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Have you left 40k?
No, never.
No, but it has crossed my mind.
Somewhat, I play and/or paint less these days.
Yes, but came back after a while.
Yes, permanently.
Yes, but I will come back if things change.

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Made in us
Powerful Phoenix Lord

Played from 2nd through 3.5/4th edition. Lost interest, left for 9-10 years.

Came back in late 7th, tried it...realized it was still re-skinned 3rd edition, so I didn't play. Hopped in with 8th at the start. Stopped playing about six months ago. Simply not having fun when I play the game (I simply lose all interest when units start rolling hundreds of dice...sometimes more than once). Will probably revert to playing a modified form of 2nd edition, and 8th occasionally if requested by friends.

I don't believe I'll be playing any future editions of 40K. I'm oddly okay with that, just gotta find another way to use the minis now (not a big deal).

Made in id
Been Around the Block

I never leave 40k, cuz it's one of my biggest fandoms. the only reason I make me leave 40k is: it's crossovers are branded heresy

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it take workarounds to make a crossover between Warhammer 40k and Digimon, Teen Titans, Pokemon, Kingdom Hearts, Happy Tree Friends, Mario, Sonic, and MLP:FIM works 
Made in us
Buttons Should Be Brass, Not Gold!

Hold on to your models, try some other games out there. If you like the setting, give Necromunda a try. Or just experiment with some narrative things, some of the games like Blackstone Fortress, or venture outside the GW racket and play with some other cool games like Infinity, Specter Operations, Frostgrave, Reality's Edge, or Tummysticks.

There's cool miniatures out there, and there's a lot of things you can do with cool miniatures if that's what you like.

The only reason I've not left 40k is because my friends enjoy it. My friends keep me motivated, we try new things, and find ways to "make the game be fun for us", rather than waiting for GW to do it (because they're not always good at it). I also struggle to find the motivation to sit down and paint, and when I'm alone I often get into a 'funk' and don't want to do anything- so my friends and I have "paint days" where we just talk about stuff, put on a movie, paint models, and go into the closet and take turns playing Tummysticks.

All creepy lewd jokes aside, you do what's best for you and your money. No one is required to be actively playing 40k to enjoy aspects of it. For many years, I just bought random models and read books and watched other people play and it was enjoyable.

Overall- for me, this hobby is more than the rules and the meta. It's my friends that make this game, and honestly this game has made me a lot of friends.

Tummysticks, on the other hand...

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"I am capable of acknowledging the cunning of the Xenos. I was amused to discover that an Aeldari weapon classification directly translates to 'Mandiblasters'. That is quite clever, that translation." -Acanthophis Serne, "Death Adders" Chapter, seconded to Deathwatch Fortress 'Dacia'. 
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