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Denison, Iowa

The Scourging Souls and Breath Takers chapters.

The Scourging Souls are a Third Founding of the Dark Angels Chapter. They Stationed their Fortress Monastary on the primary moon Percion IV, recruting new marines from the tribes of the grassy plains of the planet.

Being a Dark Angels successor chapter they shared the mistrust and paranoid feelings toward the Inquisition. Because of this many were stunned when the Scourging Souls put up no protest when they were ordered to further divide their chapter. Not only did they not protest, they offered to completely fund the opperation. They supplied all manpower and materials needed to establish a new chapter.

Their only demand was that they would be able to choose the location of the new chapter. Seizing on this opportunity, everyone involved quickly signed off on the paperwork. Then the Scouging Souls reveled their plan. The new Chapter would be postioned on their home planet's second moon, often within eyesight of the chapter. They had given into the letter of the Inquisition's decree without acutally following its intent. The Breath Takers were born.

The two Chapters shared many of the same rituals, and even trained their troops along side one another.

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Scarred Ultramarine Tyrannic War Veteran

Maple Valley, Washington, Holy Terra

Why were the Scourging Souls ordered to divide their chapter? Were they approaching 2000 brethren or something?

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Longtime Dakkanaut

Denison, Iowa

Althuogh the Scourging Souls had slightly more than a Thousand memebers the real reason that they were ordered to split was because they had become VERY efficient at recovering and growing geneseed and paraginoid glands. predating their splitting, they had one of the largest depositories of any chapter. More than enough to maintain their own levels and found a new chapter.
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Madrak Ironhide

Does that mean your chapter features a high number of apothecaries?

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