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Beast Lord

 Geifer wrote:
I painted the Zetan:

It is so old style that it is antique, in a good, classy kind of way. Even more so when there will be a whole crew of them. I am really looking toward seeing them in paint. Cheers!

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Yeah, I'm currently a bit stuck on which weapons to give them. I want one with a rifle, and the simplest way of doing that is to give him a laser rifle as I'll have some spare after converting combat armored Minutemen. But I'm not sure if that not too high-tech for the idea of an alien stranded in a hostile environment who has to make do with what he can fight. Perhaps a projectile weapon would be better. Maybe a pipe rifle from a Super Mutant.

Then there's the close combat one. I wouldn't mind a power fist, but there again there's something about the idea of a skinny alien beating people to death with a wrench or a baseball bat or something similarly low tech.

Decisions, decisions...

Plus, I'd like to start slow and bits swap to get a better feel for Modiphius's models before I go and do anything more than basic sculpting on them. Which currently limits my options somewhat.

Nehekhara lives! Sort of! 
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What time is it, you ask? Why, it's time for SCIENCE!

After this short commercial break! Join the Minutemen! See the world! Get eaten by Deathclaws!

So this is my first conversion work on Wasteland Warfare models. Simple stuff to get a feel for the models as they are very fine, pretty realistically sculpted models and different from what I usually work with. Not very spectacular, but I was especially keen on seeing how small I could sculpt symbols so that I don't have to sit there and paint freehand faction symbols on power armor. Might just look the part when it's all painted, which will be a while still.

I also had some fun with rednecks in combat armor to get a bit of variation into my Minutemen band. I imagine those two as a sniper team. One has a laser musket ( ) and does the sniping, the other guy has a real weapon and watches his back.

And now for the science part. Here's Snuggles:

I said it before, not sure if in this thread, but I'm not a fan of PVC. I will say though that if there is a redeeming quality,, I will go and make the most of it. In the case of PVC, it's that hot temperature can deform the model quite easily but it only retains its new shape if it's shock cooled. For instance, one of my Zetans was limboing on his base when I got the starter set but when I got him out two weeks later, he was standing upright as intended with no help from me whatsoever. Whereas I fixed Glowy with boiling water and rapidly cooled it down in cold water. So technically the foundation for greatness is laid.

Now, I'm not hurting for Deathclaws. I've got two resin ones that will get different paint jobs so I'm ok with them mimicking Glowy's pose, but since I have a couple more in PVC and PVC behaves as described above, I figured I don't need to convert the additional models tediously if I can just reposition them with hot water for five or ten minutes. If, and this is the part that's going to take a little time, the model does in fact retain the new pose.

Enter Snuggles. I just so happened to have boiling water and a spare ten minutes to hand and I think you can do a couple of neat things without ever putting a knife to the model. Nice. I found that the thighs were a bit thick and attached to the body too rigidly to alter the pose of the left leg much, but the torso and arms bent admirably and I'm happy with how the new pose has turned out. I'll eventually take the model off its base and put it on a flat one, and will probably have to resort to shaping the base to fit the legs instead of the other way around because of the aforementioned trouble with the thighs. I might have to do some more bending instead, but we're going to have to wait and see.

For now the interesting part will be to see if the model retains its new pose. I'll probably leave it alone for a couple of weeks to see if anything happens. Would have been better to try this in summer when it's hot and the PVC is more likely deform (if it does in fact deform, that is), but what can you do?

Nehekhara lives! Sort of! 
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