

Greg shed 41 lbs. from a 274-pound frame in just 3 months -- and did it playing World of Warcraft. Word?

Dubbed "Warbiking," Greg strapped a keyboard onto the display of his stationary bike (Schwinn 213 Recumbent) and used a side table to operate his mouse. He hung a 46-inch Samsung LCD to hold his attention, outputting WoW from his XPS Gen 2 laptop. Truth be told, Warbiking was only part of the regimen, which included weightlifting, a low calorie diet, and even fasting; but WoW was the cornerstone for the weight loss, as Greg attests:

"I really think the Warbiking had a LOT to do with how well I did, and how much I lost. I have done over *100* hours of cardio in three months, which is wild. There is NO WAY I could have done that without Warcraft ... it's [sic] ability to suck me in and make me ignore what I'm physically doing is amazing, and made this possible."

Yo Blizzard, you payin' attention? This guy could totally be the next 'Jared.'

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Dakka Veteran

I think that's great. Some guy took something that normally makes people fat, lazy, and destroys their social lives, and used it to have fun while working out, and lost 41lbs. That man is an inovator.

Made in us
Foul Dwimmerlaik

Minneapolis, MN

Considering how addictive WoW is from what I hear, he probably lost those pounds within days of playing as he probably was biking for 18 hours a day, playing like a normal WoW player.

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Pyromaniac Hellhound Pilot

Maryland, USA

Yeah, just don't eat.

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don't forget the poop sock

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Dakka Veteran

Sometimes I wonder just how many people posting here have stairs in their houses.

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Regular Dakkanaut

I have one of those stationary bikes too, use it whenever I play an RPG

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Fireknife Shas'el

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While 41 lbs. in 90 days is great, especially for cardio (and assuming no lifting), somehow I think he still has 50 more pounds to go.

Sometimes I wonder just how many people posting here have stairs in their houses.

The question is, are you protected?

Edit: Having read the article again, and noticed he was 274 this time, I see I was right.


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Los Angeles

Posted By Wayfarer on 10/31/2006 10:02 PM
Sometimes I wonder just how many people posting here have stairs in their houses.

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