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How much time do you spend removing mould lines from a basic troop type model?  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
How much time do you spend removing mould lines from a basic troop type model?
A minute
Several minutes
Half an hour
More that an hour
I dont bother removing them
I dont paint or collect models
Other (write in)

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Made in us
Incorporating Wet-Blending

Absolutely hate mold lines.

Q&D way to do it is to slap Vallejo Plastic Putty on the seam, then scrape and trim with a hobby knife, and file down with the jeweler's files. Engraving pens help as well. How good are sanding sticks?

I also paint boardgame plastic (yuck!) and scraping off soft plastic is a pain! Serves me right for being cheap!

I'm not going to get into another argument with someone who thinks the way *they* paint is the *only* way to paint, am I?? 
Made in gb
Crazed Spirit of the Defiler


Hate hate hate scraping mold lines off

I voted half an hour but actually that's to clip the bits off the sprue, get rid of mold lines and then assemble- although the vast majority of that time is getting rid of mold lines. Per model, it's definitely the most time consuming part of the entire process (if each paint stage is considered separate) because if any single stage of painting a troop sized mini took as long as scraping off mold lines I wouldn't do it

Hydra Dominatus 
Made in ca
Ambitious Space Wolves Initiate

Montreal, Canada

Oh my god.. Too much time hehe !
Made in us
Decrepit Dakkanaut


Until they're all gone. Suffer not the mould line to live.

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Peregrine - If you like the army buy it, and don't worry about what one random person on the internet thinks.
Made in gb
Regular Dakkanaut

Aylesham KENT

I clean mold lines till they're gone.

If it does not bleed, I have no use for it. Death to the False One, freedom to the Galaxy. 
Made in us
Fresh-Faced New User

Phoenix, AZ

I'll generally do it for characters, but not for Rank-and-File. For the most part the lines on my RaF are along the seam-lines for clothing anyway, except the shoulderpads, so I'll give those a quick scrape after the model is assembled, and treat the rest as part of the model.

From the weakness of the mind, Omnissiah save us. From the lies of the Antipath, circuit preserve us. From the rage of the Beast, iron protect us. From the temptations of the Fleshlord, silica cleanse us. From the ravages of the Destroyer, anima shield us. From this rotting cage of biomatter, Machine God set us free. 
Made in gb
Impassive Inquisitorial Interrogator


far ffar too long it feels like...

JWBS wrote:

I'm not going to re-read the lunacy that is the last few pages of this thread, but I'd be very surprised if anyone actually said that. Even that one guy banging on about how relatively difficult it might be for an Inquisitor to acquire power armour, I don't think even that guy said that.
Made in us
Guard Heavy Weapon Crewman

The correct answer for me would be "till all of them are gone".

For most GW plastic that mean a few minutes max, but for resin and metal that could take anywhere from a few minutes to a hour.
Made in be
Beast of Nurgle


I answered just a few minutes, though on bigger models like a Forgeworld Daemon Prince or generally models made out of resin I tend to take a bit longer than that.

Outsmart what you can't beat, and beat what you can't outsmart. 
Made in gb
Storm Trooper with Maglight



As long as it takes to remove them.

Some minis longer than others.

Must have spent hours cleaning up tempestus scion. Disgusting. Never bought another box because of it.

Whereas gates of antares mini from warlord didn't have any and where they did, it was hidden where the models went together.

It definitely influences my choices to a degree

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Made in us
Tzeentch Aspiring Sorcerer Riding a Disc

Orem, Utah

 Davidian wrote:

As long as it takes to remove them.

Some minis longer than others.

That's fair, I suppose. I wrote down a minute, because I think that's my average, but I'll clean and paint minis that take longer to clean, and it will take longer.

Made in us
Longtime Dakkanaut

NE Ohio, USA

Depends upon the mini, the medium, & the mold line.
Made in gb
Lustful Cultist of Slaanesh

I chose "Other", as like a few people have said already, it depends on the model. I've not timed myself, and so far I've been trying to group it into doing eg. all the legs, then all the torsos, then all the weapons, so I can't estimate reliably.
It feels like it takes me a long time, and if I've cut my thumb it takes longer I'm hoping I'll get quicker as I become more experienced, but I'd rather take my time than rush and make a mistake.
Made in us
Squishy Squig

It depends ENTIRELY on how bad the mold lines are. Some models I have spent more time fixing bad molding than time actually building. Others it takes less than a few minutes.

1941 to 41st millennium in 6 seconds and $80.  
Made in fi
Regular Dakkanaut

Hours and hours. Removing mold lines and assembly both take up way too much time in this hobby. Someone needs to come up with a new tool that allows fast work, but is still delicate enough so it will not accidentally remove detail or otherwise mess with the surfaces.

I could just let the moldlines be, but with GW's prices being what they are, I have to try to treat each mini as a luxury item..

EDIT: I recently got myself an AK fibreglass pencil and a box of refill tips. Loving it! Very good for delicate filing work that leaves a perfect finish. Only thing to watch out with it is that it practically turns the filed plastic into smoke, and I can't imagine inhaking plastic smoke is good for your health. So ideally you'd use one with a mask.

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